Has the Purification for the United States Begun! New Messages from After the Warning Website. Keep Praying and Spending Time with Our Lord in Adoration! Another Soft Disclosure on Rumble from Mother and Refuge of the End Times. Get Ready Disciples to Serve Our Lord! Comparing Messages from Lorena in Mexico to Enoch in Columbia on Earthquakes Coming. Did the Biden Administration Admit to Decimating a European Pipeline that Supplies Natural Gas from Russia? Great Podcast Show from Father Dan Reehil on Transhumanism and What is the End Goal? Current News Reports on Hurricane Ian on Mary Greeley News and Fox News that has Devastated Florida in the United States!

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are experiencing a super Hurricane in Florida right now and we must pray for all of those that are experiencing high winds and rain of approximately 100 to 130 miles per hour from this Category 4 Hurricane that is almost a Category 5. I personally have relatives in that state and have been praying for their safety from Our Lord. We must continue to pray for the salvation of souls because this Hurricane may be the first of many severe natural disasters coming to the United States. We know that our Purification all over the world has begun because the Prophets have continued to tell us this in the past year. We know that Planet 7X or this binary system that we believe is the Great Comet of Chastisement that Our Blessed Mother has been warning us about is very close, even if it is still within 6 months of actually being seen with our naked eye. We also know that many of us are experiencing our own personal trials and struggles to become God’s saints in battling different Spiritual attacks but continuing to push deeper into the Sacred Heart of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. It has been very difficult for many of us, but we must keep praying for God’s Divine Will and spending as much time as possible with Him in Holy Mass and in front of the Blessed Sacrament in Adoration.

We have a lot to discuss today, but first let’s pray.

Let Us PrayLord, we are struggling with our own personal defects and transitioning into the Illuminative Way from the Purgative Way of our Spiritual lives. We know that we must endure the trials to succeed in this transition. We pray for Your Graces from Your Holy Spirit so that we can continue to seek Your Holy Face and just be held close to Your Sacred Heart. We continue to see the trials coming of our Purification and we pray for the gifts to live in Your Divine Will, but also the strength to be able to endure and persevere to the end. Show us Lord, what else we need to do keep moving closer into Your heart and detach ourselves from everything in this world that is holding us back from our transition into the Illuminative Way. Thank You Lord for all of Your gifts, and we offer up our sufferings now and unite them to Your Cross for the salvation of souls. We also pray for the protection of our family members and friends in Florida experiencing this Hurricane and we pray that each soul will cry out to You for Your Mercy and turn back to Your Sacred Heart. Amen.

Before we post the latest messages from after the Warning website, we first would like to post a video posted by Mother and Refuge of the End Times on their Rumble site. Disciples, I have never seen more of an accurate soft disclosure from the elites in anything they have propagandized us with than this clip from the re-make of the X-Files. Again, we don’t watch these shows, but we know that this is the elite’s way of putting out what their plans are before they actually enact them. They do this as a form of propagandized terrorism and conditioning us into believing that they have all the knowledge and thus all of the answers and we must comply with them and their agenda. Everything that is in this one clip from this new version of the X-Files are things we have prayed about because of what the prophets have said to us many years ago, and the Holy Spirit has guided us to in our own research of how we are being conditioned for a one world order orchestrated by the elites in the last several decades and the very near future. Here is the video clip from Mother and Refuge of the End Times on their Rumble channel. This was from June 10, 2022. Listen to this video and what they say, then jump down to the interview that Father Dan Reehil conducts with Leo Hohmann just yesterday. Wow! Almost exactly the same scenarios. https://rumble.com/v17z24b-x-files-predicts-the-state-of-current-affairs-with-perfect-accuracy.html.

We know that everything that has occurred has been orchestrated by Satan himself to push us into the time of the antichrist, but we also know that God is in control, and He ultimately wins this battle. So, we have to learn to eradicate all fear and just continue to prepare Spiritually with Our Lord. As Our Lord eradicates this evil, He is also purifying us by allowing us to be tested as His Disciples, who are striving to become His saints. So, Our Lord keeps telling us through His Prophets that we are all living in His Divine Will if we are experiencing trials, and these trials will continue to build until we experience the Warning/Illumination of Conscience and are in a Refuge. Then, once we are in a Refuge, we must learn to commune with God and each other to survive all of the evil that will take place around us as we are protected by God and His Holy Legions of Angels. It will be very hard, and this is why we must prepare as much as we can with Our Lord Spiritually before the Warning/Illumination of Conscience occurs.

As I was going over the messages from Lorena from Mexico and Enoch from Columbia, it appears that they both received similar messages from Our Lord on praying for God’s Mercy to eradicate Generational sins. Here is the message from Lorena from August 30, 2022, on this topic. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/lorena/2022/september/07/blood-ties-and-generational-curses/.

If we are having trouble eradicating habitual sins of pride and anger, it may be due to our generational sins that have been passed down to us, and we mentioned all of this in the previous post. We personally just said the prayer yesterday in front of the Blessed Sacrament so that Our Lord hears our pleas for His Mercy on our souls to be prepared for the Warning. Here is a message from St. Michael to Enoch about the Spiritual battles in our minds will increase because Satan is trying to pull us away from God. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/enoch/2020/february/29/the-spiritual-battles-in-your-mind-will-be-stronger-every-day/.

So, even though God is allowing us to go through these trials because Satan is constantly attacking us mentally and spiritually, we have to keep pushing deeper into Our Lord’s Heart and Divine Will and praying for Him to guide us on how to get closer to Him in order to be able to persevere until the end. The best way to spend contemplative prayer with Our Lord is always in front of the Blessed Sacrament or in Holy Mass. We also have to realize that when the elites create another pandemic or a catastrophic earthquake, we may not be able to attend Holy Mass. So, this is another reason to attend Holy Mass and Adoration as much as possible and praying for Our Lord’s Graces to continue to mold your heart and mind.

The fact that both Lorena, who is from Mexico, and Enoch, who is from Columbia, have similar messages may not be a coincidence. Look at what God Our Father told Enoch just one year ago in order to be prepared for what is coming for these two Countries. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/enoch/2021/september/12/woe-to-you-my-beloved-colombia-and-mexico/.

So, that being said, I would take it to heart what was given to both of them on how to prepare our hearts and souls and remove generational sins and ties that are keeping us from moving forward Spiritually into the Illuminative Way.

Here are the most recent messages from After the Warning website. The first is to Luz De Maria. St. Michael the Archangel is still saying that a Heavenly Body is approaching. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/luz-de-maria/2022/september/28/humanity-s-suffering-will-begin-with-vehemence/.

Here is a recent message to Giselle Cardia. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/giselle-cardia/2022/september/28/the-stench-of-satan-reaches-the-church-of-peter/.

Here is Pedro Regis. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/pedro-regis/2022/september/28/the-abyss-of-self-destruction/,

Here is the latest to Shelley Anna. Our Lord is saying that the economic crash is coming with digital currency and the mark of the beast. St. Michael is saying that the Warning is coming and be ready to be taken to the Refuges of the Sacred Heart of Our Lord. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/shelley-anna/2022/september/28/cataclysmic-disasters-have-begun/.

Here is the latest to Valentina Papagna in Australia. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/valentina-papagna/2022/september/28/we-are-living-in-dangerous-times/.

Here is the latest from the September 25th message in Medjugorje. We must be joyful and pray for Our Lord to fill our hearts with joy. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/medjugorje/2022/september/28/be-joyful-in-god/.

Here are some important prayers for protection against storms. If we have complete TRUST in our Lord, we must know that He will protect us. https://afterthewarning.com/religious-reading/prayers/prayers-for-protection-against-hurricanes-and-storms/.

Here is the latest news report from Mary Greeley News on Hurricane Ian in Florida, which landed yesterday as a Category 4 Hurricane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai2aeVNnn_0.

Here is a recent Fox News Report on Hurricane Ian in Florida, in the United States of America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_V9Mnjwu3w.

Here is Tucker Carlson on reporting on the apparent sabotage of the Nord Stream Gas pipeline out of Denmark that furnishes fuel into Europe from Russia. Is this another demonstration of orchestrated terrorism to push us into a nuclear war? Wow! Again, unbelievable! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLb0QeCQF_I&list=PLlTLHnxSVuIzrARlmz9oCfQEF08UV-v-E&index=6.

Here is the latest video from Mother and Refuge of the End Times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKFgeaqIfow.

Here is a video message to Giselle Cardia from Quo Vadis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pyEX2ttbNo.

Here is a homily from a military chaplain sent to us by one of the followers of the blog. This is apparently making its way around the internet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGW04-JoxTk.

Here is Father Dan Reehil and his Podcast show on Battle Ready. This is no coincidence that Father Dan just interviewed an expert on Transhumanism and the recent executive order that our President just signed on bio-genetic technology. Disciples, this is God’s confirmation of the elites trying to make us all transhuman that can be manipulated with nanotechnology and our cell phones. This is why we wrote all about Transhumanism in one of our posts last year and also about staying clear of advancing technology two years ago. The prophet Enoch from Columbia even has this in one of his messages. First, here is Father Dan Reehil’s podcast show from yesterday. https://radiomaria.us/category/podcast/battleready/.

Next, here is the message from Enoch given to him from Our Lord in 2020 about 5G technology and to stay away from it. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/enoch/2020/june/06/5g-and-the-mark-of-the-beast/.

Here is a message to Enoch from Our Lord about staying away from the vaccine containing luciferase. This was just mentioned by Leo Hohmann, the gentleman that Father Dan Reehil just interviewed in his podcast show that we posted above. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/enoch/2021/march/25/luciferase-and-the-mark/.

Keep preparing yourselves for the Warning/Illumination and pushing deeper into our Lord’s Sacred Heart through contemplative prayer. Events are moving very fast now.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We TRUST in You. Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

Continuing to Get Ready for the Warning/Illumination of Conscience. New messages on After the Warning Website! New Messages from Prophet John Leary. Older Messages from Enoch on How to Pray for God’s Mercy and Forgiveness of Generational and Bloodline Sins That Are Affecting Your Spiritual Advancement. New Show on the Coming Apocalypse with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike from Around the World. New Videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Quo Vadis, and Mystic Post TV. Biblical Signs of the End Times from the Two Preachers. Latest Battle-Ready Podcast by Father Dan Reehil Speaking on St. Padre Pio. Also, Recommended St. Padre Pio Prayers of Intercession to Assist Us in This Battle.

Good afternoon, Disciples of Jesus Christ. I wanted to share another vision I received while attending Adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament the other day and I believe the Holy Spirit has given me some discernment on what it means. We are all trying very hard to remove our defects and confess any sins that we have forgotten about before the Warning/Illumination of Conscience occurs. We are also trying desperately to learn how to transition from the Purgative Way into the Illuminative Way of our Spiritual lives to also better prepare us for the Warning. Just recently after asking our Lord what else I need to do to correct a personal defect of mine, I looked up at Our Lord on the Crucifix, and saw one drop of His Precious Blood falling from the wound on His side into a puddle of water and blood mixed on the Church floor. The amount of water and His Precious Blood mixed was enough to cover the bottom of the floor of our Church. It was a lot of water tainted with Our Lord’s Precious Blood, but only enough to cover our feet. The vision only lasted a moment, and I immediately thought it represented Our Lord’s Divine Mercy at the Warning and wondered why it was only enough water and blood to cover our feet and not a whole ocean of Mercy as described by St. Faustina in her diary. I went home still praying to the Holy Spirit for discernment wishing that the vision had lasted longer, but so grateful for something so beautiful from Our Lord.

The vision was this past Wednesday on the Feast Day of St. Matthew, then today I was reading Our Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6: 9-15. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+6%3A9-16&version=NIV.

The Holy Spirit reminded me of something we posted the other day from another follower of the blog, that the Prophet Enoch of Columbia, who is now deceased, was given a message from Our Lord that He taught us to say the Lord’s Prayer with “Debts” and “Debtors”, instead of “Trespass”, and “Trespasses”. Our Lord said to Enoch of Columbia, this is because the words “Debts” and “Debtors” also pertains to ancestral sins that can be used against us Spiritually as a door from the demons to attack us. These personal weaknesses and defects that can be passed down from generation to generation such as Pride and Anger can also be used in Spiritual attacks of temptations against us and our children, and by using the words “Debts” and “Debtors”, we are asking Our Father in Heaven to forgive us not just of our own sins, but the sins of our past generations that will also affect us!

THIS IS HUGE! Because the Holy Spirit is showing me now the connection between my own defects of pride and anger that I am having trouble eradicating to move into the Illuminative Way that is also related to my own children and their anger and misbehaviors and sins stemming from pride! This is how awesome Our Lord is because He is always teaching us something about ourselves, while also showing us how we can help others including our children. So, the discernment from the Holy Spirit was of Our Lord showing me with the one drop of His Precious Blood falling out into an amount of His Mercy just covering our feet is showing me that His Mercy is present, but it is limited right now for me because of my own intergenerational sins, and my own defects that are still holding me back in my Spiritual growth. Even though this was my personal vision with Our Lord helping me understand my own defects, it could still apply to everyone if you are having trouble overcoming any particular sin of anger or pride, or anything else that you have just tried and tried to get rid of, but just can’t seem to beat it. We just have to keep praying and fasting to get those intergenerational sins out of our bloodlines and we have to ask for the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, Saint Padre Pio, and any other favorite Saint. We can also continue to use binding prayers, that Father Ripperger has taught us.

God’s Mercy can become a WHOLE Ocean of Mercy that opens up for all of us, when we cooperate with His Grace! This has been said over and over again, and we just have to discern from God what that cooperation is in our obedience to His Divine Will and asking Him to reveal to us what we need to do to become His saints. So, it will be the same after the Warning/Illumination of Conscience occurs, because cooperation with God’s Grace will mean running to the Confessionals to get the sins off our souls that Our Lord will reveal to us at the time of the Warning that are keeping us from His Heavenly Kingdom.

What I am going to do now is post the video by Sons of God which is an affiliated you tube channel to a channel called Daily Prophecies from Heaven. This channel mentions the prophetic message given to Enoch from Our Lord about the Lord’s Prayer; He taught us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fBemW_naOk.

After the Warning Website also has all of Enoch’s messages posted on his website. In this message from Enoch, he speaks about how to pray for our family bloodline both maternal and paternal. Our Lord teaches Enoch about the sins of our ancestors that have not only kept them bound, but the intergenerational ties they have that can also keep us bound financially, spiritually, and physically. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/enoch/2021/september/24/free-your-family-tree-so-that-you-may-be-healthy-and-prosperous/.

Here is the recommended prayer taught by Father Ianuzzi at the bottom of that page that assists us trying to live in the Divine Will of God by alleviating all Spiritual attacks due to our intergenerational sins. This is a POWERFUL PRAYER! https://afterthewarning.com/religious-reading/prayers/prayer-in-divine-will-against-the-forces-of-evil/.

Here is another message to Enoch from St. Padre Pio about the importance of praying the Holy Rosary. Yesterday was St. Padre Pio’s Feast Day! https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/enoch/2020/january/12/call-of-fray-pio-of-pietrelcina/.

Here is a Holy Rosary that you can pray for Intergenerational family healing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZ-tdCedtQk.

Here are the latest messages from Prophet John Leary. http://johnleary.com/.

Here are some important messages we copied and pasted from John Leary’s website. http://www.johnleary.com/index.php/2022/09/22/saturday-september-17-2022/.

Also, http://www.johnleary.com/index.php/2022/09/22/tuesday-september-20-2022/.

Here are the latest messages from After the Warning website, with another message about Refuges and how Our Lord has been preparing them for a very long time. This message is from John Martinez. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/john-martinez/2022/september/23/the-coming-refuges/.

Mary Ann and Robert, followers of this blog, received a personal call from John Martinez about them staying in their home many years ago that their home will be used as a Refuge. Mary Ann, here is your confirmation from Our Lord to stay put and keep hanging in there and we will pray for you to get more help from Our Lord. Our Lord is good all of the time, and all of the time Our Lord is good.

Here is a pamphlet that you can print that is originally from Countdown to the Kingdom, that is in regards on what to do after the Warning occurs. We also have something similar that we posted in the previous blog post page. https://afterthewarning.com/pamphlets/.

Both of these are just more evidence that we are all discerning that big events are getting ready to occur with the Warning/Illumination of Conscience coming soon afterwards. It is not a time for panic, but a time to be READY TO SERVE OUR LORD! Remember that we have Surrendered to Our Lord and His Divine Will to assist Him with the Salvation of Souls.

Here is another recent message to Luz De Maria. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/luz-de-maria/2022/september/23/the-true-christian/.

Here is a message to Pedro Regis. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/pedro-regis/2022/september/23/a-poisonous-project/.

Here is a message to Martin Gavenda. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/martin-gavenda/2022/september/23/fight-the-lies/.

Here is a message from Our Blessed Mother Mary to Valerie Copponi telling her that there is no time left. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/valeria-copponi/2022/september/23/no-more-time-left/.

Here is a video from Quo Vadis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGaefBcO_fA.

Here is a video message from Mystic Post TV from Father Livio in Medjugorje. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snMKo3Uznhw.

Here is a video from Mother and Refuge of the End Times. Wow! This is beautiful, and the best place to be during an earthquake! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aI9vSooYPn8.

Here is the latest show from the Coming Apocalypse with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike from Around the World. Storms are intensifying and we need to get ready for more and more catastrophic effects from the proximity of Planet 7X and the probability of a nuclear war on the horizon. Mike comes on at about the 1 hour and 17-minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds6fhnN2skc.

Here is more footage on the two large earthquakes in Taiwan and Mexico from the Two Preachers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xisBnCw8o5Y.

Here is the latest spiritual nourishment about St. Padre Pio from Father Dan Reehil and his podcast show, Battle Ready. https://radiomaria.us/category/podcast/battleready/.

Here are some St. Padre Pio prayers because we just celebrated the feast day of St. Padre Pio, and we need his prayers of intercession for all of us now. https://www.padrepiodapietrelcina.com/en/prayer-st-padre-pio/.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

Very Important Messages About the Warning/Illumination of Conscience on After the Warning Website! Continue to Prepare Your Hearts! Older Message from Enoch about Our Lord’s Prayer. Video Teachings from Father Chad Ripperger on Spiritual Warfare. Latest Video from Pastor Perry Stone on “A Chastisement is Coming”. Dr. Taylor Marshall and Bishop Athanasius Schneider speaking on God’s Divine Will and Permissive Will, and Crisis Magazine on “Is a Plurality of Religions Willed by God?” Recent Videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Servants of Christ, Daily Prophecies from Heaven, and Mystic Post TV. Large Earthquakes in Various Places Continuing to Shake the Earth from Mary Greeley News.

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We continue to get our refuges ready so that we are prepared to do God’s Divine Will. If you feel like you are being called by God to prepare your home as a refuge, it is not too late to consecrate your home as a refuge for the salvation of souls. It will be ultimately up to God if He decides to use your home or land or if He will send you to another place of protection by His Holy Legions of Angels. However, time is running very short now, and it is most important to consecrate yourself and families to the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother and Sacred Heart of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Even very good Protestant Pastors, like Perry Stone are saying that a Chastisement is coming, and we will post that video today in this blog for you to review. However, the most important messages are on After the Warning website, with a recent message to Luz De Maria. We will just go right into the messages from here and speak about the most important message that just came out yesterday.

Here is a message from Luz De Maria from Our Lord telling us again to prepare for the Warning. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/luz-de-maria/2022/september/20/prepare-for-the-warning/.

Our Lord said: “A change of life is necessary for you to be able to be directed by My Angels to the physical shelters that are found all over the Earth, where you will have to live in total fraternity. OUR SACRED HEARTS ARE A REFUGE FOR MY PEOPLE where Faith, Hope, Charity, firmness and love are multiplied so that My People continue in the midst of what is strong and surprising for humanity at the time of the Great Tribulation.”

Our Lord is saying that there are physical shelters of refuge that He will guide you to by His Angels, just like Our Lord told both John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue. However, we must learn to live in total fraternity and united to Him through His Sacred Heart.

Our Lord said: ” My people, the nefarious advance of scientific intelligence used to destroy man himself by means of nuclear energy was and is the sentence of those powers. THE GIFT OF LIFE GIVEN BY MY FATHER TO MAN IS THE GREATEST GIFT AND IT IS NOT FOR THE DISPOSAL OF THE HUMAN CREATURE. Humanity lives in war and in constant danger before the arrogance and unconsciousness of those who lead governments. They wish to stop the war, but My children continue to suffer as innocents. Those who serve the Devil have greater interests and will not allow the cessation of the war, even if to do so they take the lives of their own people in order to raise the rest of the nations against the nation they point out. This is how they lead humanity: like sheep to the slaughter, they lead them to suffer and they open My side again (Jn 19:34) with the spear of pride.

My people, beloved My people, without stopping, listen to Me:

PREPARE YOURSELVES WITH ALL THAT IS POSSIBLE. Whoever is unable to prepare himself, I will see to it that he is provided with the means to survive. GET READY NOW! WITHOUT DELAY…Look at the sun as it rushes upon the Earth bringing strong events upon the planet and upon My children. Some volcanoes, feared by My children, will begin to erupt. The earth will shake more strongly, the heat and cold will become extreme.


Our Lord is telling us that a Nuclear War is coming and to prepare ourselves NOW WITHOUT DELAY! Consecrate your heart NOW and repent of your sins. Because the war will kill many people, Our Lord will most likely have the Warning during the war, and after a few earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, which will be during the 4th SEAL of the Book of Revelation. But we must remember not to flee to the refuges until Our Lord tells us through His Holy Legions of Angels. If we have an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) and we have no power for several days, weeks, or months, this is not the Warning/Illumination of Conscience. You must have at least 3 to 6 months of food and water in your homes in case the elites do cause an EMP, or we have a geomagnetic storm from the Sun that knocks out main power grids in large cities. If we begin to see a period of darkness in the Sun and in the Moon that is obscured, or a “Second Sun” in the sky that could be Planet 7X or another Asteroid heading towards Earth, then most likely the Warning is coming very soon, and this is the first period of darkness that will come with the Warning/Illumination of Conscience. Remember, we will be going through a Purification of our own as we are waiting on the Warning to occur.

This is why Our Lord also said this in this prophetic message to Luz De Maria: “Prayers please Me if they are sincere, if they are proclaimed by repentant children desirous of growing spiritually in order to merge with the Divine Will. Do not worry about what happens to you, worry if trials do not come to you. Trials are a sign that you are walking towards Me.”

So, if you are experiencing a trial right now, you are being prepared by Our Lord to live in accordance with His Divine Will and already being purified. This is confirmation for me and my family of the message I received last week from the Holy Spirit while sleeping on our couch in our living room. The Holy Spirit said to me while coming out of sleep. “Don’t worry about the things of this world, for these things will go and come, but remember what I taught you, for this is most important.”

So, if you are praying to live in God’s Divine Will, get ready for the TRIALS, but know that you are receiving what you prayed for, which is to be a saint for God.

We are re-posting our information about the Warning/Illumination of Conscience if you are not familiar with what it is in all of the prophetic messages. https://liveandloveforjesus.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/the-warning1-1.docx.

Also, https://liveandloveforjesus.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/getting-ready-for-the-warning.docx.

Let us PrayOh My Jesus, We Surrender to Your Divine Will, Take Care of Everything. We pray for the gift of living in Your Divine Will, and we pray that we are made worthy to stand in Your Presence at the Warning/Illumination of Conscience. Have Mercy on us and the entire world for the salvation of souls. Eternal Father, in whom Mercy is endless, and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us, and increase Your Mercy in us, so that in difficult moments, we might not despair, nor become despondent, but submit ourselves to Your Holy Will, which is Love and Mercy itself. Amen.

Here are the rest of the recent messages, this next one is from Our Blessed Mother to Eduardo Ferreira. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/eduardo-ferreira/2022/september/20/humanity-is-crying-out-for-help/.

Here is a message to Giselle Cardia. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/giselle-cardia/2022/september/20/pray-for-england/.

Here is a message from Jennifer that she received from Our Lord, Jesus Christ. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/jennifer/2022/september/20/when-this-false-prophet-begins/.

In this important message to Jennifer, Our Lord said this: “I come to tell you that great change is beginning to unfold, and where it begins is in My Church, it will funnel throughout the world. Look to the roots of My Church, My Children, because when this false prophet begins to change the prayers of the Mass, the teachings of the magisterium, know this is not of Me for I Am Jesus.”

If we have a prolonged period of a “Black out” and we can’t get to Church, it is believed that our Churches will be desecrated, and this is when they will begin to implement changes in our Church that go against the True Magisterium of our Catholic Church. But we must stand fast in FAITH and not leave the True Church. If a false Church arises up from any prolonged period of disaster that is coming whether it is a nuclear war, or prolonged period of a black out. Then just be aware if any new changes are announced by our Church. You will know in your heart what is true to God and His Holy Word in the Bible and the True Magisterium of the Church, and you will know in your heart from the Holy Spirit what is not Truth.

Here is a message to Ned Dougherty. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/ned-dougherty/2022/september/20/to-the-people-of-the-united-states-of-america/.

Here are recent messages to Pedro Regis from Brazil. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/pedro-regis/2022/september/20/many-faithful-will-be-contaminated/.

Here is a recent message from Shelley Anna. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/shelley-anna/2022/september/20/father-god-s-anger-has-been-kindled/.

Notice in this message also that Shelley Anna was told by Our Lord that a heavenly body has been shaken loose and is descending towards the earth bringing with it fire. Luz De Maria was also told that a heavenly body is approaching. On September 26, 2022, the DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) will be landing on Dimorphos, which is a moon close to the Asteroid Didymus. If this DART will be used for evil purposes of knocking off a piece of asteroid or smaller moon as a supposed test that has gone wrong, then we could see this heavenly body very soon descend upon the earth. We will know more after September 26, 2022. https://www.cnet.com/science/space/nasas-dart-crash-how-to-watch-spacecraft-collide-with-deep-space-asteroid/.

Here is another message to Valerie Copponi. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/valeria-copponi/2022/september/20/if-you-do-not-start-praying/.

Here is a recent video from Mystic Post TV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIF2NFcfsxk.

From time to time, we post Christian pastors like Perry Stone because he is very good at discerning scripture. Here is a very important video from Perry Stone reflecting that he knows a Chastisement is coming. Pastor Stone also mentions a Warning to God’s Children that God allows before the judgement that He imposes as a correction for the wickedness. This teaching from Pastor Perry Stone is very significant because it confirms to other Christians that God has a good history of Warning His Children, and all of those that are choosing against Him to stop their evil ways before He imposes His judgement. This is exactly what the Warning/Illumination of Conscience will be that has been prophesied to many Catholic mystics, visionaries and Saints. This is the ultimate WARNING from God and His last ACT of MERCY that will affect every man, woman, and child over the age of reason to REPENT and turn back to Him, because His final judgment is coming before the Era of Peace begins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37-F3aP0FCE.

Here is Hebrews, Chapter 12 that Pastor Perry Stone mentions in his teaching. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=hebrews%2012&version=NIV.

Here is an important video from Servants of Christ on how to prepare for a Nuclear War and fallout. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQq-w3xzDJ8.

Here is a recent video by Mother and Refuge of the End Times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRzLTJTtsus.

Here is another message to Simona from Our Lady of Zaro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOFZNKxyWy4.

Here is another video from a very holy Priest trying to warn people about digital currency that is coming. This digital currency will eventually lead to the mark of the beast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=as_9U9Ci0HQ.

Here are more recent videos by Father Chad Ripperger on Spiritual Warfare. We keep posting these because the Spiritual Battle is very intense right now, and everyone needs to keep preparing themselves with the full armor of God every day. Any videos you can watch with Father Chad Ripperger are very good to help you prepare if you are new to this blog and have not even begun to get ready for what is coming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXk5qj3UDBo.

Here is another from Father Chad Ripperger. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylHbccuHkTo.

Here is a great recent Conference by Father Chad Ripperger this September 12, 2022. Father Ripperger teaches us how to obtain more virtue in these times, which is what we need to try and achieve to become God’s saints and fight this Spiritual Battle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7Wws4B77S0.

Here is a very important message on Daily Prophecies from Heaven on praying the Lord’s Prayer. A message was given to Prophet Enoch, who is now deceased, from Our Lord on praying the Lord’s prayer that He taught us correctly as He taught His Apostles that is in His Holy Word. The reason that Our Lord gave Enoch this message according to this prophet is because when Our Lord said, “forgive us our debts, that was replaced with the word trespasses,” the word “debts” and “debtors” that Our Lord taught us to say also pertains to our ancestors’ debts (sins), and not just our own personal sins. This could be significant if we are fighting a generational sin in our family that is constantly raring it’s ugly head in our own families and we keep trying to eradicate this sin that we are not even aware of from our family’s past. Here is the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fBemW_naOk.

Here is the prayer Our Lord, Jesus Christ taught us in His Holy Word. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+6%3A8-114&version=NIV.

Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

“This, then, is how you should pray:

“‘Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
10 your kingdom come,
your will be done,

    on earth as it is in heaven.
11 Give us today our daily bread.
12 And forgive us our debts,
    as we also have forgiven our debtors.
13 And lead us not into temptation,[a]
    but deliver us from the evil one.[b]

14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

Here is a recent video by Dr. Taylor Marshall and Bishop Athanasius Schneider on clearing up a confusion on what is God’s Divine Will and what is His permissive Will. This is very good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIRhX66ifsk.

Here is an article from Crisis Magazine taking it a step further in explaining that although God allows us through His permissive Will to choose Him or deny Him, this doesn’t mean that it is His Divine Will. His Divine Will is that all come to know Him, Love Him, and Serve Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. https://www.crisismagazine.com/2022/is-a-plurality-of-religions-willed-by-god?

You cannot get to the Heavenly Father without going through His Son, Jesus Christ, and this is in His Holy Word. https://www.openbible.info/topics/no_one_comes_to_the_father_except_through_me.

Here are some very recent large earthquake updates going on around the world from Mary Greeley News. A magnitude 7.6 earthquake just hit Mexico. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntMiBTGf30c.

A magnitude 6.9 earthquake just hit Taiwan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr8j3ECErww.

Here is video footage of that earthquake in Taiwan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFTfjzbZT2Y.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Oh, My Jesus, We Surrender to Your Divine Will, Take Care of Everything. Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

Lord, We Surrender Ourselves to You, Take Care of Everything. Turning to Our Lady of Sorrows, How Do We Break Demonic Attacks Against Our Children and Ourselves? Reflection on Psalm 94 in God’s Holy Word. New Messages from After the Warning Website! New Messages from Prophet John Leary. How Much Time Do We Have Left to Turn Back to God Before the Warning? Don’t Waste Another Minute, The Prophets Are Saying the Time of Battle Has Come! Father Dan Reehil Explaining the Promises of Our Lady of Sorrows on His Battle-Ready Podcast. Testimonies from an Ex-Witch of Evil Spells from Hollywood Casted on Its Viewers, Interview Conducted by Christian Broadcast Network. More Deliverance Prayers for the Laity by Father Chad Ripperger. More Videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Mystic Post TV, Quo Vadis, and Daily Prophecies from Heaven. Latest News Reports by Fox News, Life Site News, and the Two Preachers.

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Here is the Holy Sunday Mass scheduled for St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ajx8E7Sp4E.

It has been a very difficult week for us in our family, but now that we know we are being purified in a way that only God knows, it is helpful in dealing with everything that has made us both sad and angry. Not angry at Our Lord, but angry about the circumstances that we have no control over. It is just a very tough reminder that God is in control, and He is calling us into a deeper union with Him, and we just have to let go and allow God to be God because all of His ways are perfect. Here is the Surrender Novena prayer taught to us by Father Jim Blount. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wwcUx8XT_A.

Since we missed the Feast Day of Our Lady of Sorrows on September 15, 2022, we will talk about it today. It is good to turn to Our Blessed Mother in times of trouble because She is the perfect example of how to overcome all adversity as She experienced all of the sorrowful events that happened to Her Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Here is the information about St. Bridget as a Swedish mystic and visionary and the prophetic messages she received at a very young age. https://epicpew.com/saint-bridget-mystic-and-visionary-mother-and-wife/.

Here is an explanation of the Seven Dolors (Sorrows) of Our Blessed Mother while She was on Earth. Each Sorrow that Our Blessed Mother experienced is at the bottom of the image with the prayers to pray for each Sorrow she experienced on this website. http://www.catholictradition.org/Mary/7sorrows.htm.

Here are the short and quick promises explained by Father Chad Ripperger of Our Blessed Mother’s promises to St. Bridget for those that have a devotion to the Seven Sorrows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Seo3nyz0PaM.

Here is another website with the prayers to Our Blessed Mother for the Seven Sorrows including the Seven Sorrows Rosary. https://ourladysorrows.com/prayers/.

Here is Father Dan Reehil and his teaching on Our Blessed Mother and how powerful this devotion is for our children and families from his podcast show on September 15, 2022. Father Dan also speaks about the demonic attacks on our children and families and why we have to be so prudent at looking at everything we allow into our homes. https://radiomaria.us/category/podcast/battleready/.

In Father Dan Reehil’s Podcast, he mentioned the Spiritual battle against our children and families and how Satan is trying to bring the demonic and sinful behavior of new age spiritualism, witchcraft, sorcery, and paganism right into our own homes through television, books, movies, Hollywood, and music. If you believe his assertion is too far off base, take a look at this testimony from an ex-witch who has been freed by Our Lord, Jesus Christ from this bondage she was once deceived into believing in when she was a young child. This interview was conducted by the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-OJX0dPC5U.

Here is another video by Exorcist Father Jim Blount on the effects of Satan influencing children playing video games in these terrible times we are all living in right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLqbh50iyKM.

Let us reflect today on Psalm 94 in God’s Holy Word. https://www.bible.com/bible/111/PSA.94.niv.


1 The Lord is a God who avenges. O God who avenges, shine forth.

2 Rise up, Judge of the earth; pay back to the proud what they deserve.

3 How long, Lord, will the wicked, how long will the wicked be jubilant?

4 They pour out arrogant words; all the evildoers are full of boasting.

5 They crush your people, Lord; they oppress your inheritance.

6 They slay the widow and the foreigner; they murder the fatherless.

7 They say, “The Lord does not see; the God of Jacob takes no notice.”

8 Take notice, you senseless ones among the people; you fools, when will you become wise?

9 Does he who fashioned the ear not hear? Does he who formed the eye not see?

10 Does he who disciplines nations not punish? Does he who teaches mankind lack knowledge?

11 The Lord knows all human plans; he knows that they are futile.

12 Blessed is the one you discipline, Lord, the one you teach from your law;

13 you grant them relief from days of trouble, till a pit is dug for the wicked.

14 For the Lord will not reject his people; he will never forsake his inheritance.

15 Judgment will again be founded on righteousness, and all the upright in heart will follow it.

16 Who will rise up for me against the wicked? Who will take a stand for me against evildoers?

17 Unless the Lord had given me help, I would soon have dwelt in the silence of death.

18 When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, Lord, supported me.

19 When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.

20 Can a corrupt throne be allied with you—a throne that brings on misery by its decrees?

21 The wicked band together against the righteous and condemn the innocent to death.

22 But the Lord has become my fortress, and my God the rock in whom I take refuge.

23 He will repay them for their sins and destroy them for their wickedness;

the Lord our God will destroy them.

Let us Pray Lord, please deliver us from all of those that are choosing against You and wishing to kill and destroy all of Your Children both physically and spiritually. Please deliver us from all evil attacks of the devil and his demons against us and our children and reveal to us all Truth so that we may recognize these attacks and plead Your Precious Blood over us. Lord, We Surrender ourselves to You, take care of everything. We know that part of our purification to become Your saints is surviving the time of distress, but we beg for Your Mercy for all of us sinners because we are all struggling and feel like we are constantly being attacked now as the evil in this world continues to grow. Lord, We Surrender ourselves to You, take care of everything. We pray for the protection as Your Children by Your Precious Blood, and we pray for the intercession of Our Blessed Mother to protect us with Her Mantle. We also pray for the intercession of St. Joseph as the Terror of demons to assist us in this Spiritual Battle for the salvation of our souls, our families’ souls and all of the lost souls, who have no one to pray for them. Lord, We Surrender ourselves to You, take care of everything. We pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to strengthen us and fortify us as our crosses continue to get heavier and we continue towards the time of the Great Tribulation period. If we have no time left to prepare on our own, please allow us more gifts from Your Holy Spirit to prepare us to Serve You now for the salvation of souls and after the Warning has come. Lord, We Surrender ourselves to You, take care of everything. We ask this of Our Heavenly Father, Abba, in the name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Here are the latest messages on After the Warning website. The first two are from Giselle Cardia. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/giselle-cardia/2022/september/16/the-time-of-battle-has-come/.

Here is another from Giselle Cardia. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/giselle-cardia/2022/september/16/everything-is-ready/.

Here is Eduardo Ferreira. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/eduardo-ferreira/2022/september/16/without-prayer-i-cannot-help-you/.

Here is an important message from Our Blessed Mother from Our Lady of Zaro to pray for the Pope and all of the Priests. Our Blessed Mother reminds us that it is not our place to judge, but to pray for everyone. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/our-lady-of-zaro/2022/september/16/pray-for-the-holy-father/.

Here is another from Our Lady of Zaro. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/our-lady-of-zaro/2022/september/16/there-will-be-a-great-split-in-the-church/.

Here is a message from Valentina Papagna from Australia. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/valentina-papagna/2022/september/16/our-lord-transforms-our-sufferings-into-graces/.

Here are the latest messages from Prophet John Leary. http://www.johnleary.com/index.php/2022/09/?cat=3&order=ASC.

Here is another message from John Leary. http://www.johnleary.com/index.php/2022/09/15/monday-september-12-2022/.

Here are the latest videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, the first with an interview with Mark Mallett from the Now Word. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHqF4XZf2oc.

Next, is a message from Our Blessed Mother to Luz De Maria about a Heavenly body approaching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRfFRWGLOrk.

Here is another video that will be posted later this morning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWcOUYkbjsU.

Here is Quo Vadis with a message given to Valerie Copponi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoCW-J1VBXI.

Here is another message given to Luz De Maria from Daily Prophecies from Heaven. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wmh2VsaQtA.

Here is the latest video from Mystic Post TV about the first secret given to the visionaries in Medjugorje. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HGBlfzVZYg.

Here is the latest news report and commentary from John Henry Westin and Life Site News on Resisting the Collapse of Western Civilization. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjwrKLX-xjk.

Here is another news report by Tucker Carlson and Fox News on the increase of violent crimes in cities of the United States, but no accountability for the criminals due to a lie about unfairness and equity of those that commit the crimes. Wow, this video is very disturbing, and painful to watch. This is also another example of a sign of collapse of western civilization. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH7cnmGHNxw.

Here is the latest video of the Two Preachers on more Biblical signs of the end times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_bAhpYK08o.

Here is a great resource explaining how to use the Spiritual Warfare prayers for Laity in the book written by Exorcist Father Chad Ripperger. We are saying these prayers over our children now with consistency and consecrating ourselves through Our Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. https://www.catholicace.com/20-different-ways-to-spiritually-protect-yourself-and-your-family/.

We will list only one prayer here but know that every prayer in the book “Deliverance Prayers” written by Father Chad Ripperger are phenomenal. As the evil continues to grow and the attacks keep coming against us because we are serving Our Lord, this book is invaluable in these times. This prayer is on page 13 of the book and can be said by a parent over their children, or a prayer used for yourself. “It is called, a Prayer of Command”.

“In His name and by the power of His Cross and Blood, I ask Jesus to bind any evil spirits, forces and powers of the earth, air, fire, or water, of the netherworld and the satanic forces of nature.

By the power of the Holy Spirit and by His authority, I ask Jesus Christ to break any curses, hexes, or spells and send them back to where they came from, if it be His Holy Will.

I beseech Thee Lord Jesus to protect us by pouring Thy Precious Blood on us (my family, etc.), which Thou hast shed for us and I ask Thee to command that any departing spirits leave quietly, without disturbance, and go straight to Thy Cross to dispose of as Thou sees fit.

I ask Thee to bind any demonic interaction, interplay or communications.

I place N. (person, place or thing) under the protection of the Blood of Jesus Christ which He shed for us.


Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

Teaching on the Dark Night of the Senses and Transitioning from the Purgative Way to the Illuminative Way by the Fatima Center. Don’t Give Up, Keep Pushing Deeper into God’s Divine Will and Pray for Discernment for What He is Calling You to Do for the Salvation of Souls. Also, Situational Awareness from Our Prayer Group of Some things Lining Up That May Occur at the End of September. Latest Videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Quo Vadis, and Mystic Post TV.

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have some more situational awareness information to pray about and discern God’s Will and how to prepare for His Divine Will. First, however, we are going to go deeper into the understanding and teaching of the Dark Night of the Senses. This is the first big purification that we receive when we are transitioning between the Purgative Way into the Illuminative Way of the Three Stages of Spiritual Life. We have to remember that we are trying to become God’s saints by allowing ourselves to be purified, and we must endure to the end in order to make our robes white. When we think of the Purification period that we are in right now, we tend to think of the physical Purification that God is allowing in this era of time. We think of God only purifying the wicked and evil souls, so that they come back to Him, or they become separated completely from His sheep and He eradicates them forever.

However, we must also understand that because we are desiring to please Our Lord in every way by Surrendering to His Divine Will for the salvation of souls, we must obey the Divine Will not just in all of the good works we do for Him through our Charity and Love for our neighbors and Our Church, but also in that sharing of our time with Him in deeper prayer and conversion. I am now seeing Our Lord trying to get my personal attention through our family’s personal trial by saying to me to stop looking at all of the works to please Him and start spending more time with Him in contemplative prayer. This doesn’t mean to give up completely on good works for Our Lord, but to discern from Our Lord where He wants you right now before the Warning/Illumination of Conscience occurs. My family is personally being challenged with the vice of anger and impatience and lack of self-control in shouting or yelling a lot in our anger at each other and this trial. However, we have to recognize our own personal vices that Our Lord wants us to eradicate completely and have an understanding of our own self defects that He can remove through His sanctifying grace and Our Lord reveals these to us by testing us with trials. These trials can come through our disobedient children or people we don’t get along with at work, or our spouses, or a personal illness or illness of a loved one, etc…. The key to remember is that if the Cross is extremely difficult and heavy, and you are experiencing some of the signs and symptoms the Saints have taught us are a cause to believe you are experiencing a Dark Night of the Senses, then God is most likely purifying you to become more holy for Him. This would also make sense in that we are all preparing our hearts to be worthy to stand in front of Our Lord during the Warning/Illumination of Conscience.

We must recognize that God is calling some of us through a Dark Night of the Senses or possibly some of us through a Dark Night of the Soul, so that we may transition into the Illuminative way from the Purgative Way or Purgative Way into the Unitive Way, and our cooperation with God’s sanctifying grace is directly proportional to how quickly we can get through this transition. We also have to remember that only God knows when we are ready for this transition or when we have arrived and successfully gotten through the transition from each of these individual stages. The grace from God comes when He gives us further understanding of what we are experiencing, then we know God is saying, “HEY, WAKE UP, and COOPERATE with My Divine Will so that you can receive more gifts from Me and become the saint I AM calling you to be!

Let us Pray Lord, we accept all of Your graces and gifts, and we have an earnest desire to truly love You with all of our hearts, our minds, our souls, and our strength. Please allow all of us that are experiencing a Dark Night of the Senses, or for those that are far more Spiritually advanced, a Dark Night of the Soul to see Your Hand at work. We are all called in this blog to assist You with the salvation of souls, and we understand that these trials and periods of aridity are part of our own personal purification that You are allowing for us to become Your saints, and the best Disciples we can be for You in these end times. We accept Your gifts of trial and struggle, and we continue to pray for more gifts of the Holy Spirit and understanding so that we may push deeper into Your Sacred Heart. Please cover all of us with Your Precious Blood and give us each more direction of how to cooperate, live and work tirelessly in Your Divine Will. We continue to pray for the gift of Living in Your Divine Will that you instructed to Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta. We also consecrate ourselves and our families to Your Sacred Heart through the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother, and through St. Jospeh and the Holy Family to God Our Father. Thank You Lord for Your Love. Amen.

Here is the Fatima Center with another explanation of the Dark Night of the Senses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZRt0ffdbAM.

Here is the Fatima Center with another explanation and teaching on the Illuminative Way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfHAyhJU7Js.

Here are the latest videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times. These are messages given to Father Stephano Gobbi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP1TmeOotTg.

Here is a video with Mark Mallett and Countdown to the Kingdom on Mother and Refuge of the End Times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzrR-I2N8E8.

Here is the latest video to Gisella Cardia from Quo Vadis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89HpW0Lpszo.

Here is another to Giselle Cardia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI_oLLMyCTU.

Here are the latest to Pedro Regis from Our Blessed Mother. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NO7e4KeMGI.

Here is the latest from Mystic Post TV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHnxB5baJ4U.

There are no new messages posted on After the Warning website, so when they post again, we will also put out another post in this blog.

Now, we wish to discuss some events lining up for something to possibly occur this September between September 23, 2022 through the end of September 30, 2022. Here is the order of events that have occurred in the past several weeks that line up with the most recent prophetic messages of either a “Black out” grid down event coming through either a solar storm, or through an Electro Magnetic Pulse. I know that all of us remaining in a perpetual state of awareness is difficult, and it does get tiring to keep waiting on the other shoe to fall that will throw us into this chaos that we have all been anticipating before the Warning/Illumination of Conscience occurs. But Our Lord keeps reminding me that we are continuing to be the five wise virgins with our oil lamps lit, waiting on Our Lord for His guidance and direction in His Divine Will.

So, that being said, here are the things the Holy Spirit has drawn to me and our prayer group in these past few days and we are still praying for discernment. If nothing happens, then we keep getting closer to Our Lord and His Sacred Heart through prayer and preparation.

1.) Our Pope has asked that all Vatican money be pulled back into the Vatican bank by the end of this September, and Our Pope has informed us three times that WWIII could erupt. https://www.thecatholicthing.org/2022/08/25/pope-moves-all-vatican-money-to-vatican-bank/.

2.) The DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) will occur this September 26, 2022 and we can actually watch it on live television. Hmm, if that were to go wrong and actually cause more damage than good in sending a piece of Asteroid our way, what better way to cause chaos if it is on live television. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/nasa-will-crash-a-spacecraft-into-a-525-foot-wide-asteroid-in-september-here-s-how-to-watch-it/ar-AA11e65E?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=d06e252ada454cbebdcb9daa05dfe17b.

3.) As of Yesterday, there is going to be a Railroad Strike, that by all appearances will reflect more of a food shortage coming and failure to re-stock our store shelves if our railroad operators go on strike. Today, our government is announcing that it could be diverted, and we will see what happens. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-reaches-tentative-agreement-with-rail-workers-strike-2022-09-15/.

4.) The death of Queen Elizabeth has put her son Charles in position to be the new King of England. This is not good if the new King of England is a staunch supporter of the World Economic Forum and Elite Agenda. We are in the same boat with our current American President, so not good for any of us all over the world for these two world powers. https://americanfaith.com/new-king-of-england-tied-to-globalist-world-economic-forum/.

5.) We are not viewers of the Simpsons cartoon for adults because it is obviously a cartoon not intended for children, but to make fun of our society, politics, and our Faith in God. However, something many Christians have observed over the years is that the episodes have alluded to events that have actually occurred. One has to wonder how the writers of this long running cartoon could continuously guess the scenarios of historical events over and over again before they occur. That being said, it appears to us that it is another way of allowing a soft disclosure of events that will happen that have been dictated to us in a controlled narrative that the Elites plan to implement. We must realize that a soft disclosure like this is not a way to be nice and warn us of what is coming, but to scare us even more and create panic and fear so that civil unrest will occur, and people lose Faith in God. We do not recommend this video be played for children, but just for your situational awareness of how evil just keeps lining up as we move closer and closer from the labor pains into the Tribulation period. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9W_JQXuN08.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

Reviewing Again the Illuminative Stage of the Three Stages of Spiritual Life by Father Garrigou-Lagrange. Entering This Stage is Further Preparation for the Warning/Illumination of Conscience. We Must Accept All Gifts of Humility Through our Trials and Struggles to Prepare Our Hearts for Our Lord. Latest Messages from After the Warning Website. Latest Videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, and Quo Vadis, Latest Reports from Mary Greeley News on Losing Our Freedoms, and Dr. Taylor Marshall on a Very Sad and Disturbing White House Appointment by Our President Over the Monkey Pox Response Team. Report on Ultra Processed Food Being the Worst for Our Planet and Health.

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. I am beginning to have more understanding of why Our Lord has allowed this gift of trial for our family in this past week, and it is because of Him pulling me personally and most likely some of my friends, who have also been affected by this trial, into the Illuminative stage of the Spiritual Life. The reason why I know this now in my heart is because of some recent words Our Lord has said to me through a locution in Contemplative prayer, and what the Holy Spirit said to me coming out of my sleep the other night. The only reason I am sharing so much of our family’s personal trial is because I believe Our Lord wanted me to discuss with you all again the Second stage of the Three Stages of Spiritual Life, which is the Illuminative Stage.

I have described all of these stages in previous posts a few years ago that has been explained by Father Quan in the teaching by Father Garrigou-Lagrange. But now, I am receiving from Our Lord, a fuller understanding of what it means to continue to transition from stage to stage. Even if my own immediate family members are not ready to transition from the Purgative stage to the Illuminative stage and are experiencing this same trial right now, I believe Our Lord is pulling me into this stage so that I can continue to help the rest of my family to keep striving for holiness. This is more preparation for the Warning/Illumination of Conscience, especially if we have surrendered our home to God as a Refuge for the Salvation of Souls. This is why the Holy Spirit said to me, “You must receive the gifts.”, several weeks ago before our family experienced this current trial. Excitedly, when I woke up that day, I thought He was referencing some Supernatural gifts of Wisdom or Knowledge. Now, I understand it is a gift of struggle and trial so that He can continue to move me into the Illuminative Stage of the Spiritual Life. So, my experience of this is to be shared with you, so that you also understand if you surrender your life and your free will to God, (which is what we must do to become saints), then He is going to allow us trials for Spiritual growth. I thought a couple of years ago, that we would be experiencing the Illuminative stage during the Warning/Illumination of Conscience, but now I see that Our Lord wants us to continue to progress in these stages before He allows the Warning to occur. I believe this is because it is more preparation for those of us surrendering our life and homes for the salvation of souls. If you have been following us these past three years, and you have decided to surrender your lives and home to God for the salvation of souls as a Refuge, then be ready for Our Lord to allow you some very serious trials to continue to push and pull us up this mountain of holiness through His sanctifying grace. Even if you haven’t surrendered your home as a Refuge but have surrendered yourself to assist Our Lord with the salvation of souls in this difficult era of time, then expect some trials, but know it is a gift of sanctifying grace from God.

Now, I want to share with you some personal locutions Our Lord gave me in contemplative prayer with Him, and some words from the Holy Spirit when I was coming out of my sleep the other day.

This was really a “Wow” moment for me because I heard these words from the Holy Spirit while coming out of my sleep, while I was downstairs with my children, the television on, and I was asleep on our couch! I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Don’t worry about the things of this world, for these things will go and come, but remember what I taught you, for this is most important.” This word from the Holy Spirit came after much prayer to Our Lord to fix this trial our family is experiencing. So, although I knew in my Spirit that this trial was something Our Lord was allowing me to experience to gain “Humility”, I still desired for Him to remove it from my family, because I see my children suffering emotionally. This is a very tough test for us as parents, but reminds us that God is always FIRST, even when our children are involved. We have to also remember that God is not going to allow us to go through any trials without His Graces, so we must be strong in accepting any trial God sends us or allows us to receive.

While I was in contemplative prayer with Our Lord the other day, this is what He put on my heart in a locution, and after I received the words from the Holy Spirit that I wrote above. I said to Our Lord, “How do You want me to deal with this Lord?” He said back to my heart, “I want you to remain silent, just like Mary was silent when showing with child.” (This is referring to the post I wrote the other day about Our Blessed Mother Mastering Humility, and Our Lord was referencing me back to what He showed me about Our Blessed Mother in that particular post). Then I said back to Our Lord, ” I need You Lord, I can’t do this without You, this is a heavy cross for me.” Then, Our Lord said to me, “I know my child, this is why I am giving it to you.” “You have to learn to be Humble and Obedient.” “I will send my Holy Spirit to allow you more Graces”.

Then, as I was praying for the Holy Spirit to help me write this post this morning, He showed me that this is the beginning of understanding that He is pulling me into the Illuminative stage of the Spiritual Life. So, although I am still praying for Our Lord to resolve this trial, I accept it, because I now understand that He is allowing me the Graces to see that this is simply the transitioning of moving from the Purgative stage to the Illuminative stage of the Spiritual life. Because we have surrendered our lives to God in a way specifically for the salvation of souls, He is bringing us to a greater understanding that even though we have progressed in our Spiritual life, we still have a long way to go through detachments of anything that glorifies ourselves, or our family, and everything is glorified through God. My own personal example is the fact that I have served Our Lord through this blog, and also our Church, and this has given me a sense of self-satisfaction of doing God’s Will, however, I am still attached to the sense of this being self-gratifying for me in that I am doing what God is calling me to, but not wholly for God. Even though my acts of this service are for God, God is showing me now, that I am still attached to the act itself, and not fully doing it to be in God’s Will for His Glory.

Now, I understand it more because God has revealed this to my heart, and this is why we must learn to fully surrender all of ourselves to God and detach ourselves from everything that is preventing us from moving forward Spiritually with Him. Wow, God is good all of the time, and all of the time, God is good. This is a whole new level of TRUST in Our Lord in allowing all of the gifts He is willing to give us in order to keep moving us forward to become His saints. First, I am going to post the original video by Father Quan that we posted a few years ago about the Illuminative stage. If you have been with us on this Spiritual journey for the last three years, then you will recall Our Lord put it on my heart to help educate all of us on a “How to become a Saint”. We have applied all of this information from this blog in our own family and we are truly striving for holiness, but we have had many setbacks, and trials, but at the same time also received blessings from Our Lord. If any of us at this time are entering the second stage of the Spiritual life, it is because we are all truly trying to be holy for Our Lord, but still harbor many defects that are keeping us from moving forward and God is showing us how to remove those defects. Now, we have HOPE in our Lord in that He has given us more understanding of why He allows these trials, and this is all of His handy work of Sanctifying Grace.

Here is the original video by Father Quan on explaining the Illuminative stage of the Three stages of Spiritual Life that we have posted before in a post two years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m-Z_gmomRM.

Next, here is a recent teaching by the Franciscan Friars at a Women’s Conference on the Three stages of the Spiritual Life from a perspective of St. Therese of Lisieux and St. John of the Cross. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taW3uhqf8s4.

Wow, this is a very powerful teaching about how God brings us through these stages, but his explanation of the third stage, which is the Unitive stage, is very scary because I can’t even imagine the pain we will feel when we enter into the dark night of the soul. This might also be the period of time in our Refuges, when God is calling us to be in union with Him and total abandonment of ourselves and our free will so as to survive the time of distress to make our robes white. So, we must continue to prepare our hearts for this period of time and keep pushing deeper into the Sacred Heart of Our Lord by spending time with Him in front of the Blessed Sacrament in Adoration and Contemplative prayer.

Here is the book, Abandonment to Divine Providence that was mentioned in the video above in case you wish to read that book. I found it just now by God’s Grace in PDF. https://www.catholicspiritualdirection.org/abandonment.pdf.

Here are the latest messages from After the Warning website. The first is to Luz De Maria. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/luz-de-maria/2022/september/12/the-changes-will-not-be-long-in-coming/.

In this message, Our Blessed Mother is saying that a Heavenly body is approaching. This could be a reference to this binary system, Planet 7X, or this could be in reference to an asteroid that will hit the Earth, only time will tell. However, Our Blessed Mother warns us time is short.

Here is another message by Manuela Strack. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/manuela-strack/2022/september/12/latest-messages-from-our-lord/.

Here is a powerful video by a Priest speaking about the Warning in his homily. I just love all of these holy Priests stepping out for God. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kymx-_E45h8.

Here is another video from Mother and Refuge of the End Times with an older message from Enoch about the deception of demons posing as aliens. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA_BgCNxvc8.

Here is another from Mother and Refuge of the End Times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJUpiuizXg8.

Here is a video from Quo Vadis with a message given to Valentina Papagna. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av2XjcQteLo.

Here is a video from Father Mark Goring with another warning from Pope Francis that World War III is still very possible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLGUOpMumG4.

Here is an article received from a follower of the blog, that the World Economic Forum is actually pushing processed food on us, while knowing that it is not healthy for our bodies or our planet. This is under the narrative that the global elites are pushing on us to eat fake meat and altered GMO food (genetically modified organisms) in order to save our planet because we are the cause of climate change. This is a lie of course! https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2022/09/09/ultraprocessed-food-environmental-impacts.aspx?ui=59066f36e4ba2a19b3524cfde0c48b40441e8114cc44cdb6d04704e2970b8d2c&sd=20220627&cid_source=dnl&cid_medium=email&cid_content=topstory&cid=20220909_HL2&cid=DM1257215&bid=1599483106.

This is why there is an attack on our farmers and homesteaders trying to live a life for food production and self-sustainability. Our governments are actually blaming the lie of “climate change” on all of the natural good food that God has provided us, and saying this is not sustainable, because of the amount of people on our planet! This also explains why Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and many other billionaires are buying up so much farmland for themselves. We have to ask ourselves why they would be purchasing so much farmland, if the plan of our governments is to take away land and restrict our resources because of climate change in their agenda for 2030.

Here is a report on this from Mary Greeley News on this actually happening all over the world as far as pushing us into their agenda. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQVSTdyVP2g.

Here is another lie from CNBC stating the wealthy are buying up this land as an investment. Why would you buy land as an investment if the plan of the World Economic Forum and our governments are to restrict land ownership by 2030 to supposedly save our planet due to “climate change”? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJVL9HegCr4.

Here is Klaus Scwab with the World Economic Forum telling us that our food systems, energy systems, and supply chains will be deeply affected due to climate change. They are telling us that we must comply with their ideals and beliefs on how to adapt and overcome to these changes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFa3n3ociBg&t=0s.

They are telling us that this is coming, and the Pope is warning us about WWIII for the third time now according to Father Mark Goring, and this in my own personal discernment is a soft discloser that all of this will be implemented. All of these warnings are a propagandized way of preparing us for the chaos, so that we will comply with their proposed measures of how it must be fixed.

Here is a very scary and sad appointment by our American President, Joe Biden, of a man over the Monkey Pox response team, who is a satanist. Wow! You can’t make this stuff up; this is just unbelievable! This video is from Dr. Taylor Marshall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm2E3UQ105w.

So, we must continue to prepare physically as much as possible, but again more importantly as the Holy Spirit said to me Spiritually the other night while coming out of sleep, “Don’t worry about the things of this world, for these things will go and come, but remember what I taught you, for this is most important.”

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

Today is the Feast Day Celebration of Our Blessed Mother Mary’s Birth! Getting Ready for The Warning, Part 2. How Must We Continually Prepare Our Hearts with Such Heavy Sadness of Events Happening All Around Us? Please Don’t Give Up on God and Let’s All Pray for Each Other. New Messages from After the Warning Website. New Videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times. Quo Vadis, Daily Prophecies from Heaven and Mystic Post TV. New Battle-Ready Podcasts with Father Dan Reehil. The Homesteaders are Saying Now, Get Depression Ready in your Food Pantries. Thousands of Christians Standing Up for God in Serbia Against Sins and Immoral Values Against the Family. New Videos on Global Elites and Trying to Control the World, and Mary Greeley News on More Earthquakes.

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Happy Birthday Blessed Mother! Here is the Traditional Catholic Priest blog with a write up from 2014 about their research on Our Blessed Mother Mary and Her birth and life. http://www.traditionalcatholicpriest.com/2014/09/08/marys-birthday-sept-8/.

As we continue to climb the Spiritual ladder that seems to be getting harder because of these evil times we are living in, we must continue to pray for God to give us the Graces of Strength and Fortitude. The definition of Fortitude is – courage in pain or adversity. We know our Blessed Mother had this gift of fortitude as She constantly delt with pain all around Her, and also at such a young age. Can we only imagine for a moment that at the tender age of fifteen, Mary was given the blessing and honor of being the Mother of Our Lord, but also stigmatized by appearing to be with child with Our Lord by the Holy Spirit that only She knew, and before Saint Joseph who was betrothed to Her, brought her into his home. Here is Matthew 1:18-25. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+1%3A18-25&version=ESV

The Birth of Jesus Christ

18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ[a] took place in this way. When his mother Mary had been betrothed[b] to Joseph, before they came together she was found to be with child from the Holy Spirit. 19 And her husband Joseph, being a just man and unwilling to put her to shame, resolved to divorce her quietly. 20 But as he considered these things, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, do not fear to take Mary as your wife, for that which is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. 21 She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” 22 All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had spoken by the prophet:

23 “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son,
    and they shall call his name Immanuel”

(Jesus. means, God with us). 24 When Joseph woke from sleep, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded him: he took his wife, 25 but knew her not until she had given birth to a son. And he called his name Jesus.

Wow! How much Trust, Strength and Fortitude Our Blessed Mother had in the face of adversity in Our Lord knowing what it must have looked like to the Townspeople and St. Joseph with Her having the appearance of being with child before She went into the home of St. Joseph. Also, how great Saint Jospeh was to quietly believe He must dismiss his betrothal to Our Blessed Mother so as to not bring Her shame. All this being said, is for us to understand that we MUST TRUST in GOD, because He always has a plan of fortifying us with Humility, while at the same time, testing our Faithfulness to Him. These are the steps to becoming saints, and this is not easy by any means.

This is why Our Blessed Mother mastered Humility, and although She was prepared ahead of time to be the mother of Our Lord, Jesus Christ by Our Heavenly Father, She exemplified what it meant to have COMPLETE Trust and Surrender to the Divine Will. So, as we continue to face adversity in our own personal lives and our Church, don’t give up on God, because He has a plan for each one of us to be able to make it all of the way until the end.

So, how do we continue to prepare for the Warning/Illumination of Conscience? We get up every day and say Jesus, “I TRUST in You.” “I Surrender to Your Divine Will.” “I pray for the gift to Live in Your Divine Will”, and “I accept all gifts from You to make me a saint, even those gifts that are fortifying us in Humility.” We are learning the very hard way to have COMPLETE TRUST in Our Lord as He is purifying us, and what it means to simply Surrender everything to Him. This is what the prophets keep saying in all of their messages from Our Lord, Blessed Mother, and Saint Michael the Archangel. We can’t comprehend at all what is coming, because there has never been a time like this in the history of the world. So, each day God brings to us now is a gift that we MUST accept and Surrender everything to Him. We MUST learn to detach ourselves from everything and put our lives in His hands. There is no amount of physical preparation that matters if we can’t just give it all to God. Even though we are trying to physically prepare, it just doesn’t matter if we can’t keep our Spiritual faculties and mental faculties in check that God has got this, and we don’t.

Typing this blog now has been very difficult because we are all being attacked personally in our own lives and families by Satan to give up and lose HOPE in God’s plan for our lives. We are also all witnessing decisions in our Church that appear to look like a direct disobedience to what Our Lord, and our Church has always taught us. But we must continue to pray for one another and keep encouraging each other and keep discerning which direction Our Lord is sending us, because events keep escalating and we don’t know when the internet or our communication will just suddenly come to a halt. In fact, we will post another recent message about a geomagnetic solar storm that will cause our power grids to fail. We have had many messages about a “Black Out” from many different prophets and also holy Priests. So, it is just a matter of when this will happen.

Let us PrayLord, it is not our purpose to question why You allow things to happen in our lives or in our Church that hurt us so deeply, but it is our purpose to Love You, Honor You, and Serve You. Please allow us the Graces of Strength, Fortitude, increased Faith and Trust, and Hope that You will continue to bring us through these trials in order to make our robes white. We ask for the intercession of Our Blessed Mother today on the celebration of Her Birthday, and we pray for a portion of Her Faith, Hope, Trust, and Fortitude. We also pray for the intercession of St. Joseph to assist us as the “terror of demons” in this attack against all of God’s Children in these trials. We ask this in Your name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Father Dan Reehil just gave a teaching the other day that we have already posted on how to hear God’s voice. If you have not tried contemplative prayer, and uncertain of how to hear God’s voice, please go back through this blog and type in the search bar, “Hearing God’s voice.” I can personally testify that God speaks to our hearts all of the time, and there is a distinction between your thoughts and God’s voice. I have the perfect example from our own family that is going through a trial right now. Because I received the words from the Holy Spirit, while coming out of sleep many weeks ago, “You must accept the gifts.” I asked Our Lord in contemplative prayer recently what He was trying to reveal to me. This is what came to my mind from Him that I wrote down in a notebook about 10 days ago. “You have to receive the gifts of Struggle to Purify your Soul.” “I’m still sending you Graces and Struggles. They are all gifts.” Then I said back to Our Lord upon hearing this in my heart, “I receive the gift of Humility.” I am still not sure why I chose those specific words, except to say that our entire family is now learning what Our Lord meant by His words to my heart after reading this again from my notes.

So, Preparation for the Warning, Part 2 means to keep accepting these gifts of trials and struggles with Humility and keep increasing our prayers to Our Lord and praying for more gifts from the Holy Spirit, especially fortitude. We are going to be allowed the gifts we need from Our Lord in order to serve Him after the Warning, but we are also going to be tested in our Faithfulness to Him in order to purify our souls to be worthy to receive these extraordinary gifts. If you are not trying to discern what Our Lord is speaking to your hearts while in prayer with Him, you may miss a very important revelation He is giving you in part of His Divine Will for you in these times. So, don’t stop seeking Our Lord in prayer through adoration because you have been given a trial or struggle that has thrown you into a quandary, so to speak. Keep spending time with Our Lord and asking Him what He is revealing to you in this struggle, and pray for all Truth to come to light, and how to proceed in His Divine Will.

Here are the latest messages from After the Warning website, the first is to Luz De Maria from Saint Michael the Archangel that again warns us about a geomagnetic storm coming that will cause darkness all over the world. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/luz-de-maria/2022/september/07/message-from-saint-michael.

Here is a message to Giselle Cardia from Our Blessed Mother. Many people are still making pilgrimages to Marian Apparition sites and shrines and if you are going to be stuck somewhere because of a worldwide solar storm and black out, then what a wonderful place to be before the Warning takes place! https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/giselle-cardia/2022/september/07/the-earth-will-be-purified-by-fire.

Also, Pray and Fast. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/giselle-cardia/2022/september/07/pray-and-fast.

Here are the latest messages to Lorena from Mexico. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/lorena/2022/september/07/prepare-my-militant-army-for-the-final-battle.

Here is another about generational curses and how to break them. Enoch of Columbia also had a similar message about generational curses. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/lorena/2022/september/07/blood-ties-and-generational-curses.

Here is the latest to Pedro Regis. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/pedro-regis/2022/september/07/witness-to-my-son-jesus.

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Here is Valerie Copponi from Our Blessed Mother. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/valeria-copponi/2022/september/07/mary-mother-and-teacher.

Here is another unknown person with words and dreams. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/words-and-dreams/2022/september/07/latest-messages.

Here is the latest video from Quo Vadis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOXQyZCoze4.

Here is the latest from Mother and Refuge of the End Times with a march from holy people in Serbia standing up for God and the attacks of modernism. Wow! This is powerful! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EProMYkRxiU.

Here is the Mother and Refuge of the End Times website. https://motherandrefuge.com/.

Here is another video from Mother and Refuge of the End Times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDk8Zbv728w

Here is another from Quo Vadis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WasOjKg_otU.

Here is Daily Prophecies from Heaven with an older message from Enoch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DABw0XAZHCY.

Here is the latest video from Mystic Post TV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYXiyi_JFZ8.

Here are the latest podcasts from Father Dan Reehil on how to stay “Battle Ready” for what is coming in this Spiritual Battle against all of God’s Children. https://radiomaria.us/category/podcast/battleready/.

For those that are still uncertain about how the elites are trying to control the world, preparing it for the antichrist, here are two Christians explaining it in their video. Here are the Texas Boys explaining their understanding of the global elites and their plan for world domination. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHxHs0-6HDY.

Here is Appalachia’s Homestead on physical preparation for what is coming. Remember, this is just physical preparation, which is nothing compared to living in God’s Divine Will and being prepared Spiritually. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5j53G7vNDr0.

Here is the latest from Mary Greeley News on earthquakes in China and Iran. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eB5Awd1-amQ.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

Sunday Holy Mass Celebrated at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Ottawa, Canada. Reflection on All of God’s Scriptures in Standing Firm in the Faith. Also, Reflection on James 1 in God’s Holy Word. Latest Show from Pastor Paul Begley and Mike from Around the World on the Show, the Coming Apocalypse. New Messages on After the Warning Website. New Messages from Prophet John Leary. New Videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Quo Vadis, and Mystic Post TV. News Reports from Fox News and Mary Greeley News, and the Two Preachers. Latest Videos from Different Homesteaders like The Mac’s, and Appalachia’s Homestead.

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Events are continuing to escalate, and we are all experiencing more trials, especially those in the Ukraine with the persistent war with the invasion of Russia. We are witnessing catastrophic weather continue to increase, and we are also witnessing food shortages and the prices of food continue to go up! So, we all know in our hearts that we MUST stand firm in our Faith. We are all going through these trials as God’s Children because we are all being Purified to make our robes white, and we MUST persevere until the end. This is getting harder and harder because our trials are becoming more difficult. However, the Holy Spirit reminded me last night while I was praying the Third Decade of the Holy Rosary of the Glorious Mysteries that He spoke to me two weeks ago when I was coming out of sleep the words. “The Third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit.” And several weeks before, He said to me while coming out of sleep. “You must receive the gifts”. So, I believe this is His way of telling my family and all of us beforehand that although we continue to go through trials, we must INCREASE our prayers, and remain steadfast in our FAITH, just like the Apostles did in the upper room for 10 days before the Holy Spirit descended in the First Pentecost. We also have to remember that all trials and blessings are from God. Just like many of our good and holy Priests and Pastors have taught us, everything from God is a gift, whether it is a trial of suffering, or a blessing, and overcoming these trials through the Most Precious Blood is what makes us saints.

So, our personal family and some friends are also going through a very serious trial right now, and we are all trying to discern God’s Divine Will in this particular trial. While I was praying the Holy Rosary and I said out loud, the Third Glorious Mystery, The Descent of the Holy Spirit, He immediately brought my dream of hearing these words several weeks ago to my mind. The Holy Spirit was revealing to me that we MUST accept all gifts from God, even very difficult trials that involve the ones we LOVE the most, and we INCREASE our Prayers (just like the Apostles did in the upper room), until the Holy Spirit comes. Because God allows us to experience these trials that hurt us, we MUST stand fast and firm in our FAITH in Him, that He will deliver us from all evil. Please increase your prayers for all of God’s Children today going through a personal trial that God allows to make us more holy. Please pray that we all will persevere for Our Lord to become His saints.

Here is today’s Holy Mass celebrated at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks_WKR–p5Q.

Let us reflect on all of the Scriptures in God’s Holy Word in standing fast in God’s Faith. https://www.openbible.info/topics/stand_fast.

Let us also reflect on James 1, in God’s Holy Word. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=James+1&version=NIV.

James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ,

To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations:


Trials and Temptations

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a] whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.

Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position. 10 But the rich should take pride in their humiliation—since they will pass away like a wild flower. 11 For the sun rises with scorching heat and withers the plant; its blossom falls and its beauty is destroyed. In the same way, the rich will fade away even while they go about their business.

12 Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

13 When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; 14 but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. 15 Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.

16 Don’t be deceived, my dear brothers and sisters. 17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. 18 He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created.

Listening and Doing

19 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 20 because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires. 21 Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.

22 Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. 23 Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror 24 and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like. 25 But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues in it—not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it—they will be blessed in what they do.

26 Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless. 27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Take a look at verses 12, and 16 through 18. Here is verse 17, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change life shifting shadows.” So, if we try are experiencing a trial today, we must remind ourselves to seek God’s Will in how He wants us to proceed in order to remain steadfast in Faith in Him, INCRESASE OUR PRAYERS, and believe in Our Lord that He will send the Holy Spirit to deliver us from all evil, just like we pray in Our Lord’s prayer in the “Our Father”.

Let us PrayLord, please deliver us from all evil, just like You taught us in Your prayer to Our Heavenly Father. We accept all gifts from You, but we pray for an increase in Faith, Hope, Trust, Fortitude, Forbearance, Piety and Humility. We know that You are making our robes white by the crosses you allow us to bear, but we can’t bear this trial (cross) without You by our side. Please also grant us Wisdom to see what You are teaching us in How to become Your saints through these trials and allow us the strength to be able to persevere through all of our crosses until the end. We pray for the intercession of Our Blessed Mother Mary, and Saint Joseph, and our Guardian Angels to pray for us through these trials, and we ask this of Our Heavenly Father, Abba, in Your name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Here are the latest messages from After the Warning Website. This first one is to Giselle Cardia. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/giselle-cardia/2022/september/02/i-come-for-my-children-in-the-mud.

This next one is to Luz De Maria from Saint Michael the Archangel. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/luz-de-maria/2022/september/02/this-is-the-moment-of-fulfillment.

In this message from Saint Michael, we see that he states that the “designs of God are being fulfilled little by little, but several revelations will come at lightning speed.” This is what we are witnessing now with God’s designs being revealed little by little. But we must be prepared for when events will come one after another at “lightning speed.” I believe in my heart that our personal trials, which cause us to increase our prayers to Our Lord, is a way for Our Lord to prepare us for these “Lightening Speed” events. We MUST learn to endure each trial and keep pressing into Our Lord’s Sacred Heart. Many people involved in the Ukraine and Russian war are already witnessing these types of severe trials. Please remember to pray for all of God’s Children enduring the suffering in this war. Notice also in Saint Michael’s message that he states, “Humility brings us closer to God”. Everything that we will experience in our trials is a way of gaining more virtue in Humility, and this is a virtue that we have to gain in order to be able to move from the purgative way to the illuminative way in the Spiritual life. We have written about this several times in the blog, if anyone would like to study more on the teaching from Father Garrigou-Lagrange on the three stages of Spiritual Life.

Here is the latest to Pedro Regis. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/pedro-regis/2022/september/02/judas-betraying-judas.

Here is the latest to Shelley Anna. Thank you to the Web Master of After the Warning website for subscribing to Shelley Anna’s Webador account. Update! Looks like we can still access the Holy Trinity Messages from Heaven You tube Channel and Shelley anna’s website without signing up with Webador for now. https://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/shelley-anna/2022/august/28/enter-in-through-the-way-of-peace.

Here is a recent video by Shelley Anna on Holy Trinity Messages from Heaven. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tbowt7nkyDM.

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And, http://www.johnleary.com/index.php/2022/08/31/saturday-august-27-2022/.

We have to remember that as God’s Disciples, we are praying for the salvation of souls. So, if you are regular follower of this blog, we believe you have been chosen by God to be a witness to these end times for God, and you have also been chosen by Our Blessed Mother to be in Her Marian Army of Love. This Army of Our Blessed Mother is to fight for the salvation of souls through prayer, and this is how Her Immaculate Heart will triumph in the end. Please include in your constant prayers the salvation of souls, because this is God’s greatest Will for all of His Children, and He expects us to pray for lost souls as His Disciples.

Here is the latest video message from Mother and Refuge of the End Times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82GeLmuCBro.

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Here is another from Servants of Christ. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqzB5XlFqBQ.

Pertaining to the video above, October 13, 2022 will be here very soon.

Here is the latest show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike from Around the World on the Coming Apocalypse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jfl452vKqVU.

Here is the Fox latest news report on a speech by President Joe Biden the other night. It was very disturbing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mjacc1o066A.

Here is Dr. Taylor Marshall commenting on that speech. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3vQZiN6dV0.

Here is Mary Greeley news reporting on how to pressure can hot dogs. Not a bad idea if you don’t have a lot of money. Try to begin pressure canning everything you are able to can., because Our Lord can also multiply this on our shelves. Canning will also save you money as we continue to witness the price of food continue to rise, revealing that we are definitely in the Third Seal of the Book of Revelation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMgNQ7cJtb4.

Here is another video by the Mac’s, who are Christian, and have their own homestead where they grow, and pressure can their own food. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uPheskMaKo.

Here is a tip from Patara and Appalachia’s Homestead on how to water glass eggs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lr0fR6yRoZM.

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Here is the latest video from the Two Preachers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQrG6KYSTt8.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Jesus, We Trust in You. Jesus, We Trust in You. Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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