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We do not have a license to sin. The Nephilim Spirit is lurking around looking to steal souls, and this is the evil that leads to the antichrist.

Yesterday’s gospel readings on Sirach are a good topic for us to study and reflect on for each one of us. Some Bibles do not have Sirach, or Ecclesiasticus, but The Holy Spirit has guided me to write this, so if you don’t have this book in your Bible, please look it up, because it is a very important scripture to read, learn, and live. Sometimes, we are not guided to all of God’s Word by the preachers, priests or ministers that we listen to when we go to Church. My old Spiritual Director, that recently passed away from cancer used to always say to me, “be careful of what you are being fed.” Meaning, when you are in Church and listening to what appears to be the Word of God, do not just listen and believe it as Truth, but look it up in your Bible and read it, pray about it to the Holy Spirit, and ask Him to show you the Truth. Then, if you have an uneasiness about it, look at the fruits and pray some more! The Holy Spirit will guide you to all Truth!

In the Book of Sirach, our message was in Sirach, 15:20, “He has not commanded anyone to be wicked, and he has not given anyone permission to sin.” In some Bibles, the word is “license” to sin. Right away, the Holy Spirit was showing me yesterday that this is a very important message for our times and to write about this message! If you read all of Chapter 15 of Sirach that I recommend, it starts with this in verse 1, “Whoever fears the Lord will do this, and whoever holds to the law will obtain wisdom.” Now, keep reading up through Chapter 16:6-9, “In an assembly of sinners, a fire is kindled, and in a disobedient nation wrath blazes up. He did not forgive the ancient giants who revolted in their might. He did not spare the neighbors of Lot, whom he loathed on account of their arrogance. He showed no pity on the doomed nation, on those dispossessed because of their sins.” Now, finish reading all of Sirach Chapter 16, before you go any further into this blog post! Wow, did you just not get hit with a ton of bricks with this powerful Scripture? I had to get to my 3rd Bible in our house, before I found Sirach, and I only have 4 Bibles in my home! This is why it is so important to read all of God’s Word! Stop listening to those that say, you don’t need that Bible or this Bible! No, God is speaking to us and we have to stop being deceived by others and start listening to the Holy Spirit. As we have said before, there are many, many, good preachers, ministers, priests, and pastors out there, but we must test them by the Word of God, and know them by their fruits! If their message doesn’t line up with God’s Word, and God is telling us He did not give us a license to sin, or we will be punished, then we need to start seeing what is happening all around us in the world as we speak.

If you don’t have all of the books in your Bible, then get one that does! I know the Catholic Bible has more books than the Protestant Bible, I have both! The deception is not in any specific denomination of Christianity, but will be those that know God’s Word, and those that will be deceived and led away because He or She does not know God’s Word! If any Christian denomination is now saying that we have to accept sin as okay because of God’s Mercy, and this is the only way to get sinners to come to Church, this is a lie from Satan and his demonic realm. All of us sinners will be saved, if we accept Jesus, and try to alleviate sin from our lives. We do not have a license to sin because of God’s Mercy! Everyone as a Disciple of Jesus Christ, is a sinner, but we strive to be Transformed into His image by moving away from sin. If people in your Church say that they just don’t believe they can stop their particular sin, then he or she is not listening and being guided by the Holy Spirit. Prayers are blocked and not answered by God for the Transformation by the Holy Spirit, if the person chooses to continue in the egregious sin. This is why we have the freedom to choose. If in our hearts, actions, and minds, do not reject sin and work on moving away from sin, we will not receive the graces to stop sinning. Be careful of what you are being fed in your Church, and know all of God’s Word to ensure you are truly in His Divine Will.

Here is a video by Lois Vogel Sharp from January 7, 2019 that describes the demonic activity that is happening all over the world with the Nephilim. In the book of Genesis, Chapter 6:1-7, the Nephilim are described as sons of God, “fallen angels” that mated with the daughters of man and bore children to them. In Genesis 6, and 7, God destroyed the Nephilim along with the rest of the evil in the world with a great flood and saved Noah and his family. So, the Nephilim were destroyed right? Remember, the Nephilim are part human, and part fallen angel! They pop back up again in Numbers 13:32-33, “So they brought to the Israelites an unfavorable report of the land that they had spied out, saying, ‘The land that we have gone through as spies is a land that devours its inhabitants; and all the people we saw in it are of great size. There we saw the Nephilim (the Anakites come from the Nephilim); and to ourselves we seemed liked grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them.” So, how do the Nephilim keep coming back if they have been destroyed by God? It is because they are demonic, and people of sin, who allow themselves to be possessed by the devil, keep invoking them back.

So, more information on the Nephilim existence, is what the Holy Spirit wants us to know right now, and that this starts with acceptance of sin as being okay. Again, this is not to scare anyone, but the Holy Spirit shows us this Truth so that we are prepared and are aware that the temptations will get worse, sin will grow, and even the elect (Christians) will be deceived. Wickedness is also in high places of our countries and governments, and it all starts by moving away from God’s Word. This has taken generation, after generation of Spiritual decay and moving away from God and God’s Word and infiltration of Freemasons and those with Luciferian ideologies. As this demonic realm of sin grows, it allows the antichrist to make his move against God’s Children and steal souls away from God. So, don’t be afraid, but know God’s Word and that we are protected by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Also, be aware of what you are being fed, and to continue to pray for Truth to be revealed by the Holy Spirit.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us” Have a blessed day.

Mena Lee Grebin, 2020 Prophetic Messages continued.

After listening to the continuation of Mena Lee Grebin’s prophetic messages from Jesus for the year 2020, we have surmised two more confirmations from the Holy Spirit. The first is that Mena was told by Jesus in this latest message that she was not to travel anymore and to share her prophetic messages from home, unless He sent her overseas specifically. This is also what God Our Father told Father Michel Rodrigue. God Our Father told Father Michel not to travel any longer past May, 2020, unless He was told by God to go somewhere. Since the prophets are getting these messages from God Our Father and Jesus, I believe it is good advice for us lay people also. God is telling us that the Labor pains are getting worse, and it is getting very dangerous to travel. If traveling is something that is part of your career, it would be best to pray about it to the Blessed Trinity and seek guidance after May, 2020. We can’t stop living our lives, but we already know from the prophets and Mike From Around the World that this year is going to be a Spiritual awakening for many people. So, if baseball sized meteorites begin to hit the Earth in May, 2020, definitely begin to pray about each out of town trip you take. Here is Mena Lee Grebin, 2020 continued,

Mena goes into detail about Matthew, Chapter 13:24-30, which is the separation from the wheat and the tares. We have already done a post on this time frame that we are in right now of the separation by Jesus of the wheat and tares. However, Mena does an excellent job of showing us how similar we are as Christians at the beginning in our Love for God, but as more evil and sin are spreading, we are beginning to separate as those members of the Church accept things that go against God’s Word, the Bible. If we are accepting things that go against God’s Word, we are no longer sheep that follow Jesus. Jesus tells Mena that those who fall away from Him will be exposed, because He knows our hearts. Mena also talked about how we, as Disciples of Christ, need to pray about where God wants us to serve Him in these times. We all have a place to serve Jesus in these times, and that might be just a very good prayer warrior for the Salvation of Souls. But, this is why it is good to get into prayer groups and pray together to see where Our Lord and the Holy Spirit will lead you.

Next, Mena tells us about two visions that her friends have had that are similar to her visions and dreams. The first vision was about sheep and goats following Jesus. As Jesus kept walking at a quick pace, He pulled out His sword and began to sharpen it. As Jesus kept going, the goats began to fall away, but the sheep kept following Him. Mena reminds us that God’s Word is the sword, and is our weapon against Satan. The goats became afraid as Jesus sharpened His Word against the devil, and they stopped following Him. In the second vision, her friend was standing in a place in the Earth that was beginning to shake. Like an earthquake, Jesus will begin to shake the Heaven and the Earth from place to place. Mena tells us that Jesus reminds her to tell His Children to not preach politics, but about the gospel, about Salvation, and about Faith. We focus too much on politics, and not enough about Jesus. This is why we push unification through Jesus in this blog, instead of separation of Christian denominations, because in the end times, the devil wants us to be divided, so that he can steal more souls, instead of all of us being united in Christ through His Word.

Lastly, Mena talks about penumbral lunar eclipses, which is a partial lunar eclipse, that falls on July 4-5, 2020 and November 29, 2020 in the United States. Both of these eclipses, are signs in the sky from God. The first penumbral eclipse will be on the day of Independence from Great Britain (July 4-5), and the second being on Thanksgiving (November 29) and the founding of America. Mena believes this is not coincidental. God is constantly giving us signs, we just have to open our Spiritual eyes to see them. Mena also talked about two very big solar eclipses that mark an “X” almost in the middle of the United States. The first was on August 21, 2017 that went across part of the middle of the United States from the Northwestern corner to Southeastern corner. Like Mena, I also remember having a terrible feeling in my heart that day, but not exactly knowing why, except that we shouldn’t be celebrating and something was wrong. The next big solar eclipse will be on April 8, 2024 that will cross from the Southwestern corner to the Northeastern corner. This will place an “X” right over part of Kentucky and Illinois. The Holy Spirit has shown us this very same “X” last year in 2019 as being a significant time of concern. Meaning, that this is the second confirmation from the Holy Spirit to us that this could be the big timeframe for an earthquake along the New Madrid fault that divides the United States.

There is a map of the United States that has been shown by ex-Special Forces investigator John Moore that he discovered during his investigations that reflects United States divided in two parts. John Moore stated in his investigations that he has interviewed many Navy retirees that have verified this map as authentic. This is why we know Our Blessed Mother’s prophecies about this binary system (Second Sun, or Star) are legitimate. There have been many, many confirmations from the Holy Spirit about Hercolubus, or Planet X, not just prophecies from our Blessed Mother. Here is investigator John Moore’s presentation on what our governments know is coming, Also,

So, we know we have had many confirmations from the Holy Spirit that the dividing of the United States will occur along the New Madrid fault line and the Mississippi river widening, which will separate the United States into 2 parts. We are not prophets, so only God knows if He will do this and when. But, we are telling you that there have been many prophets in this blog, and not in this blog that have seen this in visions and dreams, and many that have been told by Jesus that this will occur. We haven’t confirmed from the Holy Spirit that this will occur on April 8, 2024, but we do believe that the Holy Spirit is revealing to us through the prophets and Christian investigators in this blog, that a New Madrid fault earthquake will either occur on this date, or some time soon after this date. Mena mentions that these two solar eclipses are approximately 7 years apart. We know the number “7” means complete Biblically. We must continue to pray for discernment and pray that we are prepared for what is coming and that we are prepared to serve Jesus as His Disciples to preach the gospel, preach about our Faith and Trust in Jesus, and preach about Salvation. As these chastisements get worse, people will be looking for answers and hope. We are the Disciples that must be there to bring these souls hope in Jesus.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Update on Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on the Coronavirus and more info on May 12, 2020!

Listening to the Coming Apocalypse show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World, it is very important to know that the Coronavirus is much, much worse than is being reported. This is primarily because the Chinese government is not reporting the true numbers of deaths or people who have actually contracted the virus. However, this is also because our governments do not want to create panic. It is speculated that this virus was created as a biological weapon that was accidentally released. However, based on what the Holy Spirit is revealing to most of us, is that it is man-made, and we know that current modern day prophets, such as Pedro Regis, have prophesied that biological weapons will be used in WWIII. And we have also been shown the Pangolin animal on the front cover of the Economist 2019 Magazine cover as a soft disclosure of what was coming. So, for me, this is our confirmation from the Holy Spirit as Truth. Mike From Around the World talked about the United States military preparing for a possible pandemic inside the United States and possible thoughts of quarantine if needed. There is also talk about this Coronavirus mutating, which is causing more problems in the virus spreading easily from person to person, and creating a vaccine.

Mike also talked about the ghost cities in China, and how it appears that China is moving people with money and the “socially elite” into these cities to keep them from contracting the virus. Mike discussed large plums of smoke from satellite photos over Wuhan, China that could be mass graves of bodies being burned. If you are not aware of these ghost cities they have built in China, here is a video on them from 2018. If this isn’t proof that our governments have been aware of something big happening, like Planet X, or WWIII with biological weapons, we don’t know what other facts you would need to open your Spiritual eyes.

Mike talked about the inertia and pulling on the earth by something in our solar system. There is a very big system, that is unknown right now, that is causing an increased gravitational pull from one specific location in space. Mike did not confirm that this is Hercolubus, or Planet X, but whatever it is, it is causing our Earth to shift and move off it’s normal axial tilt of 23.5 degrees. It is a slow pulling of the earth, but our Earth is shifting and the satellites are actually tracking this shift. Mike also said that he will have more to say about the May 12, 2020 date as events unfold. But, there is a group of objects, “clusters” that are inbound towards the Earth. These objects are moving in at 70,000 miles per hour and slowing down when they hit our atmosphere to 47,000 miles per hour. However, this debris or clusters of debris will continue to come in and will become a normal occurrence because of the layers of debris around these celestial objects in space. We have also talked about the inertia and affects of gravitational pull on the Earth in other posts in this blog, as well as debris hitting the Earth and these objects meeting the objects that hit the Earth in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 8. Mike said we will begin to see more and more impacts that Pastor Paul Begley discusses at the beginning of the show that hit India causing a 20 ft. crater.

Pastor Paul Begley mentions a “Mega Quake” conference on May 1-2, 2020. This conference is very important in understanding what is coming with Hercolubus, or Planet X, and Pastor Paul Begley has done an excellent job of gathering all of the right Christian Scientists, researchers, and ex-CIA, or Special Forces investigators to speak at this event on what they know and have discovered. Mike From Around the World has agreed to conduct a “call in” at the conference to also give everyone their updates on the May 12, 2020 date. Many of us will probably be at the conference to try and gather as much information and discern from the Holy Spirit, what we need to know to prepare for the refuges and safe havens. We highly recommend attending this event if it is possible for you to attend. But, we will try to discuss information we can share on this blog.

Anything we put into this blog is to help all those that the Holy Spirit has brought to it to open their Spiritual Eyes and Ears to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, or to come back to Jesus Christ. This blog is to assist Jesus in the Salvation of Souls, and to show God’s Children that we will witness and experience some of the Labor pains and Times of Distress before God’s Wrath in the Tribulation. This blog is also used to help prepare all of those who have given their lives to Christ and become a Disciple for Him. If you have not gone through all of the posts in this blog, this information is all documented for you to have understanding from the Holy Spirit, so please go back and start from the beginning. This blog discusses why we are in the end times, the prophesies that warned us about the end times, including from Our Blessed Mother, and factual, scientific and scriptural evidence that we are in the end times right now, but not the end of the World. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal the Truth, we have just put it in writing as servants for the Salvation of Souls.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Plague of Locusts, one more step closer to the Third Seal Being Broken in the Book of Revelation.

A plague of billions of locusts have started to swarm East Africa and eat up crops that are desperately needed for survival. In this article by Fox News, it explains how billions of locusts are destroying crops in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia and there is concern from U.N. Food and Agriculture Organizations (FAO) that the swarm will continue across the region into South Sudan. Sadly, all of these people are depending on these farmlands for food and survival that these locusts are devouring.

In another Fox News article, U.N. official Mark Lowcock said that this “Biblical” swarm of locusts plague on Italian farmlands is the worst infestation since WWII. This article was published on June 13, 2019. The locusts plagued farmlands on the Italian island of Sardinia and was estimated in the millions to have blanketed over 6,000 acres of farmland. A drought in 2017 followed by significant rainfall in 2018 created the ideal climate for locusts is what breeder, Luigi Puggioni told the Italian newspaper.

So basically, what Hercolubus, or Planet X is doing to our planet is what is causing these conditions to be ideal for these swarms of locusts. We know as Hercolubus gets closer into our solar system, the more drought and flooding will get worse according to Mike from Around the World on the Pastor Paul Begley show. So, are we prepared like Joseph for a worldwide famine, that is similar to the famine in the Book of Genesis, Chapters 41-47? We have mentioned it several times in this blog, but we will mention it again, in that we all need to store at least one year’s supply of food per person in your household. In an earlier post, we talked about making your home into an Interim Refuge. An interim refuge is in your home, so that if we are not taken to a permanent refuge in the next few years by Our Guardian Angels, then we will be protected by God’s Angels in our own homes as interim refuges per Father Michel Rodrigue. Please go back and review everything we have listed in the post titled, “Preparing an Interim Refuge”. Here is a video by Christian Youtuber Jason A on the locusts,

If you study Joseph’s placement by God in Egypt, you will see God had a plan to allow a famine to occur, but placed Joseph in a very important role of knowing what God was going to do, then by showing favor to the Pharaoh of Egypt by Joseph storing up the food, rationing it out to all of the people in the land, and bartering work for the Pharaoh. God did not set this up for the favor of the Pharaoh of Egypt and his prosperity, but for the prosperity of Joseph and eventual prosperity of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. God also saved Joseph and his brothers from starvation, thus saving the chosen Twelve Tribes of Israel and their descendants. God is telling us through His Prophets right now in this blog, just like He did with Joseph, that famine is coming, and we need to store up food and water.

We know from studying the Plagues on the Egyptians in Exodus, Chapter 10, that Moses was told by God to tell the Pharaoh of Egypt, that if he did not allow the Israelites to leave, He will inflict them with a Plague of Locusts that they have never seen before in their lifetimes or grandparent’s lifetime. But God, hardened the Pharaoh’s heart, and the Pharaoh did not let them go. God said He hardened the Pharaoh’s heart so that He would be able to bring these Plagues upon them in order for the Israelites to bear witness to their descendants that He truly is the Lord. This witness is for us too in preparation of knowing God’s consistency in His justice and mercy and how He uses these plagues against His enemies. It will also be a witness to all of those God has chosen to usher in the New Heaven and New Earth so that we will bear witness to our children. This is why He warns His Children, through His Prophets and Scripture of what is coming and protect us from the chastisements that will continue.

The Book of Revelation, 6:5, “When he broke open the third seal, I heard the third living creature cry out, ‘Come forward’. I looked, and there was a black horse, and it’s rider held a scale in his hand. I heard what seemed to be a voice in the midst of the four living creatures. It said, ‘A ration of wheat costs a day’s pay, and three rations of barley cost a day’s pay. But do not damage the olive oil or the wine.” As these damaged crops by flooding, locusts, and drought continue to fail to yield the amount food that our countries need to feed us, the cost of these goods are going to sky rocket. In addition, like we mentioned in an earlier post on storable food stocks, they will not be able to have enough yield from these crops to manufacture canned goods or storable foods. This is why it is so important to get these items now, while the costs are low, and while there is still enough to stock the store shelves.

Again, we do not point out everything that is happening to scare you, but to prepare you. God is preparing us to get ready, like He did Joseph, for the Third Seal to be opened soon. Are you ready? Let’s pray today and everyday for all of those that are starving today for food and God’s mercy. Let us all also pray for the Salvation of their Souls.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

One Thought Everyday. Am I doing the Will of God?

Good Morning Disciples of Christ! We have talked about extensively our Surrender to Jesus Christ, and Our Transformation into His image. As we are being Transformed by the Holy Spirit, and face our different trials everyday of rejecting the enemy and his negative bombardments of temptation, our next step is to ask ourselves, am I doing God’s Will? What does this look like? How do I know if I am doing God’s Will? This is difficult for all of us and I often question myself to ensure that I am on the right track. We know this sounds simple, but as we move closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, it doesn’t get easier until we have learned to just let everything go and give it to Jesus. A lot of us, including myself, have control issues thinking, well God gave me the brain to figure it out, so why can’t I fix this problem? This is because God allows us to go through trials that He knows will force us to reach out to Him to help us and comfort us. When we experience these trials, it humbles us into understanding that we have to depend on God for everything. Then, when He gets us through something, it increases our Faith, and we realize that He is listening, and He is with us, and answering our prayers! This is a continuous process, until we become like little children before Him, and we have completely surrendered.

Jesus tell us that we must become like little children to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 18:2-4, “He called a child over, placed it in their midst, and said, ‘Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me.” Jesus is telling us that we will not enter the kingdom of heaven, unless we humble ourselves. So, what is He doing as we enter these trials? He is teaching us to be humble! This also calls to mind of why we are going to go through some labor pains, and part of the distress or mini tribulation before His wrath. He is humbling all of us as countries and nations in disobedience to His Will. We, His Children, will be protected in a refuge or safe haven, but we will get to witness the humbling experiences of others so that they will turn back to Him, so as to not lose their souls forever. Psalm 91:7, “Though a thousand fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, near you it shall not come.” This is why after we, God’s Children, have entered the refuge, more souls will continue to be saved by turning back to Him, marked by God’s seal with the Holy Legions of Angels, and continue to enter our refuges.

So, if we have Surrendered to Jesus Christ, and are going through our Transformations into His image, how do we know we are still moving forward to become His Disciple? We wake up everyday and ask ourselves, am I doing God’s Will today?

We all have lives to live with our jobs and our children, but are we continuing to receive all of the graces we need to continue our Transformation? As we have said before, this takes effort on our part every moment we breath in God’s air and every moment we breath out God’s air. This may sound a little dramatic, but it really isn’t because we are bombarded by temptation constantly in our environments we live in and our own minds. So, how do we tackle this the best way we can? We continually ask ourselves, am I in God’s Will? First, we should start our day off in prayer and thanksgiving to Our Lord the minute we wake up. Some of us say prayers for a long period of time, with a cup of coffee, or some of us say a short prayer before get ready for work and pray more when we get home. Some of us also are able to go to the Holy Mass everyday and receive the Blessed Sacrament, which is best. But if you can’t, it is important to at least wake up and acknowledge Our Lord’s presence in our lives everyday. Remember, we are working on a Relationship with Jesus. I often wake up and say Good Morning to all three of the Blessed Trinity, and Our Blessed Mother. I give thanks for everything, including waking up another day to serve Jesus! Next, as we are praying to Our Lord, we ask for God to give us the graces to do His Will today.

God’s Will is different for everyone in discerning the plan that He has written for each of us in His Book of Life. However, God’s Word in Scripture tells us how to stay in His Graces, to continue to battle against temptation and keep moving forward. So, at some time throughout the day, maybe after work, or before work, get out your Bible and read His Word. Some people say to just read a few lines and reflect, but I like to read whole chapters and reflect on the whole message. This is because as the Holy Spirit gives us understanding, we are putting everything into context and looking at the bigger picture of the message. When we read God’s Word, we have to pray for understanding from the Holy Spirit. I have heard people say they have read the whole Bible several times, but I don’t see them attempting to change into God’s image. We have to remember that God is looking at our Hearts! If we are not sincere in our hearts that we want to be Transformed into the image of Christ, then we will not receive the graces for that change, and we may not receive understanding from the Holy Spirit. We have to also pray for God to give us the Graces to Love Him more today than we did yesterday, and more tomorrow than we do today. God wants to hear us say We Love Him! This is something we need to say throughout the day! As we are being Transformed, you will actually feel your Love for Him grow exponentially! Remember, we have to pray without ceasing, so we have to talk to God throughout the day, when we get a break from work or the kids, etc…

Lastly, as we are reading God’s Word, and praying throughout the day without ceasing, we have to focus on the temptations that the devil is throwing at us and reject them. These temptations come in our thoughts first, so we have to ask and pray to the Holy Spirit to help us recognize these sins and help us reject them. John 16:8, “And when he comes he will convict the world in regard to sin and righteousness and condemnation.” Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit to help see the sin, so that we can reject it and stop ourselves before we commit it. This may take some time for us to start to recognize the conviction, but that is okay. As long as we keep moving forward, this will get easier, so that we start to see the sin coming a mile away, and we avoid it. This is all from the Graces of the Blessed Trinity. We can not do any of this Transformation without them, and when we Surrender, we will start to see this Transformation in ourselves, and others will also start to see it.

This Transformation into the image of Jesus Christ is important not only for our own Salvation, but also for others to see Christ in us! When the Holy Spirit is guiding us, we will be more calm as the times of distress get worse, and people will come to us for guidance. So, if we are being Transformed into the image of Jesus and we start to Act like Him, Speak like Him, and Love like Him, and also point everything back to Him for His Glory, we will be walking in His Will! Then as we are walking in His Will, the Holy Spirit will start to guide you specifically to the plan that Jesus originally had for you in the Lambs Book of Life. Here is a list of 100 Bible Verses about the Lambs Book of Life.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Salvation is at Hand! Are you Saved?

We have many people from all over the World looking at this blog, but we don’t have a lot a of followers. This is okay because we know the Holy Spirit will bring those that He wishes to view it, to see what He wants them to see and think about their own salvation. We believe the main point God is trying to make with all of us is to not assume we have everything in the bag and we are all set for the Heavenly Gates. When we start assuming that we have done everything we need to do for Salvation, then the devil knocks us off of our pedestals and starts to tempt us with everything he can to pull us away from God. This is why as we move closer to Jesus, we get bombarded with all kinds of trials that we were not dealing with when we were not working on our Relationship with Jesus. The more we move towards Jesus Christ, the more trials we will witness in our own lives, but these are all tests that Jesus allows to purify us.

There are many different souls looking at this blog, not just those of us that are working on our Relationship with Jesus, trying to become more Holy and working on becoming a Disciple for Him. If you have stumbled across this blog, and have read a few posts about all the things the Holy Spirit has guided us to on why we are in the end times, then take time right now and ask Jesus if you are saved? Just because we believe in God and do good things in the world doesn’t mean we are saved. We don’t say this to judge, but to point you back to God’s Word in Scripture. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as the Son of God Our Father in Heaven, and you have not confessed your sins and asked Jesus for forgiveness, then you will not be saved. If you believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God the Father, but you do not try to turn away from sin and continue to commit egregious sin, then He may reject you as Lukewarm, and you may not be saved. If you have heard the Gospel, knew Jesus at one time, but now reject Him for a pagan god, you will not be saved unless you turn back to Him! These are all different things the devil does through temptation to pull us away from God. The biggest lie of all is that Satan will continue to tell us that we are saved and we don’t have to pray or go to Church, we don’t have to turn away from sin, and we can accept other gods in our lives because God Our Father is big enough to allow it all! Jesus forgives all sin, but He expects us to put forth effort to move away from sin as we move towards Him. The more effort we put forth to move away from sin, the more graces we receive from Jesus to keep moving towards Him. The more we move towards Him, the more trials we may endure to go through our Transformation into His image.

There are many lies that we believe today because we don’t read God’s Word to know the Truth, and we listen to all of the people in the World, who also believe the lies that Satan is telling them. Stop believing these lies, Surrender to Jesus and ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and start reading His Word. John 1:1-5, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came to be through him, and without him, nothing came to be. What came to be through was life, and this life was the light of the human race; the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not covered it.” So, Saint John is telling us God spoke Life, with the Holy Spirit, since the beginning, and that Life was Jesus, and Jesus is the light of the World. Notice, how all three of the Blessed Trinity is in this, because they are all three one God? John is telling us right here that we can’t be saved without Jesus. Also notice how he uses “Word” synonymous with Life and Jesus? The Bible is God’s Word, because it is divinely inspired, and if you are not following God’s Word, which is also Jesus, you will not have eternal life!

We can’t assume that if we have been baptized, that is our ticket to Salvation. We also can’t assume that if we are good people, that is our ticket to Salvation. The Truth is only God knows who is saved when we stand before Him in judgement! But, if we are baptized with Water and the Holy Spirit, strive to alleviate sin in our lives, seek Jesus everyday, read His Word, and work on our Relationship with Him in prayer and love for Him, then we know we are on the right track. This is because His Word tells us this and His Word is the Bible.

If you don’t know Jesus, as the Son of God Our Father, who suffered and died for our sins and salvation, then start asking Him for the Truth! You can look at all of the different posts in this blog and see that it appears we are in the end times based on prophetic warnings and messages being fulfilled, Biblical prophecy being fulfilled, and catastrophic weather phenomena all over the world. We know it, because the Holy Spirit has revealed it to us, but if you are still in doubt, then start praying to Jesus for the Truth! We are only here to serve Jesus in the Salvation of Souls and write what He guides us to write, but only you can choose Jesus now and work on your Salvation!

Here is another good teaching from Father Mark Goring,

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Could the Pangolin be the animal that has linked us to the Coronavirus and did the Economist Magazine Cover in 2019 give us a soft disclosure of a future intention to try and depopulate the world?

Last week we did a post, that the Holy Spirit guided us to, about a possible soft disclosure on a vaccine that could be created for a pandemic created by the Coronavirus. Today, the World Health Organization, W.H.O. has still yet to call this rapidly spreading virus, a pandemic. In the post we wrote last week, we mentioned Bill Gates stating in 2018, that the world was not prepared for a pandemic that could kill 30 million in less than a year. We found it odd that he spoke about this in 2018 and now, Business Insider Magazine is putting it in one of their articles. We also wrote about how Pastor Paul Begley is always talking about soft disclosures and how the Illuminati or Elites are always trying to announce their intentions ahead of time to condition us, or program us into believing it is true information, or accurate so that we can conform. Also, in the post we did last week, we put in a video on the Economist Magazine Cover in 2019, using them as an example of how the Elites work on this programming they like to put on covers of their magazines. When I was writing this post, I kept looking at the small dragon-like animal in the left hand corner, and I kept getting the discernment from the Holy Spirit, that this animal is linked to the Coronavirus. At that time, I did some research, but did not see any links of the Coronavirus to this animal. However, the Holy Spirit just confirmed what He was revealing to us. Here is the video we posted on the Economist Magazine Cover for 2019,

The small animal in the left hand corner of the Economist Magazine Cover appears to be this Pangolin mammal, that scientists in China discovered could be where the Coronavirus originated. Here is an another article written by Business Insider again on the possibility that this animal could be the cause of the Coronavirus. According to this article, the Pangolin’s meat is a delicacy to eat, and the scales are used for medicinal purposes. The question is, is the Holy Spirit showing us now, that this animal is the originator of this Coronavirus, and is it man-made in a lab to exterminate large masses of people, but actually made to appear that it came from this animal. In addition, is this a soft disclosure from the Elites of their intentions to not only wipe out masses of people, but are they also attempting to create a vaccine that could be just as deadly? We need to listen to what the Holy Spirit is guiding us to and pray for more discernment. Also, we will pass this on to Pastor Paul Begley to see if he is interested in investigating, because he has a larger following on his show, The Coming Apocalypse.

If the Coronavirus is not man-made and came from an animal, then why is the animal on the front cover of the 2019 Economist Magazine Cover, and why is also the Four Horseman from the Apocalypse on the front cover? These are all things we must continue to pray about for discernment and we must continue to listen to the Prophets, and Our Blessed Mother Mary about the prophetic warnings of what the One World Order is trying to accomplish.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is returning soon, and it is not just because of egregious sin. Satan has influenced many Freemason organizations and the Rothschilds co-own the Economist Magazine. It is in the Book of Revelation that Our Lord is also returning to wipe out evil that is trying to control the world and what is to become a One World Government, Currency, Religion, and antichrist. Some people, including Christians, believe that the Rothschilds are not liked because of their wealth and Jewish background. This is not true, because all Christians should know that the Israelites are God’s chosen people. However, many do not understand the Rothschild affiliation to Freemasonry. Here is an article on their links to Freemasonry,

We ask the Blessed Trinity to reveal all Truth, so that we may serve Jesus in the Salvation of Souls before He returns as the just judge. Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding us to all Truth so that we are not deceived in these end times.

Emmanuel – “God is with us”. Have a blessed day.