Steer Clear of Advancing Technology!

Rick asked a very good question yesterday in the Comments of the blog about Hercolubus entering our solar system and its effects on each planet as it passes by different orbits. This is a good question as to how or why wouldn’t the gravitational pull of Hercolubus with 7 exoplanets affect all the planets closest to Earth as it moves further into our Solar System. These are best answered by Mike From Around the World on Pastor Paul Begley’s show. However, my best guess is that Hercolubus will affect all planets as it passes by them, but since Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, it’s orbit is bigger and could possibly have a greater affect on the Earth’s orbit as Hercolubus is projected to enter Jupiter’s orbit by March 28, 2021. I am sure Mike will have more to discuss on this topic as Hercolubus gets closer to us, but Pastor Paul Begley also has more to discuss on the little green file that he was given by Steven Ben DeNoon on specific dates of when Hercolubus will be in the Earth’s orbit. Remember, Chilean Astronomer, Carlos Ferrada stated that Hercolubus has three speeds of trajectory that he calculated. One speed at 92 km/s around a black sun, another at 76km/s around our sun, and the last at 300 km/s when it approaches half way into an orbit. The rapid speed it has as it enters orbits could be because of the orbits gravitational pull itself. We are not scientists, so we all are just relying on understanding from the Holy Spirit as He reveals it to us, but this must make it harder for Christian scientists to figure out where it is and how soon it will before we can actually see it. These are also questions we have and many more questions that still need to be answered that we must keep praying for the Truth.

Here are some things we also need to pray about that the Holy Spirit has shown us recently. Advancing technology, from members of the Bildeberg group and the world’s wealthiest people, is getting obnoxiously crazy and so are Physicists that are coming up with crazier ways to destroy all of God’s creation. Here is a recent video on our Physicists trying to figure out how to move our entire solar system. Granted, this is just a proposed idea that they think could work theoretically. But, why would they be thinking that we needed to move our entire solar system? If humans are the cause of greenhouse effect and the impending climate change that the Socialist movement is pushing, why do we need to move our entire solar system to avoid catastrophe? The proposal is to avoid our solar system being destroyed due to our sun exploding, however, this proposal sounds a little too far fetched and just how crazy our scientists are getting proposing ideas like these.

The next thing we need to pray for more discernment is advancing technology. We already know from Prophet John Leary, that we can’t take anything that has an RFID chip in it to the refuges because of the way the governments can track most of these chips. But, as the One World Order grooms us for more of their conditioning of getting us accustomed to advanced technology, let’s look at what could be the real purpose for this conditioning. Here is an article on satellites being released into our orbit for the advancement of high speed internet. Why do we need satellite high speed in space? Don’t we already have enough of the 5G towers everywhere? Also, are these satellites being used to also conceal something, like Hercolubus?

In case you haven’t thought much of it, let’s go over the objects that can listen, surveil, observe, and or track your movements. Smartphones, Ring Cameras, Alexa, Amazon Echo, Tile Trackers, Smarthome devices, Google Assistant, Apple home pod, Smart TVs and Laptops with Cameras are just a few that can do one or more of these functions. It has already been identified that 5G technology and the towers they use to transmit signals can cause cancer. But, is this stopping them from going up? No, there seems to be no concern for anyone’s health anymore when it comes to which country can become the most advanced and most powerful the quickest. Here is Pastor Paul Begley and Steven Ben DeNoon talking about the risks of 5G technology and Towers and microwave frequencies.

Remember, the goal of the One World Order is to decrease population, so are we not playing into their hands by allowing them to create technology that we think we can’t live without that can actually kill us? Also, we don’t even know the capability of what these satellites can do that are being released into our orbit? Some of the owners of these advanced technological devices are Jeff Bezos, who owns Amazon, Elon Musk, who own Space X, and Steve Jobs, who is now deceased, but owned Apple. All of these people have been to a Bilderberg meeting at least once in their lifetime. It seems conspiratorial from the Media because they want it to appear innocuous, but how is it innocuous if it is something that is devastating to our body’s cells with cancer? And, why are we purchasing and using items that no longer give us any type of protected personal privacy? We are being conditioned to overlooking our health, our environment, and personal privacy because we are addicted to living an easier lifestyle of “convenience” that they have conditioned us to love over the last three decades. As we get this conditioned lifestyle, we give up personal freedoms and liberties that we hand over to the wealthiest people in the world, who continue to push the technology boundaries, while making more money off of the consumer. As we keep allowing these items in our homes, we are being listened to, watched, observed, monitored, and tracked without even being conscious of it. Here is a warning from Mother Mary about a new Luciferian nanotechnology in cell phones. I have not seen this cell phone yet, but I know how nanotechnology and quantum physics with Advanced Intelligence (A.I.) is taking over all technology. This prophetic message was in October 2017.

In addition, if this advanced technology starts to control our cars, homes, privacy, can it be used by the One World Order to control us, and will it eventually be handed over to the antichrist. These are questions we have to ask and pray about to the Holy Spirit. We know from Scripture, If you receive a chip in your body or on your body to buy and sell as it is written in Revelations 13:16-17, you will be removed from God. “It forced all the people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a stamped image on their right hands or their foreheads, so that no one could buy or sell except one who had the stamped image of the beasts’ name or the number that stood for it’s name.” The One World Order, or Bilderberg Group appears to be a conspiracy theory that is being proven as we speak and live today, and there also appears to be no way of stopping them, except for the return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a Blessed Day.

Purification With Water!

We talked about Prophecies yesterday from Father Michel Rodrigue on purification with fire that is coming from the Heaven’s that meets Revelations 8:7. We also talked about John Leary’s prophecy on a comet of chastisement that will hit the Atlantic ocean, which meets Revelations 8:8. “When the second angel blew his trumpet, something like a large burning mountain was hurled into the sea. A third of the sea turned to blood, a third of the creatures living in the sea died, and a third of the ships were wrecked.” We don’t know for sure if John Leary’s comet is this, or part of Hercolubus, which is a dead star that could potentially break up and hit different parts of the Earth or bring in debris that enters our weakened magnetosphere. But, what is important to understand is that huge portions of the Earth are going to be purified with water! I can’t tell you how many different Christians have posted dreams and visions on water toppling over coastal areas destroying cities all over the world. This will not be limited to just the United States.

If you go back and study Investigator John Moore’s video of the Navy map he was shown of the future United States, it shows a map of a divided United States because of the expected earthquake at the New Madrid fault line. However, we will have many different cataclysms of water purifying the Earth. We will have tsunamis caused by debris hitting the oceans, earthquakes in the oceans and as the axis shifts of the earth, which has been prophesied to Luz de Maria and other prophets, you will have the inertia of the oceans rising up over all coastal cities all over the world. In this first video, it demonstrates what happens when the Earth’s magnetic poles flip, which we are currently in the process of right now. This video is a good demonstration of how losing our magnetosphere will affect all electronics and open us up to solar radiation and debris hitting the Earth.

If the Earth is actually starting to also go through an axial shift, what is causing it to be pulled? We believe this is caused by Hercolubus, and as the axis continues to be pulled further off the 23.5 tilt, the inertia of the wobble of the Earth will cause the oceans to move out over the coastal areas at a very slow pace. However, if something rapidly pulled it off it’s axis, imagine the catastrophic effects! As Pastor Paul Begley explains, this meets Isaiah 13:13, and Isaiah 24:19-20, “The earth will burst asunder, the earth will be shaken apart, the earth will be convulsed. The earth will reel like a drunkard, sway like a hut.” This video is using a micro nova explosion of the sun as an example that could cause a crustal shift, slowing of the earth’s rotation, or axis shift, but you can imagine the affects any imbalance of the Earth would have all over the world.

In this video from Mena Lee Grebin, she explains two visions and dreams from Our Lord dealing with the purification of water from an incoming celestial body that hits the ocean, and from just seeing water coming up over the coasts of the United States, most specifically the east coast. She believes it is a tsunami that is in her dream, but Our Lord later tells her it is an earthquake. Our Lord also asked her to read the book of Habakkuk. If you look at Habakkuk 3:6, it reads, “He stood and shook the earth; he looked and made the nations tremble. Ancient mountains were shattered, the age old hills bowed low, age old orbits collapsed.” Knowing what we know from the Holy Spirit on what Hercolubus is going to do as it enters our solar system, it will disrupt the orbits of all the planets. According to Pastor Paul Begley and the little green file, Hercolubus will enter the orbit of Jupiter on March 28, 2021. Habakkuk 3:7-10 reads, “The tents of Cushan trembled, the pavilions of the land of Midian. Was your anger against the rivers oh Lord? Your wrath against the rivers, your rage against the sea? That you mounted your steeds, your victorious chariot? You readied your bow, you filled your bowstring with arrows. You split the earth with rivers, at the sight of you the mountains writhed. The clouds poured down water; the deep roared loudly.” Habakkuk 3:15 reads, “You trampled the sea with your horses, amid the churning of the deep waters.” Our Lord is telling Mena and He is telling us that there will be used many different bodies of water as chastisements and plagues on the earth. This all is confirmation from the prophets and in Scripture of what is coming.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a Blessed Day!

The Holy Family is a sign that represents unity in God Our Father and is also protection from the Chastisement!

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus and reflect on His Love and Sacrifice for us, let us also reflect on His Sacred Heart as our Refuge. In addition, let’s reflect how His Holy Family with Mother Mary and Saint Joseph represent our protectors during the Chastisement. We study Prophet John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue extensively in this blog, because we believe that their prophetic messages are true and that only God and His Holy Legions of Angels can protect us from the trials and tribulations that are soon coming on this Earth. We know that the Angels are out right now separating the sheep from the goats and marking God’s children with His seal. We know that we have to Surrender to Our Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as the Son of the One True, Living God Our Father in Heaven. And, we also know that we must confess our sins with a repentant and contrite heart, and ask Jesus to forgive us in order to be transformed into His image. Then, we work on our Relationship with Him to become His Disciples.

As we study what Father Michel Rodrigue has told us in his prophetic messages from God Our Father, we reflect on the fact that God Our Father said to have a blessed image or blessed Holy Family statues in our homes. He also said to consecrate our homes to God Our Father through the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, and Sacred Heart of Jesus. This is because God Our Father has recognized the Holy Family and their obedience to His Divine Will. In their obedience, they were united to God, and protected the life of Jesus, thus being in union to His Divine Will. Saint Joseph was constantly being told by the Holy Angels guidance, on where to take his family next to escape the clutches of Satan and the men that Satan controlled to try and kill Jesus. God Our Father has repeated this, in that He is using the Holy Family to represent our unity in Him, become obedient to His Divine Will, and constantly seek His refuge, Psalm 91, in order to be protected from the catastrophes and evil that is coming. Here is a message to Father Michel Rodrigue from God Our Father on the Maryrefugeofholylove blog.

Notice in the message, God Our Father said there will be fire sent to purify the Earth with the coming Chastisement, and He will send many plagues to the Earth. Remember, plagues are not just diseases and illness. Like the ten plagues in Exodus against the Egyptians, plagues can be many different catastrophes, such as violent storms, floods, tsunamis, tornadoes, soaring heat, high winds, fire, plague of violence, war, pestilence, and death. We are coming to the end of the 35 year time of chastisements that Our Mother Mary warned us about at La Salette, France, but this Great Chastisement that Father Michel is referencing is something that will bring fire to the earth. If Planet X, or Hercolubus is the Great Chastisement, we are thinking we have already been taken to a permanent refuge by Our Guardian Angels and also protected by the Holy Legions of Angels. However, what God Our Father said, was that we need this protection of the Holy Family when the Chastisement comes. Revelations, Chapter 8:7 reads, “When the first one blew his trumpet, there came hail and fire mixed with blood, which was hurled down to the earth. A third of the land was burned up, along with the third of the trees and all green grass.” Revelations 8:8 reads, “When the second angel blew his trumpet, something like a large burning mountain was hurled into the sea. A third of the sea turned to blood, a third of the creatures living in the sea died, and a third of the ships wrecked.” Revelations 8:10 reads, “When the third angel blew his trumpet, a large star burning like a torch fell from the sky. It fell on a third of the rivers and on springs of water. The star was called “Wormwood”, and a third of all of the water turned to wormwood. Many people died from this water, because it was made bitter.”

Here is also a message to Luz de Maria from Jesus about celestial bodies approaching the Earth that will pull the Earth off of its axis. What is important to understand in this message is that Jesus is saying, don’t just pretend you have a relationship with Him because you go to Church, but also we must read His Word, The Bible, follow His Commandments, and be obedient to His Will. The Holy Family was obedient to His Will and that was how they remained under His protection. We have to be “all in” in our Relationship with Jesus and we have to be sincere in wanting to reject all sin, and not just the ones that are socially convenient to reject. What is also important is that Jesus is telling us there are celestial bodies, (meaning, more than one) that are coming that will affect our orbit and axis because of the magnetic pull they have on the Earth. Revelations, Chapter 8: 12, “When the fourth angel blew his trumpet, a third of the sun, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars were struck, so that a third of them became dark. The day lost its light for a third of the time, as did the night.” Jesus also said to Luz de Maria this is just part of the purification that will take place that will cause earthquakes one after another, and coastal flooding that will not allow us to assist one another, (meaning there will be other different plagues, such as war, disease, and famine).

This is what Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World has been telling us about Planet X, or, what we believe in this blog, Hercolubus. I believe what the Holy Spirit is showing us in this blog, is that the Chastisement that Father Michel references in his prophetic message is the fire that comes with the first Trumpet in Revelations 8:7 that will be caused by Hercolubus as it gets closer to Earth. The comet that Prophet John Leary is speaking about that hits the Atlantic ocean is the second Trumpet in Revelations 8:8, the burning mountain that is hurled into the sea, which will cause a third of the creatures to die, and a third of the ships to be wrecked. I also believe what the Holy Spirit is showing us is that Hercolubus is the burning star that will fall from the sky in Revelations 8:10. Hercolubus or Planet X is 5 to 7 times bigger than Earth and has 7 exoplanets, so only parts of this dead star, that will collide into something, will actually hit Earth as it is passing around the Sun to make water bitter and unable to drink. As Hercolubus continues to make its rotation around the sun, the magnetic pull will move the Earth off its axis that causes Revelations 8:12. Remember, as Hercolubus is making its rotation around the sun, this could take years, this is not happening all at once. So, in between the big hits of falling comets and debris, we are having earthquakes and volcanic eruptions all over the world. As Hercolubus continues its rotation, notice what the angel says about the remaining three trumpet blasts in Revelations 8:13, “Woe! Woe! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth from the rest of the trumpet blasts that the three angels are about to blow! I believe it is at this time, between the 5th and 7th trumpets, we will be taken to a permanent refuge under God’s protection in Psalm 91 and has been prophesied by John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue. This is what I believe the Holy Spirit is showing us at this time, however, your discernment of Scripture may be different. Remember, we are relying on discernment from the Holy Spirit as we read Scripture, and must always pray for Truth, but even though we believe this understanding is the Truth in our hearts, no one has perfect discernment.

As we prepare our homes as an interim refuge, please heed the prophecy from Father Michel and be obedient to God’s Will and get a blessed and consecrated statue or image of the Holy Family. Then consecrate your home to God Our Father through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary. Get the items blessed and consecrated by a Priest, but Father Michel said the consecration of the home does not have to be done by a Priest if you can’t find one to come out to do the consecration. If you can get a Priest, then get one, if not, just get the items blessed and consecrated by a Priest, then take them home and you can consecrate your home to God Our Father, as an interim refuge for the Salvation of Souls. If we offer our homes as service and consecrate it to God, be rest assured, He will use it to save souls. This may mean the salvation of souls for other family members, or it may mean strangers that will surrender to God as these chastisements and plagues get worse. The Salvation of Souls will be continual until we are all moved to a permanent refuge, and even then, the permanent refuges will continue to take in newly Saved Souls until God’s wrath. The Holy Legions of Angels will not allow anyone to enter either an interim or permanent refuge unless they have the seal of God on their foreheads. This information is all explained on previous posts in this blog and in the John Leary videos in the Prophets and Bloggers Page.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

Getting Ready For The Birth of Jesus!

As we get ready to celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, let us reflect on why we are here. Why are we here? We are here to Love, Honor, Adore, and Serve Our Lord. How do we know this? Because His Word tells us this in Sacred Scripture. When we read God’s Word and work on Our Relationship with Him, we start to understand, with our limited human comprehension, His Love for us. But, because we are created in His image, and He gives us the graces to overcome all sin, temptation and vices, we can actually begin to feel an indescribable LOVE for Him. I say indescribable, because with our limited comprehension, we can’t even put into words how we feel for Our Lord when He Transforms our Hearts. And this Transformation never stops as long as we continue to put time into Our Relationship with Him.

God Our Father’s Love is shown to us throughout the life of Jesus, but began with His birth. We are constantly contemplating the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Our Lord, in which we should, but it is also good to reflect on His birth because of the promise of God Our Father to His Children. Our Love for Him grows when we are given the Wisdom and Understanding from the Holy Spirit of how much God Loves us and how He sacrificed His beautiful Son for Our Salvation. Our Salvation started with the birth of Jesus and it was the long awaited HOPE, and Promise to the Israelites that He was sending a Savior! The second coming of Our Lord Jesus is just as glorious and anticipating as His first coming! Although, we study the Prophets and Prophecies of the end times in this blog, we shouldn’t focus on trials and tribulations that are coming, but on the HOPE in our own salvation, and that we will assist JESUS in the salvation of other souls. Micah 7:7 “But as for me, I will look to the Lord, I will wait for God my savior, my God will hear me.” Here is a message from Our Blessed Mother Mary to Luz de Maria in Preparation for December 25, 2018.

The birth of Jesus was foretold in the Old Testament through the Prophets in our Bible and is also in the Hebrew Bible, but many Jews did not recognize Jesus as this fulfillment of Scripture both then and now. Because we as Christians know this to be the Truth, we should contemplate His Birth on December 25, 2019 and be thankful that He has called us to be His Disciples. Also, we must pray for His graces to continue to flow from His Sacred Heart into ours for our perpetual Transformation. This Christmas, we must thank God Our Father for the greatest gift we will ever receive, and offer ourselves through Surrender to Him, as our gift back to Him. Please take the time to show your children what is the most important gift this Christmas.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Merry Christmas!

Seeking Jesus One Day at a Time.

Okay, there has been put into this blog enough information to prove that we are definitely in the End Times. We have provided numerous Prophets, Prophecies, Scripture and factual evidence that all point to where we are at the current moment in time. If you have not gone back and read all of the proof that has been provided in this blog, and looked at the videos, then you still might be skeptical. But, if we have done nothing else, but to help you jump start your relationship with Jesus before it is too late, then we have succeeded in doing His Will. Remember, this blog is about Surrendering our lives to Jesus, being Transformed by the Holy Spirit into Jesus’ image, and then to become a disciple for Jesus.

Some Christians may ask, what does that mean exactly to Surrender? I believe in God, and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, why do I have to Surrender? The reason we have to surrender is because of the huge Spiritual Battle that takes place every day in our lives. It is not enough to just believe that there is a God, we must actually KNOW HIM. This means, that we have to spend time with Him everyday. We have to read His Word, We have to Pray, and We have to speak to Him from Our Hearts. We also have to confess our sins with a contrite heart and sincerely want to be a better child of God for Him. In this desire from us to be better, the Holy Spirit gives the graces to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. This means we need to try and act, speak, think and love like Jesus. If we are not truly sincere in wanting to change for the better, then we don’t receive the graces, we are not transformed, and we go back to becoming the Spiritual slug we were before we started. We allow the devil to tempt us to sin, thus moving us further away from God, thus not being able to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit or Our Guardian Angels, when the time of distress will get worse. It is in the Transformation that the Holy Spirit does to our souls that emanates to our minds, thus our actions, thus our speech, thus our discipleship. He changes our hearts, so that it affects everything else. So, if you ask the question of whether you have to actually surrender to Jesus, the answer is YES.

When we begin to put Jesus first everyday and surrender to His Love, then you will start to notice how the Holy Spirit is changing you. This takes one day at a time seeking Jesus and just talking to Him throughout the day. I ask Him constantly to allow me to receive the graces I need to be a better child of God for Him. I tell Him I love Him all of the time, and ask Him for the graces to Love Him more tomorrow than I did today. I ask Him to transform me, my family and friends, and pray for His Mercy on all of the Lukewarm souls in the world. I read Scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to show me His Truth, Knowledge, and Wisdom, so that I can serve Jesus as His disciple. These are all simple prayers that we can say everyday as we continue to move towards Jesus and away from the temptations of the World. The devil will tell you, you don’t have time to pray, he will tell you that you don’t need church, he will tell you not to worry about confessing your sins, and he will also tell you that Jesus loves you just as you are, and you don’t need to change. Jesus loves us as we are, and that is the truth, but He is constantly telling us in Scripture and through His Prophets, to move away from all sin. He forgives all sins, but He also wants us to stop sinning. This is not easy because the devil is out right now, trying to steal as many souls from Jesus as possible before his time is up.

This is why all of the prophets are saying that the world will get darker and darker. Not only physically, because of the Transformation of our planet through Hercolubus, but also Spiritually because of sin. We are all going through this Transformation of the labor pains, or birth pains, before the New Heaven, and New Earth is here. The Earth will be transformed physically and Spiritually by God, and we will also be transformed, if we seek HIM. God does not interfere with our free will, we have to CHOOSE HIM. If we don’t seek Him now, it may be too late when the turmoil is all around us, and the enemy is telling us to take the chip or die of starvation.

This is why the Prophets are coming out all over the World, trying to bring us the Truth before it too late. Here are two more prophecies from Luz de Maria. One from God Our Father, and one from Our Blessed Mother Mary. Notice how God Our Father quoted Psalm 91 and told us He would protect us by His Holy Legions of Angels. This is also what Father Michel Rodrigue said that God Our Father told him. So, believe that these Refuges, both interim and permanent are legitimate. God will protect us both during the time of distress, or labor pains, and He will protect us before He brings His wrath on the evildoers. In this message, Our Mother is telling us that we are lethargic Spiritually, and we are not recognizing what is happening all around us. Notice, she talked about the Volcanoes erupting and fire coming from the ground. This is happening right now in Australia, because of the Earth’s core heating up from the waves of energy coming from Hercolubus, or Planet X, that Mike From Around the World has been warning us about on Pastor Paul Begley’s show. The Volcanoes are also starting to blow because of the heat in the core of the Earth, which will eventually set off a chain of volcanoes, including ones that are under the oceans. These are all facts that are pointing to prophecies given by Our Blessed Mother, and current modern day prophets, Catholic and Non-Catholic. Please start working on your Spiritual relationship with Jesus today, while we still have time.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a Blessed Day.

The Warning and Illumination of Conscience and the Last Act of Divine Mercy are all the same event.

I have seen a lot of searches on this blog for understanding of what the WARNING is about, and I even talked to a very devout Catholic just yesterday, who said she had never heard of The Warning. I have described it in several posts in this blog, but it is always good to gather more information on it, so that everyone has a very good and clear understanding of what this is, so that when it happens, you will know the Truth and how to serve Jesus when it does come!

Probably, the most known information Catholics are familiar with on the Warning, is Divine Mercy from Our Lord Jesus Christ to Saint Faustina in 1935. If you look at item #3 it reads, “Let all mankind recognize My unfathomable mercy. It is a sign for the end times; after it will come the day of justice.” So, this statement from Jesus to Saint Faustina is saying, take my Mercy, while you still can, before I return in judgement. Jesus is also telling us, it is a sign of the end times, meaning the end of an Era. This was written in Saint Faustina’s diary and it was Jesus showing His great Love and Mercy for all of His children, but there will still be a day of JUSTICE.

The other Prophecies we have received are from Mother Mary about the Illumination of Conscience or the Warning, that occurred in Garabandal, Spain to four children in 1961. In the vision to the children, Our Blessed Mother told the children that God will have an act of Mercy for the entire world to show us our sins in a life review before He returns. Here is an interview with Conchita Gonzalez, one of the children who is now an adult, in 1980, In her explanation of the Warning, Conchita tells us that before the Miracle there will be a Warning, that will prepare us for the Miracle that Conchita will announce 8 days before it happens. In the Warning, we will see with our eyes our own conscience, all of our sins, and all of the things we have failed to do to be good children of God. The Miracle, that will occur in Garabandal, Spain, will be something we can see, but not touch. Those who look upon the Miracle will be healed and people will be converted. Lastly, Conchita tells us if we don’t repent, the Great Chastisement will come. This Chastisement is believed to be some heavenly body hitting the Earth. Whether, it is debris from Hercolubus, or a Comet hitting the Atlantic Ocean, it will be devastating.

There have been numerous Catholic Prophets, who have been told about the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience, and how we can prepare for it. Here is a list from Revelaciones Marianas on the Warning and Miracle Messages to Luz de Maria that will give us more insight on what to look for on the Warning, and how we can recognize it when it comes. The more we can share it with unbelievers, the more they will understand HOW to respond to God’s mercy when the Warning comes, and repent back to His Sacred Heart. We will all be shown our own unconfessed sins that we will have to confess after the Warning. It will be our duty, as disciples of Christ, to tell People the TRUTH of their experience, and help them get to confession.

I believe the biggest Truth for most of us is that we, along with the help of the enemy, have convinced ourselves that we are good people and don’t have a lot of sins on our souls. The truth is, we sin daily, even in our thoughts. This is just the temptation that we deal with in Original Sin, that is hard to avoid. But, the more humble we are and ask Jesus for the graces to overcome sin, the easier it gets to break habitual sins. This should be a daily prayer for all of us, no matter how close we believe we are to God. The more graces of humility we receive, the easier it becomes to sin less. This comes by working on our Spiritual life with the Blessed Trinity that we will continue to talk about in this blog, because our Spiritual growth has to be continual. Start to tell people about the Warning and get as many people ready for God’s last act of Divine Mercy, before He returns with His Divine Justice. The more we inform people about the Warning, the more we are serving Jesus for the Salvation of Souls.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a Blessed Day.

Making a “Go Bag” or “Go Backpack” for the Permanent Refuge.

On a previous post, we showed some of the items needed to get an interim refuge started. Now, we need to look at getting a “Go Bag”, or “Go Backpack” ready to keep in your closet until our Guardian Angels take us to a permanent Refuge. If you are a new follower to this blog, please go back and read the Prophecies from John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue. Prophet John Leary started receiving messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother over 30 years ago and is still receiving prophetic messages. Here is Part 1 of John Leary’s video, Part of the messages from Our Lord was that He is going to protect us with His Holy Angels in a refuge during the time of the Great Tribulation and antichrist. We will be taken by Our Guardian Angels to these refuges and we will need to have a backpack ready with basic essentials. If you go on the John website, he has videos available that you can order through Queenship Publishing that have information about the backpack. Here is Part 2 of John Leary’s video,

We have compiled some information for you that is similar to what Prophet John Leary is saying on what is needed in the backpack. Remember, the refuges will have enough food, water, and other supplies that will be multiplied by Our Lord as needed. So, don’t load your backpack down with heavy items. It is unknown of whether you will be able to drive your vehicle or not. If we have an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP), it may wipe out many electrical items and complete power grids. Many newer cars have electrical components that could prohibit you from starting your car, but what is most important to know is that you do not want to take anything that can be tracked by a GPS or has a Navigational System. So, if you have a vehicle that can be tracked by a Global Positioning System or has a Navigational System, then you can not take it to the refuge. Older vehicles should not have these systems in them or be affected by an EMP. Also, Prophet John Leary reminds us not to take any cell phones, smart watches, fitness trackers, Tile Trackers that you have on your key rings, or anything that can be tracked with RFID technology. As we get more advanced in technology, it seems that RFID microchips are being attached to everything, to include credit cards, and now driver’s licenses. We don’t have enough information to know how trackable these microchips are in credit cards and driver’s licenses, but my guess is, we will not need them anyway. These are questions we can ask John Leary when we attend another conference with him. As we get more information, we will post it on this blog.

The pictures we have taken and will post on this blog, are pictures of our own “Go Backpack” and we will have small children traveling with us. This backpack is designed for an adult to carry, but we recommend that you get a backpack for children old enough to carry a light pack with a few changes of clothing in them and a small sleeping bag. The adults can carry the heavier backpacks that the family will be using on the road, because again, it is unknown if you will be able to take a vehicle, depending on circumstances at the time of departure. Prophet John Leary and Father Michel both said that you will only have a period of 20 minutes to get your backpacks and leave when your Guardian Angels come to you. You will have an inner locution of knowing it is your Guardian Angel, and the Holy Spirit will be prompting you, so don’t worry about if you will recognize if it is your Guardian Angel, you will know. We have to Trust in God that He will deliver us like He did the Israelites at Exodus. If you do not leave your homes, when your Guardian Angels come, then you stand the risk of being captured and martyred. Remember, we do not take the mark of the beast. It is better that we are martyred like the Apostles, than to deny Our Lord or take the mark of the beast. This information is very intense, but that is why we have to increase our Faith, and pray to Jesus for the graces of courage and boldness. Remember, Father Michel said it will be like Pentecost after the Warning, so we will have the Holy Spirit guiding us and giving us courage, like the Apostles received.

We did not take a picture of clothing or water, but it is suggested that you take 2-3 days worth of clothing, a tent, a sleeping bag, warm, durable hiking boots, dried foods, such as Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)s per person, some drinking water per person, a medical kit, and some toiletries. Our Guardian Angels will be protecting us, but we may be leaving at night and will need some flashlights and other items to possibly start a small fire for warmth, such as lighters, cotton balls soaked in Vaseline, and lent from clothes dryer, if we have to camp outside a night or two. You can take several days of medicine with you, but once you get to the permanent refuge, there will be an illuminating cross there that we look upon and will be healed of all of our ailments and injuries. John Leary did not say how long it would take us to get to a permanent refuge, but again we must Trust in Jesus. Here are some pictures of items recommended, so you can start preparing your “Go Backpack” or “Go Bag”. Since we don’t know how soon we will be going to the permanent refuge, we suggest you start working on your “Go Backpack” now as money permits. Lastly, do not forget your Bible and Blessed Sacramentals, such as Rosary, Benedictine Cross, Blessed Candles, Scapula, Holy Water, and excised Salt.

Cosmic Pulses Continue to Come, Updates From Pastor Paul Begley and Mike from Around the World.

We listened to Pastor Paul Begley’s show today and Mike From Around the World that have given us some updates on cosmic waves of energy that continue to hit the Earth. Mike mentioned that what is hard for us Christians to comprehend, is the amount of suffering that we will not only have to be able to endure ourselves when we witness these events, but also the suffering of others and to help them come back to Jesus. We have to remember we are followers of Christ, and we have picked up our crosses to follow Him, no matter what happens. We have to encourage each other, and I love how Pastor Paul Begley and Mike speak on Our Faith and Trust in Jesus and remind us that He is going to deliver us through everything.

Pastor Paul received a confirmation of the Cosmic Pulse that hit the Earth on December 10, 2019 from a fellow listener of the show, named Laura Wells. This listener was able to track the wave and document when it hit the earth and what this pulse looks like scientifically in graph pictures of the Earth’s core. We just had a volcanic eruption at White Island, New Zealand that caused some deaths and severe burning of skin with some tourists in that area. Mike made a good point to say that we need to continue to be vigilant about knowing what is coming and what to stay away from because of the volcanic activity that will continue to increase. We also need to start realizing that people have to start hearing about these cataclysmic events that are coming because it may save lives! We, as His disciples have to start spreading the Truth, because we know the TRUTH! As Mike said, because we do not want to be the ones standing in front of Jesus, knowing what He has revealed to us, showing us that we did not tell people about what is coming to save both their physical life now, and their souls eternally. If the Holy Spirit is prompting you to speak for Jesus, then you speak in a loving way, not a fearful way. Always point to the facts that are starting to come together as prophecy is being revealed. As Our Faith and Trust build, so we help others, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to build their Faith and Trust in Jesus.

Mike said that Italy and Australia are very unstable right now with volcanic activity. Mike also mentioned some more cosmic pulse dates that are coming. The next dates with cosmic pulses coming from this binary system are December 16, 2019 and January 13-16, 2020. So, if you live in these countries close to volcanoes, especially Italy, please stay away from any volcanoes, because of the vulnerabilities that we know are coming. We already know that Italy will get hit hard because of the prophecies from Luz de Maria and Pedro Regis. We don’t stop living our lives, but we focus on Jesus, we increase our Faith, and we remain vigilant of our own surroundings and when to travel and when not to travel. Mike is going to continue to monitor the data and continue to re-evaluate all of his models to ensure that he will get information out as he identifies new data. Mike From Around the World will be back next week on Pastor Paul Begley’s show.

As we continue to prepare for the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we surrender to His Sacred Heart, and we ask Him how we can serve Him in these end times. We will continue to pray for the Truth, and ask Jesus for the graces to be obedient to His Will. As we start to feel a little discouraged about the prophecies and events that are coming to fruition, we must continue to press into Jesus and the Holy Spirit and be refreshed with their graces. We should have no expectation of how events unfold, but continue to Trust in Jesus and praise Him, no matter what happens.

Emmanuel – “God is with us”. Have a Blessed Day.

Steve Quayle, Tom Horn and Other Well Known Christians Talking About Apophis, a Comet, or Wormwood hitting the Earth.

We already know that Hercolubus, Planet X, or this dead Star in a binary system, is coming based on previous Marian Prophesies and our studies from listening to Mike From Around The World, and Pastor Paul Begley. What is interesting is that other well known Christians are starting to believe now, that we are going to have some type of cataclysmic impact from something from the heavens and that is Apophis. Apophis is an Asteroid, that scientists have discovered that is about 340 meters in diameter, about the size of the empire state building, that is on a trajectory path coming close to the Earth on April 13, 2029.

Christian author Tom Horn even went out on a limb to say in his book, that Apophis is Wormwood in Revelations, Chapter 8: verses 10-11. Tom Horn talked about how the wealthiest people in the world are preparing underground dwellings and purchasing hundreds to thousands of acreage in different parts of the world, and already know what is coming. This broadcast is very long, but everything Tom Horn is saying is exactly what we have been saying in this blog about Hercolubus, and what Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around The World have been saying about Planet X. The only difference is Mike From Around The World has been speaking about Planet X, or this binary system, a lot longer and doesn’t believe it is Apophis because we are already have something bigger than Apophis pulling on all of the planets in our solar system at this time.

Now, going back to what Mike From Around the World said about how we don’t even need to be concerned with Apophis because it is too far out on the time line and it is too small to cause what is currently happening to our planet. We agree with Mike in that the weather events are going to get so bad from this binary system that Our Blessed Mother Mary has warned us about, we don’t even have time to worry about how long it will be before Apophis gets here. But, what is very interesting in this broadcast above, is what Tom Horn said at about the one hour mark of the show. Tom Horn took the time of the Tribulation Period of 7 years and subtracted it back from the arrival date of Apophis, which by scientific analysis is April 13, 2029. Three and a half years before that arrival date is October 13, 2025! He said, he believed this could be the mid time date of the 7 year Tribulation. This is also the date of the Feast of Tabernacles in 2025! Remember, October 13, 1917 is the date that Our Blessed Mother appeared to the three Shepherd Children in Fatima, Portugal and the miracle of the Sun occurred! In the Miracle of the Sun, the sun appeared to have been falling down on the 70,000 witnesses, dried their clothes that were wet from rain, then went back to it’s normal position in the sky. If Apophis is the dead star, that Mother Mary has been warning us about, and most specifically to Giana Sullivan, then the mid term date for the arrival of Apophis on April 13, 2029 does make sense to be October 13, 2025. That would be the beginning of the three and a half year Tribulation and God’s wrath.

Now, it is very interesting to look at dates and how Our Lord is constantly showing us dates. But, this does not necessarily mean we will be caught up in the clouds with Jesus on October 13, 2025, like Tom Horn is saying. Remember, Prophet John Leary said that we will be in the Permanent Refuge at this time, and this Comet that hits the Atlantic Ocean will bring on the three days of darkness. So, either way, we will be ready for Jesus, but it is very interesting to see that all of us followers of Christ, whether we are Catholic or Non-Catholic, are starting to have a true understanding of the Truth that the Holy Spirit wants us to see. This is why it is important for us to unite and become the Remnant and work together for the Salvation of Souls. This is also why it is important to listen to other Christians and what Our Lord has revealed to them. We don’t all have the answers, but if we continue to piece together what Our Lord has revealed to us individually, we begin to see the completion of the bigger picture.

Emmanuel – “God is with us”. Have a Blessed Day.

Pedro Regis and the Anguera Prophecies, Prophet John Leary, and Luz de Maria Prophecies on Plagues and Diseases and in Scripture.

If we think about how God has used plagues and diseases in the old Testament, and most specifically Exodus, we can see the different types of plagues that God allowed for either repentance, or admission that God is the one and only True God. In the book of Exodus, we see the ten plagues starting with Exodus, Chapters 7-11. In these ten plagues, God inflicted the following plagues on the Egyptians so that they would comply with His demand to set the Israelites free. In the first plague, water was turned into blood, and fish died, and the Egyptians could not drink the water from the Nile River. Seven days passed, and God sent frogs from the Nile into the Egyptian homes until it overran their homes and city. Then out of the Earth came gnats, then flies, then pestilence on the livestock, so that they died. Then the sixth plague were festering boils on human beings and animals. The seventh plague was hail that rained down on the animals, humans, and crops! The eighth plague were locusts that came and ate up the remnant of the crops that the hail fall did not damage! Then, the ninth plague was three days of darkness that was so dense, the people could not leave their homes. Finally, the tenth plague was the death of the first born of every Egyptian child, slave and animal!

If you notice, God built up suffering with these plagues as the next plague was worse than the former plague until finally, the Egyptian Pharoah could not take any more disasters and he relented and freed the Israelites. He submitted to Moses that God is the one True God that is above all gods! When we read the book of Revelation, we notice that it is written in a similar way as it was revealed to Saint John. Sin will be so bad in the end times, that God will send one chastisement after another for people to repent and turn back to Him. God has shown us that these chastisements have already begun and we are currently in the labor pains for there to be birthed a New Heaven and New Earth. So, God is calling for repentance now from all of us. Even though some of us are already with Him and know Him, we need to move constantly and consistently away from sin and move towards being Holy for Him. This transformation by itself is difficult, but is especially difficult in these times because of the amount of sin, deception, and demonic activity on the Earth seeking to ruin souls. That is why God has sent His chosen Prophets to help us with the deception and growth of sin and to encourage us to stay strong in our Faith.

As we study the Prophets and their warnings of what to be prepared for, we can see that there will be many plagues and diseases. Some of these will be caused by Hercolubus, or Planet X, or the Second Sun (Star), but others will be manufactured in laboratories by the One World Order and antichrist, or the Countries that seek to dominate the world. God did not create these, but He will allow it because it will fulfill Scripture and it will bring some souls back to Him through repentance. Prophet John Leary mentioned these manufactured diseases and plagues that will come that may call for Martial Law in some countries and this is explained in his videos on the Prophets and Bloggers Page. Pedro Regis, in the Anguera Prophecies mentions several plagues that will be introduced through Terrorism and Countries wishing to dominate the world. Here are some of his prophecies on diseases and plagues that will be introduced: 1.) Small Pox will be used on Iran; 2.) A disease that will be worse than any that have ever existed that will kill millions; 3.) The most frightening event of the 15th century (Bubonic Plague?) will repeat again; 4.) Russia will make an agreement from which something painful will come to men, the plague will come, and will not allow those contaminated to recognize themselves; 5.) An epidemic will make many move away from a city and many of its inhabitants of this city will die; 6.) The disease that makes us remember of an immense field with green herbs, will torment men (?); 7.) An epidemic will spread to many nations and My poor children will know a heavy cross;

Luz de Maria has also had many prophecies from Our Blessed Mother on diseases that will be introduced by man and the One World Order. Here is a warning from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Blessed Mother Mary has provided Luz de Maria with a list of natural herbs and medicinal herbs to help protect us against the plagues and diseases she has warned us about in her prophecies. Here is what Our Blessed Mother tells us to get for protection. Because we don’t know when we will be led to a Permanent Refuge by Our Guardian Angels, I recommend we all attempt to get these natural remedies given to Luz de Maria from Our Blessed Mother. There is a Word Document and a PDF Document format for you to print at the bottom of the page website above. The writers of this blog do not recommend any specific manufacturer of these natural herbal medicines. We just wanted to make sure you had this information available to you to help prepare you for what is coming, based on the prophetic messages given to the Prophets listed in this blog.

Have a Blessed Day.

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