Posts in this blog on How to Prepare Physically Prior to being taken to the Permenant Refuge and The Tribulation.

1.) Preparing an Interim Refuge.

2.) Things to have in an Interim Refuge.

3.) Conference Notes From Conference with Father Michel Rodrigue and John Leary that include how to Consecrate your home as an Interim Refuge to God Our Father.

4.) Preparing for a bad Winter.

5.) Making a “Go Bag” or “Go Backpack” for the Permanent Refuge.

6.) Preparing for Earthquakes.

7.) Stay Away From Advancing Technology.

8.) Medicinal Remedies from Our Blessed Mother on the Deunanube Website to help prepare us for the pestilences, diseases, and plagues coming.

9.) Storable Food Stocks.

10.) Preparing our water against Arsenic and Wormwood.

11.) Preparing for an Airborne Pandemic in the Fall and what are the best types of Respirators to have.

12.) Printable Word Document on What the Warning is to share with others as a Disciple of Jesus Christ.

13.) Getting Ready to Serve Jesus Before the Warning and After the Warning.

14.) Getting Ready For the Next Pandemic that may include lesions on the skin or boils.

15.) More Prophets speaking about a plague of boils.

16.) Getting Ready For a Food Shortage and How to Stock up on 3 Months of Food and Water and an economic collapse.

17.) Five Things You Need to Do Before The Election.

18.) Prophetic Messages From John Leary and more information on Refuges.

19.) More items and suggestions on what to stock up on while in a lock-in, or lock-down before the Warning.

20.) More food preparations, and emergency cooking utensils to use in case of power outage before the Warning.

21.) What have We Learned From the Snow Storm in Texas?

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