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Reparation Prayers and Rosaries.

Two friends of mine sent me two different videos. One on events happening on the other side of the world in the riots and protests in Chile that is very sad and heartbreaking. The other from Father Richard Heilman on making reparation for the events that are not only happening in Our Church, but what is happening all over the world. It is important for us to pray with all of our hearts individually, but it is so very important to come together unified, as believers in Jesus Christ, to pray as His unified body, the Church. Father Richard Heilman has a big following in combating the evil with praying the Holy Rosary daily. I whole heartedly believe that Our Mother has been allowed to assist in bringing us to Jesus Christ in these end times because of all the Prophesies she has given us for centuries. I also whole heartedly believe that she has a very important role in these end times and we will see when the miracles occur at Garabandal and Medjugorje of the importance of her role in assisting Jesus for the salvation of souls. I also know from studying exorcist priest Father Chad Ripperger, how frightened the demons are when Priests are conducting exorcisms praying the Holy Rosary, and how important the Holy Rosary is in Spiritual Warfare. We have to understand the Spiritual Battle we are in, and of the power of prayer!

Father Heilman is calling us together in this next video to make reparation for the offenses and sins we have incurred against the Blessed Trinity and Our Church. Reparation prayers are prayers that we can pray to Our Lord for forgiveness of not only our sins, but the sins of others. I believe it is the prayers of the faithful in the past few decades that have kept some of the chastisements from being more devastating and possibly has delayed the great Chastisement. In fact, this has been said by Our Blessed Mother many times, and by many Prophets today. We need to stand united in Jesus Christ in that we can offer up our prayers for not only our sins, but the sins of others. That is why Jesus is always telling us to pray for our brothers and sisters and our enemies. We have a mission to serve Jesus, and in that mission is powerful prayer for us, our families, our priests, Our Church, and for others. Our mission is the salvation of all souls, not just the souls of the faithful. The more we unite our souls to Christ, the more graces we receive from the Holy Spirit to understand that this is the vital mission of all Christians and service to Our Lord.

So, two dates, I want you to keep in mind. December 2, 2019 is the date of the Saint Faustina movie that tells us about the Warning that is coming. If you live outside of the United States, this may be a different date. You will have to do some research to see what date the Saint Faustina movie is playing in your country. The second date I want you to remember is December 6, 2019. This is the first Friday in December, 2019. Remember, the first Friday of every month should be dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the first Saturday of every month, to the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother. Here is a reparation prayer to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember, that Father Michel said we have to consecrate ourselves to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother Mary. Also, to God Our Father through the Sacred Heart, Immaculate Heart, and the Holy Family. Also, please try to join Father Richard Heilman in praying the Holy Rosary and fasting on December 6, 2019. Remember, that you do not have to just skip a meal. If you are diabetic or can’t skip a meal because of health reasons, you can give up an indulgence that you love, like television, or something that you really enjoy. If you are not Catholic and would still like to participate, please help us pray for the salvation of all souls on December 6, 2019 and fast for that day. We are united in Christ in that we all believe in His goodness and Mercy when we ask for forgiveness.

Lastly, I am going to put on here two disturbing videos that a friend of mine sent me, who is from Chile. I would view the videos first, to see if it is something you may not want your children to witness, but I believe this type of desecration will only continue to get worse as sin grows all over the world. I am posting it only because, I think it is important for people to understand that sinful acts that are occurring all over the world, and just because we don’t see it in our own home towns, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. This is what Jesus, Our Blessed Mother, and Saint Michael continue to tell Luz de Maria all of the time in her prophesies. Events are continuing to escalate all of the time, but if we only watch the news at night, we may not see the things that are happening all over the world, especially since some of the news channels are owned by some Elites of the One World Order. Not all media is bad, but a lot of it is influenced by the One World Order. So, be careful about what you watch and read and always use discernment from the Holy Spirit. This is why we constantly need to pray for the truth so that we are not deceived in these times. In these videos, it appears to be kids or young adults, who may not even understand the gravity of the sins and heresy they are committing against Jesus. So, this is why we have to pray for everyone, no matter how bad they appear to be, because Jesus still wants to save them even up until their last breath. Also,

It is so sad for us to witness because we know in our hearts that it makes Jesus sad. So, reparation prayers are good always for the times we are in for ourselves and others and to show Jesus, we love Him. Our hearts will get heavy at times for Jesus as we struggle to understand that our world is giving into sin, but sadly, this is why God has to allow it. God has to allow it, so that He can renew it and bring in the New Heaven and New Earth in Revelations, Chapter 21. This is why Jesus said in Matthew 16:24, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me”.

Why Haven’t They Found Planet X?

We continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal the Truth to us in everything we do because without the Holy Spirit revealing the Truth and us continually working on our relationship with Jesus and the Blessed Trinity, we are just as lost as those who are still asleep. We must also continue to remain humble and if anything is revealed to us, we must always give honor and glory to Our Lord for allowing us to see the Truth. Some things just recently revealed to me in the last two days are being connected with the help of the Holy Spirit. We know the Prophets and Prophecies in this blog have been put together for a reason and as time goes by, we have to continually compare and review what the Holy Spirit is showing us to receive the graces of understanding.

Although I felt in my heart that Planet X, or Hercolubus is the Great Comet of Chastisement, I could not confirm it until now with the help of the Holy Spirit. Hercobulus has many names, such as Planet X, Planet 9, Nemesis, or Nibiru. But, the reason I keep going back to Carlos Munoz Ferrada, who named it Hercolubus, is because he has given the most descriptive definition of what he believes this binary system is. He explains in his interview, that it is a Comet-like planet in that it is as big as a planet, but looks like a comet because it has a tail of gases trailing behind it. What I did not catch in listening to his interview the first few times I listened to it, is that he also called it a star. In fact, he actually described it as a great star loaded with cosmic energy. Also, Carlos Ferrada predicted the fly by of Halley’s comet the first time on February 12, 1996. A Comet is what Prophet John Leary said would pass by Earth and later come back to hit the Earth as the Great Chastisement in the Atlantic Ocean.

Two days ago, a report came out by FOX News that stated Planet 9 may have been found by NASA Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), as a black hole. It goes into great detail on how this satellite works, but what is important to see is that it has been suggested that NASA has already possibly found Planet 9, but it may actually be a “Primordial Black Hole”. Primordial black hole, means existing since the beginning of time.

In the next article I am going to post, it explains how a star dies and how it can also become a black hole. // All this said, explains why all of these scientists may have had trouble finding Planet X, or Planet 9, or Hercolubus. If it is a black hole, it would be harder to see with a Telescope if you are continually looking for a Planet with seven exoplanets. Also, the amount of energy it is going to generate as a magnet makes more sense with the devastation that is coming with a pole shift, crustal shift, and axis shift. In addition, the Fox news article also stated that this black hole had been discovered a long time ago, but no one thought of it as Planet 9.

Lastly, I would like to add the prophesies given by Our Blessed Mother to Giana Sullivan and Prophecies given to Luz de Maria. All prophesies keep pointing to a celestial body, or a mini solar system that will enter our solar system and cause catastrophic changes. As Pastor Paul Begley keeps saying, this meets Revelations, Chapter 8 with all of the items falling from the heavens that hit the earth, specifically, Revelations 8:10. “When the third angel blew his trumpet, a large star burning like a torch, fell from the sky. It fell on a third of the rivers, and on the springs of water. The star was called “Wormwood”, and a third of all of the water turned to wormwood. Many people died from this water, because it became bitter.” Anything that Hercolubus brings in with its own orbit could hit our Earth depending on its proximity to Earth and how big this black hole actually is. All we can do is keep praying for the truth and keep preparing spiritually, mentally, and physically. This is why we are always stressing to store up Food and Water. This is also why Our Lord stressed to John Leary to have at least one year supply of food and water per person in your household. Our Blessed Mother tells Gianna Sullivan, when you see the two suns, there will be a tremendous change in weather. There will be another orbit in our solar system, between the Earth and the Sun that will lead to tremendous devastation. In addition, if you study all of the prophesies given to Luz de Maria, there are many, many prophesies and warnings about a danger approaching from space that will affect our Planet. This message is from December 19, 2016, but there are several more.

So, as we continue to study the prophets and their prophesies, we also continue to compare their prophesies to what is unfolding daily in science and all over the world. We know something is coming from the Universe because Our Blessed Mother and the Prophets have told us. We know it will be seen by the naked eye eventually, and by this time, we will also witness much of the catastrophic devastation. But, we also know that although we may witness much of this devastation, we will be ready for the Warning and prepared to spread the gospel for Jesus. We also know that we have been told to prepare by getting closer to Jesus and working on our Spiritual Relationship with Jesus and the Blessed Trinity. Lastly, we know that we will be prepared to be taken to the refuges six weeks after the Warning and we are to wait on Our Guardian Angels to take us to these permanent refuges. So, in all actuality, it doesn’t matter, if it is a Comet, a Star, a mini solar system, or a black hole. We know, God is in control, and He is allowing this celestial body to usher in the Labor pains, the Tribulation, and the New Era and New Peace.

Remember, the One World Order is aware of this incoming celestial body and are preparing for the antichrist to make his appearance to establish a single government, a single currency, and a single religion. So, we also continue to prepare and ask Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Our Guardian Angels, and Our Blessed Mother to continue to get us ready to serve Jesus in these times.

More About The Warning, and Divine Mercy of Jesus.

As I have said before, we have to get ready for the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience so that we can serve Jesus as much as possible during these end times. We will be serving Jesus by helping Him save as many souls as possible during that six week period before we are taken to a permanent refuge by Our Guardian Angels. For those who are viewing this blog that are not aware of this Prophecy that has been handed down by Our Blessed Mother at Garabandal and Our Lord Jesus Christ to Saint Faustina, I will briefly explain it. The Warning, or Illumination of Conscience is the last great Act of Divine Mercy from Our Lord Jesus Christ to the entire World. In this final Warning to all souls on the earth over the age of seven, no matter, if you are atheists, Jewish, Christian, Buddhists, or Muslim, you will experience Jesus in your presence. He will show you a glimpse of your soul and whether you are going to heaven, hell, or purgatory. He will show you how you have offended the Blessed Trinity and how you can repent of your sins to change the status of your soul at final judgement. He will also tell you not take the chip in your body because it will be the mark of the antichrist per Revelations, 13:14. I have listed more videos for your review and posted much more about the Warning on previous posts in this blog.

For Christians that are reading this blog and say that this prophecy about the Warning is not in the Bible, look at Revelations, Chapters 10 and 11. There is so much that still has to be revealed as the seals are being opened by Jesus, that you have to believe that God will speak to us through His prophets, in His perfect way and perfect timing. God is always merciful before His Divine Justice, just as He was with the Israelites in the Old Testament.

I am speaking on the Warning as much as possible, because this will be the focus of our calling to serve Jesus before we enter the refuge. We will be serving Jesus as much as possible in that six week period that Prophet John Leary tells us we have, before we are taken to a permanent refuge by Our Guardian Angels. But, what can we do right now to serve Jesus before the Warning? We can spread as much information, literature, prayer books, and description of the Warning to as many people as possible, before the Warning comes. If we do this right now, then we are serving Jesus and being obedient to His Will. This will also prepare people when the Warning comes, that this was a prophecy fulfilled and God is real! He wants us to run back into His Arms of Divine Mercy and help others to see the truth of how merciful He is! Many people will be in shock and disbelief and it will be our role to serve Jesus by telling them the truth. If you are a true disciple of Christ, you will always feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to tell the truth to people. We are all sinners, and are all constantly praying for graces to be transformed into His image. But, as we are being transformed, the Holy Spirit gives us the graces of boldness to speak for Jesus. We need to pray for this boldness now and after the Warning!

In addition to spreading the information about the Warning, please pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, This chaplet was given to Saint Faustina for the salvation of all souls. The more we pray for souls, the more mercy Jesus has promised to pour out for all souls.

Lastly, here is a prophecy from Maureen Sweeney Kyle at Maranatha Springs, Ohio. We have Maureen listed on the End Time Prophets and Bloggers Page of this blog. She is still receiving prophetic messages from God Our Father and Jesus and Our Blessed Mother today. This message was given to her on April 03, 2016. You can read her current messages, as well as Prophet John Leary on their websites I have provided.

Get Ready! Our Lord is speaking to Us!

I want to post an updated youtube video from Lois Vogel Sharp on Our Lord speaking to us to get ready for an economic collapse. In addition, Our Lord told Lois that we need to get ready to shine for Him when it is time. Our Lord speaks to us all of the time, and we have to listen to what He is telling us through His prophets. If we have an economic collapse, it will cause inflation of all personal goods, groceries, fuel, utilities.. etc… So, start storing up food as much as you can afford. Mostly non-perishable, like canned goods, rice, dried potatoes and water, and food that have an extended shelf life. Here is also a video on how to put bleach in your water to purify it. Used milk jugs can be used to store drinking water in your garage with the proper measure of bleach in it. Everyone that I have researched recommends changing the water out in your used containers every six months to ensure it is still purified.

Also, I would like to post a video, that again confirms that several Christians are preparing for what is coming from the Heavens. I received this video from a friend about a CEO, who stated he received a verbal message in the 1980s from the Holy Spirit about building underground shelters. He was not given any guidance except that he was told that it was to prepare for an extension level event. The only reason I am posting this video is because I believe it is more confirmation on the existence of Planet X, or the Great Comet of Chastisement that is coming our way very soon. We don’t endorse that anyone seek their refuge in this type of environment, because we know from what the Holy Spirit has shown us, the only survival of any refuge before God’s wrath, must be protected by God’s Holy Legions of Angels. We can only be led by Our Guardian Angels to these refuges as John Leary and Father Michel have stated. Is it possible that God has chosen this man to build refuges for Him to be protected by His Angels? Yes. But, we have to have faith and trust in Jesus and listen to His chosen prophets. This man does not appear to be a prophet, so I would continue to follow what both Prophet John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue have both prophesied from Jesus and God Our Father in Heaven. What is important to take away from the interview of this man is the fact that he believes we have a very limited amount of time left based on what he has observed as a builder of these shelters. Now, the interviewer is a Christian and I don’t believe she would have him on her show unless she felt in her heart she was serving Our Lord in doing so.

What struck me is when this man said he is building these underground shelters as a back up plan to the rapture and a life assurance. He is wrong in saying this, because only God can give us life assurance. We have to remember that we have to depend on God in these times and His Will. So, we can’t go seeking a shelter that is not willed by God. Also, what caught my ear is when he said that most of the people are Christian that are living in these shelters. Remember, that John Leary said that only the Angels will decide who is allowed to enter the refuges. If you are not a believer in Jesus Christ and do not have the mark of the cross on your heads made by the Angels, they will not allow you to see or enter these refuges. So, again, I am only showing you this video so that you hear what this CEO is saying about the preparedness of Government officials and wealthy people that are having these shelters built, and how he believes we may only have approximately 5 years left. He also made a statement about the third secret of Fatima being Planet X, that Pope John Paul II mentioned in an interview in Germany. I could not confirm this through my own research, but what I can say is that if the third secret of Fatima is Planet X, then this confirms the prophetic message Our Blessed Mother gave to Gianna Sullivan.

So, towards the middle of the video, he said no one has a place to bug out to, but we do in the permanent refuges that Jesus has informed Prophet John Leary about to build. Again, I don’t post any videos to scare anyone, but to get you ready spiritually with Jesus first, then mentally and physically for what Our Lord is preparing us for. Fear is not from God, but His love for us by speaking through His Prophets, such as John Leary and Lois Vogel Sharp, is what builds our Faith and Trust in Him.

Refuges Are a Must Have with God’s Holy Legion of Angels Protecting Them!

I am going to talk about why it is important for you to understand that you can have an interim refuge for survival in these times, but unless you are protected by God’s Holy Legions of Angels, there will be no safe place on earth when the chastisements start coming one after another. This is why it is important for you to surrender to Our Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as your Lord and Savior! Psalm 91 explains this very clearly. “You who dwell in the shelter of the Most High, who abide in the shade of the Almighty.” It is one thing to say you believe in God, but it is another level of faith and trust in God to surrender to His Will! If you have not surrendered to His Will and have not started working on your relationship with Him, you stand the chance of falling into temptation to leave Him when the chaos gets worse. As we speak right now, God’s Holy Legions of Angels are marking God’s children. If you are not a follower of Jesus Christ and have not surrendered to Him your mind, body and soul, chances are any refuge you build will not be protected by God’s Legions of Angels. Father Michel has made this clear, Prophet John Leary has made this clear, Prophet Lois Vogel Sharp has made this clear, and now Prophet Luz de Maria has made this clear. This message from Our Blessed Mother calls the refuges “Refuges of the Sacred Hearts”.

In all of the prophetic messages, from these prophets and visionaries, we have to understand that if we are followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ and have been called to start a refuge whether interim or permanent, we have to be willing to help as many of God’s Children as possible during these times. As Father Michel and Prophet John Leary have said, our interim refuges will be like an underground railroad safe place, until everyone is safely moved into a permanent refuge. We will not be doing any of this without the supernatural protection of our Guardian Angels and God’s Holy Legions of Angels. In the messages given to Luz de Maria, Our Blessed Mother speaks about the Angel of Peace. This Angel of Peace was also the Angel that visited the three shepherd children in Fatima, before Our Blessed Mother appeared to them in 1917. We will all need this Angel of Peace to help us and Our Guardian Angels to help us stay calm, and serve Jesus as we are all being guided on how to serve Our Lord. As people will be repenting and turning back to God after each chaotic event, or chastisement, they will be sent to a refuge. So, this will be a continual service to Our Lord before we are all placed into a permanent refuge. If you feel like God is calling you to have an interim refuge, start working on your storage of food items now, like Joseph did in the Bible. In addition, start working on your relationship with Jesus and tell Him you want to serve Him in these times.

If you are not in a state of grace, the Holy Spirit will guide you to go back to confession. We should all be working on our own general confessions to a priest to remove sins of omission in addition to sins we have committed and have forgotten about. If you are not Catholic, you can still confess all of your sins to Jesus and tell Him you are sorry for your sins. We should all do this daily anyway, in addition to seeing a priest for absolution. If we are ready spiritually for what is coming, then the rest of the preparation will fall into place. In addition, after the Warning takes place, we will be on fire from the Holy Spirit to go out and serve Jesus by helping Him save more souls. If you do not feel like God is calling you to prepare an interim refuge, no worries. Store up enough food for you and your family, just in case a weather event takes place in your area, and get your family ready spiritually with Jesus. But, always be prepared for God to possibly send a few people your way. We have to help each other as much as possible physically and save souls for Jesus at the same time. The Angels will not allow anyone into your interim and permanent refuges that has not been marked as a child of God and believer of our Lord Jesus Christ! But, you might be the one that has to convert that person in the street, or at work, or at school! Don’t be afraid to speak for Jesus! If you are reading this blog, you have been called to serve! Matthew 13: 16-17, “But blessed are your eyes, because they see, and your ears, because they hear. Amen, I say to you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see, but did not see it, and to hear what you hear, but did not hear it.”

Prepare Now For A Possibly Bad Winter.

As we are praying for Our Lord to give us discernment on preparing our interim refuges, let’s talk about preparing now for a possibly bad winter. If you notice that severe cold weather has already hit areas that usually get snow, like Denver, Colorado, but not usually in October! So, we are starting to see the effects of Planet X, or this binary system to our planet, and how it is starting to affect us where we live. Again, this is not climate change. If you have not gone to the beginning of this blog, then what I am saying now will not make much sense. I have explained in the beginning of this blog, what I believe the Holy Spirit has shown me in Our Mother Mary’s prophecies and how we are most likely at the end of the 35 years of chastisement that Our Lady of La Salette has warned us about. We are also in the labor pains of the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24. Planet X, or Planet 9, Nibiru, or Hercolubus, is a binary system of a huge Comet like Planet and seven exoplanets that moves into our solar system approximately every 3,600 years. Because of all the warnings in the prophecies Our Mother has given us through the ages, most specifically La Salette, and Our Lady of Emmitsburg, I believe the Holy Spirit has shown us that Planet X, is the great Comet of Chastisement. If you go to the beginning of this blog, I have posted all of the prophecies Our Blessed Mother has given us that point to this binary system as the Comet of Chastisement. Here is Our Lady of Emmitsburg prophecy to Gianna Sullivan in the 1990s,

This is also why Prophet, Luz De Maria is also speaking about a celestial body entering our Solar System in her prophetic messages. Prophet John Leary talks about a Comet hitting the Atlantic Ocean and this will most likely be one of the smaller comets or asteroids that hit our Earth in Revelations, Chapter 8, verses 6 – 13. In Giana Sullivan’s prophetic message above, Our Mother is telling us that the Government and Church authorities already know about this other solar system and also the World Bankers, which are the One World Order. I have done this recap of my previous posts so that you understand why it is so important to prepare spiritually, mentally, and physically and how we need to serve Jesus in these times. However, to fully understand how we have been warned through the ages by Our Mother and the Saints, please go back to beginning of this blog.

No one in this blog, claims to be an expert on physical preparedness for the events that are unfolding as we speak. But, when we come across some good, clean videos on items that can help us prepare for extreme weather events, we will post them on this blog. We don’t endorse any of these items, nor do we claim any of these people to be the top experts in these videos. But, since we will have some extreme weather in just about all of our areas of the world, we have found the following videos to share. All videos we post to this website have the share button, or the fair use act, so that people can view them, but not use them for monetary gain. Everything we do on this blog, is for serving Our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray for all of us to surrender to Him daily and His Will for all of us to be done, so that we can serve Him in these times. We pray this information is useful for you and we all keep praying for His Truth to be revealed to us through the guidance of the Holy spirit. We would not recommend looking at all of the videos on some of these websites, because some preppers are not relying on God for survival. WE ARE! We can only prepare so much physically, but our Spiritual relationship with the Blessed Trinity has got to be the strongest because we have be prepared not to run away, or cave into any chaotic environment we may experience. We have to maintain Our Faith and Trust in Jesus that he is going to cover us with His precious blood and Our Blessed Mother will lead us by the hand to Jesus and protect us with Her mantle. If we grow in our relationship with Him, we will have the peace to get through everything until we are taken to the permanent refuge by Our Guardian Angels. Here is another video on emergency Cooking Stoves,

The Warning, Illumination of Conscience is Coming Soon.

As Father Michel Rodrigue and Prophet John Leary has informed us recently, the Warning could be coming very soon. Our goal for Jesus is to unite all Christians after this Mercy from Jesus occurs for the Salvation of Souls. This one event will spark the worldwide evangelization for Christianity, because all Christians will be on fire with the Holy Spirit to spread the gospel. I am going to post from the website, the book from Father Philip Bebie. Father Bebie wrote this book, while suffering from stage four cancer. Father Bebie goes into detail about why the Warning will take place in prophetic messages received from Our Blessed Mother at Garabandal. Father Bebie also goes into detail on how he believes, this Warning will usher in a possible Chastisement from God Our Father, and the Era of Peace. This book was written by Father Bebie between 1980 and 1982. At this time, I believe there was still hope that Russia would be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Our Mother. This, however, has not taken place.

As Father Michel Rodrigue and John Leary has already advised that the Warning will take place, and also the Great Tribulation with a three and a half year period of the antichrist. After the Warning takes place, we will have a period of six weeks to convert as many people as possible to Christianity before our Guardian Angels come to take us to a refuge. Maryrefugeofholylove has also posted a listing about a Movie about Saint Faustina playing one day only, at certain Theatres all across the world. In some locations, it may play more than one day. If you have not read Saint Faustina’s Diary, I would definitely suggest you read it. This Illumination of Conscience that Jesus gives to Saint Faustina is the same as the Warning message from Our Mother at Garabandal. Jesus explains it will be His last great Act of Mercy for all souls. If you don’t have time to read the Diary, at least attend the movie, so that you understand the importance of the Divine Mercy Chaplet for all souls. Many young followers of Christ may not be aware of the importance of reciting this chaplet for the salvation of souls in this end of time period we are living right now. It is most important to recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the salvation of all souls at 3:00 p.m. This is when Our Lord Jesus died on the cross.

As we prepare for the Warning ourselves in our own transformations into a Disciple for Jesus, I am praying about a specific plan to create that we can use as a guide on how to serve Jesus in this six week period of time. Our prayer groups will have to come together and do as much evangelization as possible to assist Jesus in this small six week period. We will also be receiving people into our Interim refuges to stay with us until all of Our Guardian Angels come to take us to a permanent refuge. For Christians who are not Catholic that are following this blog, please don’t feel excluded. Here is a video on the Divine Mercy Chaplet, I will also post it in writing.

Also, You do need a set of Holy Rosary beads, or you can count the prayers on your fingers. This is a prayer that Jesus asks us to pray for the salvation of all souls, so that they will not be lost forever. There are so many souls, who are either spiritually asleep, or souls, who are so far removed from God, that they will not have a clear understanding of why or if Jesus really did appear to them to show them the state of their souls and the sins they have committed. This prayer is said for all of those souls to come back to Jesus. The One World Order will try and make everyone believe that it was not real and only a natural weather phenomena. If you are uncertain about saying a Catholic prayer, then just say a prayer for the salvation of all souls daily. If you can go see the movie on December 2, 2019, it will give you more of a clear understanding of why Jesus has asked us to recite this prayer in these end times.