Prepare For Earthquakes!

Mike From Around The World on the Pastor Paul Begley Show, The Coming Apocalypse, told us last week that he expected at anytime a magnitude of 7.0 earthquake due to the waves of energy that keep pummeling the southern hemisphere side of earth. Although they were not 7.0 magnitude earthquakes, Puerto Rico just got hit twice with a 5.8 two days ago, and now a 6.4 today. When we started this blog, we said that we wanted to Surrender to Jesus, Transform ourselves into the best child of God we can be, and become a Disciple of Jesus Christ! We also said that we wanted to help you prepare Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically for the coming end of times. We can only do this with God’s graces and we have to pray for these graces daily as the labor pains of the end times get worse all over the world.

We have talked about preparing your home as an interim refuge because we believe in the prophetic messages of John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue. In these messages, Our Lord said Our Guardian Angels are going to lead us to a permanent refuge before the antichrist makes his appearance and about 6 weeks after the Warning. But we are going to see, witness, and feel some of the distress of the labor pains before this time. It is at this time that our Faith and Trust must shine like the lampstands we are for Christ. When people who don’t know Jesus asks us why we are so calm during this distress, we can speak about the Love of Jesus and How He gives us peace and hope. We have to be His instruments in these times to lead people to Jesus Christ. Everyday, we must continue to pray for the graces to be God’s light for Him and to have peace in our hearts as we share the gospel message. All of the Prophets, Priests, Pastors, and Bloggers on this blog, that we believe the Holy Spirit has pointed us to, have a message to share to prepare us for what God has revealed to them. However, the preparation is so that we are not deceived and we accept that God loves us and will protect us no matter what happens, not to instill fear or anxiety. We pray today to Our Lord Jesus Christ to remove all fear, anxiety, and doubt from our hearts and replace it with His Peace, Hope, and Love. We are learning as His Disciples to become completely dependent on Him and to put all of our Faith in Him.

I want to put in this post today some preparation tips for earthquakes. There is no way of knowing exactly when an earthquake will hit the area we each live in, but we can prepare a little for this type of natural disaster. We pray daily for guidance from the Holy Spirit on what He wants us to tell people to prepare Spiritually first, which is to become a surrendered child of God. Then everything else will fall into place with the emotional, mental, and physical preparation. If we keep our eyes and prayers on Jesus daily, this will transform us, and after the Warning, we will be on fire to speak for Jesus to spread His gospel message. Here is a short video on earthquake preparedness. The video also talks about a Preparedness Kit, but we should have all of these items already in our “Go Bag” or “Go Backpack”, that is in a previous post in this blog.

Here is a longer video with more information and detail. As we prepare our interim refuges, we need to also start preparing them to be a more earthquake friendly house. Meaning, we probably at some point, need to start removing glass items off of high shelves, things that can fall and hit us in the head while we are crouched down under a table. It is important to remember that we could have ruptured gas lines after an earthquake in our areas and our homes. Always be cognizant of smelling for a potential leak if an earthquake occurs in your area and do not light anything right after an earthquake. Also, we should already be stocking up on food and water, at least a years worth per person in your household, according to Prophet John Leary. This is because the infrastructure after an earthquake or any catastrophic natural disaster is going to be down. We will not be able to get to a store to buy things, and if we can still get out, the store shelves will be empty because everyone else will not be prepared and running to the stores. We also have a post listed in this blog that gives some guidance on storing up food and water for an interim refuge.

If an earthquake or natural disaster occurs in your area, please call on the precious blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ for protection, the protective mantle of Our Blessed Mother, and Saint Michael the Archangel. Here is a prophetic message from Saint Michael on calling him through God Our Father, to protect us in times of distress. Saint Michael’s mantra is “Who is Like God?” “No one is Like God!” if you say this (3) times, he will be available to assist you.

Here is also the Jesus Prayer that we should all pray in times of Distress,

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a Blessed Day.

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