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Getting Ready for an Airborne Pandemic. What are the best types of masks for a return of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Fall. Also, Messages to Luz De Maria on the Diseases and Plagues that Exterminate Humanity and the Natural Medicinal Remedies recommended by Our Blessed Mother.

Hello Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have been researching different types of masks we should all consider purchasing for a return of this Covid-19 Pandemic in the Fall and if it will become an airborne Pandemic. The reason why we are looking at this now is because of the latest message from Our Lord Jesus Christ to prophet John Leary that the return of this virus in the Fall will be airborne. It also appears that chances are getting more than likely that we will be going to the Permanent Refuges this Fall. Our Lord stated that if things got really bad to where many of His Children were being affected by this virus, He would call us to His Refuges for protection. If this virus does return this Fall as an airborne contagion instead of droplet, like it is now, then it will become even more contagious and more likely that more people will die from it. So, all we can do, is continue to put more Faith In Jesus and continue to prepare physically the best way we can. We have used Nate Polson in the past, who is the Canadian Prepper, and we really appreciate his expertise, but his video on airborne contagion masks seemed to be really detailed and I believe we need to try and make this as simple as possible for all of us. So, here is a video from a novice that just did some simple research on the best type of mask to use to prevent different types of droplet contagions and airborne contagions. In his video, he covers the best types of masks to use for the Coronavirus or Covid-19 which is only categorized as a droplet contagion at this time. So, this is why he is recommending a N-95 mask, which is not used for airborne particulates. However, since we are preparing for a possible or highly likely airborne contagion in the Fall per the prophets, lets look at what he recommended. He said in this video that the American standard of masks that prevented 99.97 percent particulate, which is both droplet and airborne is the P-100 masks. He also discussed the different numbering systems in different countries. So, the European standard mask that blocks out airborne particulate is P3, and the Korean standard mask is KF99. So, we know that our masks would have to be the equivalent of these category numbers and they would also be known as respirators.

It is hard to believe that we would have to be concerned about wearing a respirator at this point, but, in a war-time situation, you would have to be concerned about having one of these in case an enemy combatant did drop both biological or chemical agents in your areas. This is hard for us to imagine, but we know as the labor pains get worse, we need to be prepared to be moving into the 3rd and 4th Seals being opened by Jesus in the book of Revelation. By the time the 4th Seal is opened, there is plague, sword and famine, which translates to another catastrophic pandemic, war, and people starving to death all over the world. This is not something we like to bring to mind, but we have to continue to prepare the best way we can with guidance from the Holy Spirit. So, here are the different types of respirators and how they compare to each other that someone has already conducted. Again, we are not experts in these fields, but just put this information in this blog to assist you in your own research. Always pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance. The one thing we have learned is if you don’t get these things now, there may not be any available to purchase 6 months from now. This article also has a video down at the bottom of the article demonstrates the different types of P-100, and P3 respirators and what each one blocks out. If you don’t get a full mask and purchase only a half mask, then you would have to wear tightly fitting goggles to keep your eyes protected. If you have small children, there would be a concern of them removing the goggles or the masks, so you definitely should pray about which type would be best for you and your family. We have not personally purchased any yet, but are still praying about which one is best for us.

In the message recently to Prophet John Leary, Our Lord stated that the virus will be worse in the Fall and will be spread via the Chemtrails in the sky, which to me is like a biological agent. We have already written a post about the Chemtrails that the Elites have been spraying for a while now, titled, “Our Blessed Lord Warns us about the HAARP, and Our Blessed Mother Warns us about the Chemtrails”. Chemtrails with viral contaminates will cause the virus to become airborne. In this message to Luz De Maria from Our Blessed Mother, She tells her about a threat to humanity about an airborne virus, This next message from Our Lord tells Luz De Maria about Chemical contaminations that cause disease by those who have conspired to exterminate much of humanity out of their own selfish desires and interests.

Lastly, here is another version of the natural Medicinal Remedies from Our Blessed Mother to Luz De Maria that will help with the diseases that are coming and will continue to come as we enter in the opening of the 4th Seal in the Book of Revelation. We have already posted this in other posts in the blog, but since we have new followers, we wanted to make sure that it was seen by everyone. We hope this information is helpful in getting a respirator that will protect us against any airborne contamination. However, prayer is the most powerful protection daily to Our Lord, Our Blessed Mother, Saint Michael the Archangel, and Our Guardian Angels.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

Happy Ascension Sunday! Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada. Also, New Messages from John Leary! Also, Update from Mike From Around the World from May 21, 2020!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! Things are really starting to ramp up on the Labor pains, and we need to all persevere in prayer today at Holy Mass. Depending on where you are from, you may or may not be allowed to get back to Church. This past week, we were blessed to be able to attend Holy Mass in person and receive the Body of Our Lord, and oh how we all take the Blessed Sacrament for granted, and don’t realize it until disasters like this occur. First, we would like to keep posting the Holy Mass by internet from St. Mary’s Parish, just in case you still can’t get to attend in person.

Next, we will post new messages to Prophet John Leary from Our Lord that are looking more than likely that we will be having the Warning this Fall, and being taken to a Permanent Refuge. Everything is always in God’s control, and no matter what happens, we will be obedient to His Will. We will not be scared, panicked, or abandon Our Lord, but continue to prepare these next 6 months, just in case, Our Lord is ready to bring His Last Great Act of Divine Mercy in the Warning! Here are some of John Leary’s Prophetic messages this past week. This message below is from Saint Michael and notice that Our Lord stated that the virus in the Fall will be airborne. Don’t panic, but try and purchase now, masks that are good to prevent airborne viral contamination. We will also pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us into what types of masks are best and least expensive and put out a post in this blog.

Monday, May 18, 2020:
St. Michael said: “I am Michael and I stand before God to defend the faithful. I thank you for praying to me after Mass, and when you need protection from the evil one in your driving and before you receive Holy Communion. You pray my long form at night for your protection and to help save the souls in your family. I am coming today because you truly are at the crossroads before the Antichrist will come on the scene. You are rapidly trying to finish up your refuge projects before the people will come to your refuge. All of the Lord’s refuges have a special angel, as you have St. Meridia. These angels and Myself will put shields of invisibility around you for your protection. We angels will also prevent the evil ones from harming you in any way. We angels also will build huge buildings to house the faithful who come to the refuges. You saw us digging out a basement for you. We will be finishing up any projects that need fixing, and we will multiply your food, water, and fuels when you have faith in God’s miracles. When you come to the refuges, you will look upon the luminous cross that will heal you of any ailments of the body. You will give thanks to God in your Adoration hour and when you receive daily Holy Communion from us or your priest. I am affirming all the messages you have received, so people will have confidence and trust in God’s protection and the fulfilling of all of your needs. Continue your prayers to me, and I will bring my shield of protection over you as well. Be prepared because the Great Tribulation draws close through this virus plan of the evil ones. Fear not because God and His angels will protect you.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have had a somewhat secret operation to use chemtrails as a means to stop global warming. Unbeknown to the people who spread the chemtrails, they really are making people sick with flu like symptoms in the fall especially. Even your people on the ground can see all of the chemtrails, and later people are getting sick. Since your people are used to seeing chemtrails in the sky, they will not know when the evil ones will start spreading the new more deadly corona virus. Then all of a sudden many people will fall sick, and many will die. I will have a means of an inner locution that I will send to warn My faithful when it is time to come to My refuges, so they can be protected from this new virus in the fall. Have your masks ready to wear when I call you, so you do not breathe this virus laden air. This is why you must leave at once for My refuges within 20 minutes when I call you. Once you come to My refuges, you will be healed of any virus and any other bodily affliction when you look upon the luminous cross in the sky. My faithful will be fortunate to be alive during this deep state plague, that is designed to kill many people and allow the deep state to take over your government. You will have sufficient food, water, and fuels for your survival, while the evil ones will take over the world. Have no fear because I will send My punishment among the evil ones, and they will be cast into hell. I will then renew the earth, and bring you into My Era of Peace with My victory.”

Lastly, here is Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World for May 21, 2020.

Mike started off with an update on the incoming second wave of debris cloud coming in July. Mike stated that some of the modeling data alarms went off and they observed something that zipped past the Earth two days ago. Something has happened on the back side of the Moon that is not being discussed by the media, but astronomers will be able to observe the debris that is still hitting the back side of the Moon at this time. Mike stated what is happening right now was unexpected, and not part of the May 12, 2020 debris cloud that they were expecting. Mike stated the atmosphere is losing it’s ability to govern weather patterns, and the jet streams could change directions in reverse and go from East to West, instead of normal, which is West to East. Mike stated that this can cause severe damage to crops, and this is being caused by ground temperatures, and not from debris clouds. Mike also stated that this will cause severe stalled weather fronts, such as Super Thunderstorms, Super Rain, Super Typhoons, etc.. Mike stated that the main stream media will not put out the proper information, and are gagged to explain what is really causing these severe weather patterns. Mike also stated we are already seeing straight line wind speeds of up to 197 miles per hour. These high winds that go straight up is what is causing the hailstones the size of melons they had in Mexico last week. Mike stated that they are scrambling to try and explain what is causing this severe weather phenomena besides just calling it “climate change”. Mike stated that changes in the crust of the Earth are going to be immense, and there are objects in space that are starting to affect our Sun (Planet X). Some of these episodes are cyclical, but there are other events that are coming that have been found in archeology. These effects are historical and because our Sun is in a solar minimal cycle, the absorption of our Planet is going to be astronomical. The Sun sending off solar flares usually deflects some of this absorption to our Planet, but the Sun in a solar minimum cycle right now is not deflecting anything. So, our Planet keeps absorbing all of these waves that are continuing to affect the core and crust of the Earth. Pastor Paul is asking Mike if they are still using CERN to try and detect these anomalies, and Mike stated, yes, they are desperately trying to detect and understand these anomalies.

Pastor Paul asked about who the person in the casket was that Mike was referring to last week. Mike stated that what he explained was only his personal dream, and he noticed some behavioral changes in individuals and he could see the person in the casket that was a very important individual in America. Mike stated a topic arose about people making their own personal changes in their health choices that got his attention in the news this past week. Mike stated there is a paranoia with this Covid-19 that is initiating a change in how people work, our food markets are clearly affected, and our meat is being limited. We are in a brand new territory that has no solution to jobs, and the media is influencing the public in everything. Mike stated that people are starting to act like zombies in not using their own intellect and faith to make sound choices and decisions. Mike stated that many of the components to this strong delusion are already in place. Mike said that many people have an inability to discern things Spiritually, and technology has not enhanced human life, but made us weaker mentally and intellectually. We are allowing computers, robots, and technology to overtake us. Mike also stated there is technology that is being used to alter our minds, and we can’t even tell. Mike said we are being seduced by technology and we all seek to escape reality through entertainment and technology. Mike also stated as Christians, we are called to walk Spiritually, and if we are not doing this, then we will be deceived. Mike stated he will be on again with Pastor Paul on May 28, 2020.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

Getting Ready For The Warning! What Can we do to Prepare? And, How Do We Serve Jesus During This Time? Building a Template to Become an active Disciple.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! As we move closer and closer to the Warning that precedes the Great Tribulation, we know that WE have a mission for Jesus. We have been praying about this to Our Lord for guidance on what He wants us to do for Him before and after the Warning for the Salvation of Souls. We know that We have been chosen by Our Blessed Mother Mary and have asked for Her intercession on praying for Us to be the best Disciples for Jesus and Children of God Our Father in these end times. Through those prayers, here is what the Holy Spirit has revealed to us. We are going to list some things that we can do before the Warning and after the Warning for the Salvation of Souls. We also ask that if the Holy Spirit has guided you, as a follower of this blog, to something specific to do for Jesus that can also guide us in each of our own cities and towns, please share if you feel like the Holy Spirit is guiding you to do so by sending us an email in the Contact page. If we feel like the Holy Spirit is guiding us to add it to this template, we will add it.


  1. Share this blog with others, that the Holy Spirit is guiding you to share it with, for either their own Salvation, or to become an active Disciple for Jesus Christ.
  2. Start forming your prayer groups in your own cities, towns, and countries. We have started to group together emails in this blog for those that wish to be part of a bigger prayer group to assist those that are alone for support Spiritually, emotionally, or physically. Jesus calls us to help others in these times.
  3. Your prayer groups can also be those that you have already been in Churches in your home towns, or cities. Get together and praise and worship Our Lord, pray the Holy Rosary and ask Our Blessed Mother for guidance on how to Serve Jesus.
  4. Start handing out information about the Warning to prepare people for what is coming so that they are not deceived after the Warning occurs. We will only have 6 weeks to Evangelize, get people to Confession, and get Baptized. You can either use the Warning document we have prepared in this blog, or another document from Garabandal, etc.. This document has more information added from Father Michel Rodrigue and John Leary’s Prophetic messages about the refuges.
  5. As Disciples of Jesus Christ, We must stay in a state of grace. Conduct a general confession with a priest, if you are Catholic, and attend Confession at least monthly. Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins daily and to transform your heart, mind and soul into His image and to become a True Disciple for Him.
  6. Begin to make posters, signs, fliers and other instructions that we can use after the Warning occurs for people to use to go to Confession and repent of their sins. This can be decided in your individual prayer groups. We will most likely not be able to communicate with anyone from this blog after the Warning, because there may not be any electricity or power, depending on how big the Earthquake is that will occur during the Warning. Have all of the signs, posters, and instructions ready now, and store somewhere until after the Warning occurs that you can easily get to.
  7. Be prepared to Evangelize! We wrote a post on how to emulate St. Paul and pray to the Holy Spirit for courage and boldness. Remember, we are going to be on Fire with the Holy Spirit, because Father Rodrigue said it will be like a Second Pentecost!


  1. Because we will be on Fire from the Holy Spirit, we will begin to understand His promptings and guidance more like the Apostles did after the First Pentecost. He may or may not ask you to do any of the things we have listed below. Follow His promptings! You will not be scared, but have a sense of peace and urgency to Serve Jesus. Follow the Holy Spirit, He will guide Us in everything! Everything listed below will only be if the Holy Spirit guides you to do it!
  2. There will be much confusion of those, if they didn’t have any kind of Relationship with Jesus, but they will have a sense of urgency to go and repent of their sins! We must get to the Churches and start assisting the Priests with Confession and Baptism and guiding these people.
  3. Have designated people in the prayer groups be prepared to take the posters, signs and fliers to the Churches in their areas and hold them up and pass them out to people looking for Priests and Confession areas. The Priests will automatically know in their hearts from Jesus and Our Blessed Mother to get to the Churches to assist with Confession and Baptism after the Warning occurs. Don’t worry about the Priests, they will come.
  4. Be speaking to all of those that will possibly be in a state of shock, sorrow, or remorse that you are there to help them get to Confession and We have to Trust in Jesus! Have them say the prayer, “Jesus I Trust in You”, as they are waiting for Confession and Baptism. Be loving, reassuring, and comforting as much as possible, as all of us Disciples should be.
  5. Have designated people in your prayer groups prepare food, such as sandwiches, water, fruit, and chips for the people waiting in line for Confession and Baptism. Also for the Priests that will be conducting the Confessions. As Father Rodrigue stated, they will be possibly Baptizing thousands of people in this type of emergency, so be prepared for thousands to flock to the Churches. Don’t worry about the resources of food and water for this time. Jesus will provide and multiply food if He sees such a need. Just start preparing the food and more will come to help serve the food and prepare the food.
  6. Have designated people in your prayer groups take posters, signage and fliers to the streets to Evangelize, and guide people to the Churches for Confession and Baptism. Remember, the devil will have no influence over anyone in these 6 weeks, so do not be afraid of persecution at this time. There will be those that will have some doubt that had no previous experience of God, but they will know that they had some type of experience during the Warning and Jesus will put it on their hearts that He is the Son of the only Living and True God Our Father in Heaven. These people will also have their Guardian Angels working on their hearts and intellect of this event and We will need to be there to reassure them that it was real and they need to get to the Churches for Confession and Baptism for Conversion.
  7. Remember, we will be working to get all of our own family members back to Confession, but Our Blessed Mother has called us to do more for the Salvation of all Souls. We will be tired, but also be on Fire with the Holy Spirit, who will give us renewed strength. Even though we only have 109 followers at this time in this blog, your graces of leadership, courage, strength and organization will inspire others to jump in to assist Us after the Warning occurs. Each situation for each Church may be a little different, but we can use this template as a starting point, and allow the Holy Spirit to continue to guide us to what He wants us to do.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

New Messages To Luz De Maria, John Leary, Valentina Papagna and The Little Prophet of Love from May 10th and 11th, 2020. Also, start Praying for Guidance from Our Lord on the best way to Evangelize for Jesus After The Warning!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are all feeling the pressure of the idea of a mandatory vaccine being enforced because of the fear around the World of contracting the Coronavirus. We are all experiencing the evil of the devil and his followers trying to infiltrate the world with so much fear and uncertainty that people begin to take drastic measures such as suicide or harming others. This manufactured fear is what will cause division, hate and violence, and we now have a better understanding of how the devil will use this fear against Christians who will not participate in mandatory vaccinations and how people will come to hate those that will refuse to participate. It should be a very clear picture now for all of us following Jesus of what the enemies of Jesus Christ are trying to do. Is this virus real, yes. Is it killing people, yes. Is it being used as a tool to control mankind and the economy because of the fear it has generated, yes. Will “We” as Disciples of Jesus Christ allow ourselves to be controlled or manipulated by this tool to pull us away from Jesus, No! We have to understand that this will be just one of many tools they will use to try and pull us away from the Blessed Trinity and this is just the beginning of what is coming. However, as we continue to work on our Relationship with Our Lord, He will give us understanding of these tools being used against us and strengthen our Faith to stay close to Him no matter what happens. Because we are covered by His Precious Blood, we have already won this battle and we don’t have to be afraid. We have to go back to work, because we have to feed our children and families. We take our necessary precautions and we go back to Church to receive His Precious Body in the Eucharist. We will all get through this because We have Chosen Him as Our Savior and Protector, not any man, or government, or rushed vaccination that is supposed to save the world from the Coronavirus. We know that no matter what happens, whether we contract the Coronavirus, or get affected by a natural disaster before we are taken to a refuge, we have already won, because we have JESUS! He is asking us to not be afraid and have TRUST IN HIM. If we need to say that throughout the day, then we say it 500 times or more a day, and everyday until we can feel the Holy Spirit remove that fear from our Hearts. Jesus loves us, no matter what, and no fear will ever take that away, or cause us to fall away from HIM!

Here is the most recent message to Luz De Maria, dated May 10, 2020. In this message from Our Blessed Mother, she reminds us to not be afraid and continue to consecrate ourselves to Her Immaculate Heart. We consecrate ourselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Our Mother. She also tells us to not be shaken by news that will be coming soon that will shake us even more and cause despair. However, we have to keep persevering in prayer and staying true to the Magisterium of the Church of Her Son, Jesus Christ. We must also pray for the protection of Our Blessed Mother because She has chosen us for this mission in these times and we are also assisting Our Lord by working with Our Blessed Mother for the Salvation of Souls. We must all pray the Most Holy Rosary daily along with the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the Salvation of Souls. Remember, Father Michel Rodrigue stated that we should ask Our Blessed Mother to intercede for the Salvation of Our families Souls that have fallen away or do not have a personal Relationship with Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Next, here is a recent message to John Leary,

Saturday, May 9, 2020:
Jesus said: “My people, if you want to keep a close love relationship with Me, then you need to lead holy lives in obeying My Commandments and coming to Confession at least once a month. By keeping your soul cleansed of sin, then you are better prepared to carry out the mission I have given to each of you. I love all of you, and I want you to keep on the right path to heaven, so you are not detoured by the temptations of the devil, or the distractions of this world. So do not be fearful of the evil ones, or of this corona virus, but trust in My protection. I will help all of My refuge builders to complete their projects so they are ready to receive My faithful at the proper time.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is definitely unusual to see snow showers in the middle of May as you are setting all kinds of records for cold at this time of year. As you look at this polar vortex over the Northeast, you can contrast this with unusual heat in California. Such drastic changes in temperature can be created by the HAARP machine in changing the jet stream currents that bring your weather. This machine can be controlled by the deep state people. These people are the same evil people who gave China the money and know how to produce this current corona virus pandemic. Then the Chinese purposely sent infected people to all corners of the earth to spread this virus. It is the plan of the devil and the elite to try and reduce the earth’s population using the spread of this evil virus, even spreading it in your chemtrails. An even deadlier corona virus will be spread in the fall with the intention to bring about a martial law that would give the deep state an opportunity to kill more people and give the evil ones more dictatorial power over your people. There is also a plan to use mandatory vaccines to weaken people’s immune systems and even kill people with the new virus. So do not take any vaccines for any reason. I will bring My faithful to My refuges when your lives are threatened. You could also see My Warning and a call to come to My refuges in the fall so My faithful are not killed. The martial law will give your leaders an opportunity for total control over your people so they can give you over to the Antichrist to start the Great Tribulation. Be prepared to come to My refuges when I call My faithful.”

Notice, that Our Lord is telling us through John Leary’s message to not be afraid, and to not take any vaccines for any reason. We have posted more of John Leary’s messages above for you to review. Here is the most recent messages to Valentina Papagna in Australia from Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother. There is a prayer in the May 10, 2020 message that Our Blessed Mother has given to her for us to pray for protection.

Lastly, here is the most recent message to the Little Prophet of Love from May 11, 2020. Notice that Our Lord said at the bottom of the May 11, 2020 message that we are to evangelize the name of JESUS after the Warning. This is what all of the prophets are saying to us at this time. We are not just trying to save the souls of our own family members, but to reach out to as many people that will listen that the experience we all had with Jesus was real! In this period of time, per John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue, there will be no influence by the devil, so that people will have the opportunity to choose Jesus, or come back to Him. We have been praying in this blog for specific information from Jesus on what is the best way to evangelize for Jesus after the Warning. We are going to put together a template to be used, but we will also ask for your input if you feel guided by the Holy Spirit on any other way to evangelize for Our Lord after the Warning. Be praying about this to Our Lord and we will also continue to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Today is Sunday, May 17, 2020. Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada. Also, Dr. Taylor Marshall’s excellent explanation of the Beast System and the Mark of the Beast.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! Thanks be to Jesus that we did not experience any major or deep impacts, or even fireballs of meteorites from the sky from this first wave of cloud debris that we have been anticipating for about 6 months now. This does not mean we stop preparing, but to continue to persevere in prayer and ask Our Lord to continue to guide us in Truth and becoming Disciples for Him. We have been getting some emails from those that do wish to become part of a prayer group in their cities and countries and may be able to assist those that have no one else to go to in these end times. We know in this blog, that Our Blessed Mother has called us to service for Jesus and we each will play a different part or role in that service. This may or may not mean preparing an interim refuge for others. This may only mean being an evangelizer like Saint Paul, and a prayer warrior. Some of us already know in our hearts what Jesus has asked us specifically to do for Him, while others are still seeking guidance from Our Lord.

This is okay, because what we are doing in this process is Surrendering to Our Lord Jesus Christ, being slowly transformed into His image by the Holy Spirit, and eventually preparing ourselves to be the best Disciple we can be for Jesus. Our Blessed Mother is also praying for us and asking us to continue to persevere through it all and not lose Hope. If you are a new follower to this blog, we appreciate your willingness to Serve Jesus and to please review the information in this blog on how we have been guided to prepare Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically. If you still have questions, after you have read everything, we will answer the best way we can and seek guidance from John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue. We don’t have a direct contact for Father Michel, but we do for John Leary and he and Father Michel are still in communication at this time, even though Queen of Peace Media may say the contrary. We took the videos of Father Michel Rodrigue off this blog, because he requested that Queen of Peace Media remove them at the request of his Bishop. It appears you may still have a chance to review his videos at Queen of Peace Media and we still recommend that you do this, before they are taken down. We currently have 3 people from Canada that are willing to form a prayer group, and 2 from the United States. We will put these groups together and send the grouping emails out this week. If you would like to join a prayer group, please just email us on the Contact page, your first name, email, City, State and Country you are from. We will start sending out these grouping emails so that you may communicate to each other if you feel like you need encouragement through prayer, or physical support. We do not foresee anyone coming to our interim refuge until things start to get really bad, or the Warning occurs. At the time after the Warning, we all know we will have to kick it in high gear to Serve Jesus and only have 6 weeks before we are taken to a Permanent Refuge.

Here is the Sunday Mass for May 17, 2020 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Ottawa, Canada. We have become a big fan of Father Mark Goring because he is very much aware of the times we are in, but he is also very good at keeping us grounded and giving us Hope In Jesus.

Here is Father Mark Goring, who is currently on vacation, but still giving us important words of encouragement on Praise and Worship of Our Lord.

As we move deeper in this Beast System that has already begun, we are starting to see Spiritual Eyes awakening in those that prior to this pandemic, did not see the full picture of what was happening all over the world. Here is Dr. Taylor Marshall, who we admire and respect giving a great discernment and explanation on what the Beast System is in the book of Revelation, and Mark of the Beast will look like. Remember, that the One World Order, or the Elites are conditioning us right now to be forced into believing that “We” will have to choose what they are proposing because it is the only logical choice for survival. This is what we have spoken about in this blog about soft disclosures, and technology and 5G and all of the toys that we have been conditioned into believing we just can’t live without. When God renews the Heaven and the Earth, we will have none of these things, because the devil has used it against us. God gives us intelligence, but we must always seek Him to keep it under His Divine Providence. Because the world has moved away from God, the devil has used technology as a tool to our own demise in addition to the sin we have chosen as a world against Our Lord. Here is Dr. Taylor Marshall,

Also, here is the tattoo that Dr. Taylor Marshall was referencing as Quantum Dot that is being introduced. This is also something to be concerned about and to be watched carefully as these bills are being introduced to conduct contact tracing, or tracking of any other means. Remember, as Dr. Marshall described so well of what the Beast System is trying to accomplish. It is trying to accomplish a mind control, or alteration of our own DNA to control our behavior, decisions, etc… This is what is so uncertain about nanotechnology and its capabilities. The Elites have been working on this for a very long time, and they have been waiting on the perfect life changing event or events, to be able to force this type of technology on every person on the planet. It is not our goal to scare anyone, but to make you aware of what has been happening for many years, and what Our Blessed Mother and the Prophets have been warning us about. This is why Jesus has allowed His Blessed Mother to assist us and lead us to these Refuges under God’s protection. We have a lot of posts in this blog, but if you read most of them, you will have a better understanding of the evil that is in our world and why God has to intervene.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

Update on Cloud of Debris expected this Week of May 12, 2020! Mike From Around the World with Pastor Paul Begley on the Coming Apocalypse Show. Also, Update on a 6.5 Earthquake in Nevada in the United states.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! Today is May 15, 2020 and it appears we will have some more time before we see some significant impacts by meteorites, which is a blessing from Our Lord.

Mike From Around the World told us last week, that we may or may not get some significant impacts this week of meteorites on fire as we got closer to the date of May 12, 2020. This doesn’t mean he is not accurate with what he can see with this debris cloud, this only means that the particles in this first wave of debris cloud were not very big and possible more dust. We had some fireballs over Louisiana and we had some wild fires in Florida, so it is still unknown of how much of that was from this debris cloud. Here is what Mike had to say on last night’s show with Pastor Paul Begley in the video we posted above.

Pastor Paul asked about the Chinese rocket that was launched on May 5, 2020, that then fell from orbit nearly missing New York city and falling into the Atlantic Ocean. Mike stated that he did not believe that it was purely accidental that this rocket, that is as big as a tractor trailer, fell from the atmosphere merely a week after it was launched. Mike stated we are living in very bizarre times, and at the same time this rocket was falling, there was a European Space Agency following this rocket and other debris that was also falling simultaneously. Mike stated that he actually has some of this documentation that reflected and he believes that the United States Space Command had to deflect this rocket falling towards New York City, or else it would have hit or landed on part of New York City! Mike stated that there was another piece of something that hit the ground close to the coast of West Africa that is not part of this failed rocket. The media and everyone else believes it was part of this rocket, but it was not. Mike stated that if this rocket would have hit New York City, there would have been contamination underground of radioactive material. There would have been fires, and parts of the city damaged. Mike stated that the skies are watched over the United States to prevent anything from landing and causing catastrophic damage or death. Pastor Paul asked if this is why President Trump created Space Force. Mike stated he suspects that if certain countries get ahold of any type of control of space or the atmosphere, then it gives more control over war type situations. Mike stated we really face uncertain times, and sometimes he will give a trigger date to us in his interviews with Pastor Paul of something major coming that the media will not put out.

Pastor Paul said everyone was anticipating May 12, 2020, and no one was talking about the failed Chinese rocket that almost hit New York City. Mike stated that as they were tracking these objects coming in on May 11, 2020 and as they tracked these objects, it gave them a new wave to track that will arrive June 5, 2020. Mike stated this new wave will be bigger and the meteorites will definitely be inside the satellite belt, which is approximately 22,000 miles around the Earth. Mike stated that after June 5, 2020, there will be some detector satellites that will be even more accurate on exact dates that these meteorites are coming in July. Mike also stated we will begin to see more TV shows on meteorites and science shows identifying what they are so that people will become desensitized to the idea of meteorites hitting the Earth.

Mike stated that we probably have more people in the White House that are infected with Coronavirus now and everyone is overwhelmed with trying to keep from contracting the virus themselves. Pastor Paul stated he had a dream recently of Vice President Mike Pence asking him for prayer. Mike stated he also had a dream of someone he can’t mention that was lying in a casket, but it wasn’t Mike Pence. Mike stated that it was very shocking to him, because he has never had a dream like this before. Mike stated they have been watching for a bigger field of objects that were coming this past week, but since they did not come in heavy, and dense this week, that means there is a probability of showering of debris coming. Not necessarily a deep impact, but many fires all over the place. Mike stated that pulses also come behind these objects, and in about 4 or 5 days we will feel the pulse from this first wave this week. Mike stated they are using CERN to determine the cosmic waves that will hit the Earth, and the particle accelerator is used to identify precision dates. Every single nation is involved and the clock is ticking. There are lots of things being tracked from space right now and every country is getting involved to get ahead of the impacts coming.

Pastor Paul asked about HR 060606 and Representative Bobby Rush who introduced this Coronavirus test and tracking bill. Mike stated that in his estimation, this is going to be a compliance bill that follows along with everything that is being implemented. We are being conditioned into thinking that we must be tracked in order to keep from contracting the virus ourselves. Mike stated that he does believe we will hit 200,000 deaths easily and this inflammatory response in these children is very strange in New York. All of a sudden, we have all of these tech companies that are stating that they have the device to help with the new agenda. The new agenda is your cell phone, tracking devices, testing and vaccines, and people don’t want to touch money anymore. There is a mandate right now that all identification be put into this platform so that it can communicate with 5G and all of the machines can transmit this information. Mike stated there are devices now that can read your vitals in seconds, and we are moving into a transhumanism agenda. Pastor Paul stated he will have another Conference on aliens, A.I. technology and the antichrist. In this conference they will cover all of the transhumanism technology and the agenda they are pushing us towards.

Mike stated that there is a silent war going on because of the massive Earth changes that are coming. Mike believes that we will start to experience more stress because of the changes we will have to live with now. Mike also stated that we, as Christians, must now understand that we will see some falling away because of the stress that we will go through. Mike said this stress is being put on us so that we will crumble under duress. The rocket falling out of the sky and coming close to New York City was not accidental and we will have to start putting our Trust in the Lord as things get more bizarre. Mike stated he would be on again next week on May 21, 2020 with Pastor Paul Begley.

Breaking News! As we were working on this post today, there was a 6.5 Earthquake in Tonopah, Nevada. Here is Pastor Paul Begley’s update video on this reported Earthquake.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Fireballs seen over Louisiana per Pastor Paul Begley! Also, what is the Mark of the Beast? Messages to Luz De Maria and Prophet John Leary from Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother on What the Mark of the beast is and how it is being introduced prior to the antichrist.

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ! Happy 103rd Anniversary of the Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal! Pastor Paul Begley and his team got information on some fireballs in the sky over the state of Louisiana in the United States last night. It does not appear that any of these hit the Earth and they burned up in our atmosphere before they actually struck, which is good. According to Mike From Around the World, we still have until May 15th, 2020 or so to be looking for any possible meteorites to hit Earth and possibly the moon. Here is Pastor Paul reporting on the fireballs over Louisiana and other information about Canada and China combing efforts to create a Coronavirus vaccine.

Also, we have just added another Maria De Luz visionary follower website to our blog. The YouTube website is called Light of Mary, In these two particular videos, they have combined all of the messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Mother Mary and Saint Michael to Luz De Maria about the mark of the beast. The first video is about the microchip and how it is being implemented right now in the world as a means to condition us into believing that it is a very good way to store data, open doors, buy and sell goods, track lost pets, etc…

This video shows you that it has already started many years ago and is currently in the news. This article is from yesterday, May 12, 2020, It is really starting to explode in Sweden now, and with the Coronavirus Pandemic, there will be a huge push to go to a digital currency and identification. We will begin to see many of these types of videos more now that there is an even bigger sense of urgency to go cashless and to track people who may have contracted the virus.

Here is the second video from Light of Mary and the research done on how these chips work. They have done an excellent job of research on the microchip and how it will be used to manipulate behavior. Applied Digital Solutions is the original manufacturer of the VeriChip that is mentioned in the above message commentary. Prophet John Leary was also informed of this microchip that will be used as a means to control those that receive this chip in the body. Right now, it is not mandatory, but is growing in popularity because of the convenience and the push for a cashless, tracked and controlled society. Here are more recent messages from 2018 to John Leary about these VeriChips. Here is one of those messages.

Monday, May 21, 2018:
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel (Mk 9:13-29) you read how a man brought his son to be healed of a demon who threw the son into fire and water. My apostles could not remove the demon. I asked the man if he had faith that I could heal his son. The man said he believed, and he asked Me to help his unbelief. In order for Me to heal people, they need to believe that I can heal them. I then commanded the deaf and dumb spirit to leave the boy, and the spirit left. Later, My apostles came to Me, and asked Me why they could not bring the demon out of the boy. I told them: ‘This kind can be cast out in no way except by prayer and fasting.’ My son, you noticed that ‘and fasting’ was missing from your Magnificat reading from (Mk 9:29). When you looked in your St. Joseph Bible, both (Mk 9:29) and (Mt 17:20) had ‘and fasting’ which is another manipulation of this translation. This was a harder demon to remove, so it truly did require prayer and fasting. Fasting is powerful in deliverance of demons, so it cannot be left out. This is another instance where changing the words, has watered down the original meaning. Remember to have faith in My healing, and use your prayer and fasting in your deliverance prayers.”

Jesus said: “My people, you will all have this Warning experience, and you will come before My Light to view your life review. You will be placed back into your bodies, and you will have six weeks to convert your family members to the faith. Hopefully, they will all want to repent of their sins and be converted. My refuge builders will get their refuges ready to receive My faithful. My faithful remnant will get their backpacks ready, and be able to leave for My refuges, when I give them the word to go. After this six weeks of conversion, you will see famine, a division in My Church, mandatory chips in the body, and martial law. Do not take any chip in the body, which is the mark of the beast, even if they threaten to kill you. Do not worship the Antichrist, but only worship Me. My faithful will be protected by My angels, but some people will be martyred for their faith. My refuges will be My safe havens during the tribulation of the Antichrist. Trust in Me to help you to survive this trial.”

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.