New Message To Luz De Maria and New Videos From Pro-Life For Mankind by Elly Hancsak.

Good Morning Disciples of Christ. I am thankful to God that we all have each other for consolation in these times, because we all get discouraged as events continue to unfold and it is good that we support each other through and in Our Lord Jesus Christ. We have to continue to pray for each other and that we all stay in God’s Will and do not offend the Blessed Trinity. Humility is one of the hardest virtues to achieve and keep, because of what the devil temps us with constantly, and it is God’s graces that keeps us humble that we all must pray for daily as we struggle to stay in His Will. We all see this struggle in ourselves and occasionally in the Prophets because as we receive gifts from the Holy Spirit, the devil is always trying to knock us out of God’s Will. As we have said before, the more attacks we receive, the more we can see that we are working towards His Will. We have to continue to pray for God’s graces for all of us to keep staying on this narrow path to the foot of the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ. And just because we get knocked down, we just get right back up and tell Jesus we are sorry, and we keep working on achieving that virtue. It is a life long process, but achievable, because we have witnessed it in the Saints.

Luz De Maria received a message from Our Lord Jesus on Divine Mercy Sunday.

Our Lord is encouraging with His words, “I invite you to remain in My Love, where you will find no obstacles, no judgments, no contempt, no bitterness. I invite you to be My own Love, so that My Mercy would encounter no obstacles, and MAY THIS TIME WHEN CHANGE IS BEGINNING FOR HUMANITY, CHANGE IN TERMS OF TRIALS AND CALAMITIES, THEREFORE BE OVERCOME WITH FAITH IN MY HOLY SPIRIT who will give you the grace of perseverance and Love towards Me so that you might not be left by the wayside, if you are worthy of such graces, working and acting in My Divine Will.”

Our Lord is reminding us to build Our Faith with the help of the Holy Spirit, only if we are acting in His Divine Will. Notice, Our Lord said, if we are worthy of these graces by acting in His Divine Will. We have to stay in a state of grace as much as possible to be able to constantly receive the graces from the Holy Spirit. Although, we are under restriction in our homes, try to go to confession if possible to try and remain in a state of grace, which can be difficult with venial sin, but achievable. The more sin we have alleviated from our souls, the less painful the Warning will be when Our Lord presents us our sins, and shows us what we must confess after the Warning.

Our Lord also said, “Pray, children, the passive war will become clear before the eyes of humanity and man will see another armed conflict arise.

Pray, as the Act of My Mercy is close to humanity, and you need to persist in Faith, so that after the Warning (1) My Angels who remain on Earth might take souls faithful to Me to where they are to preach and where they will be needed to encourage My faithful.” Here again, Our Lord is revealing to the Prophets that the Warning is close, and that He is counting on us as His Disciples to preach the gospel and encourage one another. “My People must not be distressed and lost, but be strengthened with their previous Communions and wait patiently. THEN THE SECOND EFFUSION OF MY HOLY SPIRIT WILL BE GIVEN just after the Warning for My righteous and faithful so that they would be an encouragement for their brothers and sisters.”

So, here is the promise of the Second Pentecost that Father Michel Rodrigue has been telling us about in his prophecy from God Our Father.

Next, we want to discuss 2 videos that Pro-life For Mankind has posted. The first is a prophecy from Kim Clement about North Korean Leader Kim Jung-Un. Notice, in this prophecy that Kim Clement prophesied in 2009, he said that Kim Jung-Un is already dead, brain dead. This was a prophecy that Kim Clement received in 2009 that appears to have been fulfilled. When we listened to Mike From Around the World the other day, he made a point to say, that it would not be good for the World if Kim Jung-Un died because other relatives of Kim Jung-Un would lead us to War. It is still uncertain if Kim Jung-Un is dead, but the South Korean government reported today that he is “alive and well”. We shall continue to follow this with Elly on Pro-Life For Mankind to see what comes of this situation.

Lastly, in this video from Pro-life for Mankind, Elly Hancsak does a very good comparison of significant dates and announcements from Mirjana in Medjugorje and Conchita of Garabandal. Elly does not believe that it was a coincidence that Mirjana’s messages from Our Blessed Mother stopped on the second day of every month from March 18, 2020, and then Conchita of Garabandal, came out with a message on March 19, 2020. She believes Our Lord is trying to get our attention, and we also believe this in this blog.

She has written a book on the Tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the hidden messages in the Tilma on the end times and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Here is another video by Elly Hancsak,

She also believes that the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience is at the door.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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