Request From Father Michel Rodrigue to take down videos out of respect for his Bishop, from Father Mark Goring. Also, New Messages to Luz De Maria from Jesus Christ Our Lord!

Hello Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are going to post a video from Father Mark Goring about a request from Father Michel Rodrigue to Countdown to the Kingdom to remove his videos out of respect for his Bishop. Father Michel stated that his Bishop does not support his messages about the Warning, the Chastisements, the Third World War, The Era of Peace, and any construction of refuges, etc..

Since Father Michel has asked this of Count Down to the Kingdom, we also shall remove the videos from this blog. We are going to leave the writeup that we conducted on each video because we believe that Father Michel’s messages are truly from God. How do we know this? Because the Holy Spirit has shown us these same or very similar messages from other prophets listed in this blog with John Leary, and Luz De Maria that are now having their messages fulfilled. We are living in a Spiritual battle within our own Church and at the same time, we are trying to be obedient both to Our Church and God’s Will. So, that is a struggle for all prophets because they each have a mission that God has given them and if they don’t comply, then they are disobeying God. So, they are all trying to be both Obedient to God, and the authority of the Church that may not understand their prophetic messages.

Because, we respect Father Michel Rodrigue, and Father Mark Goring and Our Church, we will remove the videos, but we also understand from the Holy Spirit how important these messages are for God’s Children to prepare for what is coming very soon. We have not seen Countdown to the Kingdom remove the videos yet, but we will remove them from this blog and pray for more guidance from the Holy Spirit. We will also keep the messages up in writing so that you understand what Father Michel was trying to convey to us from God Our Father. Father Mark Goring also made a point to say that everyone should be making their homes as a refuge right now with the Precious Blood of Jesus as protection, so we know that Father Mark is on board with the Warning, and Illumination of Conscience. We can’t help it if some of the Bishops don’t believe in the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience. Not sure why any Priest or Bishop wouldn’t believe, since it was a message given to Saint Faustina that has been approved by Our Church. But, that was the point made by Father Michel’s last video on the Apparition at Knock, Ireland. We can’t control what happens in Our Church, so we can’t be angry at the Bishops, Cardinals, and Pope and judge them. That is the place of Jesus Christ Our Lord. We just have to get our own selves in order Spiritually, Mentally, then Physically as much as possible to be a good Disciples for Jesus to assist Him in the Salvation of Souls.

Next, we are going to post two more messages to Luz De Maria. This first message is from Our Lord Jesus on April 10, 2020, and if you look about half way down the message, Our Lord told Luz De Maria that the focus of the attack from the Elites is on the Holy Eucharist. This is the time that the Elites have been waiting for.

Jesus tells us in capital letters, “DO NOT AGREE TO ACCEPT SUBSTITUTIONS FOR THE HOLY EUCHARIST, DO NOT AGREE TO ACCEPT NEGOTIATIONS ON THE SACRAMENTS OR THE LAW OF GOD.” This is the time the Elites have been waiting for because they have been fighting against the Holy Eucharist, and the people of God so that the mystical body of Christ would be unprotected. This is exactly what Father Michel was saying about the Apparition of Knock, Ireland. The enemies of Jesus are fighting against the most Holy Eucharist, to take it away, or change it so that we are not receiving the consecrated Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. These are the messages that Luz De Maria are also getting and this is something we have to be aware of, so that we are not deceived.

The next message is from Our Lord Jesus Christ, dated April 14, 2020. In this message, Our Lord is telling Luz De Maria that we will soon see a changing in our Church because there are so many wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Our Lord reminds us to not depart from the Gospel. Our Lord said the devil has infiltrated our Church, Society, Education, and Politics. Our Lord said, greater plagues and pandemics are coming. “The shaking of the Earth is increasing because of its orbit that is affected and sick. The Earth’s magnetism has been altered and you have not been alerted to it. Forces are coming from space that have altered the magnetic field around the Earth, therefore the fire that remains inside is coming out, drawn by this strong magnetic force.

Our Lord is referencing this celestial body that is coming from space that is causing the Earth’s core to heat up, and the magnetic poles to shift. This is what we have been referring to as Hercolubus, Planet X, or a binary system in this blog. This is also why we have been listening to Pastor Paul Begley, and Mike From Around the World in this blog. This is also what we believe Our Blessed Mother was telling Gianna Sullivan about in Our Lady of Emmitsburg prophecies that we have also posted in this blog many times. All of these prophets are getting different, but similar messages and Our Blessed Mother has been warning us for a very long time about the Great Chastisement. God Our Father has Father Michel Rodrigue on a very special mission now because he is a Priest that is also trying to get us ready. Please pray for Father Michel Rodrigue and for all of us to be obedient to the Will of God, and we will just have to keep Trusting in Jesus for graces to persevere as events continue to unfold.

Emmanuel – “God is With Us.” Have a blessed day.

New Video From Father Michel Rodrigue on Queen of Peace Media, April 22, 2020. (Update! We added this video back in because of the Relevance and Importance of the Message of the End Times from Our Blessed Mother to Father Michel Rodrigue!)

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Here is the latest video From Queen of Peace Media with Father Michel Rodrigue, and we consider this video to be the most important video speaking to us so far. Please listen carefully to every word, because every word is important for us to hear as Disciples for Jesus. We pray that none of these videos get taken down before every soul that needs to hear them gets to hear them.

In this video, Father Michel reminds us that we must surrender our families to Our Blessed Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart, she will intercede for them and pray for them to come back to Jesus Our Lord. The water of Baptism is the water from the Heart of Jesus, and the water from the Holy Spirit gives life to this world. Father Michel said he will give two messages, one from Our Blessed Mother, and the other from Jesus that was given to Father Michel in Knock, Ireland. Jesus told Father Michel that the message of Knock, Ireland was to tell His Children that He is the King of Kings that will rule at the end of time represented by the Lamb of God. Father Michel said that during prayer, he heard the voice of Saint John the Evangelist. Father Michel said this is what they originally were using to cast out demons in exorcisms. Saint John said to him the words from his gospel. “The Word became Flesh.” “In the beginning was the Word, the Word became God, and the Word was God. It was in the beginning with God all things came into being through Him and without Him, not one thing can come into being. Everything was created through Him.” Then Saint John quoted from the Book of Revelation, “Behold, I make all things new, says the Lord.” Revelation, Chapter 21:5. Father Michel said that the apparition of Knock, Ireland was made for this time. Father Michel said that he understood that Saint John was explaining to him that in these times, we would be facing the devil, the antichrist. And, we will face the antichrist with the Word of God, the Word of the Lord by His Authority. This is explained that this is according to the Book of Revelation.

Then Our Blessed Mother told Father Michel, “My dear Children, I am here to warn you of what will soon happen on Earth, behold here the presence of my Son on the altar of His sacrifice. Figure the lamb that was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah. The lamb of the sacrifice for the salvation of the world. The lamb of the paschal mystery. In the mystery of the Holy Eucharist is also present the body of the Church.” Father Michel said that when we are present in the body of Christ through the consecration, we are present in the total body of Christ and in the mystery of the Holy Eucharist is the body of the Church. In the mystery of the Church is the total body in Him, with Him, and through Him, is the Church militant, the Church suffering, and the Church in heaven. The ecclesiastical body also that is in the Eucharist. Father Michel said that sometimes while he is having Mass, Jesus will look at Him and the entire crowd in the Church with radiant Love, and sometimes the face of Jesus will change to Our Blessed Mother’s face. Father Michel stated that in a vision, he saw Pope Benedict on the side, and Jesus was looking at him, then Jesus turns his eyes, and Father Michel saw Pope Francis and this was the message for Father Michel that both Popes will end up giving their lives for the Church. Father Michel said that we should never say the Pope is the antichrist because we don’t know what we are saying. We should never criticize the Pope, or judge because we all make mistakes, and Jesus has told Father Michel that only He can judge His Priests. Father Michel stated that the devil wants us to divide and separate so that he can conquer us. We should just pray for him as a leader in Faith. Nobody can take the place of Jesus in judgement. The devil can make illusions and we must be prudent about what we say.

Then, Father Michel went on to finish what Our Blessed Mother said, “As your Mother, I came here with Saint Joseph, the patron of the Church and your patron. He is your defender against the evil work of all who have betrayed Jesus. The figure of John the Evangelist as an Apostle, who is also here was chosen by My Son at the foot of the cross, to protect Me until the day of my Assumption into heaven. He is here as a representative of My faithful and consecrated Children. He is the antithesis of the one who betrayed Jesus.” Father Michel said this is why Pope Paul said, “The smoke of Satan has entered by a crack in the Church.” The crack represents as a symbol of the Priesthood. Father Michel said that Saint John was chosen to be the antithesis with the Book of Revelation to the evil against the Elect. Judas, who was also an Apostle, that betrayed Jesus, was chosen and the betrayal of Jesus is at this high level in the Church against the Elect. Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests that are in the Church are betraying Jesus. Mother Mary said, “In the Book of Revelation, soon you will understand what is in this book. The Church will soon be sacrificed as my Son was.” Father Michel said that we will soon see the death of the one that we thought will always be there for us, the Pope.My faithful will suffer before entering in the place prepared for you. (We believe in this blog, that Our Blessed Mother is referring to the refuges.) “The cross of the lamb will shine soon for you on the Earth and every person. They shall see their conscience when they will see the lamb of God on the cross. They will see their enlightenment of the King of Kings.” Father Michel said the Virgin Mary has a crown on her head both in the apparition of Knock, Ireland, and in LaSalette, France. Our Blessed Mother said “My attitude of prayer and standing, looking up and waiting with My open arms will be for the day of Warning for everyone.” Father Michel stated the Blessed Virgin Mary has intervened for us many times, but now She prays for the Warning to come, because this is now the time when we can help her pray for the conversion of many souls that are going to hell now. Father Michel said we must pray for our families, our children, and others. We must have prayer now, penitence, and more penitence. We are the Church and this is the only way to help others now. The attitude of prayer shown by Saint Joseph in reverence teaches us that we must pray, and have penitence now. The Church is the living stone of heaven that we represent, and we are the Church. Father Michel said we, as the Church, must have this same attitude as Saint Joseph.

“The last Apostle on Earth represents the year Our King of the Church in these days of confusion. Only the true teaching that goes back to the Apostles and transmitted by the living tradition of the Church, revealed by the Holy Spirit, who is the Soul of the Church, our Sanctifier will protect you against the false prophet and the false teaching of their sin. This teaching belongs to Satan, who has infiltrated the mystical body of My Son on Earth. I call the Apostle of the Last Time, arise with a humble heart. With an obedient and dedicated life to My Son, Jesus. Listen to what I said in LaSalette, and in Akita.” Father Michel said that Knock was linked with LaSalette. So, the apparition of Knock is radiated with the apparition of LaSalette. Father Michel said the Akita message was for “if we repented”, but now Saint Michael informed Father Michel that the purification is now happening. Mother Mary continued, “Listen to what I said in LaSalette, please.” Father Michel said the message in LaSalette was speaking about the hierarchy of the Church. In Akita, the time is coming, be ready, confess your sins, go to confessional, fast and say the Rosary that will save you from the snares of the devil. Pray to your Guardian Angel, come and adore My Son in the most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist. Meditate on the words of My Son as the lamb of God as the Gospel of Saint John and in the Book of Revelation. I promise you the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart.”

The second message was from Our Lord Jesus Christ to Father Michel while he was praying in the adoration chapel in Knock, Ireland. “I Am the Lamb of God. Soon I will open the 7th Seal to fulfill the Will of My Father.” Father Michel said that in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 6 is announcing the Tribulation. Father Michel said that it will grow, step by step until we get to the sign in Heaven of the Virgin Mary in Chapter 12 in the Book of Revelation. Jesus told Father Michel, “Who welcomes you, welcomes Me, and the Blessing of My Father.” Father Michel said this is a blessing for us too, because now we can see Our Father in these messages he has received. “When you see the Host, you see My Body and My Blood. You see My Face that is presented to you as a white shining bread. I Am the bread of life for everyone, who will eat this bread of life and will rise on the last day. A great darkness is coming on the world.” A darkness of sin, of misery, of Satan, who will try to disfigure the face of My body, who is My Church.” He will try to disfigure My white Face in the Holy Eucharist with Sacrilege. At that moment, time will be up. A great disaster will engulf the world as never before.” Father Michel said that he was pleading for more time, with the precious blood of Jesus to God Our Father, and he heard the words, “No! My son listen to Me, if I do not intervene, My Elect will fall. I intervene for the Salvation of My Faithful. It must be done. Don’t ask anymore.” Now, Father Michel said he prays that this Second Pentecost will be the Salvation of many. “He said a great disaster will engulf the world as never before. Rome will fall. Satan will never prevail over My Just and My Faithful Remnant.” Father Michel said that Our Church will be stronger than ever, because God will protect His faithful remnant in the refuges, and during the time of the refuge, we will have no Pope of three and a half years. Because the antichrist will sit on the seat of Rome, but don’t worry, God has already prevailed for everything. When the time will be, a New Pope will come. This will be Peter the Roman from the Saint Malachi Prophecy. It is important for us to see and we must have a Catholic Catechism By Saint John Paul II to be put in our backpacks for the refuges with our twenty minutes to leave. Father Michel said read it, and learn it. Father Michel said we must read the Bible, and the Catechism of the Faith. We will be teaching this to our Children and others in the refuge. It is really important to learn our Faith in the Tradition of Our Church. Father Michel said to be ready, it is not just about food and water. We have to know Our Faith. Father Michel said Our Father will bring many people to the Priests after the Warning. Baptism of many, confession of many, before we go to the Refuge. Father Michel said that the Warning will reveal to everyone that the Catholic Faith is the Church that God has chosen for everyone. Father Michel said that the Priests will have to be ready. We will have to Catechize them, and the Priests will have to Baptize thousands. Then we go to the Refuges. If someone does not have time to go to confession before we are taken to the refuges, then the Priests will conduct a general absolution, because it will be considered a time of emergency for the Church.

Father Michel continues with Jesus’ message, “The sign will be in the sky and the hand of My Father will vanquish the darkness of Satan, his false prophets, and his slithering accolades. The Seal will be broken. Prepare yourself for this day.” Father Michel said, every Seal will represent condemnation opened by the lamb of God, Christ the King. “My Mother will protect my just everywhere in the refuges prepared by her Immaculate Heart. My son Michel, you will have great responsibility on your shoulders. Know that the burden will be light and the joy of My Children will be great. Happy are those that are called to the Supper of the Lamb. I cherish, I protect them, I nourish them, I bless them. They will not fear the pestilence of the enemy in the hour of Jesus Christ the King, your Savior, your Friend.”

Wow, what a powerful message from Our Lord and Blessed Mother that just speaks to our hearts! Get ready Disciples of Jesus Christ, we will have a lot of work to do.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

New Message To Luz De Maria and New Videos From Pro-Life For Mankind by Elly Hancsak.

Good Morning Disciples of Christ. I am thankful to God that we all have each other for consolation in these times, because we all get discouraged as events continue to unfold and it is good that we support each other through and in Our Lord Jesus Christ. We have to continue to pray for each other and that we all stay in God’s Will and do not offend the Blessed Trinity. Humility is one of the hardest virtues to achieve and keep, because of what the devil temps us with constantly, and it is God’s graces that keeps us humble that we all must pray for daily as we struggle to stay in His Will. We all see this struggle in ourselves and occasionally in the Prophets because as we receive gifts from the Holy Spirit, the devil is always trying to knock us out of God’s Will. As we have said before, the more attacks we receive, the more we can see that we are working towards His Will. We have to continue to pray for God’s graces for all of us to keep staying on this narrow path to the foot of the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ. And just because we get knocked down, we just get right back up and tell Jesus we are sorry, and we keep working on achieving that virtue. It is a life long process, but achievable, because we have witnessed it in the Saints.

Luz De Maria received a message from Our Lord Jesus on Divine Mercy Sunday.

Our Lord is encouraging with His words, “I invite you to remain in My Love, where you will find no obstacles, no judgments, no contempt, no bitterness. I invite you to be My own Love, so that My Mercy would encounter no obstacles, and MAY THIS TIME WHEN CHANGE IS BEGINNING FOR HUMANITY, CHANGE IN TERMS OF TRIALS AND CALAMITIES, THEREFORE BE OVERCOME WITH FAITH IN MY HOLY SPIRIT who will give you the grace of perseverance and Love towards Me so that you might not be left by the wayside, if you are worthy of such graces, working and acting in My Divine Will.”

Our Lord is reminding us to build Our Faith with the help of the Holy Spirit, only if we are acting in His Divine Will. Notice, Our Lord said, if we are worthy of these graces by acting in His Divine Will. We have to stay in a state of grace as much as possible to be able to constantly receive the graces from the Holy Spirit. Although, we are under restriction in our homes, try to go to confession if possible to try and remain in a state of grace, which can be difficult with venial sin, but achievable. The more sin we have alleviated from our souls, the less painful the Warning will be when Our Lord presents us our sins, and shows us what we must confess after the Warning.

Our Lord also said, “Pray, children, the passive war will become clear before the eyes of humanity and man will see another armed conflict arise.

Pray, as the Act of My Mercy is close to humanity, and you need to persist in Faith, so that after the Warning (1) My Angels who remain on Earth might take souls faithful to Me to where they are to preach and where they will be needed to encourage My faithful.” Here again, Our Lord is revealing to the Prophets that the Warning is close, and that He is counting on us as His Disciples to preach the gospel and encourage one another. “My People must not be distressed and lost, but be strengthened with their previous Communions and wait patiently. THEN THE SECOND EFFUSION OF MY HOLY SPIRIT WILL BE GIVEN just after the Warning for My righteous and faithful so that they would be an encouragement for their brothers and sisters.”

So, here is the promise of the Second Pentecost that Father Michel Rodrigue has been telling us about in his prophecy from God Our Father.

Next, we want to discuss 2 videos that Pro-life For Mankind has posted. The first is a prophecy from Kim Clement about North Korean Leader Kim Jung-Un. Notice, in this prophecy that Kim Clement prophesied in 2009, he said that Kim Jung-Un is already dead, brain dead. This was a prophecy that Kim Clement received in 2009 that appears to have been fulfilled. When we listened to Mike From Around the World the other day, he made a point to say, that it would not be good for the World if Kim Jung-Un died because other relatives of Kim Jung-Un would lead us to War. It is still uncertain if Kim Jung-Un is dead, but the South Korean government reported today that he is “alive and well”. We shall continue to follow this with Elly on Pro-Life For Mankind to see what comes of this situation.

Lastly, in this video from Pro-life for Mankind, Elly Hancsak does a very good comparison of significant dates and announcements from Mirjana in Medjugorje and Conchita of Garabandal. Elly does not believe that it was a coincidence that Mirjana’s messages from Our Blessed Mother stopped on the second day of every month from March 18, 2020, and then Conchita of Garabandal, came out with a message on March 19, 2020. She believes Our Lord is trying to get our attention, and we also believe this in this blog.

She has written a book on the Tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the hidden messages in the Tilma on the end times and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Here is another video by Elly Hancsak,

She also believes that the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience is at the door.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Can We Unite as Christians? An act of reparation and a gesture with Humility from Lois Vogel Sharp.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. As we move closer to the Tribulation, the devil is constantly trying to divide us so that we don’t stand united in Christ. This has been easy for us to see that contribute to writing this blog, but it may be just because God gives us this Grace with Spiritual eyes to see it. God asked us to get busy and unite His Church to assist Him in the Salvation of Souls. This is also something Our Blessed Mother has asked of us as Children of God in her hundreds of apparitions in the last hundred years. She has humbly asked us to bring all souls to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ. She has always said to every visionary that She was being used by God Our Father to assist Jesus in the Salvation of Souls. This has been proven in this blog with all of the prophetic messages She has given over the centuries. So, with all of this evidence reflecting Her humility and her role in these end times, we need to sit up and pay attention. All Catholics know Our Blessed Mother is not Divine. We never said, nor will we ever claim that She is above Her Son or Divine like Her Son and Our Lord, Jesus Christ. The Holy Rosary is a reflection and prayer on the life of Jesus Christ and His Sacrifice for our salvation. It is a meditation on Jesus Christ and at the same time asking Our Blessed Mother to intercede for us in prayer to Her Son Jesus and God Our Father. As Disciples of Jesus Christ, we are all intercessors in prayer for the Salvation of Souls. Because Our Blessed Mother was chosen by God, and humbly obeyed His Will, God Our Father has blessed Her to assist in the Salvation of Souls on an extraordinary level that our human minds can’t comprehend. Does this make Her Divine, No. But, the fact that she has appeared all over the world in different countries, to children and adults that were given prophetic messages that are now starting to be fulfilled, should start to reflect to everyone that She is more than just a little special. But, this is not what She has asked us to focus on in Her messages. Her prophetic messages always tells us to stop sinning, and come back to Jesus, because He is Our Lord and Savior and the only way to God Our Father. She asks us to love Him with all of Our Hearts and to assist her as intercessors for the Salvation of Souls as Disciples of Jesus Christ.

So, we understand if God has not put on your Heart that God has given Our Blessed Mother Mary this Special role for these end times, because we are seeing that God gives different roles and revelation to different prophets and lay people as His Disciples. But, what we do want all of God’s Children to see is that time is running out before all of us Christians are in the Tribulation period, and if we don’t start working on our unity In Jesus Christ, the devil will continue to use it in causing the Elect to fall from God’s Grace in deception.

So, the Holy Spirit has guided us to certain prophets in this blog, both Catholic and Non-Catholic so that we would know the Truth of these times and how we got here. We still firmly believe in these prophets as getting prophetic messages from God, unless the Holy Spirit shows us otherwise. Lois Vogel Sharp is one of these prophets that we can see has a gift of prophecy to lead people to Jesus Christ. Although, she has left the Catholic Church, and has disagreed with some Catholic teachings, she still understands she has a responsibility for Jesus to lead people to Him as His Disciple. Lois is showing us through her discernment of Scripture and visions from God that the leader of our Catholic Church is not in alignment with the Holy Bible and on the verge of blasphemy. Here is the most recent message from Lois Vogel Sharp. We believe this is Lois’ way of saying she did not mean to be so critical of Catholics in general. Prayerfully, Lois and all of us will have a complete understanding from Jesus of what is coming, and how to prepare after the Warning.

We have broken down in this blog exactly how Our Catholic Church has been infiltrated by Freemasons, and how the Freemasons along with the Elites, have gotten all of us to this point of the labor pains prior to the Tribulation. Our Blessed Mother has been warning us for centuries in her prophetic messages about the agenda of the Freemasons and how the devil will use them to divide Our Church. Because this evil agenda from Luciferian followers has infiltrated Our Catholic Church, we are now seeing what they have done to take down our Church in the last sixty years. But, this does not mean we have been wrong all of these 2000 years of time on what our first Pope, Saint Peter, has built as Christ’s foundation. We are starting to see schism in all Christian denominations that are choosing modern ideals of accepting sin over God’s Word, the Holy Bible. This schism is not limited to just Catholicism, because this just took place in the Methodist Church several months ago. So, Lois has a very valid point in saying that we can’t go against Scripture, and we know as Lay Catholics, Priests and Religious, that we are standing by God’s Word because this is what God has warned us about throughout all of the Scriptures.

However, we have to understand that we are all seeing this with our Spiritual eyes now, because of God’s Word, God’s Grace from the Holy Spirit, and because of the prophecies in the past from Our Blessed Mother, the Saints, and now modern prophets. It still seems surreal to witness everything that is taking place and it is painful because we love who we are, and where we were taught about Our Lord and what we have witnessed in our own lives with the Sacraments and walk with Christ. There are many protestants that we know that have converted to Catholicism, and there are many Catholics that have left the Catholic Church. We should never focus on what someone in a specific denomination failed to teach us, but understand that God is bigger and He wants us to move towards Him, with the Graces of the Holy Spirit, wherever you are in that Christian denomination of Faith. Lois Vogel Sharp knows this as a Prophet and Disciple. She may not know Our Blessed Mother’s role, because Our Lord has not revealed it to her, but she does know we are to be united in Christ, and we have to see what is happening in all Christian denominations. This is why we did the post on “Are you a Lukewarm Christian? Letters to the Seven Churches.” Because, we know we are not leaving Our Catholic Faith, but we do have to recognize when any leader in the Catholic Church is going against the Holy Bible. This is why we continue to pray and ask the Holy Spirit for discernment in Truth and what He wants us to do for Jesus in these end times.

As Disciples of Christ, we are never to judge, condemn, be critical, or focus on other Christian denomination’s problems, but focus on Serving Our Lord in whatever capacity He has placed us in to Serve. We forgive Lois about what she said, and do believe she did not mean it in a hateful way, but to show us what the Holy Spirit is showing her. We already know what is happening in the Vatican because God has given us this Grace to see it, but we still will not fall away from what the Holy Spirit has revealed to us through our Faith in the Catholic Church itself and we will continue to pray for guidance from Jesus and the Holy Spirit. If a schism occurs, we stand on God’s Word and know what Traditional Catholicism has shown us as Truth. But, we must all continue to pray for unity as Christians and in God’s Word and know that we are all here in the labor pains because of sin. Sin all over the world, even in our Churches. Let’s not judge each other because that is what the devil wants us to do, and let’s all agree that we can unite to Serve Jesus as God’s Children. Paganism is growing everywhere and this is also what Our Lord warned us about all throughout Scripture and especially in the Book of Revelation in the Letters to the Seven Churches.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Update! New Post with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World, for April 23, 2020.

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ! As we get ready for Pastor Paul Begley’s webinar, Megaquake 2020, we listened to another show with anonymous Christian, Mike From Around the World. For those that are new to this blog, Mike is anonymous because of his job either with the government or a contracted position that allows him access to certain information that he is making Pastor Paul Begley aware of and the rest of us that are willing to listen. Mike also has his own show, Council of Time, that covers the events of the End Times and is also very good. The reason we have discerned from the Holy Spirit that it is important to listen to Pastor Paul Begley and Mike is because Our Blessed Mother Mary has also prophesied about this binary system, mini-solar system, or “Second Sun” to the shepherds at Fatima, Giana Sullivan at Our Lady of Emmitsburg, and Pedro Regis in the Anguera Prophecies. You will have to go back and review all of the posts and videos that the Holy Spirit has guided us to so that you have a bigger picture and understanding of how God is going to usher in the Tribulation, renew the Heaven and Earth, and begin the Era of Peace. All of the Prophets, Bloggers, Priests, and Pastors in this blog are all on the same mission to Serve Jesus, and our goal is to unite Christians so that we are all prepared for the End Times and Serve Jesus as His Disciples for the Salvation of Souls.

Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World discussed newly discovered Magnetar Bursts that are heading towards our planet from space. Mike stated that the Magnetar bursts are some of the most dangerous blasts from space that we will have to deal with. A Magnetar is a dense Neutron star that was originally a Super Nova that had exploded way out in space, even hundreds to million of years ago, that keep traveling through space because of the huge explosion that occurred and the magnetic pulses it continues to send out in bursts, Mike stated that these magnetars are a lot of the reason why our Earth’s core is heating up and drought is occurring all over the world. Mike said, crops are failing due to drought and flooding, cattle are getting sick and having to be put down, and our soil is not replenishing for new crops to grow year after year. Pastor Paul asked what was causing the soil not to replenish to be able to yield new crops. Mike stated that it is mostly radiation that is penetrating the soil, destroying the crops, causing bugs to migrate further down into the soil, and rodents to migrate. When insects and bacteria leave the soil, then the crops can not extract the nutrients it needs to grow. This has been a very slow process of this accumulative radiation in the soil and it eventually causes this crop damage and failure to yield new growth. Mike stated that Magnetars are planet killers. Our atmosphere is a giant filter, and without the atmosphere, or a thinning of the atmosphere, the Earth begins to get cooked and just the solar winds from the Sun can burn up the Earth to eventually look like Mars. Mike suspects our atmosphere is thinning right now with the poles moving and it is causing all of these affects we are having right now on the Earth.

Pastor Paul asked Mike if this food issue is a serious problem right now, and Mike stated, Yes, because it has been building up for the last 2 years and our ability to purchase certain foods will change. Mike stated that our societal system is changing and it will never go back to the way it was. Mike said this change will not benefit Christianity, because we are aware of Biblical Prophecy of the beast system and as we are forced into these changes, a lot of Christians will stand up against it. Mike stated this is changing all over the world, not just in the United States, and we need to be aware that this system is moving in right now, not later.

Pastor Paul asked Mike about asteroids and the companion rocks that are coming on April 29, 200 and April 30, 2020. Mike said these asteroids will have fragments moving with them and our Earth has always had atmospheric penetration. Mike said one of the most dangerous things is if these fragments disrupt even one of these satellites in our orbit by penetrating our atmosphere, the nuclear material inside these satellites could be very disastrous if it hits the Earth. It would cause a nuclear fallout, and sickness. The amount of the junk of satellites that hovers around the Earth could be more of a disaster than some of the fragments from asteroids. Pastor Paul asked Mike if he had any update on May 12, 2020 with any inbound clusters of rocks. Mike stated right now everything is theorized, but that our Sun will be a big indicator on what will happen around that date. Mike stated that many agencies are looking at it right now and preparing for something.

Pastor Paul asked if there are any war concerns with Turkey and Syria. Mike stated that it is a significant clue that gas prices have dropped in the last month, and that everybody usually fuels up their military equipment getting ready for a possible war when gas prices drop significantly. Pastor Paul asked about Kim Jong-un being ill and if we should be concerned about someone else taking over his position in North Korea. Mike stated, Yes, we should be very concerned because anyone else would not be hesitant to set off any type of war or Nuclear missiles just to prove a point.

Pastor Paul Begley asked if the deaths of Americans from the Coronavirus are going to remain low, or does he expect the deaths to rise. Mike stated that there has not been enough of an immunity spread across the United States to keep this virus down. Mike stated that people are not serious about this virus and as we start to get back out again, it will continue to spread. There are too many anomalies with this virus, and if people do not see a big spread of the virus in their areas, then they are going to believe it is okay. Mike stated that people need to get back to work because they have to feed their families, but this is not over. Pastor Paul asked if there were Elites going into underground cities because of the Coronavirus or something else. Mike stated that he did not believe it was because of the virus, but other factors that are coming. Mike stated there is a hatred for Israel that is beginning to surface and there seems to be a split inside the Nation of Israel itself with people starting to hate the Jewish people. Mike stated he has never seen Israel in this condition and the wolves are rising up. Pastor Paul asked what is the most incoming dangerous event we need to be concerned with in the next year. Mike stated the fall of fire on the Earth, before the possibility of war. We will be listening in on the Megaquake Webinar, 2020 next week, May 1st and 2nd with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World, to get more information on this binary system that is moving towards our planet. We will update everyone on this blog as soon as we can put together information we will need to prepare us physically before the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Start Speaking and Praying for Protection to Your Guardian Angel says Father Michel Rodrigue because they are here to serve God. Also, John Leary Has New Messages From Jesus! (Update, April 29, 2020! Video from Queen of Peace Media removed at request of Father Michel Rodrigue)

Good Afternoon Disciples of Christ! We continue to receive new followers daily now, and we are thankful to Jesus for allowing all of us to Serve Him as His Disciples. We are starting to get more questions about the refuges, backpacks, and items we need to take with us when Our Guardian Angels come for us to take us to the refuges. Both Father Michel Rodrigue and John Leary have spoken about Our Guardian Angels and what they will look like and how we will know to leave our homes for these refuges to be under the protection of Our Lord. We would like all new followers to be sure and review both of the posts in this blog on “Preparing an Interim Refuge”, and “Making a Go Bag”, or “Go Backpack”. Also, please review John Leary’s website at, for all of his current messages and information on refuges and backpack videos to prepare before Our Guardian Angels come for us to take us to the permanent refuges.

So, as we continue to put information into this blog, we ask the Holy Spirit to keep us Humble like little children so that we all remain Obedient to His Will. We keep our eyes focused on Christ and we remind ourselves that everything We do, meaning everyone who has stepped up to serve Jesus in these End Times, must always give Glory back to the Blessed Trinity. We have to constantly pray for these graces from God because, nothing we do, or the Prophets do is about us. It should always go back to serving Jesus and assisting Him for the Salvation of Souls. If anything that we do is without God’s graces, and is coming from our own intellect, we could go down a road that is not in God’s Divine Will, and Satan will use it against us. We pray now, for God’s graces to pour down with His Blessings on all of those that read these words and take them to their hearts. We pray for the Holy Spirit to give us the fire that we need to serve Jesus with boldness and humility like Saint Paul, and to convict any of us that have not stayed in the Will of the Blessed Trinity. And we seal all information in this blog under the precious blood of Jesus Christ to serve Him in accordance to His Will. We must pray this everyday to be His Disciple, because this mission is not about us, but about the Salvation of all of those lukewarm souls that Jesus told Saint Faustina to pray for in her diary on Divine Mercy.

Queen of Peace Media has put out another video on Father Michel Rodrigue and we pray that these videos are helping you to open your Spiritual Eyes to what is occurring in our lifetime, so that you can also become a Disciple for Jesus. That should be the goal for every Christian and Father Michel wants the Remnant to understand that We have a Mission for Jesus. This has never been just about our own Salvation, just like when Saint Paul would speak to the thousands of Disciples in his time. If we are not speaking for Jesus, acting the way Jesus would act, following His Word, and bringing people to Jesus Christ, then we are not truly trying to pick up our crosses to follow Him. Father Michel Rodrigue is explaining to us not just the prophetic messages he is getting from God, but he is guiding us on how to become Disciples for Jesus under the guidance and protection of the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother. This will be easier to see as events continue to unfold with the release of the secrets in Medjugorje, the miracles of healing and permanent signs at Marian Apparition sites, and the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience.

In this video, Father Michel makes a point to tell us that aliens do not exist, and it is the intent of the enemies of Jesus to make us believe that God is not our creator, and that we come from the seed of an alien nation. This is critical for us to understand because it has already been prophesied to Luz De Maria from Our Blessed Mother, and we have already spoken about this in the blog. We do not want anyone to be deceived by this lie about aliens existing because it is demonic and this lie may come at a critical time of distress on our planet to coerce us to believe this lie as the truth. This is why it is very good that Father Michel is confirming this information that was also given to Luz De Maria. Father Michel speaks about Archangels Saint Michael and Uriel. He also speaks about Our Guardian Angels and how powerful they are to protect us and guide us. We have to remember that this is a Spiritual battle, and God’s Angels are more powerful than fallen angels that work for the devil.

Father Michel talked about his own Guardian Angel and how his Guardian Angel showed him that he was going to become a priest. When we are in a mission for Jesus, we have Our Guardian Angels watching over us. Every parish, city, and country has a Guardian Angel, and if you have a special mission, you will have two Guardian Angels. Father Michel said Our Guardian Angels are our best confidant and we should always be praying with him and asking him to pray for us, and asking him and thanking him for his protection. Father Michel reminds us that Angels have no gender, and by nature they are Spirit. They have no bodies, and that is why the devil tries to influence our societies into believing we should not identify with our genders that we were born with that God gave us. Father Michel explains that Our Guardian Angels brings us the light of our well being from God. These are also graces from God. God Our Father tells Father Michel that we have to ask Our Guardian Angels to protect us everyday, because they also will not interfere with our will, unless God tells them to do so. They will accomplish the Will of our eternal Father, but they will also assist us when we ask them to do so, in accordance to the Will of God. Father Michel said when Our Guardian Angels come for us to take us to the refuge, it will look like a flame, the tongue of the Holy Spirit. We will follow this flame, that is being carried by Our Guardian Angels to the refuge. The Holy Spirit will give us an inner calling, then we will see the flame and follow it until we get to the refuge and then we will see all of the angels protecting the refuge. The refuge will be like a dome of protection, but we will not be looking outside because we will not want to see what is happening outside. We will also see the illuminating cross of Jesus that will heal all injuries and ailments we will have when we get to the refuge. Father Michel reminded us that we must begin to Trust Our Guardian Angels in this battle, because God is sending them to help us.

Here is a message to John Leary from Jesus on Divine Mercy Sunday. We have also posted his website at the top of this post for you to review all of his messages according to the dates given to him by Our Lord. It is important to remember that John Leary just had one of his prophecies fulfilled about this pandemic from 2012. Both of his videos are on the End Time Prophets and Bloggers Page of this blog.

“Sunday, April 19, 2020: (Mercy Sunday)
Jesus said: “My people, today is Mercy Sunday and I am taking mercy on My faithful by speeding up your time so you will have less to suffer during this pre-tribulation and the tribulation itself. In the Scriptures it mentions a 3½ year time of tribulation and that I will shorten the time for the sake of My elect. This physical speeding up of time is part of My mercy. You will be seeing difficulty in getting people back to their jobs, because many small businesses could fail due to no income. So there will be many unemployed people and your economy will suffer a deep drop. Just as some of you will be getting back to a partial normal, then you will face a deadlier virus in the fall. Many people will die, and you will see an even worse economy that could cause a martial law. When many people are dying, I will call My faithful to the safety of My refuges. Have no fear of the evil ones because My angels will protect you and heal you. Be prepared also for the coming Warning that will happen in a time of chaos.”
Note: We had a meeting at a local hospital with all of us staying in our cars, and we prayed the rosary and tried to launch a rosary made of balloons, but it failed to get off the ground. Heaven was pleased with our attempt to celebrate Divine Mercy with our rosaries.”

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

New Video by Queen of Peace Media From Father Michel Rodrigue on Why We Should not Fear the Devil. Also, More Information on the Warning!

Father Michel has come out with another fantastic video with Queen of Peace Media on teaching us not to be afraid of the devil and what is happening in these times of trial. Father Michel received a message from God Our Father in 2018. God showed Father Michel that the devil likes to divide, and that is how he conquers many souls. When an individual seeks to divide instead of unify, they are are being tempted by the devil. Father Michel said as a Christian, this should be easy for all of us to see because God teaches us this. Father Michel stated that this is also easy to see in the media and how society tries to constantly divide us. Father Michel said this is the work of Satan, and we have to see this. Father Michel said we are also just reacting and we have to learn to look with the eyes of FAITH. God Our Father told Father Michel, “Learn to look with the eyes of Faith, and My Holy Spirit will reveal to you My presence, and My Signs, and My Word that will not pass without being fulfilled.” The eyes of our Faith is in the knowledge of the Gospel, and we also do this with prayer, meditation on Jesus, and by making silence in our hearts.

God Our Father said, “Look at the Earth, sin breaks over people, the end of misery earths my children because of their offense. Satan ravages and closes hearts to My grace. Men act under the impulse of temptation and disordered desires. They follow their passions fed by bad desires.” Father Michel said we have to stop reacting and following our bad desires and temptations. God our Father said, “Greed stuns them. Look, many people think they are God. They manipulate life, they enact love for abortion and euthanasia. Satan uses their science to achieve his hands and integrate bodies against My Will. Many bodies are not human, they are different bodies, and receptacles of the devil.” They are receptacles of Satan and they are here to pollute life, and they are now in our society. Just one demon can pollute a whole town of people with immortal sin.

Father Michel stated we lose our judgement because we become blind. God Our Father said, “Look and Seek, I Am not late. Everything is moving, do not say that I have forgot You.” Look, observe. My Angels and Saints are ready to protect you. They are ready for the mission of the Earth.” Father Michel stated that God talked about two different times. The one regarding in our time, and the one regarding at the end of time. The one regarding in our time is the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the one regarding the Sacred heart of Jesus is the End of Time. Father Michel stated that he had a vision of Saint Anne, Mother Mary’s Mother, and many Saints coming down and all of our relatives in Heaven will come down with Jesus in the final battle. “My Daughter, Mother of My beloved Son and your Mother, will come out of the cleft of the Rock to bring in My Faithful Children, which is the Heart of Jesus that was pierced.” The refuge of Mother Mary is the Heart of Jesus. Our refuge is the Heart of Mary and Jesus. “My Son will be recognized, the manifestation of His glory will illuminate the sky, and no one will be able to escape it.” “He will come for the iniquity and evil that has grown in structure in society. Evil has erected in the structure of society, through the body of Satan. People who have consecrated themselves to Satan have taken over the structure of society. I come in the power of My Mercy, Fire, Water, Cold Air, Hot Air, will require very great sacrifices until the time when the prayer that will rise from the Earth to Me. Only prayer united to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will unite you to the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus and will call the plagues of the greed of men manipulated by the greed of the devil.” Father Michel said this message was given to him in 2018. Father Michel stated the the Warning is the ultimate message, but the greatest grace given to humanity since Jesus died on the cross to save the World.

Christine Watkins in this video read a message out of her book, The Warning, Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience, from Father Michel that Our Lord Jesus gave to him. “The Flame of the Holy Spirit will enlighten every conscience on Earth, the rays from Jesus’ wounds will pierce every heart like tongues of fire, and we will see ourselves as if in a mirror before us. We will see our souls, how precious they are to God the Father, and we will see the evil within ourselves. The illumination will last about 15 minutes. In this merciful pre-judgment, all will see where they will go at judgement to either Heaven, or Hell or Purgatory. More than seeing, however, they will feel the pain of their sins, all of them.” Christine Watkins, goes on to read several pages out of her book that go into detail that Father Michel had told her about the Warning from God Our Father. We highly recommend that you read this book, if you believe it will help prepare you more for the Warning, or illumination of Conscience that is coming soon.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

David Wilkerson Knew What Was Coming!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! We pray everyone had a beautiful Divine Mercy Sunday with Our Lord. We received an email from Paolo Laguado in Colombia, in South America, who asked if we could do more of a summary of the videos because it was difficult for him to understand all of the English spoken. We will do our best to explain the videos when we can, especially the very important videos, like Father Michel Rodrigue’s, and Pastor Paul Begley’s and Mike From Around the World. We will not be able to do all of them because it would be very difficult since we post a lot of videos that the Holy Spirit guides us to as we search for the Truth. Fortunately, a lot of the Prophets in this blog have their messages in different languages, which is a blessing. We thank everyone who is desiring to become a Disciple of Jesus Christ, and we are just here to help you see the Truth of our times, but we all individually have to seek Jesus daily and be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to be prepared for what will continue to come as the Labor Pains before we get to the Tribulation.

Today, we are going to discuss David Wilkerson, who was a very famous Evangelist that died in 2016. David Wilkerson was not a Prophet, but he did receive visions and dreams from God, because He loved Him and he knew Scripture very well. He explains what he saw coming as the end of our times in America that will all change very quickly in our lifetimes. He didn’t know exactly what it was that God would use to usher in life stopping events for all of us, but he did see it coming because of the sin. Here is one of his videos, on what will happen in the last days of America. Although he specifies America, it is important to understand that his message is for all Christians all over the World. We recommend that you read completely the Books of Nahum and Zephaniah to get an understanding from the Holy Spirit of what He revealed to David Wilkerson. David explains to us in Scripture that God never does anything without first revealing it to the Prophets in Amos 3:7, “Indeed, the Lord God does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.” David reminds us that he is only one of thousands of watchman that can see what is coming. God warned Abraham about Sodom, God warned Noah, He warned Samuel, He warned Jeremiah, and God warned Daniel. David Wilkerson said that our American shepherds (Pastors and Priests) have become so blind, that they are fearful to share the true word of God on judgement. David tells us that the Prophet Daniel saw when the Messiah was coming and knew He would have a ministry of three and half years. Daniel knew because he studied God’s Word in Scripture. He studied Leviticus and Deuteronomy. David Wilkerson reminds us that any God fearing Christian can study the same Scripture and know what was prophesied in the past and what Our Lord will do in judgement. Moses mentioned a curse if we do not obey God’s Word and even though we are covered by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, if we do not obey God’s Word, the curse still applies.

Then David Wilkerson points us to Deuteronomy 28:16. David gives us 12 signs that America is under judgement right now: 1.) A curse upon your cities, our own newspapers are calling our cites war zones from drugs, anarchy, murder, and violence. 2.) a curse on your economy, curses in thy basket and thy store, all your reserves. 3.) a curse on thy cattle, and thy land, which will be famine. 4.) a curse upon our foreign negotiators, confusion and rebuke with foreign nations. (Foreign Policy is in total disarray) 5.) Plagues of incurable illnesses. (Coronavirus?) 6.) Curse of drought and dust bowls. (Drought is coming this year) 7.) Insignificant frail enemies will cause us to chase, (North Korea?). 8.) Epidemic of divorce, split families. (Already happening) 9.) Wave of bankruptcies, thy ox shall be slain before your eyes, thy sheep given to thy enemies. 10.) The loss of an entire youth generation, thy sons and daughters given away to another people, someone else raising our children against our beliefs in our school systems. 11.) Will see a prosperity of other nations at our expense, China and Japan prospering at our expense. 12.) Become a debtor Nation instead of a lending Nation, we are deep in debt!

David Wilkerson reminds us of Nineveh, which was a great city whose wickedness had come before God. God sent the Prophet Jonah to Nineveh who repented in a way, but they eventually went back to their sins. Then God brought Nahum and Zephaniah. In Nahum, Chapter 1:2 “God is jealous and the Lord is vengeful and wrathful.” David Wilkerson tells us that Nahum’s prophecy was revealed to him through the word of God. He studied the history of Egypt and of their destruction. That society was the greatest society in history, but full of false gods. Ezekiel prophesied against that same city, and God brought it down. David said you have to understand the principal to understand when God steps in and brings down a city. Nahum understood the trigger point of God’s anger against all societies, cities and people that have gone against Him. David Wilkerson stated that God has destroyed all other cities and empires that have reached that point of sin, so why would He spare anyone else that goes against Him? David Wilkerson stated, we are at that same trigger point now in America. If we become drunken as a society, or country with lust, sin, and treasures of this world, then God will allow the curse. Are we better than Sodom? Are we better than Nineveh? David Wilkerson stated there is a point that God must act to send judgment in Nahum, Chapter 1:11 “From you one has gone who plots evil against the Lord, who counsels wickedness.” David Wilkerson said this was our Supreme Court in America, but we in this blog believe it is bigger than that. (We have Freemasons with the Elites doing this in all of our countries all over the world now.)

David Wilkerson went over 4 judgments that will bring a country down by God. 1.) No end to corpses. Nahum 3:3. 2.) I will show the Nations your nakedness and the kingdoms thy shame. Nahum 3:5. (Scandal and shame of how our politicians act.) 3.) A Baptism of filth. (our actions are a horrible example to the world.) 4.) A massive depression of which there will be no escape. Nahum 3:16, (Foreign governments will devastate the economy by scavenging the profits and leaving.) Zephaniah 2:14, David Wilkerson said that there will be such an economic devastation that all skyscrapers and buildings will be left bare.

David Wilkerson said that although we are a people of God, we will go through this devastation, but we will come out of it. Just like the angels were sent to Lot and his family to come out of Sodom, before the city was destroyed. In Nahum 1:7, “Be silent before the Lord God! For the day of the Lord is at hand; the Lord has prepared a sacrifice, he has consecrated his guests.” Then David Wilkerson reads Psalm 31, and explains there is a safe house that God is guiding us to. David said we have to give everything to God, so that He is our rock and fortress! David said that we are going to live the Book of Acts all over again. America is dying, but Zion is rising!

Here is David Wilkerson in one of his last videos before he died. He tells us in this video that we will have fear, but God understands that. There is a time for weeping, but then there comes a time to fight. We have to encourage ourselves in the Lord. We have to get alone with God and we have to get our own word, and let the Lord speak encouragement to us. God has everything under control, and will see His Church through. We are in the Ark of safety (Refuge) and God will lead us through this storm.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Father Mark Goring’s Divine Mercy Sunday Mass, April 19, 2020. Also, Prophetic Messages from Father Michel Rodrigue, John Leary, Valentina Papagna and The Little Prophet. (Update, April 29, 2020! Video from Queen of Peace Media removed at request of Father Michel Rodrigue)

Good Morning Disciples of Christ, happy Feast of Divine Mercy! We have quite a bit to put on today’s post, because Prophets, Bloggers, and Christian Websites have been very busy putting out information for Jesus, which is great! We are all working diligently to get all of God’s Children to open their Spiritual Eyes and Ears to the Truth, which are events and prophecies of the end times that are occurring everyday all over the world! As prophecies unfold, we are all getting discernment from the Holy Spirit on what He is guiding us to inform you about so that you will continue to work on your own Relationship with Jesus, Our Lord. None of us wish to do this to scare you, but to get you ready Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically as much as possible before the Second Pentecost occurs at the Warning! Once this occurs, we will have little time left to assist Jesus in the Salvation of Souls. We have new followers to this blog, and believe the Holy Spirit has brought all of you here to serve Jesus for the Salvation of Souls. The Holy Spirit will guide each of us on what He wants us to do for Jesus, we just have to Surrender to Jesus everyday in prayer and tell Jesus that we wish to Serve Him!

Here is today’s Mass with Father Mark Goring on Divine Mercy Sunday at St. Mary’s in Canada.

Also, here is Father Michel Rodrigue’s latest video conducted by Queen of Peace Media. In case you haven’t noticed, the Holy Spirit has guided us to both of these Priests separately, but believe that the Holy Spirit will eventually bring them together in an interview, because they are both on fire with the Holy Spirit for the Salvation of Souls!

Next, I am going to post the latest message from John Leary. The reason why we put certain messages together in this blog, is because God is always pointing us to the bigger picture in everything He does, to include prophecy! As we all grow Spiritually with Him, we begin to see that He loves each of us individually, but also as a whole. The more we work together to Serve Him, the more the Holy Spirit guides us into realizing that it is our duty to God to assist Him in bringing all of His Children back to Him. John Leary has worked diligently for Jesus to do this for over forty years now, and He never gave up on God’s Will. Now, his prophecies from God are becoming fulfilled! Here is his message from April 13, 2020.

Monday, April 13, 2020:
Jesus said: “My people, you have celebrated this Holy Week and now you will be celebrating My Resurrection for fifty days up to Pentecost. Even now you are praying your Divine Mercy Novena as you approach Mercy Sunday. In today’s readings you read of St. Peter’s explanation of My Resurrection to the people of Jerusalem. In the Gospel you read of how the high priests bribed the soldiers to say that My disciples carried My Body off. Truly I resurrected as I gave witness later to My apostles. You have time in your homes to dwell on the glory of My Resurrection, and pray for those people who are suffering from this virus epidemic. Have patience and you will soon have a lull in your trial, before a worse virus will return in the fall. Pray for all of your relatives and friends that they will survive this virus.”

Jesus said: “My people, what you are experiencing right now is communist China’s new biological weapon to bring down America and other nations. The deep state has given China the means to make such biological weaponized viruses. The deep state is led by the devil, and this is the evil ones’ attempt to bring down your President and your economy. The same deep state people are using the media to put down the use of hydroxychloroquine because it actually cures people. Your President will need to find a way to heal people quickly so you can get back to work. The evil ones are using fear to paralyze your minds. Once this first wave of virus subsides, you may have a short time to stock up on food and supplements to build up your immune systems. Use your elderberry extract, Hawthorn, vitamin C, holy water, and blessed salt to protect yourselves from the worse virus in the fall. The virus attack in the fall may cause your government to postpone your elections. Pray for your people to be able to avoid this sickness, and heal those who are infected. You may have to come to My refuges when your deaths are many, and definitely come when your lives are in danger.”

Next, is the most recent message to Valentina Papagna from Australia,

God permits this Virus due the Sins of the World

While I was praying the Divine Mercy prayers, our Lord Jesus came and said, “I come to tell you to be more precautious about this deadly virus. It is better to stay home and not to go out too much. Stay indoors so that you can be more protected. This virus is very dangerous, and it can kill anyone, not only the elderly people.”
Lord Jesus continued, “Remember My child that the plague that God sent to Egypt, that swept right through the land and killed many people because they offended God in terrible sin and in the presence of God. Today, however, in this present time, humanity offends God much more greatly. God permits this virus to happen, and it is for a very good reason. This virus will sweep through the entire world before it gets better.”
“Lose no hope,” He said.
“Tell everyone to pray, and the strength will come to you all, and My Grace will sustain you all.”
“My child, did you notice that your pain is increasing. I use your suffering for the people that die from this virus, to save their souls.”
Our Lord was referring to the suffering caused by the severe pain in my leg.
Lord Jesus said, “Pray for them. They had no chance to repent of their sins and to reconcile with God.”
Lord have mercy on everyone and on the entire world.

Lastly, here is the latest message to the Little Prophet, that we also have added to this blog. I will not print this because it is long, but pay attention to the questions the Little Prophet asks Jesus, and Jesus’ response. Just like the Little Prophet, all of us want to please Jesus because We Love Him! Jesus has all of us working individually on separate missions, but we are all working together for Him! Please take the time to ask Jesus how you can Serve Him today in Prayer on the Feast of Divine Mercy Sunday.

Emmanuel- “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Update! Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World, April 17, 2020.

Good Morning Disciples of Christ. We listened to the most recent show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on The Coming Apocalypse. Mike notified us that 5G and all of the intent to to have machine to machine communicate is finally in place. This is called the Trump initiative for Artificial Intelligence. Mike stated that 5G was already in place in late 2018, and the trials took place last year. Mike also stated that now, the machines can not only speak to one another, but that they are designed to conduct predictive profiling of individuals and their choices. The machines can track what we are doing now, just like our cell phones can track what we watch on our smart phones and predict what our likes and dislikes are on the internet. Mike stated that this initiative is now in place and this virus kick starts the initiative to be used in order to begin tracking where this virus is located. Mike stated that predictive systems are powerful and now our governments have a reason to begin to use them more consistently.

Pastor Paul Begley stated that he heard Dr. Fauci, President Trump’s Medical Advisor, state that another wave of this Coronavirus was coming back in the fall of 2020. President Trump’s Advisors want to be able to track who has had the virus and who hasn’t and if there will be certain regions that will cause this virus to come back more contagious in certain areas that have higher amounts of people who had previously contracted the virus. Mike reminded us that our country is losing billions of dollars per day in resources and the economies being closed down. Recovery is not an overnight thing and that it will take at least a year and half to get us back on track. Pastor Paul Begley asked Mike if it were possible that certain cities in China got inoculated against the virus and that is why it was so rampant in certain cities and others it wasn’t. Mike stated that China has a hammer policy in their country and this is what keeps people in their place. We are a free nation, and not communists, so we have more people moving freely across our country that are spreading this virus. Mike stated that many Christians are in a state of denial, but that the Holy Spirit is guiding us to understand that something is not right in our world, and we have to wake up to the Truth. Pastor Paul asked if Mike if he thought we would be making a mistake if we re-opened the United States in phases. Mike stated that they do not have a handle on this virus. Mike stated that the Coronavirus death rate is high and also the death rate of natural causes is also high. So, we really don’t know if these people that are dying of natural causes in their homes are caused from the Coronavirus or not. So, if people get back out, it is bound to spread again. Pastor Paul stated that he has a relative in the medical industry that knows there are people dying of the virus at home and they are not coming to the hospital for fear of catching the virus. Mike stated that our President has to open the door to allow people to get back to work just to keep our economy from collapsing. So, everything will have to be digitized so that they can track this virus to get an idea of what steps to make and that is why they want these machines to communicate. Pastor Paul reminds us that the beast system is rising and the Bible speaks of these events.

Pastor Paul brought up comet Atlas that was due to fly by the Earth on April 29, 2020, that is breaking apart now into three parts and asked Mike is that the threat to us in May, 2020 that Mike has been talking about all of this time. Also, there is a huge Asteroid coming by, should we have concern over it. Mike stated that many Asteroids will have a lot of debris. Mike stated that we have some real problems out there, and when this stuff begins, nobody is going to be concerned how it got here, just about if their house is next to burn up. Mike said we are going to endure some things, and there is no safe place to go. The nature of these debris fields will be how sporadic this debris will be in each wave and how small it will be that will make it difficult to track. Mike stated that there will be something so significant when we get to the biblical prophecy of Israel being trampled under foot, that there is no telling what has happened to the United States that would cause us to not defend and assist them in their time of need. Both Pastor Paul and Mike brought up the Book of Revelation, Chapter 8, and how one third of the Earth, plants and trees will be burned up! Mike stated that this is a huge part of the Earth. What could make the grass burn up all over the Earth! Mike reminds us that if this is the grass that burns up, what about how many homes and buildings will burn up as collateral damage.

Pastor Paul and Mike talked about the economy in the United states, and what will happen with the affects of this Coronavirus. Mike stated that our assets in America are different than what they were 5 years ago, and there is a struggle of control in America. Mike stated that the money system is going to have to change, because the speed of the change is coming and it will have to change over quickly because of the change of the Federal Reserve. There is a concern of the populace and how the populace exchanges money. We are going to move to a new type of cash system. We have been trained to use our devices and use debit instead of cash. We are in a bubble and our younger generation are wired in to be able to adapt to this change. Our money system has already changed and we have to catch up to have total accountability of everyone in the United States. Pastor Paul asked if we are going to have to wear a bracelet or some type of accountability tracking device and Mike stated, Yes, because they are going to want to track people. Pastor Paul asked if there was going to be citizen containment? Mike stated, Yes, this Coronavirus has given them a way to mandate why we need this system of money exchange. There is a forced activity with our Governors that will have to be enforced and many people will not like it, but it will be the enforcement of the beast kingdom, that we will have no control over. Pastor Paul reminded us that everything in Biblical Prophecy is getting played out right before our eyes. Mike stated that he would be back next week on Thursday, April 23, 2020.

This is not the best news we could hear as Disciples of Christ, but God is preparing us so that we will not be caught off guard when all of this does take place. We do not plan on wearing any type of tracking device if we can help it, and this is something we will all have to pray about for discernment from the Holy Spirit on guidance. Let us all pray that Our Lord takes us to the Refuges before digitized tracking devices get put completely in place.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Keep praying and let’s celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday tomorrow with Love in Our Hearts for Jesus and telling Him, “Jesus, We TRUST in You.”

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