Who is the First Beast in the Book of Revelation 13:1-9? Also, Messages From Luz De Maria on the antichrist, put together by Charles and Light of Mary Website.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. As we move closer to the beginning of the Tribulation period, we have to recognize where we are in this period of time and who are the beasts in this beast system we are being manipulated into conforming. If you are not paying close attention to Scripture as you read the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13, you may already be blind to the fact that we are already in the beast system and have been for more than several decades now or longer. Satan has slowly pushed our societies towards accepting sin as a normal way of life and has turned sin into being a good thing, and those that oppose it are intolerant and evil. We have explained this in the beginning of the blog, but wanted to go over who the first beast is in the Book of Revelation, so that we have a full understanding of the bigger picture. People are always looking for the antichrist as an individual, in which there will be one person that will fulfill this role as one of the heads that is mortally wounded, but the mortal wound was healed, in Revelation 13:3. https://biblehub.com/nasb/revelation/13.htm.

But, what we must understand that Saint John is explaining is more than a person here. The First Beast in Revelation Chapter 13:1-9 is actually 10 Countries, 7 leaders, Communism, Socialism, Sin accepted as good, moral decay of marriage and family, corruption of ethical institutions, euthanasia and abortion defined as good instead of genocide, lawlessness defined as freedom of rights, and Religion as a made up institution of beliefs to assist humans in coping with the everyday stresses of life. We have been manipulated by the devil to believe all of these things and this is what some Christians call the antichrist spirit. It is every thought, belief and ideology that has slowly changed our societal customs and beliefs over the last two generations. It is purposely done slowly by Satan, so that we don’t expect that it is actually happening or occurring in our lifetime. This is why many Christians and most people do not believe we are actually in the end times, because everyone is looking for the individual “antichrist” and something drastic to occur that will cause us to all say, “this guy is the antichrist“. But, this is not what Saint John is saying when he explains the first beast, or the beast from the sea. If the sea represents people, and we believe it does when studying Biblical analogies, then the 10 countries are what is pushing these social changes of moral decay, and turning evil as good, and good as evil. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah%205:20&version=NASB. It is a complex system of not only glorifying evil as good, but eventually removing Jesus Christ and God from our lives completely and worshipping a unified system of beliefs, customs and ideologies and eventually a religion that are purported and reflected as “good” and what is better for humanity as a whole.

Disciples, this is where we are right now. We are seeing the First Beast flexing it’s authority over the whole world right now, but no one has been able to identify exactly who the 10 countries are, or 7 leaders. The Holy Spirit has put on our hearts to explain in this post that it is not necessarily important to know exactly who they are, but to know Communism and the push for Socialism are what drive most of these countries and their leaders. Also, Freemasons are in most of the governmental positions, and the Illuminatti or Elites are the ones that have financed the costs of this agenda of Satan to be incorporated for more than a century. They had to corrupt our Churches first in high places of leadership, then our Societies, and finally got their people in high positions of our Governments. Now, they are manipulating us with fear over contracting a virus, lack of money, and eventually a lack of food and shelter. Soon, they will force all to believe that there are no other options to keep from dying, except to join humanity together universally in governments, monetary systems, and a religion that will appeal to all! This is the First Beast. The First Beast is the conglomerate of all the evil changes of beliefs, customs, and ideologies into a system that will make us think we will have to accept to survive these times and it is for the good of all.

Charles with Light of Mary You tube videos has put together all of the explanations of the antichrist that Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother have given to Luz De Maria. This is what is being explained to Maria De Luz in her prophetic messages, and this is why Our Lord is always telling Luz De Maria that we must stay Spiritually connected to Him. We have to see the bigger picture of everything that is happening everyday in all parts of the World. This is why Our Lord is bringing in this binary system to not only transform and clean the Earth of it’s evil, but also to humble us to come back to Him. This binary system that God is using will be so catastrophic in the Transformation of the Earth, that no evil will be able to escape it in the deep underground dwellings the Elites have built. The only Refuge will be with Jesus Christ, and His Divine Protection explained in Psalm 91. https://www.bible.com/bible/111/PSA.91.niv.

Here is Part 1 of the explanation of the antichrist in Light of Mary video, http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7nK3sjNMB40.

Here is Part 2 of the explanation of the antichrist in Light of Mary video, http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WgyIhYXLiec.

Here is Part 3 of the explanation of the antichrist in Light of Mary video,http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QXFboL8krfk.

You can clearly hear in these videos that Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother are telling us that the First Beast has already influenced our world as the tentacles of Satan in preparation of the antichrist and the Great Tribulation. The Second Beast will be the false prophet and the antichrist that will project the beast system as something we must worship and glorify for the sake of humanity. Then after those that are not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life have taken the mark of the beast, the antichrist will influence all to believe that all must worship him over everything within the beast system, and this will be their eternal death.

Here is a message from God Our Father to Luz De Maria from March 22, 2010 and a commentary from Luz De Maria on our role as Disciples of Jesus Christ. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wSdyYXHQzYo.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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