Sunday Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada on October 25, 2020. Also, More Catholics understanding the Infiltration of Communism in Our Catholic Church from EWTN, and Father James Altman. Also, a New Prayer Request Blog created by the Little Prophet of Love’s Husband.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Here is the Sunday Holy Mass at St. Mary’s parish in Ottawa, Canada for October 25, 2020. Please take time to rest in intimacy with Our Lord, tell Him how much you Love Him, and continue to pray for the Salvation of all Souls and His Divine Will.

Here is an excellent short video from EWTN explaining who Bella Dodd is that was persuaded by Reverend Fulton Sheen to testify before Congress on the infiltration of the Communist Party in the Catholic Church in the 1930s. Bella Dodd testified before Congress that she assisted in bringing in about 1,100 men that became “priests” as a subversion tactic to infiltrate Our Church. We have written about this infiltration at the beginning of this blog, under the Page titled, “Why we Are In The End Times”.

Dr. Taylor Marshall has also written a book on this infiltration that we have not read yet, but he has talked about in his podcasts. We have also proven in this blog, why Our Blessed Mother warned us to Consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, before Russia spread it’s errors.

Next, Father Altman again does an excellent job of gathering critical information for us to recognize the warnings we have had not only from Our Blessed Mother, but also from all of the previous Popes that have stood against Socialism and Communism and it’s atheistic views and attacks on Christianity and Christianity’s moral values.

Thank you Father Altman, you are doing an excellent job of awakening the eyes of the Faithful. Please don’t stop, God is with you and all of His Shepherds that are defending Him and His True Church. Let us all pray for the protection of Father James Altman today.

Here is Father Altman’s homily a few weeks ago on “Lucifer is not on Lockdown!”

Lastly, although Jesus Christ Our Lord told the Little Prophet of Love that He would no longer allow her to share prophetic messages, she and her husband continue to pray for all of us, which we all desperately need. Here is the Little Prophet of Love’s husband, that has created a blog to receive prayer requests. He has received many visions and locutions from Our Lord and has felt guided by Our Lord to pray for others in these stressful times. God Bless them both for Serving Our Lord with so much love for the Salvation of Souls.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have mercy on us poor sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

New Message To Luz De Maria from Our Lord Jesus Christ! Also, another Prophetic Message from Julie Whedbee. Also, another message from Father James Altman about our Conscience and the Election. Also, LifeSite News and Bishop Schneider explaining the Pope’s misguided message about Same Sex Civil Unions, and how we must pray for the Pope.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are continuing to pray and seek the Holy Face of Jesus Christ for guidance in everything we do. I have personally gotten through two hours of the teaching we posted on Luisa Piccarreta by Father Robert Young on the Radio Maria Podcast. Father Young discusses Luisa’s life as a victim soul first and how she came to know St. Annibale-di-Francia. In these first two hours of description of Luisa and St. Annibale, Father Young really does an excellent job of depicting how Special Luisa is, because even St. Annibale, who is already a Saint now, was not even her Spiritual Confessor or Advisor. He was her advisor as to what to do with her writings that Jesus gave her, because Luisa was so special, she did not have a Spiritual Advisor because her works from Our Lord were beyond anything that any Priest or Bishop could explain or barely comprehend. I am going to continue to go through the teachings that we have posted on the Radio Maria Podcast a few days ago, and if you have not begun to listen to them, we highly suggest it, because this is what Our Lord is guiding us to at this time to become Spiritually closer to Him.

Here is a new message to Luz De Maria from Our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord is telling us that the Economy will collapse soon and the groaning of the Earth will continue. Remember that Prophet John Leary just said a few days ago in his message that we posted that Our Lord showed him visions of Earthquakes coming. Here is Luz De Maria’s combined messages on Earthquakes over the years.

Here is Luz De Maria’s combined messages on the Economy collapsing.

Remember, that we are witnessing the beast system at this time being implemented. So, if the plan is to have the mark of the beast in the vaccine, included in that plan will also be digital technology, a type of cryptocurrency that will allow us to buy and sell things. So, if the Elites are forcing an economic collapse on the entire world, the idea to have digital currency will sound very appealing to those that do not know Our Lord. We pray for the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ to cover us and protect us and we pray the long form St. Michael prayer for our protection and Our Church. We also must increase our prayers for mitigation of the coming chastisements in obedience to Our Lord in Luz De Maria’s message.

Next, here is a very profound and prophetic message to Julie Whedbee from Our Lord last year on After the Warning Website,

Also, here is another powerful message from Father James Altman to all Christians, not just Catholics, about how serious abortion is in the eyes of God. Please don’t be offended, but understand that according to some of the prophets, if we overturn the law of Roe verses Wade in the United States, and stop abortions, there is a small chance that Our Lord will either stop the chastisements or at least mitigate them.

However, other Prophets are saying it is too late to stop the chastisements at this point, but we can still mitigate them. We keep hearing from all of the prophets that we are not ready for what is coming, and we better keep praying and doing everything we can in prayer to Our Lord for Mercy and everything we can do physically that is in our control, which is to vote against abortion.

Lastly, here is LifeSite News and commentary by John-Henry Westin on powerful words from Bishop Schneider on the costly eternal life of souls who listened to the Pope and his remarks on gay civil unions.

We must continue to pray for the Pope and Our Church, and for all of the souls who don’t know God well enough to understand their souls are at stake if they continue to choose mortal sins over God’s Holy Word.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have mercy on us poor sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

New Messages by Prophet John Leary Through October 18, 2020. Also, words of encouragement from Father James Altman from October 22, 2020. Also, a New message to Visionary Pedro Regis from Brazil, and a commentary by Mark Mallet about a Shipwreck and Our Church in reference to St. John Bosco’s Dream.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We pray that all of God’s Disciples are working on rooting out our defects (sins) through monthly confession, seeking the Holy Face of Jesus Christ daily for Surrender to the Divine Will and Transformation, and asking Our Lord for the graces to be the best child of God we can be in assisting with the Salvation of Souls. We are all working on our Spiritual Relationship with Our Lord and pray for Truth so that we are not deceived in these times, and we continue to assist in leading all souls to Jesus Christ. We are all on a journey together united in Jesus Christ and His sound teachings in the Gospels that never change, never waiver from the Truth and never enter a gray area of confusion or acceptance of immoralities that break us away from Divine Revelation through the Holy Bible.

We all know our journey’s will be difficult as we pick up our crosses and follow Our Lord Jesus Christ as His Disciples. We try to be strong like St. Peter when he began to realize that the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ were being fulfilled as Our Lord was led out of the garden of Gethsemane to be crucified, and most likely, St. Peter was still reflecting on the words Jesus told him in Luke 22:39-46,

St. Peter, even though heard these words from Our Lord, still denied Jesus three times before the rooster crowed.

We too like St. Peter, must not fall into the temptation of believing that everything is fine and recall the words Our Lord gave us, so that we do not deny the True teachings of Our Lord and Our Church, but keep our Faith deeply rooted in the good soil of God in His Holy Word and Our Profession of Faith taught in our Catechism from God’s Holy Word.

It is important for us to understand that we don’t leave Our Church, we don’t get angry, we don’t allow our emotions to control how we are all feeling and give up, but we continue to keep praying, and we stay centered and focused on Jesus and His Divine Will. We are going to witness a lot of things that will make us want to weep, and run away like St. Peter did temporarily when he denied Our Lord. But, Our Lord tells us to “Get up and Pray so that you do not fall into temptation.” We have to wake ourselves up out of this Spiritual slumber, and remember the words Our Lord said so that none of us fall to temptation and pray like never before.

Because we really have no control over the events, we must offer up our sadness and pain in prayers to Our Lord for the Salvation of Souls. Our Lord knows all of our hearts, just like He knew St. Peter’s heart, and St. Peter gathered himself together and he remembered what our Lord told him about denying Our Lord three times, and he came back to Him. We must never give up hope in that Our Lord is going to see us through all of this until the end. Even if this means that it will take several years to get the ship (Church) back on course through these rough waters and stormy seas. This is why we have Prophets, Mystics, Visionaries and Saints to not only warn us of what is coming, but also to remind us to press even further into Jesus through our intimacy with Him and seeking His Divine Will.

Here is a word of encouragement from Father James Altman on standing firm in Jesus and praying for the intercession of Our Blessed Mother who bore many crosses as Our Lady of Sorrows witnessing the sufferings of her Son, Jesus Christ.

Also, here is the latest message to Pedro Regis from Our Blessed Mother on his website,

And also from the website, After The Warning,

Here is Mark Mallet’s commentary on the significant imagery and symbolism of Our Church as a ship comparing it to St. John Bosco’s Dream. The first is St. John Bosco’s Dream. Here is Mark Mallet’s excellent commentary on current events in our Church.

Lastly, here are the latest messages from Prophet John Leary through October 18, 2020. Also, here is the most significant message we believe in the messages he received from Jesus Christ Our Lord last week regarding coming earthquakes.

Saturday, October 17, 2020: (St. Ignatius of Antioch)
Jesus said: “My people, I have warned My people about the coming end time signs. You will see famine, earthquakes, and pestilence. When the virus returns with more cases, you could see more shutdowns. If the shutdowns are severe, you may not be able to go out to the stores for food. This could lead to a self-imposed famine, if trucks cannot supply the stores, and there is limited travel. The corona virus is the pestilence of your time. Now, I am also showing coming earthquakes that will be severe enough to topple buildings in your cities. Be prepared for many events that could cause many deaths. Amidst this chaos, the Warning will come to prepare sinners for the tribulation. After the conversion time, you will see the evil ones take over your country and the world. I will call My faithful to My refuges at the proper time, so you will be safe at My refuges with My angels protecting you and providing for your needs.”

(John Jagla’s Funeral Mass) Jesus said: “My people, John is one of your old friends from Holy Name of Jesus where many people knew him well. He had a beautiful life as an artist and teacher. He loves his wife, Tracy, and the family very much. He will be praying and watching out for his family. John is with Me now, as he suffered a long time with his cancer, which was his purgatory on earth. He thanks all of you for coming to his funeral, and sharing your respects with Tracy. He loves all of the people who came into his life.”

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

Dr. Taylor Marshall, Did Pope Francis Call For Same Sex Unions? Also, More Teachings on Luisa Picaretta’s Gift From Jesus Christ on Living in The Divine Will by Father Robert Young. Father Mark Goring on St. John Paul II and his Clarity on his Feast Day. Also, More Preparation videos on How To Survive a Winter Power Outage.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Happy Feast Day of Saint John Paull II. Wow, do we miss St. John Paul II and his guidance and clarity. Let us all pray for the intercession of St. John Paul II today and Saint Faustina on the Divine Mercy of Our Lord to come and enlighten everyone of who Jesus Christ is as the Son of God, and show us our sins so we can assist Him in the Salvation of Souls. Here is a video from Father Mark Goring on St. John Paul II and his clarity.

Prophet John Leary had a great Zoom Conference last night with over 400 attendees asking some great questions to start their own Interim Refuges and other questions on backpacks, and other things we need to do to get prepared with the coming Purification and Tribulation and our protection that God provides under his wings of Refuge and His Heavenly legions of angels. John is planning on having another Zoom Conference on November 24, 2020, if still possible, and I will post that information again to remind everyone before the Zoom Conference occurs.

Today, we are going to post some discouraging information that just came out yesterday, and Dr. Taylor Marshall has addressed it on his Podcast.

So, we know that things are getting worse in Our Church and events continue to unfold that points us to the fact that we are still moving forward in the labor pains. Dr. Marshall does an excellent job of pointing out all of the events that are taking place, but still encourages everyone to continue to hang in there, pray the most Holy Rosary, and not abandon Our Church. Remember, if the schism comes, it will not be because we leave the True Magisterium, it will be a schismatic Church breaking from the Traditions of the True Church. We must continue to pray, and accept what is happening as God’s Will because as Dr. Taylor Marshall stated, we are being Chastised right now as we speak, and this could go for a very long time. We don’t believe it will take decades to go through the labor pains in this blog, but we know that we are in this with Our Lord for the long haul, of however long He wishes to continue these labor pains before the Tribulation begins. This is the time we continue to prepare ourselves Spiritually first, then Mentally and Physically and we continue to seek the Holy Face of Jesus and pray for the gift of Living in the Divine Will that He bestowed to Luisa Piccarreta.

As Father Leo Iannuzzi stated in his video in the Philippines in 2013 on the post yesterday, according to the volumes that Luisa Piccarreta wrote from Jesus our Lord, we must have a desire to obtain this gift of Living in The Divine Will, and we must continue to study Luisa’s writings to be able to comprehend it and how we anchor ourselves to the virtues to receive this gift. So, we have discovered some more teachings on this from a Father Robert Young, who posted his studies of Luisa Piccarreta on a Radio Maria Podcast show back in 2013. The introduction is on the second page, dated May 28, 2013.

I have not listened to all of these, but they are approximately an hour long each, with 16 episodes. So, this is something we can all listen to while doing our work around our homes, or maybe listening to in our cars. I believe the more we study this gift and desire it from Our Lord, the more inclined He is to allow us to receive it. Remember, Father Leo Iannuzzi stated it wasn’t a virtue we receive, but actually a gift from Our Lord. Also, Father Robert Young stated at about the 8 minute mark of the Introduction to the Dive Will, dated May 28, 2013, that this gift is the final, most perfect gift that God can give to us before the world ends. So, this gift is meant for the Holy Remnant, and all those that are looking to Serve Jesus Christ our Lord in these end times. Please take your time and listen to all of these Podcasts, because I believe in my heart, this gift truly is special from Our Lord and we are meant to receive it to Serve Him for the Salvation of Souls. I have saved it as a favorite on my desk top so that I can go back and listen to them whenever I have an hour to spare.

Lastly, here is another short video on dealing with long term power outages, And also a longer video dealing with children and on How to Survive a Winter Power Outage by the Provident Preppers.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

A Teaching on Living in the Divine Will as a Gift to Luisa Piccarreta that is actualized by Father Leo Iannuzzi. Prayers to Our Lord to allow us to receive the gift of the Divine Will.

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. First, I would like to remind you that today is another John Leary Zoom Conference call at 7:00p.m. Eastern Standard Time for those that would like to hear John Leary speak about Refuges, Backpacks, or anything else that we haven’t covered in this blog. Also, he will have another Zoom Conference call on October 28, 2020 at 7:00p.m. Eastern Standard for Spanish speaking only translation.

Now, I would like to discuss what Joan sent to me the other day on an instruction by a Priest by the name of Leo Iannuzzi explaining Luisa Piccarreta’s gift from Our Lord on living in the Divine Will. Wow! I can’t explain how spectacular this video is and how I know it relates to our Mission as the Holy Remnant in the Marian Army as Disciples of Jesus Christ! First, I tried reading through the 36 volumes on the Luisa Piccarreta website and got down to Volume 18, and decided to just go ahead and listen to the video Joan sent me the other day. I am so glad that I did this, because what Father Iannuzzi explained made so much more sense to me, even after praying to the Holy Spirit to help me discern the Volumes. I still plan on finishing the Volumes on the Luisa Piccarreta website, but at least I can post this video that Joan sent yesterday so we can all understand how important it is to pray for this gift. I will also continue to study Luisa Piccarreta to learn more and continue to pray for more understanding from the Holy Spirit. Here is the website Joan sent me the other day that has the video of Father Leo Iannuzzi explaining the gift of the Divine Will given to Luisa by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

As you can see, this website has a lot for us all to study and understand more how special this gift is that Our Lord gave to Luisa Piccarreta to give to us between 1924 to 1935. Our Lord has put Luisa on such a significant level with this gift, she is the one that is sharing it with us, and Jesus Christ Our Lord is allowing this gift to be shared so that we all can walk in the Divine Will of the Blessed Trinity perpetually while on Earth! Father Iannuzzi explained that when Our Lord gave Luisa this gift, He did it with the intention of all of us learning how to become totally indwelled with the Blessed Trinity and the Trinitarian Will. This is a gift that was originally given to Adam and Eve before the Fall and was overcome with original sin. Why is this so important in these times, and why didn’t Our Lord bestow this gift to someone else two hundred years ago? Could it be because as His Disciples of the End Times, we will be walking with these gift for the Salvation of Souls? This has to be why Our Lord is guiding us to this now, so we can start praying for this gift and begin to actualize this gift in our lives. We already know that Our Lord said, my Disciples will do greater works than these, referencing the signs and miracles He was performing while on the Earth. So, we always knew that this was in regards to the Holy Spirit coming and filling us so completely that we would have the capacity of doing these works. However, Our Lord tells Luisa that this gift of living in the Divine Will is even greater than the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Spiritual Marriage that the Saints received in the past. Our Lord said this gift will become an infused gift in us that transcends us into a deeper Spiritual alignment with the Blessed Trinity to enact Their Will consistently throughout the Earth!

The reason why I know Our Lord wants us to pray for this gift consistently as part of our Mission for Him is because Father Leo Iannuzzi explained at about the 1 hour and 10 minute mark, 5 events that are all synonymous with the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

1.) The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (The Elect)
2.) Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
3.) Eucharistic Reign of Jesus Christ.
4.) Era pf Peace.
5.) Fulfillments of the Our Father Prayer on Earth.

So, this ties together what Father Adam Skwarczynski said about his vision of the Parousia being in two parts. We know the Warning is coming soon, and this will be the beginning of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, and we also know per Father Michel Rodrigue that this will be a Second Pentecost. Our Lord is telling us here through Luisa that it is His desire that we receive this gift that He bestowed in Luisa Piccarreta, and that we focus on His Divine Will. (Thy Will Be Done on Earth, as it is in Heaven)

Here is what Father Leo Iannuzzi stated we need to work on to receive this gift. We have to exercise these virtues on a perpetual basis:

1.) The Desire to Receive this Gift Admits us to the Gift.
2.) Knowledge of this Gift Advances us in the Gift.
3.) The Desire from us to obtain the Gift anchors us to the Gift.
4.) How we live our Lives actualizes the Gift.

Of course, Father Iannuzzi stated that if we commit a deliberate sin, it removes us from the Divine Will, which we already know, but He said that we can always confess our sins, and commit right back to the virtues again to get back into aligning ourselves to receive this gift.

So, here are some prayers we can start with to begin asking Our Lord and desiring to receive this gift. A Morning Offering Prayer- The Prevenient Act on Queen of the Divine Will website.

Also, here is another prayer, on Catholic Divine Will blog, Prayer of Consecration to the Divine Will.

Joan or Mary Beth, if either of you have anything you would like to share on your own personal knowledge of Luisa Piccarreta and the Divine Will experience, please do so in the comments section. Here is a video by Queen of Light Cennacle that was made in 2016. I have only watched a few minutes of it and will finish it another day, but more of God’s Children trying to live in God’s Divine Will and praying and actualizing to fully receive the gift of the complete indwelling of the Blessed Trinity.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

Studying more of God’s Divine Will through Luisa Piccarreta! Also, a powerful Message from Julie Whedbee on the Keys to Transformation! Also, New Message to Luz De Maria through October 12, 2020. Also, an old message from St. Michael to Luz De Maria about the next Plague causing lesions on the skin by Light of Mary.

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. We keep praying to Jesus about what is left for us as His Disciples to write about in this blog to help people prepare Spiritually for His Return. As I was coming out of my sleep last night, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me to focus on God’s Divine Will. When I was coming out of my sleep and heard the Holy Spirit say this, right away, I thought of Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta. We have written about how important it is to be in God’s Divine Will in the past, but will go over it some more today to be obedient to Our Lord. We can all continue to pray for Our Lord’s Will not only with what is happening with the Warning and the beginning of the Tribulation, but also what Our Lord wants for us individually to assist in making our robes white, and to be without spot or blemish, as God’s Church (the Bride) to be ready for Jesus, (the Bridegroom). We should all be praying about this daily and ask Our Lord to allow us to receive the graces we need to be in His Divine Will.

One of the followers of this blog, Caitlin, suggested we review the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, and the 24 hours of the Passion prayer, and I myself have not gone deep into understanding what Our Lord revealed to Luisa Piccarreta, as a Servant of God. So, this is also a good wake-up call for me to study this more myself and write what I believe Our Lord is directing us to study to have a better understanding of what it means to be in His Divine Will.

This was part 1 of the explanation in a series of 14 volumes written by Luisa from Our Lord explaining His Divine Will to Luisa. If you place your mouse cursor over the last line titled, “Luisa and what it means to be in the Divine Will“, you will see the other 13 parts of messages and explanation from Our Lord to Luisa. I plan on studying it more myself, but just briefly going through a few of them, it appears to be the stage of the Spiritual Life leading from the Illuminative Way into the Unitive Way with the Blessed Trinity as a full and complete understanding, obedience, and submission to Our Lord’s Divine Will that will transcend us as Saints. I know that Countdown To The Kingdom has done an extensive teaching on Luisa Piccarreta, and you are welcome to study their teaching. But, I am going to try and study it myself and ask the Holy Spirit to guide and reveal to me what He wants me to learn. I suggest we all do this individually before we hear anyone else’s teaching because remember, we are all working on our own personal Relationship with Our Lord and we need to be able to discern what the Holy Spirit is guiding us to without someone else’s thoughts influencing our own. We have to believe and have Faith that Our Lord will guide us and teach us on how to be able to hear His voice!

Here is a new message from Our Blessed Mother to Luz De Maria, dated October 12, 2020 posted by Light of Mary,

Also, we have been discussing the lesions or boils that have been prophesied by Luz De Maria from Our Blessed Mother and Saint Michael the Archangel, and from many other prophets in this blog regarding the next plague coming. Here is a message from Saint Michael the Archangel that Light of Mary has posted a few months ago regarding these lesions or boils.

We also wanted to post a very powerful Spiritual Warfare prayer from Julie Whedbee that we found on After The Warning website that I have printed and prayed for our personal family for protection by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

We also wanted to post this very powerful video that is a prophetic message to Julie Whedbee from Our Lord Jesus Christ. When I heard this message, it just resonated in my heart and soul as truly words from Our Lord, because of what He has already put on my heart about the Second Pentecost after the Warning/Illumination of Conscience. But, please listen to it yourselves and discern for yourselves from the Holy Spirit. The keys to our Transformation into the image of Our Lord is also the complete understanding, obedience, and submission to God’s Divine Will. Many Prophets, Saints and Mystics may explain this in different ways, but are all very similar on how to become Saints for God in obedience to His Divine Will.

Lastly, here is the latest message read by Mike 444 Prophecy Channel from Our Lord to “Only a Grain of Sand”. This is the only Prophet on the Mike 444 Prophecy Channel that shares messages about the Warning/Illumination of Conscience, but this Prophet calls it a “Mirror of Eternity.” In this message, Only a Grain of Sand, stated that the Warning and 3 days of darkness are coming very soon, which is the second message that Mike reads in this video. Mike has stated in a previous video on his channel, that he also received a confirmation message and dream from Our Lord that the “Mirror of Eternity”, what we call the Warning/Illumination of Conscience, will occur and is Truth. We already know this because of Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord telling many of our Visionaries, Saints, Mystics and Prophets about the Warning over the last 100 years, but now other non-Catholic Prophets are receiving messages about the Warning and 3 Days of Darkness. God has a plan to unite all of His Children, we just have to believe and TRUST in Him.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

Sunday Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada. Also, a vision Father Mark Goring had from Our Lord! Also, Prophetic messages and visions from Julie Whedbee on Mike 444 Prophecy Channel, Mother of God Website, and After the Warning Website.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are going back to some other Prophets we recommended several months ago that we believe the Holy Spirit guided us to put in this blog. Again, we keep praying for the Truth from Our Lord so that we are not deceived and we don’t deceive others by what we are putting in this blog. We only wish to Serve Jesus Christ Our Lord in the Salvation of Souls. We always tell everyone to keep praying for the Truth also to assist us in this blog and we get several emails from everyone on what Our Lord has guided them on in their prayers. We pray about what we receive and continue to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us. It just continues to astoundingly amaze us how He continues to connect different prophets, messages and visions to prove that Our Lord is here guiding us and helping us to see and act as His Disciples with the Truth that He has given. As an active Disciple, we pray, we grow closer to God, and we assist others in doing the same thing because of what Our Lord has revealed to us that is coming. It is better that we are all Spiritually closer to God than anything else right now and we continue to help others get Spiritually closer to Jesus Christ. All other physical preparations we are doing is secondary to being Spiritually closer to Jesus Christ Our Lord. Here is the Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada,

Here is a vision from Father Mark Goring that he is sharing because we know how Spiritually connected to God that Father Mark is, we wanted to make sure we posted this video because everyone else needs to understand it also. There are many Priests that have visions from Our Lord that they don’t necessarily share, but these are all gifts we receive as we move closer to Our Lord and are transitioning from the Purgative stage in the Illuminative stage of our Spiritual life.

Next, we are going to post some different messages from different websites, Catholic and Non-Catholic that are sharing prophetic messages and visions from Julie Whedbee. Julie Whedbee is a Catholic that has left the Catholic Church, but we know God is using her as a Prophet just based on the prophetic messages she has been given, and also because the Holy Spirit is constantly guiding us all to the Truth. This is why we can’t be angry at those that have left Our Church or judge other Prophets because God chooses whom He Wills and we see many fruits from many different Prophets we have posted in this blog. We just posted yesterday about the fact that Scientists discovered God in our D.N.A. in 1986, and low and behold the Holy Spirit started guiding us to Julie Whedbee again this morning, and this is what we discovered on After The Warning Website.

In this message to Julie Whedbee, Our Lord is telling her that they are trying to strip the Divine image of Himself that He has placed in His creation! Wow, this is confirmation of the post we did yesterday on the fact that they found factual scientific evidence of God in our D.N.A.! If you have not reviewed that post, please do so after you have looked at this one, it is simply amazing! This is another confirmation from the Holy Spirit not to take the vaccine at this time, unless we are otherwise guided by Our Lord. Here are some more beautiful messages and letters that Mother of God has also posted about Julie Whedbee on their blog.

Next, we wanted to share with you the most recent video from Mike 444 from Suzanna, a Prophetess that has also revealed in another message about the boils in the next plague the Elites are planning against us. We have written about this in yesterday’s blog post also.

Lastly, we are posting a prophetic message from Julie Whedbee that Mike 444 read last year about the binary system with the Second Sun that is approaching our planet Earth. For those that are new to this blog, this is called many names, such as Hercolubus, The Destroyer, The Red Planet, Planet X, Nibiru. But, we believe that this is the Comet of Chastisement that Our Blessed Mother has been warning us about for a very long time, and most specifically at Our Lady of Fatima that has been approved by the Catholic Church, and Our Lady of Emmitsburg that has not been approved by the Catholic Church. Almost everything we have posted in this blog from Prophets also correlates to Our Blessed Mother Mary’s prophetic messages that are now being fulfilled. Here is the message to Julie Whedbee about The Destroyer,

There will be more understanding for everyone of how significant Our Blessed Mother’s role is right now in the Salvation of Souls after the Warning/Illumination of Conscience occurs.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

Can They Remove God? Spiritually No, but are they trying to remove Him physically from Our Minds and D.N.A.? What Are the Prophets and Watchmen Saying?

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We keep listening to the Prophets and we keep praying for the Truth. We do believe God is revealing the Truth to us, but we each have to take information that we see and hear to Our Lord everyday in prayer so that none of us are deceived. The Prophets will give us a prophetic message, and we continue to research if we are compelled by the Holy Spirit to follow up if the Prophetic message can be backed up with Scripture and any factual evidence going on in the scientific world or governments.

That being said, we have been guided to some information that we may each have to continue to pray about, but also gives us more confirmation on why we must not take the vaccine at this time. The Holy Spirit keeps guiding us to more and more evidence of why not to take the vaccine, as opposed to taking it. We first posted the information from Dr. Carrie Madej on the vaccine being created by Moderna that contains nanotechnology and we put that information in a word document in this blog. So, both Prophet John Leary and Luz De Maria stated in their prophetic messages from Our Lord that the vaccine will have a form of mind control. Next, we started getting prophetic messages from Luz De Maria and other prophets like A Servants Heart, and a Woman called “Daughter of the Lord” that gave the message about boils and Mike 444 Prophecy read the message just before September 11, 2020. What is important to remember is that we did not see anything in September about boils, but if this virus that I am going to show you in a minute was released via chemtrails (John Leary) or in the water supply (Daughter of the Lord) then it is possible that these cases have not started to appear yet, or the Elites are waiting to release this virus for a specific time. Here is the message about boils from Mike 444 Prophecy Channel.

I am going to link all of this information together that will point back to the prophecies about mind control and boils as confirmation from the Holy Spirit to be Truth. So, what is amazing is that there are Scientists that have discovered that God has placed Himself in our D.N.A. code that links our genetic make-up like a bridge. This in my heart, I believe as Truth, because we know that God created us in His image, and we know that our bodies are so complex, that there is no way we just all spontaneously formed with all of the beautiful replication of cells and intricacies of life. Here is this amazing video from Mike 444, These Scientists discovered in 1986 that our D.N.A chain is attached to each other through a sulfuric bridge of nucleic acids that are a consistent pattern of 10 acids, then 5 acids, then 6 acids, then 5 acids. These numbers correspond to the Hebrew Alphabet as Y.H.W.H! That is the name for God in the Bible! Isn’t that beautiful!

Also to discover this information, they studied the cells of mice, monkeys, and human eye tissue. Scientist always use old scientific data (to add or create more scientific research and data and Satan will always try to use it against God and His Children). So, this amazing information was discovered in 1986 according to this Scientist. Now, fast forward to Bill Gates in 2005 and his foundation looking to sell a military weaponized vaccine that has been proven to alter cognitive patterns of “religious fanatics” in Afghanistan. In his video, Bill Gates is saying that they have created a VMAT2 vaccine that can be used as a military weapon against fanatical religious militias that conduct suicide bombings or mass killings based on a VMAT2 gene? How did Gates know this gene existed? Did he get his information based on the discovery from the Scientists in 1986?

Here is the original video that is still circulating that they have not removed? Of course, everything that follows it are Snopes, and Hoax videos that this video is not real. But, if we connect the pieces of the puzzle that the Holy Spirit keeps guiding us to in this blog, we can see that it is very possible that this is no hoax. This video was made in 2005, Now, someone has discovered the original document and scientific research of how they created this vaccine and the evidence they used to prove that is is effective in inhibiting the “God Gene” or VMAT2 gene.

Notice in the Summary of experiments in 2007, the objective was to control the VMAT2 gene (God gene) by creating a virus mixed with Vesicular Stomatitis virus (which is another zoonotic virus from animals that can be transmitted to humans to affect the respiratory system and brain cells.) Here is what Vesicular Stomatitis is and it’s symptoms, Notice here that the symptoms of this disease are blisters (boils) that form around mucous areas in animals. Mostly mouths, ulcers, open wounds, but in humans can be seen on the palms of hands and bottoms of feet, (foot and mouth disease). So, going back to the article that someone leaked out from the VMAT2 scientific data research, on the way to release this Vesicular Stomatitis Virus mixed with VMAT2 (God inhibitor vaccine). They found that the most effective way to distribute it was via airborne (the next deadly virus will be in Chemtrails is what John Leary prophesied a few months ago) and the second best way to transmit this virus in the article was through the water, (what Daughter of the Lord prophesied just last month.) Notice also in the section at the bottom of this released article titled, Summary of Recommendation, they tested this VMAT2 vaccine (God inhibitor) with Vesicular Stomatitis virus on monkeys and mice, but recommended it be tested on humans asap. Monkey cells, mice cells, and human eye cells are what the scientists used when they discovered God in our D.N.A. in 1986.

So, if we connect the pieces of this puzzle, it appears that Science has found factual evidence of God as our creator in 1986 in our D.N.A. chain as a sulfuric bridge that keeps our D.N.A. connected (attached) through the Hebrew Alphabet and numbering of 10-5-6-5, which spell out YHWH! Then Bill Gates proposes a military weapon in 2005 to the government that appears to have the capability to inhibit what he calls VMAT2 (God Gene) in our brains that he believes and states is the basis for fundamental religious fanaticism. Now, in 2020, currently we have a zoonotic virus Pandemic that was supposedly transported via animals through Chinese meat markets. And there is a race to create a vaccine that not only is using aborted embryonic stem cells, but also may contain nanotechnology that has the potential through its R.N.A. and D.N.A. attachments to alter and attach to our cells (genome and D.N.A.). This vaccine also has the potential to mark us with a Luciferase enzyme to see if we have the vaccine already, and also a hydrogel that not only carries the nanotechnology and an ID number, but it can also read our vital signs, and emotions. The prophets are currently telling us that the next big Pandemic will be spread via chemtrails in the air, and water and will be more deadlier than the previous virus and will cause boils or lesions on the skin. So, the next question is, do we believe God is pointing His Children to all of this evidence through His Prophets, or is all of this scientific, factual evidence that is still circulating the internet just a big coincidence or a hoax that goes back 13 years?

We don’t believe it is a coincidence in this blog, but as the Prophets always say and we say, that we must all continue to pray for the Truth so that we are not deceived. We must all continue to prepare the best way we can with what Our Lord has revealed. We know that boils is the 6th plague against the Egyptians in the Book of Exodus, We also know that in the Book of Revelation, the antichrist will be permitted to breathe life into an image so that the beast’s image could speak (mind control) and could have anyone who did not worship it put to death.

So, the words Saint John used in the Book of Revelation could is interesting. Why doesn’t it say will? So, the only way to control who the beast system and antichrist wish to speak to (mind control) and wish who to put to death (religious Persecution or whomever they wish to depopulate) are those that have the stamped image. But, the beast system and antichrist make everyone get this stamped image, according to Revelation. So, it doesn’t matter who you are, or how rich you are, or matter where you lived, everyone was forced to receive this image. So, they want to pick and choose who they kill or who they use mind control on, and there is no better way to force every person on the planet to receive this image unless it was under the guise of a vaccination that will not only save your life, but keep you from infecting others and killing others with your infection. Lord God, please have Mercy on us, keep guiding us to all Truth, and protect us with your precious blood. Keep praying Disciples. Please keep praying.

Emmanuel-“God is with Us.” Jesus, we Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

Where Are We Now? How Much Time Do We Have Left To Prepare? Who Listened to John The Baptist?

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. As we continue to study and discern the Prophets and seeing the different roads or paths that Christians are taking at this time, this is what Our Lord has put on my heart in praying for discernment. We have prayed for unification of Christians because we know the True believers and Disciples of Jesus Christ will come together for the conversion of souls to Jesus Christ Our Lord. This will most likely come after the Second Pentecost, because it will be that instant Pentecostal moment, like Father Mark Goring describes, that we will all instantly know our missions and how we are going to serve Our Lord. We know that as Christians, we are unified under Jesus Christ as one body, with many parts. Regardless of our Christian denominations, we will all know instantly how we are going to serve Him at the Second Pentecost. Our Lord has shown me this is the same with His Prophets at this time. We have many Prophets, and many Watchmen with different messages that produce different fruit for the Kingdom, but they are all working for Our Lord. What one Prophet says, may ring true to our hearts from the Holy Spirit, but may sound wrong to someone else. Our Lord put the example of John the Baptist, in my vision today as I was trying to understand why we are starting to go in different directions. John the Baptist was sent before Our Lord Jesus Christ to make the way of the Lord, but he was not accepted as a Prophet by many, because he was not an ordinary Prophet. He wore clothes made of camels’ hair and ate locusts and honey and hung out in the desert.,the%20Jordan%20River%2C%20confessing%20their%20sins.%20Matthew%203%3A5-6.

So, what was a turn off for others, was actually a True Prophet speaking on Repentance and turning away from sin to make the way straight for the Lord. Meaning, that we need to get back to being rightly ordered under God on the straight and narrow path and wash away our sins (robes made white) with the symbolism of water. So, Our Lord put it on my heart today that He is sending different types of Prophets and Watchmen that will speak to different types of people. Mena Lee Grebin said this once in one of her videos, and now I have a fuller understanding of what that means. The words that don’t ring true to your heart (Spiritually) doesn’t mean that this person is necessarily a False Prophet. It may just mean their prophetic words are not meant for you, because Our Lord has you going in a different direction. While I may appreciate humility and words spoken in a gentle manner, another person may appreciate directness, firmness and boldness from another Prophet. What I see a lot of Christians doing is condemning Prophets or their Prophetic messages if he or she says something they don’t like or agree with in their hearts Spiritually. We need to get away from this and focus on Our Lord and what He wants us to do for Him. So, with this vaccine difference of opinions amongst Christians, if there are some Prophets and Watchmen that believe in their hearts that the vaccine is okay, well that is between them and Our Lord. Maybe the Lord has a different assignment for them, but it is not our place to judge. We just know that Our Lord is focusing on bringing all souls back to Him and that is what we try to do in writing this blog, and we have seen enough evidence from the Holy Spirit as confirmation not to take the vaccine at this time. This confirmation has come from many different Prophets and also what some of the manufacturers are putting out publicly what they are using in their vaccines (aborted embryonic stem cells) to create antibodies to fight the Covid-19 virus. This is public knowledge and not something that anyone can’t research themselves, and ask Our Lord themselves.

Another good example Our Lord put on my heart about John the Baptist as a Prophet was that he didn’t have the full revelation of what his mission was as a Prophet or else he wouldn’t have been so shocked when Our Lord asked him to Baptize Him with water. So, what Our Lord was showing me is that there is no Prophet that has all of the answers. Some get a lot of information, some get only a little, and most get it as Our Lord reveals it to them in His own time. So, we shouldn’t get angry if we hear something that doesn’t sit right with us Spiritually, we should just continue to discern and keep praying for the Lord to reveal all Truth. He will not allow us to be mislead if we seek Him! We don’t seek our answers from any specific President, or Prophet at this point in the labor pains, we only seek Jesus Christ. We vote for the platform that best conforms to the laws of God, and we seek Jesus Christ. We listen to the Prophets, discern from the Holy Spirit, and we seek Jesus Christ. We watch the actions of how everything is being played out before our eyes, and we seek Jesus Christ asking Him what we should do for Him. This has to be a continual basis to where we are seeking Him all day, every day in everything we do, to where we become totally dependent on Him for everything. This is why we have to pray without ceasing, like Saint Paul said. Also, we must remember that the devil wants us tear down each other, especially someone that is giving Prophecy, because the devils wants to discredit anyone that is assisting Jesus in saving souls. If there is someone we don’t like because of what he or she is saying that doesn’t sit well with us Spiritually , then just don’t listen to them. But we have to stop listening to those that want to condemn others, and just keep taking everything to Our Lord.

So, we continue to get ready as much as we can, and we don’t condemn this Prophet or that Prophet because he or she said this and it didn’t happen, or he or she said something I didn’t like, or agree with. We just keep our eyes focused on Jesus, and keep pushing into Him, by spending time with Him and asking Him what He wants us to do.

We are going to do a re-cap of everything we have done in the last year again, so that new followers can access something in this blog that they may not have seen while going through it to help them better prepare for the Warning/Illumination of Conscience. If the Warning does not occur until the beginning of 2021, we will try to keep posting information for people to stay aware of events. If we have weather events or a civil war, or war with an (EMP) Electro-Magnetic Pulse or a Solar Geomagnetic pulse, then we may not have power to where we can continue to communicate with everyone. So, here is a list of things we have gotten together for everyone that have chosen to follow this blog. We do appreciate everyone that has written, followed, e-mailed and assisted us in Serving Our Lord Jesus Christ for the Salvation of Souls.

1.) How To Prepare Spiritually Before the Warning, and How To Get closer to Our Lord Jesus Christ that is listed in a page at the top of the blog.

2.) How To Prepare Physically your homes as Interim Refuges to Serve Our Lord Jesus Christ that is listed in a page at the top of the blog. This page also has the Father Michel Rodrigue notes and instruction on how to consecrate your homes as an Interim Refuge. (Also below)

3.) Created Notes From the John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue Conference last year.

4.) Created How To Prepare a “Go Bag or Go Backpack” with pictures that is listed under the “How to Prepare Physically” Page.

5.) Created a Word Document on what the Warning is for those that are not familiar.

6.) Created a Word Document on How To Get Ready for The Warning and assist Jesus as a Disciple for Him.

7.) Created an email Prayer Group Listing for those that needed to reach out in Prayer, to anyone that is alone, or needs physical help, or emotional support as followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ when the Tribulations begin and before the Warning.

8.) Created a Word Document on what Transhumanism is, that is described by Doctor Carrie Madej. We believe this is how the Elites will deliver the mark of the beast eventually, if not right away and definitely when vaccines become mandatory.

So, the next question is, how much time do we have left before the Warning? This is the million dollar question that we are all praying to Our Lord for His Mercy because we are all desperately trying to save our family members. Only our Lord knows, but what He is consistently saying to His Prophets is that it is very soon, and from John Leary’s messages, it depends on how many deaths occur. So, that still could be this Fall, or it could be a little longer, depending on what occurs with the United States election. We need to not only pray for repentance and reparation, but also that abortions are stopped period. If by God’s grace, He stops the Chastisements and the Tribulation, it will be because we are repenting as a Country and as the whole world, turning back to God and away from sins, and we have stopped allowing abortions. We pray for God’s Will and we pray for a miracle to occur that Our Countries repent and overturn laws that allow abortions, and we do it as quickly as possible.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

New Messages To Prophet John Leary Through October 13, 2020! Also, Latest Show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on the Coming Apocalypse, dated October 8, 2020! Also, a 3 Day Novena to The Holy Spirit, praying for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit!

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ! We pray everyone is still actively praying for the Salvation of all Souls and for the Divine Will of God to have Mercy on all of us as we continue to move deeper into the birth pangs. All of this information can be overwhelming, and sadly I am seeing more of a division of Christians than a unification as events continue to unfold. We must keep our eyes and our hearts focused on Jesus Christ and His Divine Will. As the deception of these events and times unfold, we must continue to walk by Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and continually pray for Truth. Because we have so many Prophets speaking for Our Lord, we know that we must continue to pray for Jesus to reveal to us all Truth, but also for the Holy Spirit to guide us on our own plans in accordance to God’s Will. Whatever God’s plan for each of us is may be different than someone else’s plan. All we can do is each pray for guidance daily through our Surrender to Our Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s Will to us.

The reason I am saying this is because we are now getting many varying opinions from different Christians on the vaccinations, and I even heard one very respectable Priest say that if our bodies are affected by technology by the vaccine, then we shouldn’t worry because we are getting new bodies made whole again at the final judgement. This tells me that there will be many Priests that are not and probably will not listen to the Prophets that are speaking against the vaccinations at this time. I am also hearing many Christians say that they will walk by Faith in God and get the vaccine, and our Faith will save us. Disciples, we put our Faith in God, but we also listen to Prophets we believe are from God if they are bearing good fruit for the Kingdom of God. God sends Prophets to warn His Children, and we know this as proof throughout the Bible as Divine Revelation. Also, all of the Bible is Divine Revelation and Truth, but God may reveal more understanding of that Scripture and we can never assume God has given us all of the answers. Another good reason not to take the vaccine, besides the current Prophets screaming at us not to because of the nanotechnology that will alter our DNA, is the fact that many of the front runner vaccine manufacturers also are using aborted embryonic stem cells in their vaccine. Here is an article written by LifeSite News on their own research in this subject. Even as Christians, whether Catholic or not, we must never accept aborted fetal stem cells in any manufactured vaccine. God is chastising us right now for abortions as we speak, why would He be okay with us using aborted fetal stem cells to save humanity? The answer is very simple, HE WOULD NOT!

So, it is very discouraging to hear that we are slowly becoming divided on this issue, but we are in the end times, so we are going to hear and see some very crazy things in addition to what we have already subjected ourselves to in this blog. So, that being said, I am still listening to Mike From Around the World on the pastor Paul Begley Show because of his expertise and knowledge of the binary system, but he did say on this last show that he has already received his vaccination against Covid-19. I will post last week’s show for those that would like to listen because he also said that an event will occur in the next week that we will have to recover from, but he did not go into detail. However, we would like to emphatically repeat that we do not believe anyone should get the vaccine unless we receive further guidance from Our Lord, and as of right now, all the prophets in this blog are saying not to receive the vaccine or any vaccination. Not only because it could contain aborted human embryonic stem cells, but also because the Elites are using it for evil purposes, and it may have nanotechnology with the mark of the beast in it. Here is Pastor Paul Begley’s Show from last week, the Coming Apocalypse.

Also, here are John Leary’s latest messages through October 13, 2020. Do not forget that John Leary is having another Zoom Conference Call on October 21, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time. Also, here is what we discern as the most critical message from last week that we will cut and paste from October 8, 2020.

Thursday, October 8, 2020:
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen several hurricanes hit the United States in the Gulf of Mexico region. Each storm has brought surges, wind, and plenty of rain. The ground is so saturated with water, that more rain could cause more flooding. The people in Louisiana need to be prepared for some possible flooding. I know you have hurricanes every year, but this year has been much more active than previous years. It is the hitting of land by these hurricanes that has caused a lot of damage along the Gulf Coast. This should be a wake-up call to many Americans to see the need to repent of their sins. I told you that you would see one event after another, and these multiple storms are evident of these events. You will also see the coming flu season combine with a more deadly corona virus that could kill more people than your first attack. You could see more shutdowns as the numbers increase. I will warn My people before it is a danger to your lives, so you can come to the protection of My refuges, where you will be healed.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, you remember the threats given by the left that they will bring a coup upon your government right at the White House. Pray that the National Guard will be called out to protect your President from the desire of the mobs to assassinate him. You could see patriots with weapons who will join this civil war against the communist mobs. Your Vice President needs to be separated so both are not in harm’s way at the same location. If both your President and Vice President are killed, then power would go over to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. My people need to pray for the protection of your President and Vice President.”

Jesus said: “My people, it will be a miracle if your President is virus free before his next debate. There is a strong suspicion that this virus was spread on him on purpose. He will still do a virtual debate, if necessary, to show his strength against the virus. Your people should be praying for his good health and his physical protection. This could raise sympathy for his sickness, and if the people realize how radical the Democrats are, your President could win this election. Pray that freedom will reign over America.”

Jesus said: “My people, the opposition party will try to put Judge Amy Coney Barrett down, but the Senate Republicans hold the majority to confirm her. She will be put on the Supreme Court baring any virus attack or a civil war. Pray for her confirmation to fill this vacancy on the Supreme Court.”

Jesus said: “My people, you saw in 2016 how I helped your President win his election, despite the polls going against him. If My faithful pray hard, I could allow him to win again even over the cheating with the votes. You just had the Blessed Mother’s feast day of the Holy Rosary, so heaven will hear your prayers.”

The Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, I and all of the angels and saints are encouraging all of My prayer warriors to storm heaven with all of your rosaries to help elect your President and pray for the confirmation of Judge Barrett. I bless all of you and thank you for your rosaries tonight. Your President stands up against abortion, and the confirmation of Judge Barrett could help turn the tide on the Supreme Court to put down your abortion decision. Your country’s freedom is at stake with this election. So pray as many rosaries as you can to save your country from the communist left.”

Jesus said: “My people, the deep state needs a strong reason to try and force your people to take a new vaccine and chip in the body. This is why it is in their plan to try and launch another more deadly virus attack against your country. They are planning to release the new virus from the chemtrails to try and stop the election. Many people could die from this new virus attack. When you see a lot of people dying in the streets, I will call My people to the safety of My refuges to heal them from this virus. Once you come to My refuges, you will be there until the end of the tribulation. Have no fear and trust in My protection.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have heard of some visionaries who have confirmed other people’s messages that My Warning will come this year. I have guarded the date of the Warning because only God the Father will bring it on the earth. America is at a crossroads with your election and a decision to stop your abortions. I have told you, if you do not stop your abortions, then I would stop them with My punishment. So pray hard for your Supreme Court to overturn your abortion decision. If this does not happen, you will see the Warning soon, and a takeover of your country by the communists. The Antichrist will have only a brief reign before I will bring My victory down upon all of the evil ones who will be cast into hell. My Warning will come very soon to try and save some souls before all of the evil ones will be swept into hell. Pray and be patient without fear because My victory is coming soon.”

So, again we are seeing another prophetic message from Our Lord about not taking the vaccine. Our Lord has already told us through Prophet John Leary and Visionary Maria De Luz that the vaccine will be used as a form of mind control, so anything with nanotechnology could have that capability and it is not worth it guessing which manufacturer has this or not at this time. Even if it did not contain this capability at this time, why would anyone take a risk at altering their own DNA that God has given them and use aborted fetal tissue stem cells that goes against God’s Will? So, too many reasons God has shown us why we should not take the vaccine, and no reason to take it, except the FEAR that the Elites have generated that people must take it to survive.

Based on our teaching from Father Mark Goring about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, here is a good 3 Day Novena to the Holy Spirit to ask and pray for the gifts and to set our Church on Holy Fire.

We really need the Holy Spirit’s guidance in everything we do. Lord Jesus Christ, please have Mercy on our souls and Transform us into your image so that we can receive all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to glorify You and Your Heavenly Kingdom to all of the Nations. Here is a personal prayer for the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.