May 12, 2020 Update from Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World.

First of all, we would like to thank Pastor Paul Begley for reading our post on the significance of May 12, 2020 date on his most recent show. As the writer of this blog, I don’t say my name because this blog consists of many Christians coming together in the name of Jesus to unite all Christians for the Salvation of Souls. So, we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us to the truth and then we write what we believe He is compelling us to write for the Salvation of Souls. We know that the Holy Spirit has different missions for all of us in these end times, but the ultimate goal should be to save as many souls as possible for Jesus and God Our Father.

Throughout history, God has sent his children prophets to warn us of sin and how sin pulls us away from God and that we must repent and come back to God. This time is no different in that we have moved away from God, but the sin is starting to become so horrific and immeasurable that God will have to intervene, and Jesus will have to return us back to the natural order of God in the Era of Peace. But, as our world moves toward this time, Satan will be deceiving souls, even the elect, because of the amount of chaos, distress and tribulation that will prove to be unbearable for most. This blog will be used to bring the truth to light, so that all souls, even the elect, understand the importance of the trials and tests we will be enduring even before God brings His wrath on the evildoers on Earth. We must unite together as Christians from all denominations to encourage each other and assist each other in the salvation of souls.

Mike From Around the World came on Pastor Begley’s show this week and gave us an update on Planet X, or what we believe is Hercolubus, and what we are to expect around the May 12, 2020 date. What Mike told us is that by this date, we will have so much more catastrophic weather changes and escalation of events, that even those wo were in doubt of the times we are in, will start to believe that something is wrong. Those of us, who have been graced by God, to know that we are in the end times, will have more confirmation. Those who are non-believers of these times, but believe in God, will start to wake up, that we are in the end times. Finally, those who don’t believe in Jesus, will start to think that something is wrong, and will be pummeled by the media to believe it is due to climate change. This will be the deception that the One World Order will start to inflict on all governments and nations. As events get worse, many will be told that the governments will have to unite to battle climate change. This will also lead to a One World Currency and Religion, which will not include Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This will be our time to shine for Jesus! Because, this is the time for unbelievers to repent and ask Jesus to come into their lives. We have an obligation to Jesus to speak for Him the truth in these times and not allow the enemy to pull His souls away! Mike explained, that it is highly likely that we will see small to baseball sized debris hitting the earth around the May 12, 2020 date. Our magnetic shield is being pulled down by this binary system and will allow these objects to enter our atmosphere that will eventually hit the Earth. The problem is, those that believe in the pre-tribulation rapture, will have doubt in Jesus, because they will think they are being left by God when these objects start to hit the Earth. But the truth is, we do not get caught up with Jesus in the clouds, as Prophet John Leary tells us and God’s Word, in the Holy Bible, until we are harvested in Revelations, Chapter 14:14. Then God’s wrath begins in Revelations, Chapter 16. Both of these events could still be several years away.

Mike also explained that by December 10, 2019, there is expected to be a pulse from this binary system that could cause temporary power outages all over the world. This is also affecting the chemical plants that have chemical chemistry being changed causing explosions in these plants, which we have already witnessed several times in the past year. Nuclear Power Plants can also be affected depending on how big these pulses are that will cause chemical reactions, and Nuclear missiles could also explode causing possible political ramifications all over the world in politically unstable conflict areas. Mike also has concern, as well as most of us Christians, about Benjamin Netanyahu leaving and no longer being the leader of Israel.

We just need to continue to pray and understand that events are escalating and as disciples of Jesus Christ, we need to be bold and spread the gospel. In addition, we all need to continue working on Our Faith and Trust In Jesus and ask Him for the Graces to serve Him in these times. Here is a simple prayer for the Salvation of Souls.

Pedro Regis and the Anguera Prophecies.

We continue to search for the truth from the Holy Spirit and what our mission is for the Blessed Trinity. As the Holy Spirit continues to guide us to the truth, we may come across more Prophets that are getting similar messages to the ones already listed in this blog. Several bloggers such as and list many prophets and prophecies that we may not have on this blog, but that doesn’t mean they are not legitimate prophets from God. It only means that this blog has a specific mission, and as we pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit, this is what we are guided to write about. As disciples for Jesus and members of the body of Christ, we each have different missions to accomplish for the Holy Spirit. The main mission for us in this blog is to unite all Christians to serve Jesus before and after the Warning, and before we are taken to a permanent refuge by Our Guardian Angels. Within that goal is the Salvation of Souls, whether you are a new believer in Jesus Christ, or just need to work on your surrender and transformation into the image of Christ. Our end goal is discipleship and service to Our Lord.

I personally was not aware of my own lack of faith, trust and relationship with Jesus until he showed me the truth. We all have to work on our relationship with Jesus individually and the Holy Spirit reveals to each of us what it is that we need to purge to become more holy for service to Him. If anyone believes he or she does not need any work on their spiritual growth, then they have fallen into the deception of these times. This is a non stop spiritual battle for each of us, in which we constantly turn to Jesus for help and guidance. This is why Our Lord and Blessed Mother are constantly asking us to pray and read Scripture and put Jesus first in our lives. The Holy Spirit is constantly nourishing and refreshing us and this doesn’t stop unless we stop praying and seeking guidance of the Blessed Trinity. If you notice, all of the Prophets go to Holy Mass daily, receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord daily, say Prayers and read Scripture daily, and go to Adoration daily. These are all ways that they stay closely connected to Our Lord Jesus Christ and they represent a model for us to follow. We may never be perfect in achieving all of these steps, but it gives us a goal in understanding that when we seek Jesus with all of our hearts, we grow closer to His Sacred Heart.

Pedro Regis started receiving prophecies from Our Blessed Mother Mary in 1987. Since then, he is currently receiving prophetic messages about the end times from Our Mother as the “Queen of Peace”. In his prophecies from Our Blessed Mother, he reveals many messages about end time events, to include the arrival of the second sun that Our Mother also told Gianna Sullivan in Our Lady of Emmitsburg.

As we study more about Our Lady as the “Queen of Peace” and what She revealed to Pedro Regis, let us pray for discernment on how these prophecies are important for us to know and how we can use them as disciples of Jesus Christ. I am just reading more about this Prophet myself that I believe the Holy Spirit has led us to, so the more we discern and pray for guidance, the more understanding we will receive.

Guardian Angels, and Angel of Peace.

As we study the Prophets and their prophetic messages from God, we must continue to pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit. Our Lord has guided us to these specific prophets for a reason on this blog, because their messages are preparing us for what is coming. Our Lord wants us to be prepared Spiritually because in His infinite Wisdom, He knows what we are going to be up against and how we will be totally dependent on Him during the Tribulation. We have been studying Prophets John Leary, Father Michel Rodrigue and Luz de Maria specifically to understand the messages about the Angels that are coming to help us when we need it the most.

It is important to understand that because there will no longer be a purgatory when Jesus comes and ushers in the New Heaven and New Earth and Era of Peace, we will be going through our own personal suffering during the Great Tribulation. I understand that non-Catholic Christians do not believe in Purgatory, but they do believe that these end times will be our own personal trials and tests to refuse the temptations of the antichrist to remain faithful to Our Lord. We will not experience God’s wrath, but we are going to witness such terrifying events, that will make us want to flee in order to survive. This is why it is so critically important that we work on our relationship daily with Jesus so that He gives us the graces to be able to withstand the temptations and trials that are coming. If you remember, that while Jesus was praying to God Our Father in Heaven in the Garden of Gethsemane, He was being heavily bombarded by temptation to not go through with the passion and crucifixion. In Luke, Chapter 22, verses 39-45, it states, “Then going out, he went, as was his custom, to the Mount of Olives, and the disciples followed him. When he arrives at the place, he said to them, “Pray that you may not undergo the test.” After withdrawing about a stone’s throw from them and kneeling, he prayed saying, “Father if you are willing, take this cup away from me; still not my will but yours be done.” [And to strengthen him an angel from heaven appeared to him. He was in such agony and he prayed so fervently that his sweat became like drops of blood falling on the ground.] When he rose from prayer and returned to his disciples, he found them sleeping from grief. He said to them, “Why are you sleeping? Get up and pray that you may not undergo the test.”

We believe this is the message that Our Lord is telling us through His Prophets at this time. Wake Up! Pray without ceasing that you may not undergo the final test of temptation to not abandon Our Lord when everything is coming down all around you. The blessing that we all have received from God is that although He is testing our Faith and Trust in Him, He is also telling us He will send His Angels to help us. Both Prophets John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue have told us repeatedly that after the Warning, we will be on fire from the Holy Spirit for the Salvation of Souls. After this period of time of approximately six weeks, Our Guardian Angels will come and take us to a permanent refuge to stay with others during the Great Tribulation and persecution from the antichrist. So, do not flee your interim refuge until your Guardian Angels come to get you. According to John Leary and Father Michel, you will have an inner locution, or calling from your Guardian Angels that will light the path all of the way to this permanent location that is protected by Holy Legions of Angels. We have to Believe, have Faith and Trust that Our Lord will deliver us to these refuges when that time comes.

The next Prophet or Visionary I want to discuss is Luz de Maria and the Angel of Peace. Luz de Maria has told us over and over again from Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Mother, and Saint Michael, that the Angel of Peace will come to help us after the antichrist makes his appearance. The Angel of Peace appeared to the three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal in 1917 before Our Blessed Mother appeared to them. I am going to post all of the messages that has put together so well on the messages of the Angel of Peace to Luz de Maria. But, there is one specific message Our Mother gave to Luz de Maria on 08/10/2018 that appears to give us the most specific information on the Angel of Peace. It states, BELOVED PEOPLE OF MY SON, YOU WONDER ABOUT THE ANGEL OF PEACE AND CONFUSE HIM WITH THE TWO WITNESSES OR THINK THAT HE WILL BE A POPE: IT IS NOT SO. My beloved Angel of Peace will come to assist you, to counteract the evil of the antichrist towards the faithful People; He will be a Shield, Sword, Food, Word for those living in solitude, hidden where no one see them and evil does not reach them. MY BELOVED ANGEL OF PEACE WILL OFFER HIMSELF OUT OF LOVE FOR GOD SO THAT THE HOLY REMNANT SURVIVES AND ARISE WITH THE WORD IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH.

This to me means that the Angel of Peace will come to those who have not been moved by their Guardian Angels to a permanent refuge and He will protect them, shelter them, feed them, and give them peace during these trials. So, whether we are moved from our interim refuge by an Angel, or we are protected by an Angel in our own refuges, God is sending an Angel to help us like He sent an Angel to Jesus to strengthen Him in the Garden of Gethsemane. So, the key is to wait and pray to Our Lord Jesus Christ without ceasing, until He sends an Angel to either move us or comfort us during these trials. This is so beautiful and comforting to know that God is telling us He will not abandon us during these trials. The test will be, do we have enough Faith and Trust in Him and His Word through His Prophets to not abandon Him? In order to build that Faith, we must continue to spend time with Him and pray without ceasing.

Here is the whole list that someone has so diligently put together from Thank you to all of the Christians, Catholic and Non-Catholic, who work so hard to put together information for all of us to assist in the Salvation of Souls. We all stand united in service to Jesus during these end times and pray that we are all being obedient to His Will.

May 12, 2020 Is a Significant Date!

We must continue to pray for Truth daily and in return the Holy Spirit reveals to us what He wants us to know. But, what we have to understand is that the Blessed Trinity reveals these things for their Glory! If there is something that God wants us to know, it is always because He wants us to use it to Glorify Him to others. The whole purpose of this blog is Relationship, Transformation, then Discipleship. So, we have to always remember that as we come together to have more understanding of what Our Lord is revealing, we must then use it as His disciples to help others for the Salvation of Souls. I finished listening to an update from Mike From Around the World on Pastor Paul Begley’s show yesterday that I am going to post. In Mike’s description of more things to come to Earth as Planet X, or this binary system gets closer, are space rocks and debris that is part of this binary system’s orbit. Mike said that he would know more information about how close this binary system is by May 12, 2020.

What is significant about May, 2020 you ask? The first May, 2020 date came from Father Michel Rodrigue. This is the time frame that God Our Father told Him to be ready and not to travel any longer. If you are a new reader to this blog, this is in a previous post on this blog in Father Michel notes from a conference we attended with him and Prophet John Leary. The second time the Holy Spirit showed us this time frame was May 14, 2020. This is the date that Pope Francis has called a global meeting with World Leaders and Activists on the urgency of Climate Change. Now, the Holy Spirit has shown us the date of May 12, 2020 through Mike From Around the World on the proximity of Planet X or Hercolubus. That is 3 different times, in 3 different situations and people that all point to May, 2020. This is why the Holy Spirit is constantly showing us the bigger picture and why He has these specific Christians and Prophets, and Prophesies put together in this blog. Does this mean that the Warning will happen at this time? Only God knows, but what I believe the Holy Spirit is showing us specifically, is to be ready for something significant to happen and be ready to serve Jesus if it does. It is also significant to understand that the One World Order knows specific dates and time frames on the proximity of Planet X. I don’t believe it is a coincidence that the urgent global meeting with world leaders on climate change is in May, 2020. It could be an earthquake that occurs, a volcanic eruption, or some space debris that hit our planet Earth. I believe Mike From Around the World will tell us more next week on Pastor Paul Begley’s show. So again, we emphasize to not waste anymore time on making your home an interim refuge for your family and possibly others as Father Michel suggests. This is the time to start putting back plenty of canned goods, water and dried food. There are many posts on this blog discussing food and water storage and preparation for power outages and bad weather.

I also want to point out at the beginning of the conversation between Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World, that while Pastor Paul was in the Holy Land last week, he had a discussion with two Rabbis. These Rabbis informed him that it is documented historically in their writings, on a star that enters into our solar system throughout history that causes catastrophic damage to Earth. Mike did not admit to Pastor Paul that he thought Planet X is a dead star, but this is more confirmation for me that Hercolubus is a dead star with seven exoplanets and debris with it’s own orbit. Our Blessed Mother is calling it a star or a second sun, so that is what it actually is that makes up this binary system that Chilean Astronomer Carlos Ferrada calls Hercolubus.

In addition, Pastor Paul discusses CERN, which is a particle collider that breaks down sub atomic particles and atoms. This is a whole different topic in that many Christians believe that this instrument is opening up potential portals to other dimensions, and which we don’t know what or how this will affect the Spiritual realm. According to Mike, the Elites are funding this project and paying universities billions of dollars into research of the Spiritual realm and what CERN can disclose scientifically. If the Holy Spirit reveals to us more on this topic, I will post more on it, but just understand that these end times are all about the Spiritual battle and the growing of an immeasurable amount of sin before Jesus returns.

Gianna Sullivan, Our Lady of Emmitsburg.

As we gather more information and truth from the Holy Spirit, we continue to listen to the Prophets and Visionaries Our Lord has sent us to reveal all Truth. Why is it important to keep listening and hearing what the many Prophets have said over and over again. It is so we can be open to the understanding that God wants to reveal to us. That is why it is important to continually read Scripture, even if you have read the same verse and chapter many times. It is in God’s perfect timing of all revelations in Scripture that the Holy Spirit continues to pour out His graces of Wisdom and Knowledge. The same goes for His Prophets, in that we may not have a clear understanding of the vision or prophecy when it is given to the Prophet until God’s timing has passed for that prophecy to be revealed.

Gianna Sullivan is a Pharmacist that started receiving messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother in 1989. After investigation from Our Church, she was not approved, but what is important to understand is that she has prophesies coming true today. Many visions and locutions received by many people throughout our history have not been approved by Our Catholic Church, but this does not mean their prophesies are invalid. Medjugorje and the children, now adults, that have received messages from Our Blessed Mother is probably the most well known apparition site that has still not been approved. Because now we see and understand, with the help of Holy Spirit, that Freemasons have infiltrated Our Catholic Church, we must concede that whomever has done these investigations on Our Church’s behalf, may not have been listening to the Holy Spirit. So, I post these two videos that summarize Gianna Sullivan’s apparitions and visions and we can all pray for discernment. Since some of her prophesies have already come true, I would say that she has been tested as a true prophet, but again I always yield to the Holy Spirit for all guidance on truth. In this video, Gianna Sullivan said that after Pope John Paul II dies, we will start to see the purification. She also talks about the suppression of Eucharistic Adoration and ultimately the restriction of the public celebration of the Mass. Saint John Paul II died on April 2, 2005. I believe that the 35 years of Chastisement from Our Lady of La Sallete started some time in the 1990s and I believe that Saint John Paul II had an understanding of the trials coming in our lifetime. I also believe that is why he canonized Saint Faustina Kowalska on April 30, 2000 and thoroughly explained Divine Mercy. Now, we know Saint John Paul II’s body has been found to be incorrupt. God’s perfect timing and prophecies coming true in our time.

In this second part of Gianna Sullivan’s prophecies in the next video, Our Lord gave Gianna Sullivan a message in March, 2011. Our Lord gives us another small hint of when the Warning is coming. He told Gianna that after we see 30 days of rain, and a period of no summer and a very long winter, very shortly after will be the Illumination of Conscience.*t=238s. Remember, that as Hercolubus or Planet X continues to enter further into our solar system, we will start to lose the Spring and Fall months because of the magnetic poles moving. Our Blessed Mother already told Gianna Sullivan about a Star that is entering our orbit. Our Blessed Mother said, in time, we will see this other orbit that will come between the Earth and the Sun. This orbit will lead to tremendous devastation and we will eventually see two Suns. I have already posted this video several times in this blog, but will post it again, in case you did not view it in the other posts. Gianna Sullivan is no longer revealing prophesies publicly that I know of, but I believe she is still here with us like Father Michel, Prophet John Leary, Prophet Maureen Sweeney Kyle, and Luz de Maria who are all speaking the truth. We just have to listen.

More Explanation of The Warning, and Desolation of Abomination.

Many Christians are hearing God speak in these times, and although we may not all be prophets, we know in our hearts when it is time to say something for Him! I have gotten more information from a friend, who is getting prophetic messages from God, and sent me this video to share with everyone. I have not read this book that is in this video about The Warning, but the author mentioned both Father Michel Rodrigue and Luz de Maria as references, so I already know she has truth in her book. This book can be a good tool to use to spread the information about the Warning to our family members and friends, which we all feel is coming soon. There are many Catholics that have not even heard of the prophecy of The Warning, because he or she may not be familiar with St. Faustina or Our Lady of Garabandal. In addition, this author has done even further research on mystics and others who have experienced their own personal illumination of conscience from Jesus. This is such a blessing beyond any of our comprehension, because God does not have to allow this Mercy for any of us that will experience it. His dying on the cross was merciful enough, but yet some still don’t even understand how powerful that sacrifice was in and of itself for our salvation. So, I will post this video and probably order the book to read for myself and further education on The Warning. Remember, the closer we get to the Warning, the more God speaks to us to share with others for the Salvation of Souls.

The Desolation of Abomination we know is when the antichrist does something so terrible in God’s temple, in Matthew 24:15, that God Our Father will send Jesus to wipe out the horrific amount of sin that has filled up the cup of iniquity on Earth. As I was reading Daniel, Chapter 8, verses 10-20, it occurred to me that this is what Father Michel had mentioned in his notes that are listed as “Updated Information from Prophet John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue” in this blog. In his notes from September 21, 2019, under item #14, Father Michel said that Jesus will purify His Church first in the Priests. He also said the Desolation and Abomination will be in Our Church of the Holy Eucharists in Revelations. He said they will change the Eucharist to please all people and religions. Jesus will no longer be present because the words of consecration will be changed, and Our Church will change in order to please all religions in Spiritualism and Nature. Daniel, Chapter 8: 10, states “It grew even to the host of heaven, so that it cast down to earth, some of the host and some of the stars and trampled on them. It grew even to the Prince of the hosts, from whom the daily sacrifice was removed, and whose sanctuary was cast down. The host was given over together with the daily sacrifice in the course of transgression. It cast truth to the ground, and was succeeding in its undertaking.” The Holy Spirit revealed to me that the hosts are the priests, and the Prince of the hosts is Jesus. The daily sacrifice is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and conversion of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This, I believe is what Father Michel was referencing in his notes. When we realize that Jesus is no longer present in the Eucharist at the Holy Mass, is when we have to resort to underground churches. We don’t claim to have perfect discernment, so everyone should read all of Chapter 8 of Daniel and pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment. This to me is the Desolation of Abomination, which will begin the Great Tribulation that Father Michel was referencing. Many other Christians will discern this Chapter 8 to be referencing the Jews and their sacrifices to God at the re-built temple. This could also be true, because I have learned by God’s graces that Scripture has multiple meanings in His infinite Wisdom. So, again, everyone has to discern what he or she believes the Holy Spirit is revealing to them. But, what I am appreciative of from God are His Prophets who bring us His Wisdom and Understanding that enlighten us to the Truth.

Pastor Paul Begley, Update on the Little Green File.

In an interview recently conducted between Pastor Paul Begley and Steven Ben DeNoon on November 14, 2019, it caught my attention in their discussion about a single major global event that would affect the entire world. Right away when they are describing what Hercobulus could do at this event, I thought about the 3 days of Darkness that Saint Padre Pio warned us about. But, what is comforting to know for us is that according to Prophet John Leary, we will be in the permanent refuges at this time, and caught up with Jesus in the clouds before God’s wrath comes down on the Earth. In this interview, Pastor Paul Begley does a great job of putting together official government investigations from ex government officers like Steven Ben DeNoon and John Moore to help us understand that our own governments know about this binary system that is coming. This is also what Our Blessed Mother told Gianna Sullivan in her message at Our Lady of Emmitsburg. I have John Moore’s video of his investigation on a previous post at the beginning of this blog under “How Do Marian Prophecies tie in with Current Weather Phenomena”. Here it is again if you haven’t viewed it yet. Also,

In addition, Steven Ben DeNoon was given a small green thumb drive that has information on it relating to Planet X or Hercolubus from a Scientist that he knew personally that has given him specific data and dates of when Hercolubus is entering our solar system. I actually attended this conference held by Pastor Paul Begley in Cincinnati, OH that he talks about in the this video because, I felt the Holy Spirit wanted me to understand the information about Hercobulus or Planet X that was thoroughly covered at this conference.

According to John Moore and Steven Ben DeNoon, our governments do not want us to know about Hercolubus (Planet X) because it could be too catastrophic economically for all countries, if people started to move away from all coastal areas and it would have a devastating economic impact on the current infrastructure we already have in place. But, even more than that, is the fact that the One World Order or Freemasons do not want us to know, so that they can continue depopulate the world and move us towards a One World Government. As the weather events and violence gets worse, God will be calling us back to repentance, but the One World Order will pushing us to form a One World Government. This will be their tactic for us to think and believe we will not survive unless this happens. It is important for us to understand that Our Blessed Mother has been warning us about all of these Chastisements for centuries and the Freemasons and their desire to rule the world through communism and atheism. But, it is because of sin and our acceptance of it, that eventually brings God’s wrath to wipe it all out as Saint John tells us in Revelations. It will not be the end of time, but a new beginning, like it was in the days of Noah. But, whether God has chosen us to be in a refuge, or to die as martyrs, we need to serve Him by assisting Him with the Salvation of Souls.

The green file that Pastor Paul Begley has from Steven Ben DeNoon has two specific dates that we need to keep an eye on. I believe Pastor Paul Begley is going to discuss these dates in his next interview on November 21, 2019, but I already know the dates because of the conference I attended and I will post Pastor Paul’s next interview when he has it with Steven Ben DeNoon after November 21, 2019. The first date that is on the little green file is March 28, 2021. This is the date that the scientist on the green file said that Hercolubus will be in the orbit of Jupiter. So, if this binary system is five times the size of Earth and has a lot of debris and seven exoplanets, this could bring a lot of asteroids, and or meteorites further into our orbit. We already know Pope Francis is calling for a Global Education Meeting on Climate Change on May 14, 2020. What is interesting to me is that if Our Churches and Government Authorities already know about the timing of when this binary system will begin to impact our Earth, as Our Blessed Mother told Gianna Sullivan. Then we will begin to see the deception of “Climate Change” pushed into every level of our society. We have the Socialist party movement screaming it, we have actors and activists screaming it, and now we have Our Church starting to push it.

Since we know things are starting to get ramped up on climate change, and we see more violence and rioting taking place all over the world, and we continue to see sin growing, I would say that it very plausible that March 28, 2021 could be a significant date of how close Hercolubus is to our Planet. The next date on the little green file is December 6, 2023. This is the date that it is believed that Hercolubus will be in the orbit of Planet Earth. We will go more into this date when Pastor Paul Begley has his next interview with Steven Ben DeNoon. Only God knows how soon the Warning will come, but all of this information is helpful for us to understand how close it could actually be. And God Our Father told Father Michel Rodrigue to be ready by May, 2020 and to no longer travel. Please start increasing your prayer time with Jesus, if you have not already done so, so that we can continue to be strengthened by His graces to prepare us as His disciples.

Reparation Prayers and Holy Rosaries.

Two friends of mine sent me two different videos. One on events happening on the other side of the world in the riots and protests in Chile that is very sad and heartbreaking. The other from Father Richard Heilman on making reparation for the events that are not only happening in Our Church, but what is happening all over the world. It is important for us to pray with all of our hearts individually, but it is so very important to come together unified, as believers in Jesus Christ, to pray as His unified body, the Church. Father Richard Heilman has a big following in combating the evil with praying the Holy Rosary daily. I whole heartedly believe that Our Mother has been allowed to assist in bringing us to Jesus Christ in these end times because of all the Prophesies she has given us for centuries. I also whole heartedly believe that she has a very important role in these end times and we will see when the miracles occur at Garabandal and Medjugorje of the importance of her role in assisting Jesus for the salvation of souls. I also know from studying exorcist priest Father Chad Ripperger, how frightened the demons are when Priests are conducting exorcisms praying the Holy Rosary, and how important the Holy Rosary is in Spiritual Warfare. We have to understand the Spiritual Battle we are in, and of the power of prayer!

Father Heilman is calling us together in this next video to make reparation for the offenses and sins we have incurred against the Blessed Trinity and Our Church. Reparation prayers are prayers that we can pray to Our Lord for forgiveness of not only our sins, but the sins of others. I believe it is the prayers of the faithful in the past few decades that have kept some of the chastisements from being more devastating and possibly has delayed the great Chastisement. In fact, this has been said by Our Blessed Mother many times, and by many Prophets today. We need to stand united in Jesus Christ in that we can offer up our prayers for not only our sins, but the sins of others. That is why Jesus is always telling us to pray for our brothers and sisters and our enemies. We have a mission to serve Jesus, and in that mission is powerful prayer for us, our families, our priests, Our Church, and for others. Our mission is the salvation of all souls, not just the souls of the faithful. The more we unite our souls to Christ, the more graces we receive from the Holy Spirit to understand that this is the vital mission of all Christians and service to Our Lord.

So, two dates, I want you to keep in mind. December 2, 2019 is the date of the Saint Faustina movie that tells us about the Warning that is coming. If you live outside of the United States, this may be a different date. You will have to do some research to see what date the Saint Faustina movie is playing in your country. The second date I want you to remember is December 6, 2019. This is the first Friday in December, 2019. Remember, the first Friday of every month should be dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the first Saturday of every month, to the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother. Here is a reparation prayer to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember, that Father Michel said we have to consecrate ourselves to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother Mary. Also, to God Our Father through the Sacred Heart, Immaculate Heart, and the Holy Family. Also, please try to join Father Richard Heilman in praying the Holy Rosary and fasting on December 6, 2019. Remember, that you do not have to just skip a meal. If you are diabetic or can’t skip a meal because of health reasons, you can give up an indulgence that you love, like television, or something that you really enjoy. If you are not Catholic and would still like to participate, please help us pray for the salvation of all souls on December 6, 2019 and fast for that day. We are united in Christ in that we all believe in His goodness and Mercy when we ask for forgiveness.

Lastly, I am going to put on here two disturbing videos that a friend of mine sent me, who is from Chile. I would view the videos first, to see if it is something you may not want your children to witness, but I believe this type of desecration will only continue to get worse as sin grows all over the world. I am posting it only because, I think it is important for people to understand that sinful acts that are occurring all over the world, and just because we don’t see it in our own home towns, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. This is what Jesus, Our Blessed Mother, and Saint Michael continue to tell Luz de Maria all of the time in her prophesies. Events are continuing to escalate all of the time, but if we only watch the news at night, we may not see the things that are happening all over the world, especially since some of the news channels are owned by some Elites of the One World Order. Not all media is bad, but a lot of it is influenced by the One World Order. So, be careful about what you watch and read and always use discernment from the Holy Spirit. This is why we constantly need to pray for the truth so that we are not deceived in these times. In these videos, it appears to be kids or young adults, who may not even understand the gravity of the sins and heresy they are committing against Jesus. So, this is why we have to pray for everyone, no matter how bad they appear to be, because Jesus still wants to save them even up until their last breath. Also,

It is so sad for us to witness because we know in our hearts that it makes Jesus sad. So, reparation prayers are good always for the times we are in for ourselves and others and to show Jesus, we love Him. Our hearts will get heavy at times for Jesus as we struggle to understand that our world is giving into sin, but sadly, this is why God has to allow it. God has to allow it, so that He can renew it and bring in the New Heaven and New Earth in Revelations, Chapter 21. This is why Jesus said in Matthew 16:24, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me”.

Why Haven’t They Found Planet X?

We continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal the Truth to us in everything we do because without the Holy Spirit revealing the Truth and us continually working on our relationship with Jesus and the Blessed Trinity, we are just as lost as those who are still asleep. We must also continue to remain humble and if anything is revealed to us, we must always give honor and glory to Our Lord for allowing us to see the Truth. Some things just recently revealed to me in the last two days are being connected with the help of the Holy Spirit. We know the Prophets and Prophecies in this blog have been put together for a reason and as time goes by, we have to continually compare and review what the Holy Spirit is showing us to receive the graces of understanding.

Although I felt in my heart that Planet X, or Hercolubus is the Great Comet of Chastisement, I could not confirm it until now with the help of the Holy Spirit. Hercobulus has many names, such as Planet X, Planet 9, Nemesis, or Nibiru. But, the reason I keep going back to Carlos Munoz Ferrada, who named it Hercolubus, is because he has given the most descriptive definition of what he believes this binary system is. He explains in his interview, that it is a Comet-like planet in that it is as big as a planet, but looks like a comet because it has a tail of gases trailing behind it. What I did not catch in listening to his interview the first few times I listened to it, is that he also called it a star. In fact, he actually described it as a great star loaded with cosmic energy. Also, Carlos Ferrada predicted the fly by of Halley’s comet the first time on February 12, 1996. A Comet is what Prophet John Leary said would pass by Earth and later come back to hit the Earth as the Great Chastisement in the Atlantic Ocean.

Two days ago, a report came out by FOX News that stated Planet 9 may have been found by NASA Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), as a black hole. It goes into great detail on how this satellite works, but what is important to see is that it has been suggested that NASA has already possibly found Planet 9, but it may actually be a “Primordial Black Hole”. Primordial black hole, means existing since the beginning of time.

In the next article I am going to post, it explains how a star dies and how it can also become a black hole. // All this said, explains why all of these scientists may have had trouble finding Planet X, or Planet 9, or Hercolubus. If it is a black hole, it would be harder to see with a Telescope if you are continually looking for a Planet with seven exoplanets. Also, the amount of energy it is going to generate as a magnet makes more sense with the devastation that is coming with a pole shift, crustal shift, and axis shift. In addition, the Fox news article also stated that this black hole had been discovered a long time ago, but no one thought of it as Planet 9.

Lastly, I would like to add the prophesies given by Our Blessed Mother to Giana Sullivan and Prophecies given to Luz de Maria. All prophesies keep pointing to a celestial body, or a mini solar system that will enter our solar system and cause catastrophic changes. As Pastor Paul Begley keeps saying, this meets Revelations, Chapter 8 with all of the items falling from the heavens that hit the earth, specifically, Revelations 8:10. “When the third angel blew his trumpet, a large star burning like a torch, fell from the sky. It fell on a third of the rivers, and on the springs of water. The star was called “Wormwood”, and a third of all of the water turned to wormwood. Many people died from this water, because it became bitter.” Anything that Hercolubus brings in with its own orbit could hit our Earth depending on its proximity to Earth and how big this black hole actually is. All we can do is keep praying for the truth and keep preparing spiritually, mentally, and physically. This is why we are always stressing to store up Food and Water. This is also why Our Lord stressed to John Leary to have at least one year supply of food and water per person in your household. Our Blessed Mother tells Gianna Sullivan, when you see the two suns, there will be a tremendous change in weather. There will be another orbit in our solar system, between the Earth and the Sun that will lead to tremendous devastation. In addition, if you study all of the prophesies given to Luz de Maria, there are many, many prophesies and warnings about a danger approaching from space that will affect our Planet. This message is from December 19, 2016, but there are several more.

So, as we continue to study the prophets and their prophesies, we also continue to compare their prophesies to what is unfolding daily in science and all over the world. We know something is coming from the Universe because Our Blessed Mother and the Prophets have told us. We know it will be seen by the naked eye eventually, and by this time, we will also witness much of the catastrophic devastation. But, we also know that although we may witness much of this devastation, we will be ready for the Warning and prepared to spread the gospel for Jesus. We also know that we have been told to prepare by getting closer to Jesus and working on our Spiritual Relationship with Jesus and the Blessed Trinity. Lastly, we know that we will be prepared to be taken to the refuges six weeks after the Warning and we are to wait on Our Guardian Angels to take us to these permanent refuges. So, in all actuality, it doesn’t matter, if it is a Comet, a Star, a mini solar system, or a black hole. We know, God is in control, and He is allowing this celestial body to usher in the Labor pains, the Tribulation, and the New Era and New Peace.

Remember, the One World Order is aware of this incoming celestial body and are preparing for the antichrist to make his appearance to establish a single government, a single currency, and a single religion. So, we also continue to prepare and ask Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Our Guardian Angels, and Our Blessed Mother to continue to get us ready to serve Jesus in these times.

More About The Warning, and Divine Mercy of Jesus.

As I have said before, we have to get ready for the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience so that we can serve Jesus as much as possible during these end times. We will be serving Jesus by helping Him save as many souls as possible during that six week period before we are taken to a permanent refuge by Our Guardian Angels. For those who are viewing this blog that are not aware of this Prophecy that has been handed down by Our Blessed Mother at Garabandal and Our Lord Jesus Christ to Saint Faustina, I will briefly explain it. The Warning, or Illumination of Conscience is the last great Act of Divine Mercy from Our Lord Jesus Christ to the entire World. In this final Warning to all souls on the earth over the age of seven, no matter, if you are atheists, Jewish, Christian, Buddhists, or Muslim, you will experience Jesus in your presence. He will show you a glimpse of your soul and whether you are going to heaven, hell, or purgatory. He will show you how you have offended the Blessed Trinity and how you can repent of your sins to change the status of your soul at final judgement. He will also tell you not take the chip in your body because it will be the mark of the antichrist per Revelations, 13:14. I have listed more videos for your review and posted much more about the Warning on previous posts in this blog.

For Christians that are reading this blog and say that this prophecy about the Warning is not in the Bible, look at Revelations, Chapters 10 and 11. There is so much that still has to be revealed as the seals are being opened by Jesus, that you have to believe that God will speak to us through His prophets, in His perfect way and perfect timing. God is always merciful before His Divine Justice, just as He was with the Israelites in the Old Testament.

I am speaking on the Warning as much as possible, because this will be the focus of our calling to serve Jesus before we enter the refuge. We will be serving Jesus as much as possible in that six week period that Prophet John Leary tells us we have, before we are taken to a permanent refuge by Our Guardian Angels. But, what can we do right now to serve Jesus before the Warning? We can spread as much information, literature, prayer books, and description of the Warning to as many people as possible, before the Warning comes. If we do this right now, then we are serving Jesus and being obedient to His Will. This will also prepare people when the Warning comes, that this was a prophecy fulfilled and God is real! He wants us to run back into His Arms of Divine Mercy and help others to see the truth of how merciful He is! Many people will be in shock and disbelief and it will be our role to serve Jesus by telling them the truth. If you are a true disciple of Christ, you will always feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to tell the truth to people. We are all sinners, and are all constantly praying for graces to be transformed into His image. But, as we are being transformed, the Holy Spirit gives us the graces of boldness to speak for Jesus. We need to pray for this boldness now and after the Warning!

In addition to spreading the information about the Warning, please pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, This chaplet was given to Saint Faustina for the salvation of all souls. The more we pray for souls, the more mercy Jesus has promised to pour out for all souls.

Lastly, here is a prophecy from Maureen Sweeney Kyle at Maranatha Springs, Ohio. We have Maureen listed on the End Time Prophets and Bloggers Page of this blog. She is still receiving prophetic messages from God Our Father and Jesus and Our Blessed Mother today. This message was given to her on April 03, 2016. You can read her current messages, as well as Prophet John Leary on their websites I have provided.

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