New Video From Father Michel Rodrigue on Queen of Peace Media, April 22, 2020. (Update! We added this video back in because of the Relevance and Importance of the Message of the End Times from Our Blessed Mother to Father Michel Rodrigue!)

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Here is the latest video From Queen of Peace Media with Father Michel Rodrigue, and we consider this video to be the most important video speaking to us so far. Please listen carefully to every word, because every word is important for us to hear as Disciples for Jesus. We pray that none of these videos get taken down before every soul that needs to hear them gets to hear them.

In this video, Father Michel reminds us that we must surrender our families to Our Blessed Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart, she will intercede for them and pray for them to come back to Jesus Our Lord. The water of Baptism is the water from the Heart of Jesus, and the water from the Holy Spirit gives life to this world. Father Michel said he will give two messages, one from Our Blessed Mother, and the other from Jesus that was given to Father Michel in Knock, Ireland. Jesus told Father Michel that the message of Knock, Ireland was to tell His Children that He is the King of Kings that will rule at the end of time represented by the Lamb of God. Father Michel said that during prayer, he heard the voice of Saint John the Evangelist. Father Michel said this is what they originally were using to cast out demons in exorcisms. Saint John said to him the words from his gospel. “The Word became Flesh.” “In the beginning was the Word, the Word became God, and the Word was God. It was in the beginning with God all things came into being through Him and without Him, not one thing can come into being. Everything was created through Him.” Then Saint John quoted from the Book of Revelation, “Behold, I make all things new, says the Lord.” Revelation, Chapter 21:5. Father Michel said that the apparition of Knock, Ireland was made for this time. Father Michel said that he understood that Saint John was explaining to him that in these times, we would be facing the devil, the antichrist. And, we will face the antichrist with the Word of God, the Word of the Lord by His Authority. This is explained that this is according to the Book of Revelation.

Then Our Blessed Mother told Father Michel, “My dear Children, I am here to warn you of what will soon happen on Earth, behold here the presence of my Son on the altar of His sacrifice. Figure the lamb that was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah. The lamb of the sacrifice for the salvation of the world. The lamb of the paschal mystery. In the mystery of the Holy Eucharist is also present the body of the Church.” Father Michel said that when we are present in the body of Christ through the consecration, we are present in the total body of Christ and in the mystery of the Holy Eucharist is the body of the Church. In the mystery of the Church is the total body in Him, with Him, and through Him, is the Church militant, the Church suffering, and the Church in heaven. The ecclesiastical body also that is in the Eucharist. Father Michel said that sometimes while he is having Mass, Jesus will look at Him and the entire crowd in the Church with radiant Love, and sometimes the face of Jesus will change to Our Blessed Mother’s face. Father Michel stated that in a vision, he saw Pope Benedict on the side, and Jesus was looking at him, then Jesus turns his eyes, and Father Michel saw Pope Francis and this was the message for Father Michel that both Popes will end up giving their lives for the Church. Father Michel said that we should never say the Pope is the antichrist because we don’t know what we are saying. We should never criticize the Pope, or judge because we all make mistakes, and Jesus has told Father Michel that only He can judge His Priests. Father Michel stated that the devil wants us to divide and separate so that he can conquer us. We should just pray for him as a leader in Faith. Nobody can take the place of Jesus in judgement. The devil can make illusions and we must be prudent about what we say.

Then, Father Michel went on to finish what Our Blessed Mother said, “As your Mother, I came here with Saint Joseph, the patron of the Church and your patron. He is your defender against the evil work of all who have betrayed Jesus. The figure of John the Evangelist as an Apostle, who is also here was chosen by My Son at the foot of the cross, to protect Me until the day of my Assumption into heaven. He is here as a representative of My faithful and consecrated Children. He is the antithesis of the one who betrayed Jesus.” Father Michel said this is why Pope Paul said, “The smoke of Satan has entered by a crack in the Church.” The crack represents as a symbol of the Priesthood. Father Michel said that Saint John was chosen to be the antithesis with the Book of Revelation to the evil against the Elect. Judas, who was also an Apostle, that betrayed Jesus, was chosen and the betrayal of Jesus is at this high level in the Church against the Elect. Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests that are in the Church are betraying Jesus. Mother Mary said, “In the Book of Revelation, soon you will understand what is in this book. The Church will soon be sacrificed as my Son was.” Father Michel said that we will soon see the death of the one that we thought will always be there for us, the Pope.My faithful will suffer before entering in the place prepared for you. (We believe in this blog, that Our Blessed Mother is referring to the refuges.) “The cross of the lamb will shine soon for you on the Earth and every person. They shall see their conscience when they will see the lamb of God on the cross. They will see their enlightenment of the King of Kings.” Father Michel said the Virgin Mary has a crown on her head both in the apparition of Knock, Ireland, and in LaSalette, France. Our Blessed Mother said “My attitude of prayer and standing, looking up and waiting with My open arms will be for the day of Warning for everyone.” Father Michel stated the Blessed Virgin Mary has intervened for us many times, but now She prays for the Warning to come, because this is now the time when we can help her pray for the conversion of many souls that are going to hell now. Father Michel said we must pray for our families, our children, and others. We must have prayer now, penitence, and more penitence. We are the Church and this is the only way to help others now. The attitude of prayer shown by Saint Joseph in reverence teaches us that we must pray, and have penitence now. The Church is the living stone of heaven that we represent, and we are the Church. Father Michel said we, as the Church, must have this same attitude as Saint Joseph.

“The last Apostle on Earth represents the year Our King of the Church in these days of confusion. Only the true teaching that goes back to the Apostles and transmitted by the living tradition of the Church, revealed by the Holy Spirit, who is the Soul of the Church, our Sanctifier will protect you against the false prophet and the false teaching of their sin. This teaching belongs to Satan, who has infiltrated the mystical body of My Son on Earth. I call the Apostle of the Last Time, arise with a humble heart. With an obedient and dedicated life to My Son, Jesus. Listen to what I said in LaSalette, and in Akita.” Father Michel said that Knock was linked with LaSalette. So, the apparition of Knock is radiated with the apparition of LaSalette. Father Michel said the Akita message was for “if we repented”, but now Saint Michael informed Father Michel that the purification is now happening. Mother Mary continued, “Listen to what I said in LaSalette, please.” Father Michel said the message in LaSalette was speaking about the hierarchy of the Church. In Akita, the time is coming, be ready, confess your sins, go to confessional, fast and say the Rosary that will save you from the snares of the devil. Pray to your Guardian Angel, come and adore My Son in the most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist. Meditate on the words of My Son as the lamb of God as the Gospel of Saint John and in the Book of Revelation. I promise you the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart.”

The second message was from Our Lord Jesus Christ to Father Michel while he was praying in the adoration chapel in Knock, Ireland. “I Am the Lamb of God. Soon I will open the 7th Seal to fulfill the Will of My Father.” Father Michel said that in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 6 is announcing the Tribulation. Father Michel said that it will grow, step by step until we get to the sign in Heaven of the Virgin Mary in Chapter 12 in the Book of Revelation. Jesus told Father Michel, “Who welcomes you, welcomes Me, and the Blessing of My Father.” Father Michel said this is a blessing for us too, because now we can see Our Father in these messages he has received. “When you see the Host, you see My Body and My Blood. You see My Face that is presented to you as a white shining bread. I Am the bread of life for everyone, who will eat this bread of life and will rise on the last day. A great darkness is coming on the world.” A darkness of sin, of misery, of Satan, who will try to disfigure the face of My body, who is My Church.” He will try to disfigure My white Face in the Holy Eucharist with Sacrilege. At that moment, time will be up. A great disaster will engulf the world as never before.” Father Michel said that he was pleading for more time, with the precious blood of Jesus to God Our Father, and he heard the words, “No! My son listen to Me, if I do not intervene, My Elect will fall. I intervene for the Salvation of My Faithful. It must be done. Don’t ask anymore.” Now, Father Michel said he prays that this Second Pentecost will be the Salvation of many. “He said a great disaster will engulf the world as never before. Rome will fall. Satan will never prevail over My Just and My Faithful Remnant.” Father Michel said that Our Church will be stronger than ever, because God will protect His faithful remnant in the refuges, and during the time of the refuge, we will have no Pope of three and a half years. Because the antichrist will sit on the seat of Rome, but don’t worry, God has already prevailed for everything. When the time will be, a New Pope will come. This will be Peter the Roman from the Saint Malachi Prophecy. It is important for us to see and we must have a Catholic Catechism By Saint John Paul II to be put in our backpacks for the refuges with our twenty minutes to leave. Father Michel said read it, and learn it. Father Michel said we must read the Bible, and the Catechism of the Faith. We will be teaching this to our Children and others in the refuge. It is really important to learn our Faith in the Tradition of Our Church. Father Michel said to be ready, it is not just about food and water. We have to know Our Faith. Father Michel said Our Father will bring many people to the Priests after the Warning. Baptism of many, confession of many, before we go to the Refuge. Father Michel said that the Warning will reveal to everyone that the Catholic Faith is the Church that God has chosen for everyone. Father Michel said that the Priests will have to be ready. We will have to Catechize them, and the Priests will have to Baptize thousands. Then we go to the Refuges. If someone does not have time to go to confession before we are taken to the refuges, then the Priests will conduct a general absolution, because it will be considered a time of emergency for the Church.

Father Michel continues with Jesus’ message, “The sign will be in the sky and the hand of My Father will vanquish the darkness of Satan, his false prophets, and his slithering accolades. The Seal will be broken. Prepare yourself for this day.” Father Michel said, every Seal will represent condemnation opened by the lamb of God, Christ the King. “My Mother will protect my just everywhere in the refuges prepared by her Immaculate Heart. My son Michel, you will have great responsibility on your shoulders. Know that the burden will be light and the joy of My Children will be great. Happy are those that are called to the Supper of the Lamb. I cherish, I protect them, I nourish them, I bless them. They will not fear the pestilence of the enemy in the hour of Jesus Christ the King, your Savior, your Friend.”

Wow, what a powerful message from Our Lord and Blessed Mother that just speaks to our hearts! Get ready Disciples of Jesus Christ, we will have a lot of work to do.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

3 Replies to “New Video From Father Michel Rodrigue on Queen of Peace Media, April 22, 2020. (Update! We added this video back in because of the Relevance and Importance of the Message of the End Times from Our Blessed Mother to Father Michel Rodrigue!)”

  1. Good afternoon everyone I am trying to find out what we need to put in our backpacks I know the catechism needs to be there are Bibles of course rosaries but what else do we need to put in our backpacks can someone please help me God bless you all your sister in Christ Nelly Dicupe


    1. Hello Nelly, we have a post in the blog called, Making a “Go Bag” or “Go Backpack”. There are pictures for you to look at a list of items to take, including Sacramentals. We will re-post this information to the front of the blog, so it will be easy to find. God Bless.


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