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Update! Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on The Coming Apocalypse show, April 10, 2020.

Good Morning Disciples of Christ! Happy Good Friday and Praise be to Jesus! As we reflect on the Passion of Our Lord today and how much we Love Him, let’s all be thankful that He has called us to Serve Him! We listened to Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World discuss current events this week and here is the show they had last night,

Pastor Paul and Mike discussed the United States Presidential Seal and why it has not been displayed while the President is speaking at his Coronavirus press conferences. Mike said not to jump the gun, because it is primarily his advisers that are speaking on the virus and not the President. Mike said things are slowly changing, but not to worry about the Presidential Seal right now. Mike said we have some different worries to be concerned about right now. Mike and Pastor Paul discussed how we are struggling with this Coronavirus and sustainability of things like respirators and masks and how the President’s focus is on this right now and not Foreign Policy. Mike said that the Coronavirus is only one element out of thousands that will be coming and this is almost like a good workout to prepare for what is coming. Pastor Paul asked if we were leaning towards socialism as a country because of how we are being forced into scenarios with this virus. Mike stated we are seeing the beginning of what will be dictated to us as these catastrophic events unfold. Mike said most young people aren’t familiar with the term “socialism”, but are familiar with the terms of “the common good”, and this is what our young people will adapt to because they are being forced to believe that it has to be this way.

Pastor Paul asked how long Mike thinks we would be able to see relief from this virus and it subsiding. Mike said it all depended on how long we maintained social distancing, because if one infected person comes in contact with a large group of people, we would be looking at this virus exploding into another pandemic all over again. Mike and Paul talked about China and how it appears their numbers of deaths are low now and how the people in China are tracked by their cell phones. Mike stated that the Chinese government was getting ready to enforce bio markers on its citizens that would identify if they have a fever, and where they are located. Mike stated that we just can’t depend on what the Chinese government is telling us because we are not getting all of the answers, and 23 million people’s cell phones have gone away since the virus started.

Mike believes that we are not out of the woods when it comes to having a lower amount of deaths in the United States from the Coronavirus. Mike believes that there are most likely people at home dying of this virus that are not being reported. Mike repeats that we can’t relax on our vigilance of social distancing and we need to focus on the next 5 days to see what the results are at that time. If we maintain our present state of social distancing, then we can effectively eradicate this virus over time.

Pastor Paul Begley brought up NASA and their new report on a collision of asteroids that will hit Jupiter, but did not say when. Mike said that the inbound clusters will be something we will have deal with and get used to. Mike said this summer, we will have the inbound clusters of rocks coming in, and we will have dryness and drought and fire on different parts of the Earth. We will also have to deal with increased thunder storms with increased winds of 80 miles an hour. These winds will bring in hail, and these thunderstorms will eat away at the infrastructure all over the world, but the fires will be worse. Mike stated that we will most likely see more deaths from the fires and thunderstorms by the end of this summer than we will from the Coronavirus deaths. Pastor Paul stated that this will start to fulfill Biblical Prophecy, and that we are definitely in the beginnings of sorrows. Pastor Paul stated that what Mike is starting to describe is another level of Biblical prophecy being fulfilled with deep impacts. Mike stated that we are already seeing people unprepared with this Coronavirus, and these situations are so surreal to people that they can’t comprehend what is coming. Mike stated that we need to focus on what is happening and not why it is happening. That way, we can prepare for what will come to pass in the book of Revelations. This is not even God’s wrath, this is just the birthing pains that we as the Church, have to realize is happening right now.

Mike confirmed that this Coronavirus will jump from human to animal and animal to human, because we as human beings are conducting weird experiments with animals and these are taking place in China. If we don’t focus on what God is telling us about what not to do in the Bible, then these experiments and mixing of animal species will get worse. Mike said we need to focus on prayer and God’s Word in the Bible.

Pastor Paul brought up May 12, 2020 again, and Mike stated that we are so blessed that we have not even been set ablaze yet. Mike stated that they are starting to notice that certain objects are going faster than the speed of light, and there will be no warning time when some of these celestial objects gets closer to the Earth. Mike stated that we are going to entertain these Magnetar blasts, which are waves of energy from an exploding star, and we will begin to see blood red rain falling from the sky. This blood red rain will be coming from a meteorite and space debris that will be full of arsenic. Mike stated he will talk more about a water problem we will have during the conference on May 1st and 2nd with the Megaquake 2020 Webinar with Pastor Paul Begley. Mike stated that he would be back next Thursday for another show.

If you have not studied in this blog about what the little green file has disclosed about this binary system hitting Jupiter by March 28, 2021 from Pastor Paul Begley and Steven Ben DeNoon , then you need to go back and review the post we put in this blog. Pastor Paul Begley has been given some documented scientific information on a little green memory stick about Planet X, or Hercolubus from Steven Ben DeNoon, and it is on this file he is referencing in his show today. Here is the Title of this post in this blog,

“Pastor Paul Begley, Update on the Little Green File.”

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Another Video From Queen of Peace Media with Father Michel Rodrigue on the End Times!

Queen of Peace Media has put out another video with Father Michel Rodrigue who speaks on the coming Chastisement and the events that are occurring all over the world right now.

We would suspect that Queen of Peace Media will begin to put out a series of videos with Father Michel and I highly recommend subscribing to their videos to be sure and get all of Father Michel’s messages that he puts out from now on. Father Michel has definitely been chosen to help lead us to Jesus Christ and to have a very good understanding of where we are in these times and how we can serve Jesus as His Disciples.

Notice, that Father Michel spoke of a message from Saint Michael the Archangel. Father Michel makes a point that we must all be humble and explains how the One World Order will present a New Age Spiritualism as a new religion. Father Michel said in these last days, the stressing times will come and they will present this new religion and call it a “Universal Fraternity”. They will remove Jesus and try to say that He will not be the only mediator to Our Heavenly Father. This will be a lie that they will try and force on all people.

God Our Father told Father Michel that He has extended the time a little longer so that we may have time to prepare. We must Renew our Consecration to God Our Father through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Our Mother. Father Michel said we must focus on our blessings from God and not focus on negative thoughts. We have to wake up everyday and thank Our Lord for the air we breathe. We must be Happy with what we have, and this happiness is the Kingdom of God. Father Michel said we will be judged on How we Serve Our Lord and how we Love our neighbors. Great darkness will descend on the world and we will walk towards our Refuge! Before we have a physical refuge, we have to live out our Spiritual refuge in the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother Mary. Father Michel read Psalm 91 and said we will walk with the flame of the angel towards the refuge, and we will have to be obedient to God. We will have Peace as a grace from God as we move towards the refuge. As in the times of Noah, God will purify the Earth and remove all evil, and we must Trust In Jesus that He will get us to this refuge. Father Michel continued to read Psalm 91 and explain each sentence as revealed to him by Saint Michael the Archangel. Father Michel said to make sure we conduct a general confession and try and stay in a state of grace. We must pray to Our Guardian Angels and Holy Legions of Angels for protection. Saint Michael also said to Father Michel, “The Hour Has Come.”

Get Ready and Be Prepared Spiritually First, then Physically.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

New Video of Father Michel Rodrigue on Queen of Peace Media!

Good Morning Disciples of Christ! We have discovered a new video released by Queen of Peace Media. In this video, Father Michel speaks on what we need to do right now to prepare for the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the 5 main messages of Medjugorje. Father Michel explains his initial disbelief in the apparitions of Medjugorje until Our Blessed Mother appeared to him and told him to go there in 1983. Father Michel has not allowed very many videos, but apparently he is allowing more because of the closeness of the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience. Father Michel has said many times that the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience is very close. Queen of Peace Media has done an excellent job of promoting the messages of Our Blessed Mother and the closeness of the Warning, especially with the promotion of the book The Warning, by Christine Watkins.

It is important to understand that it is our mission to get the information out about the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience so that people can prepare for the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We support every group that is willing to do that to include Queen of Peace Media. We do not know the author of the book, The Warning, and have not read her book yet. But, what we are finding as we continue to research all of the events of the Second Coming of Our Lord, not just The Warning, is that many people only want to believe certain prophecies and exclude others. It is important that we all pray about any Prophet to ensure that we are not deceived in these end times. Some people only believe this is a time of purification and that Our Lord is not returning for a very long time. This is not what the Holy Spirit has shown us in this blog. The events of the Warning, in the words of Father Michel, will be like a Second Pentecost, and people will return to Jesus Christ. Also, in Father Michel Rodrigue’s words and Prophet John Leary, Jesus will tell us in our personal encounters with Jesus during the Warning, not to take the mark of the beast. This is in the book of Revelation, 13:15-17. So, this event is not just the purification to bring people back to Jesus, this is also to prepare us to not be deceived when the antichrist comes to steal souls from God. We must have understanding from the Holy Spirit on God’s Word to know where we are in these end times. Father Michel even makes a point of saying this as one of the 5 main messages from Our Blessed Mother. We can’t just take someone’s word as a Prophetic message from God, unless it is in Scripture, and also as the events unfold. This Pandemic was prophesied by John Leary in 2012 and has now been fulfilled.

This is why we have put all of this information together in this blog, so that we have provided readers all of the information the Holy Spirit has shown us and why we know we are in the end times and the labor pains of the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24. We can not help that some people do not believe in the messages from John Leary. We do know that John Leary has been putting out the same messages as Father Michel for a much longer period of time, and they both appear together in Conferences and support each other’s messages and are actually good friends. They both are also obedient to the Catholic Church, and they both will continue to spread the messages from the Blessed Trinity and Our Blessed Mother Mary as long as Our Lord requires them to.

So, as these events unfold, we all have to continue to pray for the Truth to the Holy Spirit and continue to ask God how we can serve him. We believe Father Michel was sent by God to confirm the prophetic messages given to John Leary and this is something we all need to individually continue to pray about. God has a mission for each person in these times, and we have to continue to pray and ask God, silently in our hearts, what our mission is for Him.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Messages To Luz De Maria from Our Blessed Mother Mary and From Saint Michael the Archangel, dated March 24 and 27, 2020. Also, some reparation prayers to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

Good Morning Disciples of Christ! In yesterday’s post we left off with Mike From Around the World showing us that Our World is changing and we are being forced into this change. In the message dated March 24, 2020, Luz De Maria has a commentary on the message from Saint Michael. At the end of the message, Luz De Maria stated, “The World Order’s demonstration of power and the strength of the Single Government over humanity has begun, and from now on nothing will be the same as before, nothing.”

So, we continue to pray for Our Lord to stop this Coronavirus Pandemic, but we have to realize that we will not go back to what used to be normal for us. These changes are both coming fast now, but also have been coming slowly for over a century so that we have been conditioned to accept these changes and believe that this is just the way things have happened and we have to accept these changes. We believe Our Lord wants us to have Hope in Him, and not be discouraged, but also realize what we are up against in humanity. This is not something we can fight on a physical level or resist because Our Lord is telling us now, that the events of the Great Tribulation are set in motion. This is not something we can fight or resist in our Governments, but it is something we can prepare for Spiritually. This is also why getting angry is only cooperating with the enemy because this is what Satan wants us to do, but realistically God is in control of it all. God is allowing everything that this One World Government and global alliance is forcing on us for the conversion of souls. So, basically, it is a test on each one of us to overcome when we pray the words to Our Father in Heaven, “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” Also when Jesus told His Disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane, Luke 22:46, “Why are you sleeping? Get up and pray that you may not undergo the test.” As we continually undergo the test, Jesus is separating the sheep from the goats, and the wheat from the tares.

So, we are in the testing period right now and that is what all of the prophets in this blog are saying to us. Our Lord is calling us to conversion, but this is more than just saying that we believe Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah. This is continually receiving the graces from God to not fail the test. We do that by giving Him our all everyday in everything we do. We offer ourselves to Him in our work, joy, pain, and suffering. We continue to ask Him how we can serve Him today, or what can we do as His Disciples today that would please Him? We all must work on a perpetual conversion so that when these trials get to be more unbearable, we have received the graces to not only overcome them, but also bring others to Jesus Christ so that they can overcome them.

Here are some more prayers that I believe the Holy Spirit wanted me to share with everyone. You may have them already and the prayers you are saying now are also very important. But these are short and you can continue to say them throughout the day without having to sit down and look them up. Both of these prayers come from the “Precious Blood of Jesus, Daily Devotional”. I have taken a picture of them for you to say, if you like in addition to the Holy Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Consecration to the Sacred heart and Immaculate Heart, and Saint Michael Prayer.



Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Are They Preparing Us For a Digital Identity and a Cashless Society?

For those that listened to the Pastor Paul Begley Show the other day with Mike From Around The World, we heard Mike say at the end of the show that he was concerned about digital identity that people are going to be asking for because of fear of using paper money. Mike said systems are being put in place, and large scale security measures are being put in place. When more people begin to die, identification will be a big priority and our governments will put systems in place to identify individuals. Mike also stated they (Our Governments) are experts in cover stories and re-directs, and even the President may not be aware of some of this type of information. Mike made a point to say that the truth about the Coronavirus was known months ago, but people don’t believe it. Mike reminds us that people always know what is going on, and what is going to happen, but many people wouldn’t believe it even if you told them.

We believe the Holy Spirit is showing us that the Elites are forcing us into an uncertainty with this Coronavirus so ruthlessly controlled and manipulated that most people will develop a fear of touching things with their hands and fingers, such as paper money, and physical bankcards. Has anyone noticed that Bill Gates is all over the media and everyone wants his opinion on this virus and the statements he made 2 years ago about how a Pandemic would be a catastrophic disaster for the World?

Also, was it just a coincidence that he had a very popular TED Talk back in 2015 on how a virus could wipe out 10 million people in a year? We don’t believe so.

Also, did he really just say that his corporation would fund new factories for 7 potential coronavirus vaccines, even though it will waste billions of dollars? Yes, he said that private corporations could operate at a much quicker rate than the Federal Government, and his foundation would be happy to help.

Also, while we are all living in self quarantine and Gates is suggesting that we continue to shut down our governments for 10 more weeks, this is what he has been putting together with other Elites, Make sure and take a look at who the alliance partners are. Here is their statement on this website, “In September 2015, all United Nations member states adopted the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, including their commitment to “provide legal identity for all, including birth registration” by 2030.”

So, we know that the Country of India has adopted this digital identity and although there is no mandatory micro-chipping at this point. When does this idea come into play? Like Mike From Around The World said, when enough people are dying and the fear is so great all around the world, that people will get to where they don’t want to touch anything for fear of contracting a virus. Then people will begin to believe that micro chipping is a good idea. WE ARE BEING CONDITIONED. This conditioning is leading us to the antichrist.

So, why is it important to pray and wait for guidance from the Holy Spirit on what to do in situations like this instead of running out to get the first vaccine that is created for this pandemic? Because we have been warned by Jesus in Prophecies by John Leary not to get a vaccine because they have been planning this for a very long time. Please go back and review both Videos posted in this blog from John Leary on the “END TIMES PROPHETS AND BLOGGERS PAGE” of this blog, both Parts 1 and 2. If you review Part 1 Video by John Leary, at about the 30 minute mark, he is covering in his Outline on his chart, “Letter D. Pandemic Virus, from 11/29/2012.” John explains that Jesus told him there will be a Pandemic Virus that is both deadly and contagious. John Leary also explains that there will be a vaccine for the flu that is made by the One World Order and it will lower our immune systems!topic/johnleary/JrMIvF3Y9OM.

So, is this Coronavirus the specific virus that Jesus was referring to with John Leary? We don’t know because there are more plagues and viruses coming according to John Leary and other Prophets in this blog. However, it is important to understand what Mike From Around the World was referring to when he said this virus is a gateway door to changes that we are being forced to take and our World will never be the same again.

We need to pray that we will be prepared for the Warning, and Our Lord will take us to the Refuges and Safe Havens and to be guided by the Holy Spirit in all of our decision making from now on. Even if it is just an essential trip to the grocery store. Again, this is not scare anyone, but to get us all used to praying for guidance from God in everything we do and every decision we make. This is why we Surrender to Jesus Christ, and we allow the Holy Spirit to Transform us.

Emmanuel – “God is with us.” Have a blessed day.

Happy Palm Sunday! Praise Be To Jesus Christ! Holy Mass with Reverend Francis Santilli at Saint Philip Parish in Greenville, RI, April 5, 2020. Also messages about Medjugorje, Father Mark Goring, and Youtuber Jason A on how GOD’S LOVE CAN’T BE STOPPED!

Happy Palm Sunday Disciples of Jesus Christ! We must still celebrate Holy Week because even though we are at home, Holy Week will come and go, and we can’t forget why Our Lord Jesus Christ, suffered and died for us. Here is Palm Sunday Mass with Reverend Francis Santilli that gives a very good homily on us being at the 10th station of the cross for Jesus, living without His Blessed Sacrament,

Also, here is Sister Emmanuel Maillard on Medjugorje in Confinement, It is so beautiful to see and witness the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ with so many people in unison. One Heart, One Mind, One Unified body in Jesus Christ! This is why Medjugorje, Herzegovina is so beautiful! It is hard to witness it empty, because there will be so many people that will not get to witness that unified Love for God that we all so desperately need.

Here is Mirjana, the visionary that just recently was told Our Blessed Mother will not be appearing to her any longer on the second day of every month and that we must continue to pray the Holy Rosary.

Our Blessed Mother Mary is calling us to Her Son, Jesus Christ, because She is also preparing us for what is coming. We must continue to empty our hearts out to Jesus daily in Love for Him and pray for His forgiveness of our sins and the sins of others for the Salvation of Souls.

Here is Father Mark Goring’s Message for Today on God’s Unconditional Love!

Lastly, Here is Christian Youtuber Jason A on everyone showing God’s Love all over the World!

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed Palm Sunday.