Mother Mary Prophecies

I know a lot of non-Catholic Christians may think that we put too much attention to Our Mother Mary, but the truth is that she is the best intercessor in prayer for us to Jesus. Not only does she pray for all of God’s children, but she has given us invaluable prophecy that dates back many centuries. In addition, there has been more than two hundred apparitions of Our Mother Mary all over the world! Why has she been appearing all over the world? Could it be to help us because we are in the end times and she is also trying to help Jesus save souls? My answer is, YES! Why do we call her Our Mother? Because she is our heavenly Mother and she is helping Jesus in these end times trying to unite all Christians. For those that do not know, she has said many times in her apparitions that she is here to help bring all of God’s children to Christ and God Our Father has given her many allowances to appear all over the world to accomplish this mission. She loves all of us and will continue to help us until Jesus returns.

The first prophecy I am going to bring up is Our Lady of Good Success in the years 1610 to 1634 in Quito, Ecuador. A young Nun, by the name of Mariana de Jesus Torres, received visions of Our Mother on several occasions. But, most specifically, Mother Mary gave her prophecy about the 20th Century. Our Mother Mary said, “Thus I make it known to you that from the end of the 19th century and shortly after the middle of the 20th century, in what is today the Colony and will then be the Republic of Ecuador, the passions will erupt and there will be a total corruption of customs, (morals), for Satan will reign almost completely by means of Masonic sects. They will focus principally on the children in order to sustain this general corruption. Woe to the children of these times! It will be difficult to receive the Sacrament of Baptism, and also that of Confirmation…Often during this epoch the enemies of Jesus Christ, instigated by the Devil, will steal consecrated hosts from the churches, so that they might profane the Eucharist. As for the Sacrament of Matrimony… will be attacked and deeply profaned. The Catholic spirit will rapidly decay; the precious light of the faith will gradually be extinguished. Added to this will be the effects of secular education, which will be one reason for the death of priestly and religious vocations. The Sacrament of Holy Orders will be ridiculed, oppressed, and despised… The Devil will try to persecute the minsters of the Lord in every possible way; he will labor with cruel and subtle astuteness to deviate them from the spirit of their vocation and will corrupt many of them. These depraved priests, who will scandalize the Christian people, will make the hatred of bad Catholics and the enemies of the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church fall upon all priests. Further, in these unhappy times, there will be unbridled luxury, in which will ensnare the rest into sin and conquer innumerable frivolous souls, who will be lost. Innocence will almost no longer be found in children, nor modesty in women. In this supreme moment of need of the Church, the one who should speak will fall silent.”

When I first read this prophecy, I couldn’t believe how much of this prophecy appears to be coming true today. Did you notice how Our Mother states the dismantling of the Sacraments by the Devil, which is exactly what the Freemasons wanted to do to the Catholic Church and she said that the Church will be in the hands of the Devil because of a Masonic sect? And look at the time period! Not only did our Mother state the period of time by Century, but also mentioned the amount of time to be roughly 75 years or more. Do you see how this prophecy correlates not only with what is happening in our church, but also how long it takes for the corruption to set in? Lastly, she said they will focus principally on the children in order to sustain this general corruption! Our children are being corrupted at all levels of our Society in the books they read, in television shows, in music, and sadly abused by the very mentors who are supposed to protect and teach them about the love of God. Does this sound like something that is happening not only in our Catholic Church, but also in society? Yes.

The next prophecy from Our Mother Mary that I am going to write about is Our Lady of La Salette in 1846. Two shepherd children in France had an apparition from Our Mother Mary. Our Mother said, “Warning to priests. God will strike in an unprecedented way. Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth! God will exhaust His wrath upon them, and no one will be able to escape so many afflictions together. The Chiefs, the leaders of the people of God have neglected prayers and penance, and the devil bedimmed their intelligence. They have become wandering stars, which the old devil will drag along with his tail to make them perish. God will allow the old serpent to cause division among those who reign in every society, and in every family. Physical and moral agonies will be suffered. God will abandon mankind to itself and send punishments, which will follow one after another for more than thirty five years. The Society of men is on the eve of the most terrible scourges and gravest events. Mankind must be ruled with an iron rod and drink from the Chalice of the wrath of God. Italy will be punished for her ambition in wanting to shake off the yoke of the Lord of Lords, so she will be left to fight a war. Blood will flow on all sides. Churches will be locked up or desecrated. Priests and religious orders will be hunted down and made to die a cruel death. Several will abandon the faith. Priests will break away from the True Religion. In the year 1864, Lucifer, together with a large number of demons will be unloosed from hell. They will put an end to the faith, little by little. Evil books will be abundant on Earth and the spirits of darkness will spread everywhere. A universal slacking will occur in all that concerns the service of God. They will have great power over nature. There will be churches built to serve these spirits. The Vicar of my son will have much to suffer; as for a time, the church will be victim of persecution. This will be the time of darkness. All the Civil governments will have one in the same plan; which will be to do away with and abolish every religious principle, to make way for materialism, atheism, spiritualism, and vice of all kinds.”

There is so much I could discuss in this one prophecy from Our Mother, that I couldn’t possibly touch on all of it. But after you read the article I attached, you clearly see that Our Mother was referencing Revelations and the end times prior to the second coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. What I want to focus on right now, however, is the amount of time Our Mother said there would be Chastisements from God, which was over a period of thirty five years! “God will abandon mankind to itself and send punishments, which will follow one after another for more than thirty five years.” Also, she said that “in the year 1864, Lucifer and his demons will be loosed from hell and will put an end to the faith little by little.” Doesn’t this sound like St. Leo XIII dream? Put an end to the faith little by little? This is why I want you to look at the big picture. I believe the Holy Spirit is telling me we are in that thirty five year time frame and the Spiritual battle on our world has come over a long period of time, at least over the last 100 years! Exactly where we are in the thirty five years of punishments or chastisements, I don’t know. But as evil escalates and we move towards the days of Noah, you can see how we are all rapidly decaying in sin all over the world. That is why it is so hard to see and believe that we are in the end times for some people. Some people may ask, what do you mean, end times?

In the book of Revelations, we all interpret God’s words differently. But based on the research I have done and reading prophecies from modern day prophets, it appears we are at the Second Seal that has been opened by Jesus in Revelations 6: 3. Some Catholics believe that the Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ is separate from the Chastisements that Mother Mary has discussed in her prophecies. But, I believe they are a precursor to His return and the Thousand- year reign, Revelations 20: 1. The 1,000 year era of peace or reign of Our Lord comes at the end of the battle between Jesus and His Legion of Angels against Lucifer and his fallen angels. After St. Michael has thrown the false prophet, and antichrist, into the fiery pool, St. Michael locks up the devil and there will be a 1,000 years of peace. Some would say this goes against Catholic teaching in Catechism, but prior to the 4th century and St. Augustine, the Catholic Church believed in the literal millennial reign in Revelations. It is believed that St. Augustine changed his belief from a literal 1,000 year time period to an allegorical time period because the people in his day thought Jesus was coming any day because of the atrocities happening in their lifetime. So, although our Church sees the 1,000 year reign as allegorical at this time, wait until you hear and read what some Catholic prophets and Priests are saying now, that I will post in a separate page of this blog.

Now, I know this sounds like we could be going through the same chaos in St. Augustine’s day with the sin going on in our time, but let me finish explaining all of this before you jump to conclusions. They may have had wars, sin, and chaos in the 4th century, but what they did not have are the famines and earthquakes! (Matthew 24 : 3 -8.) I believe as well as many, many, other Christians do right now, that we are in the labor pains prior to the Tribulation. Scripture doesn’t tell us how long the Labor pains last. We just know that this is the time prior to the Tribulation and the return of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Do I think the beginning of the labor pains Jesus was referring to in Matthew 24: 8 are the same as the Chastisements or Punishments that Our Mother was referring to for over thirty five are the same? Yes. So, what else did the Holy Spirit show me and others that we are in the end times? I will write more on Saint and Marian prophecies in the next post.

Why are we in the End Times?

If you haven’t noticed lately, things aren’t looking too good in the world right now. The Amazon forest is currently on fire. There is civil unrest in Hong Kong, France, Venezuela, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States. There is racial division, religious persecution, domestic terrorism, international terrorism, animals and fish dying all over the world, earthquakes everywhere, volcanoes starting to erupt, strange weather phenomena everywhere, historic flooding, and just a lot of people committing horrific acts of crime and violence. I could go on and on and I will as I go into to detail about just the things the Holy Spirit has shown me. There are many Christians out there that are seeing even more than I am, especially Biblical prophecy that appears to be happening. Now, I hear a lot of people saying that this chaos has been happening for centuries and it is just more of the same, we are only seeing more of it because we have immediate access to media worldwide with technology. Granted that is a good argument, but I am going to explain that we are on a much more worse level of hate, anger, violence, and sin.

The problem is, people who are not seeing that we could be in the end times are not looking at the big picture. Once you start putting the pieces of the puzzle together all over the world, the picture is more clear and then you start putting together Biblical prophecy with modern day prophecy, prophecy from the saints, and finally our Mother Mary’s prophecies, then you start to think that maybe this is really could be happening. But why is this happening? Well, a hundred years ago, we had more people going to church. A hundred years ago, we had more people that believed in God. God was in our schools, He was in our books. He was in our courthouses, He was in our homes. But now, He only lives in those of us who believe He is the only one, true God. Our whole world, not just our country, has kicked God out and has accepted false gods, paganism, atheism, new age spiritualism, witchcraft, and egregious sin. What else is God to do, but pull back and allow us all to fall to our own vices. Why would a good God do this you ask? Because He gives us a choice to choose Him over everything the enemy throws at us in temptation. He will not interfere with our own free will. If we choose Him and actively live out His commandments and His Holy Word, the Bible, then we know the truth. If we reject Him, and seek out all of the pleasures that the enemy presents to us daily, then He pulls back. This was clearly done all through out the Old Testament with the Israelites. God is a good God, but He allows everything that happens whether bad or good for our own benefit. When God allowed the Israelites to be captured by the Babylonians and they were cast out of their land, they figured out pretty quickly, they had messed up. But God gave them many chances to repent and turn away from their pagan gods before he allowed the Babylonians to capture them. He also sent them many prophets to warn them to repent. This is where we are today in the entire world. God has sent many prophets, many apparitions of Our Mother Mary, many good preachers of God’s Bible, like Billy Graham. But, we keep going further and further into our own vices, sin and temptations from the enemy.

So, how do I know we are on a whole new level of sin and this just isn’t more of the same? The first prophecy I am going to enter is from St. Leo XIII. Pope Leo XIII was in church in 1884 and had a vision between the devil and Jesus. The devil told Jesus he could destroy the Catholic Church in a hundred years if he was allowed to do so. Jesus, already knowing the outcome of everything because He is God, granted the devil this request. Immediately, when St. Leo came out of his vision, he began writing the St. Michael prayer for protection. Also In case someone hasn’t noticed, our Catholic Church is not doing too well right now either. We have priests committing horrible acts of sins of the flesh. We have a Pope that is looking at changing some of our doctrine that has been around since St. Peter. We have people leaving our Church because of the sexual sins that are occurring all over the world. Our Catholic Church is in a state of confusion and people aren’t sure what is considered sin and if they have to go to confession. Even some people are being taught by more modern priests that hell doesn’t exist and neither does the devil. Now, again, I don’t support leaving our Church, because we also have very holy priests that are serving Our Lord and are currently fighting to save our Church! This has been a very slow deterioration and destruction of our Church, and I am going to show you how. In the 1930s, Reverend Fulton Sheen converted a woman who worked for the communist party named Bella Dodd. He also convinced her to testify to congress that she assisted the communist party in infiltrating the Catholic Church. She testified that she assisted with over a thousand men entering the Catholic Church as priests, but were really entering to subvert the priesthood with homosexuality and communist ideology.

This actually even goes deeper than the communist party and their belief in Atheism. Remember, the enemy is trying to destroy the Catholic Church, so not only is the communist party used, but also the Freemasons and Illuminati. Now, some Non-Catholic Christians are Freemasons, but from what the Holy Spirit has shown me, at the higher levels of Freemasonry is a Luciferian concept and ideology. Normally, Christians who initially enter Freemasonry are just looking for a good Christian brotherhood to join to help find good jobs, good friendships, etc.. But in reality, there is more to it when you reach the higher levels. It is a secret society that continues to use secret symbols that dates back to some of the founders of our Country. If you have never heard any of this, that is okay, I didn’t either before I started to serve Jesus and ask Him for the truth. If you are currently in a Freemason associated lodge, I suggest you do your research and pray about it. Everything I post may or may not surprise you, but what I want you to do is get used to asking Jesus for the truth and guidance from the Holy Spirit always . If you don’t do this on a regular basis, you are just going to get angry and allow your mind and emotions to control your thoughts. Then the enemy will start to put more bad and negative thoughts in your head and you really get carried away with anger and resentment. This is why I will always stress for you to see and hear things with your Spiritual eyes and ears. And

I mentioned the Illuminati earlier, but I will write about them later because I am trying to emphasize not only why we are seeing so much sin, but also why it is so hard for us to see it on a bigger scale. I am sure you heard of the frog who dies slowly in a pot of boiling water? That is because the frog would have jumped out of the pot if it was already boiling when he jumped in. The enemy asked Jesus for a hundred years to destroy the Catholic Church. The communist party infiltrated the Catholic Church in the 1930s. The Freemasons have been trying to bring down the Catholic Church for centuries. Now, if the enemy is trying to use subversion to bring about evil and sin in the entire world, what is the best way to do that? The answer is slowly so that we not only accept sin as okay because of modern times, but we say it is in the name of women’s rights to have an abortion. It is in the name of love and tolerance to allow gay marriage. It is in the name of love for one another instead of hate and exclusion. It is a subversion of the enemy into our Governments, Churches, Politics, and Homes. Have you seen what is on television lately? Really, there is no more parental guidance on television. The best parental guidance now is to not allow your children to watch television. This is a topic I will get into later also. I want to list now some prophecies from Our Mother Mary, the mother of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. I will also start to post some good videos, Christian bloggers, and Theologians who have wonderful information to share on all of the topics I will discuss. I try not to post any derogatory, negative, vulgar, or inappropriate language or information. Our goal is to stop sinning, be transformed into an image of God, and help Jesus save souls. We can’t accomplish these goals if we post anything offensive to the Blessed Trinity.

Many Christians at work for Jesus!

Okay, I am about to go in to great detail about how the Holy Spirit has shown me we are in the end times. Now, three things I want to explain first. The first is that I am not a modern day prophet, however, I will be posting many people whom I believe are current modern day prophets. How do I know you ask? Because I pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit and I research more for understanding of what Our Lord is trying to show me and I will get multiple confirmations of my research. What this means is that the Holy Spirit will show me over and over again something that He really wants me to understand. In addition, I have fellow Catholic friends that also pray for discernment and the truth and I believe the Holy Spirit is showing all of us what He wants us to get out to the world. As He wants us to look at the bigger picture of events that are happening all over the world, it’s like He is asking us to put together this huge puzzle to reflect how these modern day prophets, past prophecies, and current world events, are all related if you piece them together and show how they are coming to fruition right now. So, I guess, Our Lord has blessed us with an understanding of how to put this information together to show you where we are today.

As I said earlier in starting this blog, Our Lord put it on my heart that the Chastisements had begun. For those who are not Catholic, Our Mother Mary has warned us in many past prophecies that Chastisements are coming because of egregious sin and we must repent. I will go into detail about these prophecies and explain how they are relating to what is happening in our world today. Jesus also put it in my heart to get busy in serving Him. I knew this message was from Jesus, because my next question was, Lord, how do I know this is you speaking to me? His answer back to my heart was, “You will know by the fruits of your Labor”. I did not audibly hear Jesus say this, but I felt it in my heart, and the words came to my mind. Because these were not words I would say to myself, I knew it was Jesus and I knew that I had a mission for Him, but did not necessarily know what that mission was. I did know in my heart that it had to do with the salvation of souls. I have a Spiritual Director now and since that time, I have been working on my own salvation and transformation.

The second thing I wanted you to know is that Jesus, God Our Father, and the Holy Spirit are speaking to many, many, Christians right now. The closer we get to the return of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the more people are busy working for Him (Joel 2: 28). What is also amazing is that everybody has their own little mission that God has given them to do in this service for Him. That is why any Spiritual gift you receive from the Holy Spirit to serve Him is personal to you! Sometimes God blesses people with many gifts, sometimes only a few. The point is that you serve Him in trying to fulfill His Will for you. As we work on our transformation and Spiritual faith, we will discover what it is Our Lord wants us to do. It took me a while to figure it out, but I pray everyday for the truth of what He wants me to see and allow me to receive the graces to do His Will. Now, as I put information together for you in this blog, you are going to see how many people God has active in showing us where we are in the end times and why we also need to get busy for the salvation of souls.

The third thing I want you to know is that I am not trying to put fear into anyone that is reading this blog. Our Lord does not want us to be afraid, but He does want us to be prepared for what is coming. First, be prepared spiritually for our own salvation, then mentally, and lastly physically. I will explain to you how we are going to accomplish this the best way we can for Jesus. Our main mission is the salvation of souls, so if you are reading this blog, and still have not given your life to Jesus Christ, then you need to do that now. Don’t wait any longer, because you never know when you could die suddenly and not have that opportunity. He loves us so much, and once you do surrender, you will begin to feel His love more and more. It is such a beautiful experience, that it is hard to put into words. But, because I have had the experience of feeling His presence many times, I not only want to share it with others, I want to serve Our Lord as much as possible. Now, as you read further as to what Our Lord has shown me, please don’t be afraid, but ask Jesus to give you peace and guidance on what He wants you to do for Him. Additionally, ask Jesus to transform you into the child of God that God Our Father rightly deserves. In time, Jesus will remove that fear and replace it with a boldness and determination to accomplish His Will. Again, this may take some time, but keep saying it and say it with a contrite heart, and He will answer. All of this information, Our Lord has put on my heart as the truth. It is up to God Our Father as to whether He is ready to fulfill His Word in Revelations. At least, if we prepare for what I believe He is asking of us, we will be ready to meet Him feeling like we have done our best to serve Him. If it is not the chosen time for the return of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that is fine too, because we will still serve Him by helping Him save souls (Matthew 24: 36).

Humility and Love

As we are transforming into the image of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we gain the virtues of Humility and Love from His graces. Why is this important? Because the enemy is constantly trying to build up our pride, arrogance and envy of others so that we identify ourselves as being capable of living without God in our lives. We tend to think that we are so smart, creative and invincible that we can manage our lives without our creator to guide us in everything. Then, when we have separated ourselves from Him, something terrible happens, and we get angry at Him, like it was His fault? The truth is that God blessed us with all of our talents, individuality, prior to us being born. We are each an individual creation from Him to love, honor and serve Him. When we choose to move away from Him, we make ourselves vulnerable to sin and the enemy influencing us constantly. The more we choose how to emulate Christ and work on our own sins, the more the enemy backs away. That is why Jesus tells us in the gospel that we must become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18: 3).

St. Paul went from a sinner to a child of God immediately because the Holy Spirit filled him with Humility and Love for not only the Blessed Trinity, but for all of God’s children for conversion to Christianity. Part of this humility is admitting and acknowledging that we are all sinners because of the fall of Adam and Eve and constantly seeking forgiveness from Our Lord because we all fall to temptation. When we confess our sins to Our Lord, we do it with sincerity and a contrite heart. This sincerity from our heart is what moves Our Lord to grace us with help to overcome sin. If we believe we are not sinners because we don’t break the ten commandments, we are only fooling ourselves, along with help from the enemy, because it is more than that. By human nature, we tend to gossip, slander others, judge others, criticize others, tell little white lies, curse on occasion, get road rage, get angry easily, blame others for our own faults, etc… We tell ourselves, well, everybody does this. Then, after we believe our venial sins are not so bad, the enemy starts tempting us to conduct mortal sins that pull us away from Our Lord even further. But, Jesus can help us overcome all of this if we ask Him to and we actually work on trying to stop doing these things. . This is why we should have monthly confession with a good confessor that can help us with these venial sins and occasional mortal sins. Does Jesus still love us even with these sins? Yes, of Course He does! But, when we work on our relationship with Him, our love for Him grows so exponentially that we want to stop these sins permanently. Then, with the help of The Holy Spirit on examination of conscience, we start to obtain the virtue of Humility.

Love is also going to be the backbone of discipleship for Jesus because, if you Love Him, your desire to serve Him and love for others grow. This is also a grace from our Lord and why He tells us to love thy neighbor (Mark 12: 31). We can’t be a true disciple for Him if we can’t learn to love like He does. We may never be able to love like Jesus because His love is infinite, but we can try on our part to love everyone to the best of our ability. Is this hard sometimes? Yes, but this is also something that takes time in our transformation into His image. You see, we can’t do this without Jesus. You have to be humble to recognize that and in that constantl humility, you learn to love others enough to help them. What does this look like you say? You love them enough to tell them the truth of the Bible. You try not to get angry if someone offends you. You constantly look to see if you can lend a helping hand, or a kind word, or encouragement to have faith when life gets hard. This is only a start, and as you get comfortable with the promptings of the Holy Spirit, Jesus will give you opportunities to speak to people who really need Jesus, in your day to day life activities. But, in those opportunities, you listen and wait for the right timing to speak about Jesus.

The hardest part about spreading the gospel for Our Lord is knowing when the right time is to speak for Him. Sometimes, we are so on fire for Jesus, that we get overzealous and we say what we think we ought to say, instead of what the Holy Spirit is guiding us to say. Then, instead of planting a good seed for Our Lord, we just caused the person to be totally closed off to Him. This is why the transformation is important in that we learn how to be guided by the Holy Spirit with humility and love. I am still learning this myself and this too can take a while to understand.

Now that we have discussed the basics on our surrender, love, relationship, and transformation for Jesus, I can begin to explain to you why this is so important to start right now and not wait any longer. First of all, and most importantly, your own salvation is at stake. Secondly, on my next post, I will start to explain to you how Our Lord has shown me and many others that we are in the end times. After I have gone over what the Holy Spirit has shown me, then we can continue this blog unified for Jesus in the salvation of souls.

Working with the Holy Spirit

As we left off with the Blessed Trinity, I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit what He would like me to share with you today. First of all, I may front load this blog until I get all of the things that I believe the Lord wanted me to get out right away. After a while, I may go to posting only two to three times a week. Also, as we build this blog to be better and more user friendly, we will change up the menus and widgets and other things that will eventually help this blog look more appealing.

What the Holy Spirit put in my heart today was that we need to treat this blog like a ministry that St. Paul used when he was gathering disciples for Jesus. We need to follow in his footsteps in that St. Paul was transformed by Jesus from a sinner to an apostle, and he spread the gospel to others for his work in the salvation of souls. Now, if you are not familiar with St. Paul, get your Bible and start with Acts, chapter 9 verses 1 – 30. It starts with St. Paul’s own conversion and how he was set on fire with the Holy Spirit. Chapter 9, verse 15,”But the Lord said to him, “Go, for this man is a chosen instrument of mine to carry my name before Gentiles, Kings, and Israelites, and I will show him what he will have to suffer for my name.” Our Lord said that St. Paul was a chosen instrument to carry His name. Then in verse 18, “Immediately things like scales fell from his eyes and he regained his sight. He got up and was baptized.” Now, if you are not sure what this means, it means that Paul could begin to see what Our Lord wanted him to see as a baptized son of God. Right away, Paul went and got baptized by both water and Spirit. Jesus told us we have to be baptized by both water and Spirit to enter the kingdom of Heaven (John 3: 5).

In our Catholic Church we are baptized as infants by water and later by the Sacrament of Confirmation initiating our unity with the Holy Spirit. But, if you want the scales to be removed from your eyes like St. Paul, you have to actively seek God. If you want to understand scripture and receive spiritual gifts and be able to understand what I am going to share with you in this blog, you have to desire to know God in a personal way and believe and serve God. That is why I stress a personal relationship with Jesus. Because, as I start to write what Our Lord has shown me, it is not going to make a bit of sense to you unless you ask and respond to the Holy Spirit to help you love and know Jesus with all of your heart, mind, and soul and that He reveals to you the truth. This is because our spiritual eyes and ears are opened to Jesus’ love, graces, and gifts when we ask for His heart to replace ours in our transformation into His image. Sometimes this is a grace that comes in an instant like it did with St. Paul, and sometimes it comes with time and a lot of effort on our part. But, Our Lord never disappoints when you continue to seek Him and pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5: 17).

All of our transformations take a life time because we are continually learning and growing from Jesus daily. But, sometimes we can stay stagnate like I did for thirty years before I surrendered to Our Lord. There is no way I would have ever imagined that there was so much to know and learn until I realized the importance of truly loving God with all of your heart. Our Catholic Church teaches this, but the Holy Spirit doesn’t start to reveal these things until you activate the gifts of faith, hope and love you receive in Baptism. There are many resources you can use besides Scripture, which is the number one Source. There are Charismatic groups that teach you Life in the Spirit, there are Spiritual retreats, there are thousands of books on lives of the Saints, there are Catholic conferences. So, unless you really start to work with the Holy Spirit and ask Him to teach you about Jesus, you may still have scales on your faith eyes. And that is okay for now until we work together and activate our faith and know that we have to allow the Holy Spirit to transform us so that we can learn to be obedient. As we grow stronger with the Holy Spirit, He teaches us how to be obedient to His will. This will also come with time and effort on our part. I am still learning this myself as we all are trying to discern God’s will for each of us. Once we start to obey and follow Our Lord’s will, then we are on the right track to become disciples for Him.

It is good for us to follow St. Paul in that Jesus chose him to speak to many people wo were not like him. That is why Jesus has put it on my heart that we Christians work together for the salvation of all souls. Jesus wants us to help him save all souls, not just Catholics, or Protestants, or Baptists. We have to put our differences aside and serve Jesus as Christians united in service to Him. I am not leaving my Catholic Church, just as I know you believe in your Christian denomination, but we must work together if we are truly in the end times as Jesus has revealed to me and others who are currently speaking out all over the world. As I put things together to show you how the Holy Spirit has shown me, where we are, you will see that I have used Catholic prophecies from Our Mother Mary, Saints, and modern day prophets, both Catholic and Non-Catholic. This is because we have to look at the big picture that our Lord has shown us, and not just what is front of our face. The whole Church has to carry out the mission for Jesus. There is a spiritual battle going on, and it is happening to all of God’s creation, not just our own little town, city or country. The next post, I am going to touch on is humility and love.

Let’s Get Started

Okay, now that I have shared with you my goals for Jesus, lets get started on how we can be transformed together. I have already suggested that you get a Bible and start reading scripture. For those of you Christians who are well advanced on your transformation, this may be a little boring, but the point of this blog, is the salvation of souls right? So, once you ask Jesus into your heart and you start reading His word, and you surrender, then you need to go back to Church. I don’t need Church you say? Wrong. Jesus is the Church and He and God Our Father told us to go to Church. It is one of the commandments to keep the sabbath. Remember, that as we surrender to our Lord, we are asking Him to transform us into His image and to be the best child of God we can be. For us Catholics, it is a sin not to go to church. Do we have problems with some individuals in our Church? Yes, we do, but that is because of their fall to temptation from the enemy. That is not God’s fault. Please don’t blame the whole Church for sin that individuals have conducted. There are many, many priests, pastors, and ministers who are servants of God, that have so much to teach us. Find the right Church that is teaching you from God’s word, the Bible. If any Church, whether Catholic or non-Catholic is teaching anything that is contradictory to God’s word, then stay away from that particular location, but find another that is teaching you God’s laws, commandments, and His love. His love is merciful, but sin is sin. We have to leave sin to be transformed. We can’t keep sinning and think God is going to turn a blind eye. That is why we have the Bible to guide us.

No matter what century we live in, God’s word never changes. He is all love and mercy, but He is also the just judge. He didn’t die on the cross for our sins, so we can keep sinning over and over. He died for us so we can be redeemed from our sins. Then we have to work towards a transformation to move away from sin. Does this take work? Of course it does, but that is why He gives us the graces to be transformed. I have witnessed this in my own transformation and I continue to try and stop sinning. So, there are many people in Church that can help us with this, and there are many graces God gives us in the Holy Mass and the Eucharist. Now, I know this is a touchy subject for non-Catholics, but I am here to say that I have experienced at least four different times, the presence of Our Lord after receiving communion with Him in the Eucharist. So, if you are Catholic, and have left Church, you are missing the graces from this beautiful sacrament. If you are Catholic, and receive communion, and have not gone to confession, you may never feel His presence after communion, because you are sinning against Our Lord. I did not get this myself until I surrendered to Him, and the Holy Spirit showed me the truth. Jesus is part of the Blessed Trinity, therefore is Divine. How can we take His beautiful body into ours to transform us if we have not asked Him to forgive us in confession? I confess my sins daily outside of confession, and I go to confession. I know Non-Catholics confess their sins daily also because when we, Christians, work on our relationship with Our Lord and our own personal transformation, we begin to love Him so much, that we don’t want to offend Him. That is the love He puts in our hearts through His mercy and grace. Again, the Holy Spirit does all of the work, but we have to put forth the effort. Eventually, I will talk about how Our Lord showed me we are in the end times, but right now, we have to get the basics down on our relationship with the blessed Trinity.

Okay, now that I have your attention. Let me tell you a little about myself and why I am writing this blog. I am a Catholic Christian and have recently surrendered to Our Lord in the last five years because I was recovering from a very serious bacterial infection after surgery. I told Our Lord I would serve Him, if He would get me out of this mess, I clearly got myself into. Well, He did it. Since then, the hunger to know Him, and serve Him has been insatiable and I find the more time I spend with Jesus, the more graces He gives me to become a better child of God. During mental prayer back in 2017, the Lord had revealed to me that the Chastisements had begun because of sin. I knew what He meant immediately because of previous books I had read on God’s justice and Divine Mercy. What I didn’t know was exactly what He wanted me to do to help Him save souls, and what do the chastisements mean for us in totality. Now, if you are not Catholic, but a Christian, please don’t stop reading because you think Catholics are evil or have no clue about the book of Revelations. All Christians have something to offer each other in service to Our Lord. As Our Lord has said, “Whoever is not against us, is for us” (Mark 9: 38-41). We may all interpret Scripture and doctrine differently, but if you are true to Jesus, you know we are working together for the salvation of souls. If you are not a Christian and are interested in hearing more about Jesus. Please continue to read, because I have a lot to discuss. Have you noticed how bad things are getting in our world today? We have division and hate everywhere. Have you ever asked why? I’m not just talking about America either, I’m speaking about most countries. Why is this? Is it really just because morality and our loss of it? Or is it something bigger? Why don’t we ever look at the big picture instead of what is just affecting our own little city, or neighborhood, or families? What is going on? Why are people killing each other and themselves? Why is it painful to watch the news these days? The more I research and pray and ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit for the truth, the more is revealed to me. If you ask Jesus for the truth, He will reveal it (Matthew 7: 7-11). The next question you may have is, well, why should I believe Jesus has revealed anything to you? This comes down to discernment and your relationship with Jesus. You don’t have to believe what I am saying, but you should work on your relationship with Jesus and learn when the Holy Spirit is guiding you to the truth. This takes time and effort on our part, not Jesus. He is waiting on us to surrender and truly work on our transformation to be better children of God. The more effort you put forth towards changing yourself, the more graces He gives you to move forward. Some Catholics and non-Catholics believe if you just believe in God, you are good to go. In whose eyes? Yours? I used to be a mediocre Catholic too until Jesus showed me the truth. I used to think I was a pretty good person too, until Jesus showed me the truth. I used to think that I didn’t need confession too until Jesus showed me the truth. If we are all pretty good people, then why is our world in a mess right now? The truth is that the enemy always builds our pride up into us believing that we are good people and everybody else has the problem. If you start your relationship with Jesus and ask Him if you need improvement, He will let you know. He has a beautiful way of transforming us little by little until we meet Him in Heaven and are finished with our lives on earth. This transformation takes a life time and we are all individually loved and transformed by God at His pace, not ours. I try to learn from Him daily, but it starts with surrender and speaking to Him through prayer and reading scripture and just loving Him like He should be loved. If you are not a believer in Jesus Christ, right now, get down on your knees and tell Him you want Him, Jesus, into your heart and want to start a relationship with Him. If you have fallen away from God, get down on your knees and tell Him you are sorry you left and you want Him back, because His love is always merciful and never ending, never yielding. He is always present and waiting for you, right here, and right now (James 3:17). If you don’t have a Bible, get one and look at these scriptures. The Bible is God’s word, and the only truth. You have to read scripture daily and pray to understand the truth. Remember, you have to discern the truth from the Holy Spirit, and this takes time. Everything I am about to tell you will relate to God’s word because Jesus is the word, the truth and the light (John 1: 1 and John 14:6).

Jesus is present with you, right here, right now. If this sounds silly to you, then you need to start a relationship with Him, because your first reaction should be, Amen! I am here to help you with that. Why am I different than any other person preaching the gospel right now, you ask? Because I am here to explain to you why now is the time to start living for JESUS! My goal is simple. To introduce Jesus to those who have never met Him. To get current Christians motivated to surrender to Him, to serve Him, and to love Him with their whole heart, mind, body and soul (Matthew 22 : 37). And to unite all Christians, Catholic and non-Catholic that JESUS could be returning very soon, and we may have little time left to love Him and serve Him before He returns. As I write this blog, I will explain to you how Jesus has shown me we are in the end times. Not the end of the world, but the end of our times, the end of an era or a season, and we have to help Him save souls. Salvation of souls should be every Christian’s daily service to Our Lord and we are going to get there together if you are looking for a way on how to do that. The Holy Spirit does all of the work, we just surrender to Jesus and the Holy Spirit does the rest. If I have peaked your interest, keep reading, I have much more to share.

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