Gianna Sullivan, Our Lady of Emmitsburg.

As we gather more information and truth from the Holy Spirit, we continue to listen to the Prophets and Visionaries Our Lord has sent us to reveal all Truth. Why is it important to keep listening and hearing what the many Prophets have said over and over again. It is so we can be open to the understanding that God wants to reveal to us. That is why it is important to continually read Scripture, even if you have read the same verse and chapter many times. It is in God’s perfect timing of all revelations in Scripture that the Holy Spirit continues to pour out His graces of Wisdom and Knowledge. The same goes for His Prophets, in that we may not have a clear understanding of the vision or prophecy when it is given to the Prophet until God’s timing has passed for that prophecy to be revealed.

Gianna Sullivan is a Pharmacist that started receiving messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother in 1989. After investigation from Our Church, she was not approved, but what is important to understand is that she has prophesies coming true today. Many visions and locutions received by many people throughout our history have not been approved by Our Catholic Church, but this does not mean their prophesies are invalid. Medjugorje and the children, now adults, that have received messages from Our Blessed Mother is probably the most well known apparition site that has still not been approved. Because now we see and understand, with the help of Holy Spirit, that Freemasons have infiltrated Our Catholic Church, we must concede that whomever has done these investigations on Our Church’s behalf, may not have been listening to the Holy Spirit. So, I post these two videos that summarize Gianna Sullivan’s apparitions and visions and we can all pray for discernment. Since some of her prophesies have already come true, I would say that she has been tested as a true prophet, but again I always yield to the Holy Spirit for all guidance on truth. In this video, Gianna Sullivan said that after Pope John Paul II dies, we will start to see the purification. She also talks about the suppression of Eucharistic Adoration and ultimately the restriction of the public celebration of the Mass. Saint John Paul II died on April 2, 2005. I believe that the 35 years of Chastisement from Our Lady of La Sallete started some time in the 1990s and I believe that Saint John Paul II had an understanding of the trials coming in our lifetime. I also believe that is why he canonized Saint Faustina Kowalska on April 30, 2000 and thoroughly explained Divine Mercy. Now, we know Saint John Paul II’s body has been found to be incorrupt. God’s perfect timing and prophecies coming true in our time.

In this second part of Gianna Sullivan’s prophecies in the next video, Our Lord gave Gianna Sullivan a message in March, 2011. Our Lord gives us another small hint of when the Warning is coming. He told Gianna that after we see 30 days of rain, and a period of no summer and a very long winter, very shortly after will be the Illumination of Conscience.*t=238s. Remember, that as Hercolubus or Planet X continues to enter further into our solar system, we will start to lose the Spring and Fall months because of the magnetic poles moving. Our Blessed Mother already told Gianna Sullivan about a Star that is entering our orbit. Our Blessed Mother said, in time, we will see this other orbit that will come between the Earth and the Sun. This orbit will lead to tremendous devastation and we will eventually see two Suns. I have already posted this video several times in this blog, but will post it again, in case you did not view it in the other posts. Gianna Sullivan is no longer revealing prophesies publicly that I know of, but I believe she is still here with us like Father Michel, Prophet John Leary, Prophet Maureen Sweeney Kyle, and Luz de Maria who are all speaking the truth. We just have to listen.

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