Follow-Up Video with Steven Ben-DeNoon! This Binary System could be here as early as 2021, not 2023-2024. Also, re-looking at information given by Gill Broussard on Planet 7X during the Mega-Quake 2020 webinar, hosted by Pastor Paul Begley.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are continuing to study Steven Ben-DeNoon and what he was referencing about the incoming asteroids or meteorites that could be hitting the Earth as early as September. We must all continue to prepare our homes as Interim Refuges until we are taken to Permanent Refuges. Also, we have to realize that Our Lord may need to make our Interim Refuges as Permanent Refuges depending on what Our Lord decides is the safest for all of us. If you feel like Our Lord is guiding you to prepare your home as an Interim Refuge, please do so now, because there may be another restriction to our homes as the Pandemic does appear to be getting worse in some areas of the world. There are still not that many deaths from the Pandemic, but the testing in the United States is reflecting more positive cases. This in turn, generates more irrationalized fear, and more restrictive actions taken by our local governments. It is very frustrating to witness all of this and know that this was all caused by the hands of evil men, but if we want to become a Disciple for Jesus, then we must be like the Saints, and give all of our frustration to God and remain in a state of humility. This is still part of our purgation stage that we have to get through for Jesus that we explained in a previous post on the 3 stages of Spiritual growth. Lord, please allow us to receive the graces we need to purge all of our anger, frustration, and irritation of these times, so that we can remain humble, become better Disciples to Serve You and stay inside of Your Divine Will. We are going to have to pray this constantly to stay refreshed in His Peace.

Steven Ben-DeNoon has done a follow-up video speaking about the asteroids again and the fact that he believes there is a good chance, also based on inside sources of current employees in the government, that the binary system could be here as early as March, 2021. (Which means, we could see the “Second Sun” as early as March 28, 2021.) Steven was initially told that this is when the binary system will hit the orbit of Jupiter, but now believes could be even closer to Earth than originally thought. Remember, that Mike From Around the World was explaining to us just a few weeks ago, that as this binary system gets closer to Our Sun, it doubles in speed. Also, we do believe that Our Lord has decided to speed things up in ushering in the Tribulation period, because this has been said by many Prophets at this time.

Here is Steven Ben DeNoon’s video he posted on July 20, 2020. What I love about what Steven is saying in his video is that we must rest Spiritually in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Refuge is in the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and we must keep stressing this to people in order serve Jesus. Steven stated that some inside sources told him that the tail of the binary system of this Comet-Planet comes first, and that is what this asteroid belt actually is, and at the end of his video stated that this asteroid belt that is coming in now in September, is actually the arrival of the tail of this binary system.

If you recall, Christian Astronomer Gill Broussard put out his findings of Planet 7X, that we also documented in a post from the Mega-Quake 2020 webinar conducted by Pastor Paul Begley. Gill actually believes this binary system is a large “illuminated Comet” that has 7 exoplanets, or other asteroids, moons, or meteors trailing behind it. Gill has even calculated the arrival of this binary system in March of 2016, but he said later his calculations were too early. In the Mega-Quake 2020 Webinar with Pastor Paul Begley, Gill stated that things are starting to line up now for it coming possibly in March, 2021! Here is the post we did with the information from Gill Broussard.

Here is what Gill said about the tail of this Comet-Planet. “The tail of this Comet-Planet has 3 parts to it because it covers a very broad area of space of millions of miles. Gill said the first part of this tail is charged Plasma that appears “illuminated”. (Could the Illumination of Conscience be coinciding with the collision of two celestial objects be in the first part of this tail?) As this plasma interacts with the Earth’s orbit, it will cause a pole reversal shift and crustal shift. The second part of the tail is a million mile wide debris field with asteroids, meteors, and red dust. (Is this Revelation, Chapter 8?) The third part of the tail is mostly red dust.(Wormwood contamination of the water?)” So, this confirms what Steven Ben-DeNoon is saying about the tail coming first with the asteroids and other rocks and debris. Here is the initial calculation of Gill Broussard of the possible arrival of this binary system back then in March, 2016. Now, Gill is saying that the Earth’s orbital path is lining up again with the orbital path of Planet-7X for March, 2021.

It is truly amazing how Gill has attempted to calculate the arrival of this system several times, has missed the mark of the arrival, but still keeps re-calculating and Serving Our Lord by getting out this information to all of God’s Children. Gill did not get frustrated and give up, but continues to research, study and put out what the Holy Spirit is guiding him to do. Just like Prophet John Leary did not give up on giving the Prophetic messages that Our Lord Jesus Christ told him to keep spreading. We have to realize that God is in control of all of this, and this binary system will come when God is ready to bring it to transform the New Heaven and New Earth. But, it does appear that because the beast system is making their move to take out God’s Children, through de-population, persecution and creating more sin on the Earth, Our Lord is now beginning to make His move in protecting us in the Refuge of His Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother and allowing souls His last Act of Divine Mercy to turn to Him before it is too late.

We put this information out to prepare all of us both Spiritually and Physically as much as possible. We must seek the refuge of Our Lord’s Sacred Heart now Spiritually, because we can’t allow the enemy to steal our Peace, and cause us to abandon Our Lord, and we must keep bringing souls to Jesus Christ. Keep praying everyday for God’s Peace, the Salvation of Souls, and to do His Divine Will as His Disciples.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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