Soft Disclosure Alert on Possible Vaccine coming for Possible Coronavirus Pandemic!

We have already talked about diseases, and pestilence that Our Blessed Mother Mary warned us about to Prophets Luz De Maria and Pedro Regis in the Anguera Prophecies. What we need to discuss and pray about for now is a warning about vaccines created to fight possible Pandemics. This is where we need to take heed to the prophecies, because we do not want to be deceived. Here is a recent article that came up shortly after the Coronavirus was detected in China. Why is this article about a possible pandemic coming with this Coronavirus getting information from a previous 2018 warning from Bill Gates?

Pastor Paul Begley is always reminding us of the soft disclosure that the One World Order likes to put out, on information that discloses their intentions of what is coming and also conditions us into believing it true information because it was said months to years before. In this article, Bill Gates is advising the public that we have to prepare for deadly outbreaks like we do for war. In fact, Gates said in a presentation in 2018, that a pandemic could kill 30 million people in less than a year. Isn’t it interesting that this presentation is popping up now with the spread of the Coronavirus, now affecting someone in Washington state?

In the year 2019, the Economist magazine put out a very interesting front cover to its magazine that also appeared to be a soft disclosure of what is coming in the future. This made many flock to the you tube videos to try and decipher what they were trying to disclose. If you go back and look at these symbols on the magazine, they really don’t make sense until something happens. On this cover, you can see a Volcano erupting, a stork carrying a package with a bar code on it? It also has the four horsemen from the Apocalypse? A pendulum with a possible tipping of the scales? Does this mean an economic crash? A satellite in space? The speaker in the video points attention to how the Freemasons have stolen the significance of the number “33”. This is God’s number used significantly throughout the Bible, but the devil is always trying to steal everything from God, even in scripture. The speaker makes reference to this conducted by the Freemasons stealing this number and using it for themselves throughout history.

Now, many things have not come to fruition of course in these soft disclosure symbols on this magazine cover, except the Volcanoes that are starting to erupt and the satellites being pushed out into space, by Space X. But, we have to ask ourselves, what does an erupting Volcano have to do with an Economic magazine? Our point being, that the soft disclosure theory does not appear to be a theory. It is real, and we have to understand that the Prophets are telling us that God is warning us about this elite group that is trying to monopolize the world.

I am going to post some prophecies from Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother about diseases and illnesses that are being spread all over the world by the freemasons and illuminati. Most of these are from Luz De Maria, however, John Leary also told us about the One World Order trying to create and spread viruses to wipe out thousands, if not millions of people and to also be cautious of vaccinations for these viruses. Also, in an earlier blog post about Pedro Regis and the Anguera prophecies, we discussed all of the plagues and contagious diseases that will be brought out in war. As viruses start to spread, we need to be aware, that it may not be prudent to run out right away and get a vaccine for any pandemic. We need to pray and seek guidance from the Blessed Trinity on everything. We also need to take advice from Our Blessed Mother Mary on the natural herbal remedies we can use to keep from getting sick, and to help us if we do get sick. It is best to go through this blog to see all of the different ways to prepare for what is coming in these end times. Do not just look at one post. We have a lot to share for Jesus, that we feel the Holy Spirit has guided us to, from the different Prophets and Bloggers that have received information on how to prepare God’s children for the end times.




Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

Volcanism and Volcanic Eruptions Everywhere! Our Lady of Emmitsburg, Maryland.

We are starting to see a trend of volcanic eruptions all over the world and these are only going to get worse according to Mike From Around the World on the Pastor Paul Begley Show, The Coming Apocalypse. Volcanism is the eruption of molten rock (magma) onto the surface of the Earth. Remember, that Mike said this going to get worse as Planet X, or Hercolubus moves closer into our solar system. In addition, we have waves of dark matter energy that are coming from a different area of space that also continue to push waves of energy into our planet.

In the video of Gianna Sullivan in Our Lady of Emmitsburg, prophesizing from Our Blessed Mother Mary, she speaks of God creating many different types of planets and solar systems. It only makes sense in the book of Revelation, that Our Lord would use many different types of His creation to fulfill His Word to renew the Heavens and the Earth. Remember, that the book of Revelation uses the number “7” many times to show completeness, or fulfillment. The two suns that Our Blessed Mother is warning us about are either Hercolubus, (Planet X) which is a dead star (Sun), with debris. Or, it could be something else, that is brought in by Hercolubus, that will be seen with the naked eye next to our Sun. Our Blessed Mother also said that the weather events will get extremely worse when we see the two suns, so this could be the sign of the Warning! Remember, that the four children told us in the prophesies from Our Blessed Mother in Garabandal, Spain of the two stars that appear to be colliding, we will then have the Warning. These are things we still need to pray about for discernment from the Holy Spirit, and as we continue to gather scientific information that is unfolding daily.

There have been many volcanoes erupting, and this magma that Mike From Around the World, keeps telling us about is coming out because of the amount of heat and pressure build up coming from the Earth’s core. Mike said that this heat has to escape because of the pressure that is building from the inside out. It is almost like the Earth is a pressure cooker that keeps building up the heat coming from these different waves of energy, that the Earth has to release. Here is a recent video from Evangelist Anita Fuentes, that speaks about all of the Volcanic eruptions currently happening all over the world. Remember, these are minor eruptions that are only going to get worse as the Earth keeps absorbing these waves of energy. I really like Anita Fuentes because she compares Scripture to current events and works diligently, like Pastor Paul Begley and the rest of the Prophets and Bloggers in this blog, to bring you back or introduce you to Jesus Christ before it is too late. These messages are not to scare you, but make you aware of Prophecies that are being fulfilled and help you understand that we have to get closer to Jesus Christ everyday and depend on Him in these end times.

This blog is starting to get views all over the world, and if you live close to a Volcano in your area, please take heed, that these Volcanic eruptions are only going to get worse. Here is a recent report that lists the Volcanoes that erupted in 2019. Remember, also that there are many volcanoes under the oceans that will also erupt that will cause Tsunamis.

We are servants for Jesus, to help you to prepare Spiritually first with surrendering to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Then Transformation into a True Child of God, which includes following His Commandments, Laws and Scripture, then on to become a Disciple for Him in these end times. If you live in an area that could be dangerous because of higher Earthquakes or Volcanic eruptions, and you have surrendered to Our Lord Jesus Christ, then start seeking guidance from Our Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone that is listed in this blog is here to help guide you to Jesus, but we all have to seek guidance from the Holy Spirit on whether our current home environments are safe enough to stay. If you seek Jesus daily, and pray for guidance, the Holy Spirit will put on your hearts, what you need to do for you and your family.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a Blessed Day.

Updated Information on The Warning! The more we are prepared, the better disciples we can be for Our Lord Jesus Christ!

As we continue to prepare to become the best children of God we can be Spiritually, the more prepared we will be to serve Our Lord mentally, and physically. All of the information in this blog should be used to transform us, but also to bring us together to serve Our Lord, especially after the Warning, which will be like Pentecost! After the Warning, we will be so on fire to serve Jesus, by the Holy Spirit, that we will want to assist Jesus in saving as many souls as possible before we are taken to a permanent refuge. There are several posts in this blog about the Warning, and the reason for that is because we have to get this information to as many people as possible, to prepare others not to be deceived when the Warning comes. has done a wonderful job of gathering as much information as possible on the Warning, and there are many other sites that have also gathered this information to help us tell others about this Pentecost event before Jesus returns. Here is Signs and Wonders for Our Times website that appears to be an excellent addition to this blog. In this website are more collected articles and information on the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience. This website also appears to gather good information to inform all Christians, not just Catholics, of the times we are living in right now. We have to continue to work together as Christians for the Salvation of Souls to be Disciples for Jesus.

We will continue to gather good information, similar to this website that will inform you, but also, with God’s graces, inspire you to become a Disciple for Our Lord and serve Him in these end times. Please share this information with others, and print out information that you can pass on to others to help prepare them for the Warning. In the meantime, if you would like to listen to more explanation of what this is and how we should respond to it, Prophet John Leary will be in Nashville, TN on March 6th and 7th of 2020 to speak about his prophetic messages. Here is his website if you wish to see more of his messages and more information on the Warning, and the refuges that Our Lord said we will be taken to by Our Guardian Angels, It also appears that both John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue will be giving talks in Combermere, Ontario, Canada on February 15, 2020 for those that are following this blog that live in Canada. If you can go to hear both of them speak on their prophetic messages, I would not pass up the opportunity. They can answer all of your questions that I may not have in this blog. If you can’t make it to see Father Michel in Canada, then John Leary knows Father Michel personally, and will be able to answer any questions about the Warning and the refuges, not only of what he has been told by Jesus, but also of what God Our Father has told Father Michel.

The posts from Signs & Wonders on the Warning are here, In their information gathered, it lists a time frame of the month of February for the Warning to take place, which came from stigmatist and mystic Marie Julie-Jaheeny in the year 1862. We have found many different documents about the Warning that have been compiled from the Saints messages and Prophecies of Our Blessed Mother. However, we have compiled our own word document for this blog that also has Father Michel Rodrigue’s own prophecies from God Our Father about the Warning. The main reason for this is that we know Our Mission is to serve Jesus. We can use this information to notify people now of what the Warning is and also about the refuges that God will be using to protect His children. Prayerfully, with more guidance from the Holy Spirit, we will continue to understand how we can speak for Jesus both before the Warning and after the Warning.

Here is the printable Word Document on The Warning,

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a Blessed Day.

Listen to the Holy Spirit, and become Obedient from Lois Vogel Sharp!

As we work on our Relationship with the Blessed Trinity, we learn how to discern guidance from the Holy Spirit. This takes time, and we all have to pray for graces to be led by the Holy Spirit in all situations. As we build our refuges and safe havens, we have to continue to listen to what the Holy Spirit is guiding us to do. Because we have a constant battle with temptation and the devil trying to pull us away from God, it is good to pray about all situations and wait for Holy Spirit to respond. Sometimes, this takes a while to know what He is saying, but as our Faith grows, we begin to differentiate between it being just our thoughts, and when it is actually the Holy Spirit guiding us. We all have to work on this daily, and I even catch myself not listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and then regretting it later and saying, “Sorry Lord, please forgive me.”

As these times of distress get worse, we have to learn to hear what God is telling us. Remember, God has perfect timing, so when something bad is getting ready to happen to His children, the Holy Spirit will guide you on what to do. There is going to come a point when none of us will have access to the internet, or possibly any electricity, so that is why we stress so much to work on your relationship with Jesus right now. All of the people serving Jesus right now are here for that reason, which is to hep you get closer to Jesus Christ and serve Him! As things get worse with all of the weather events all over the world, there will not be any prophet or blogger on the internet to guide you in what you need to do next. The guidance is through the Blessed Trinity, and God’s Angels will lead us through all of this, just like they did in the Old Testament.

In this next video by Lois Vogel Sharp, she is giving us a prophetic message from God Our Father on interpreting dreams she was given on flash flooding. God Our Father told Lois that fire will come in many places and so will many flash floods. Lois also talks about the safe havens and how they are being built all over the world. Lois also pointed to the safe havens being proven in scripture and about going behind closed doors and God will direct your path per Isaiah, Chapter 26:20-21. “Go, my people, enter into your chambers, and close the doors behind you, Hide yourselves for a brief moment until the wrath is past. See, the Lord goes forth from his place, to punish the wickedness of the earth’s inhabitants; The earth will reveal the blood shed upon it, and no longer conceal the slain.” Remember, in the post yesterday in the book of Zechariah, the wickedness was bound until released by the inhabitants of the earth. Here in Isaiah, God is coming from His place to bring upon the earth His wrath, but His children will be sheltered and protected by God’s Holy Legion of Angels.

Lois also tells us that she had been in a flood in 2006 and was guided by The Holy Spirit on how to protect her animals before she evacuated her home. Lois does an excellent job of reminding us how It is very important to learn how to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit. We have to pray for the graces to do this and pray to do God’s Will daily. We will all need guidance from God in very desperate situations, and if you have not surrendered to Jesus, then do it today. If you have already surrendered to Jesus, then start asking the Holy Spirit to guide you in all of your activities throughout the day. Pray for the gift of discernment and speak to the Blessed Trinity all through out the day. This can be done mentally, and this is what Saint Paul meant when he said to pray without ceasing in 1 Thessalonians, 5:16-21. It reads, “Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophetic utterances. Test everything; retain what is good. Refrain from every kind of evil.” Here is a good article that gives some simple advice on how to pray without ceasing.

Remember, as we build our Relationship with Jesus, we will start to move into His Will, so this will look differently for everyone. God has a plan for each one of us, and as he Transforms us, it may be difficult for each of us in those areas we each needed for Jesus to work on to make us the best children of God we can be. You will start to actually see, with the help of the Holy Spirit, where these areas are, but do not get discouraged. This will get easier, as we learn to let go and just give it to Jesus. But, this is why we have to listen to the Holy Spirit, so that we understand how to follow what He is telling us and when He is speaking to us. Again, this takes spending time with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a Blessed Day.

The Books of Zephaniah, Zechariah and Revelation!

As we study God’s Word, the Bible, we see consistency in His Word to His Prophets in the Old Testament and modern day prophets today. God is so good, that He graciously warns us over and over again through many different servants, of consequences for turning away from Him. This is why it is so critical to read God’s Word and pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit for understanding. We have to seek the Lord with all of our hearts, minds, and souls daily, and when we do this, we receive the graces of understanding. We also start to get God’s consistency in His warnings through His prophets and know that although He is merciful, we must never abandon His Commandments and Laws. As His children, we have to be humble enough to see, when this takes place, and then come back to Him in repentance.

In the Book of Zephaniah, Chapter 2:2-3 it reads, “Gather, gather yourselves together, O nation without shame! Before you are driven away, like chaff that disappears; before there comes upon you the blazing anger of the Lord; Before there comes upon you the day of the Lord’s anger. Seek the Lord, all you humble of the land, who have observed his law; Seek justice, seek humility; Perhaps you will be sheltered on the day of the Lord’s anger.” Here, the prophet Zephaniah is speaking to the Judaeans, but look at what Our Lord is saying to them, so that they do not experience God’s wrath. This is the same message in the Book of Revelation, to the seven Churches. Seek God with all of our hearts, be humble, follow His laws, seek forgiveness and repent! Then God will shelter you when He returns to destroy the wicked. This is why prophetic messages from John Leary, Father Michel, and Lois Vogel Sharp, on a physical refuge that is supernaturally protected by God’s Holy Legions of Angels, makes sense. Psalm 91 in the Book of Psalms is not just speaking of a spiritual refuge, it is also speaking about a physical refuge in which we are protected by God’s Angels. Look how many times God has sent His Holy Legions of Angels to protect all of His children in the Old Testament. Please read and become familiar with Psalm 91 and understand it’s importance of knowing it in these end times.

In the Book of Zechariah, which means, “God Remembers“, Chapter 21:1-4, it reads, “I raised my eyes and looked and there were four horns. Then I asked the angel who spoke with me, ‘What are those?’ He answered, “Those are the horns that scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem.” Then the Lord showed me, four workmen. And I said, what are these coming to do? And the Lord said, “Those are the horns that scattered Judah, so that none could raise their heads any more; and these have come to terrify them – to cut down the horns of the nations that raised their horns to scatter the land of Judah.” Here Our Lord is speaking about the four countries that dispersed all of the Israelites, but notice He also said that they scattered Judah, so that they could not raise their heads anymore. In discernment from the Holy Spirit, this to me means they also could be the four horns that will destroy Israel in Daniel 8:8-9, that we spoke about in a previous post in this blog. Which, also indicated that the antichrist will come from one of these four countries in Daniel 8:10-12. Even here, Our Lord is consistent in His prophecies in explaining events to come through different servants.

Then in Zechariah, Chapter 5, after chapter 4 explains the Two Olive Trees (Witnesses) for God, verses 3-4, it reads, “Then he said to me, ‘This is the curse which is to go forth over the whole land. According to it, every thief and every perjurer will be expelled. I will send it forth-oracle of the Lord of hosts- so that it will come to the house of the thief, and into the house of the one who swears falsely by my name. It shall lodge within each house, consuming it, timber and stones.” After reading this again, this curse could also be represented by Planet X, or Hercolubus in the Book of Revelations, because it said that each house will be consumed, timber and stones!

Then further on in Zechariah, Chapter 5, verses 5-11, he describes a basket of wickedness, a woman in a basket, that also represents the Harlot in Revelations that brings adultery of other pagan religions. It reads, “Then the angel who spoke with me came forward and said to me ‘Raise your eyes and look. What is this that comes forth?’ I said, what is it? And he answered, ‘This is the basket that is coming. And he said, this is their guilt in all of the land.’ Then a leaden cover was lifted, and there was a woman sitting inside the basket. He said, ‘this is wickedness’, and he thrust her inside the basket, pushing the leaden weight into the opening.” Notice there is a leaden weight covering this wickedness of paganism and evil (which means, she is bound by the Angel). Also notice in Chapter 5, verse 11, a temple will be built for this harlot (pagan religion) in the land of Shinar, which is in Babylonia. (Babylon is destroyed by God in the Book of Revelations). We have to understand that God protects us from all evil that is bound by Him, when we have His full provision, but when we forsake Him, He pulls back and allows evil to take over.

Then in Zechariah, Chapter 11:10, it reads, “Then I took my staff Delight and snapped it in two, breaking my covenant which I had made with all of the peoples.”

Chapter 11:15-17, it reads, “The Lord said to me; This time take the gear of a foolish shepherd. For I am raising up a shepherd in the land who will take no note of those that disappear, nor seek the strays, nor heal the injured, nor feed the exhausted; but he will eat the flesh of the fat ones and tear off their hoofs! Ah! my worthless shepherd who forsakes the flock! May the sword fall upon his arm and upon his right eye; His arm will surely wither, and his right eye surely go blind!” Here Our Lord in verses 10-14, has pulled back from His people because of the betrayal to Him (Thirty pieces of silver) and is clearly angry and has allowed a false shepherd to come in and lead His children astray. Notice, this is something that God allowed because of the betrayal. We broke our covenant with Him through paganism and not following His laws, so He broke His covenant with us. In Chapter 11:6, “For I no longer pity the inhabitants of the earth-oracle of the Lord-Yes, I will deliver them into each other’s power, or into the power of their kings; they will crush the earth, and I will not deliver it out of their power.” Again, our Lord allowed the people to be delivered into the evil rulers of the nations that will eventually destroy the earth in War in the Book of Revelations.

Then in Zechariah, Chapters 13 and 14, God puts an end to the False Prophecy, crushes idolatry, crushes the evil kingdoms, and restores the earth to the New Heaven and New Earth, which is also like the Book of Revelations.

The Book of Zechariah appears to be a smaller version of Revelations, but the betrayal of Him through His children practicing a false religion, a false prophet, harlotry with other pagan religions, and not following God’s laws and commandments are the same. Also, the coming of Our Lord to destroy the evil and create a New Earth are the same. This all comes from us pulling away from God, like the Israelites did, and us breaking our covenant with Him, by not following His laws or commandments. Because we don’t know and live by God’s Word in our Nations, we have become complicit in His laws and commandments, thus revealing where we are today with evil and darkness spreading all over the world.

At least as the Remnant, we can try and comfort Our Lord in prayer, pray for His mercy, and become His disciples to serve Him.

Emmanuel- “God is with Us”. Have a Blessed Day.

Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World. Could the Chemtrails be an accelerant causing fires that can't be quenched?

The Waves of Energy keep coming and now we have a Dark Matter Wave of Energy coming also that is affecting earth? I was able to listen to the Pastor Paul Begley show today, The Coming Apocalypse, and was able to get an update. Mike From Around the World said they have a new wave tracking system that is able to track waves of energy in space from explosions that have taken place in space a long time ago. Mike said that this new system is tracking two Magnetars, which is really not a good thing for our solar system. A Magnetar is a type of neutron star believed to have an extremely powerful magnetic field. Gravitational waves and dark matter go hand in hand Mike said, and tracking these Magnetars are revealing new findings, and it is really a miracle that we have not even been touched thus far from waves of energy that Science is just now starting to identify.

Mike said this dark matter is easy to track because it so big, possibly 200 million solar systems wide, as opposed to our Milky Way solar system, it is easy to see we have many things affecting our solar system from different areas of space. We have multiple issues at the same time right now in space that is affecting earth, all of which will continue to cause heat to build up and magma activities below the earth. All of these different waves are continuing to heat up the earth’s core. These magnetic field changes inside and outside the earth is causing a plasma disturbance, which will draw radiation from space. Mike said all of this magma will cause plasma conduits from the ground up into the air and through volcanic eruptions. This is why we are starting to see lightening above the volcanos, when they erupt. This just happened in the Philippines! Mike said that there were four times in history that life was destroyed by radiation, so we are moving into a very dangerous time of not exactly knowing what the radiation build up will do.

Mike also said we are in a drought that appears to be unending. We have very dry regions in the earth, and if the conditions are just right, a small cigarette could cause a fire that will spread very quickly. Mike said that the Australia conditions are starting to spread all over the southern hemisphere region, which will eventually lead to the United States. Higher winds will continue to grow and this will escalate these conditions that could affect Texas because of the droughts. Higher and higher winds will continue to increase, which will also accelerate these fires. Straight line winds as high as possibly 200 miles per hour could come from this radiation build up coming from the earth’s core. Mike said nothing will go back to normal because of these waves of energy hitting the earth. Everything will continue to heat up, lakes will dry up, people’s wells will continue to dry up and everything will be affected by these weather changes.

We just posted about the dangers of the Chemtrails on a previous post in this blog. In the documentary by Michael Murphy that was posted, he interviewed someone that identifies Aluminum particles to be an accelerant. In addition to everything that Mike From Around the World is pointing out about the world starting to become a cinder box, could this chemtrail of Aluminum that has been sprayed for possibly decades now, also be causing the wildfires to spread so rapidly? These are all things we need to pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment. We need to be intercessor prayer warriors for Puerto Rico, who has had continuous earthquakes this past week, Australia for the wildfires that can’t be quenched, and now for the Philippines that could possibly have a massive volcanic eruption. Mike From Around the World will not be back on for a future update until January 30, 2020. In the meantime, keep working on your relationship with Jesus, continue to pray daily for the Salvation of Souls, and begin to start helping people open their Spiritual Eyes and Ears, so that they can come back to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a Blessed Day.

Our Blessed Lord Warns Us about the HAARP and Our Blessed Mother Warns us About Chemtrails!

Yesterday, Caitlin contacted me about the most recent message from Our Blessed Mother Mary on preparing for more airborne diseases and illness due to chemicals being sprayed from the air. We have researched this and believe what Our Blessed Mother is warning us about may already be upon us. But, we need to pray about exactly when to implement covering our mouths and nose with a facial covering sprayed with the Good Samaritan’s oil She recommends using in order to not contract these airborne illnesses. We need to all pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit and look for signs in our own areas of the world to determine what Our Blessed Mother is referencing when she said to go inside and shut our doors when we see strange forms in the atmosphere. The main sign right now is that we do appear to all be getting sicker every year. Flu epidemics are increasing, pneumonia is getting diagnosed quicker in people, and hundreds of different unknown viruses are spread more easily these days in addition to the flu. We know from studying the Anguera Prophecies, that many diseases will be spread during war, but what is making us sick right now? Here is Mary Refuge of Holy Love with the most recent message from Our Blessed Mother Mary about the “sick minds of powerful nations are the demons that spread the disease on my children in airplanes”. Her message is dated December 21, 2019 to Luz De Maria,

Prophet John Leary warned us about the HAARP machine twenty years ago in his prophetic messages and how this machine will be used by the elites, But, he has also warned us about chemtrails and how the HAARP and chemtrails are being used by the One World Order to depopulate the world. There are two videos by Prophet John Leary on the Prophets and Bloggers page in this blog for more information on the over all messages from John Leary, especially about the interim and permanent refuges. Remember, that John Leary said we will be healed when we arrive at our permanent refuges by Jesus, when looking at an illuminating cross. So, do not panic if you do get sick. We must do what we can with the information we have been given, but also have Faith and Trust that Our Lord will also heal us.

These two weather enhancing weapons that are being used right under our noses, are part of the deception that we try to help the prophets warn people about in this blog, before Jesus returns. Remember, this is not other people warning us of these horrific things being used against us, it is God warning us! He is warning us through His modern day prophets and He is warning us through Our Blessed Mother Mary. God is doing this because He loves us, and if we actually started looking at this without our Faith in His Prophets and Our Blessed Mother, and all of the factual evidence in our sky right now, we might tend to think it really is a conspiracy theory. However, we have found a very lengthy, but thorough, documentary on factual evidence that chemtrails are being sprayed on us right now and have been for the past few decades, What is important to do after watching this documentary is to look up in the sky and see these different types of small rainbows that are refracted in the clouds, but there is no rain? Could this also be evidence that there are chemicals in the sky that should not be there?

Also, Pastor Paul Begley is always talking about soft disclosure and how the elites are always disclosing information to us slowly and methodically so that we accept it and just learn to live with it. This is also part of their plan to condition us over a long period of time so we really don’t either notice it, or again just end up accepting it and learning to live with it. Now that Planet X, or Hercolubus is bringing in more catastrophic weather, is it the elites time to soft disclose that geoengineering is a good idea? We believe this is what the Holy Spirit is guiding us to. They want us to believe that we have to do this in order to survive climate change. They want us to believe that it is just now being introduced as a “good idea” to save our planet. But, exactly what have they been doing to us already these past few decades, and are they really just covering up for Planet X?

Because we know these chemtrails are real, and because we know God is speaking through His Prophets, we suggest you pray to the Holy Spirit on when you should start to use the Good Samaritan’s oil on a bandanna or facial covering that Our Blessed Mother suggested. Make sure you follow the dosing guidelines in the Medicinal Packet in the website that has also been posted on this blog. The Good Samaritan’s oil sprayed on the bandanna is only used to keep the contagion from being breathed in, it is not used to treat anything. Look under the menu for general prevention against viruses and airborne bacteria. Notice also, in the message from Our Blessed Mother to Luz De Maria for uses of Good Samaritan’s oil are when the war comes from an alliance of two cultures and two races, but not unified in Christ, (Iran and China)? The alliances in this war will be spreading these diseases, just like Our Blessed Mother told Pedro Regis in the Anguera Prophecies.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a Blessed Day.