Today is May 12, 2020! Will we see any Meteorites hit the Earth this Week? Also, information we have gleaned from the Megaquake 2020, with Pastor Paul Begley on the Little Green File and Planet 7X Astronomer Gill Broussard.

Good Evening Disciples of Jesus Christ! We are starting to put together some great information we have gleaned from the Megaquake 2020 webinar with Pastor Paul Begley and all of his very knowledgeable associates. We are all still anxiously waiting to see if we will get any meteorite strikes to Earth this week or if we will have more time to prepare ourselves for the Warning and the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember, Mike From Around the World just said that all of the Scientists are feverishly looking for any incoming meteorites from May 11, 2020 through May 15, 2020. As of yet, we have not heard of any reports on incoming meteorites. But Mike also stated that if we don’t get any that hit Planet Earth or our Moon this week, then the next wave will be approximately 60 days later, which will put us in the June or July time frame. In addition, tomorrow is May 13, 2020, and the 103rd Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima to the three Shepherd Children in Fatima, Portugal!

We are still reviewing the webinar from Pastor Paul Begley’s Megaquake that was originally supposed to be a Conference on May 1-2, 2020. Here is some very interesting information that we believe Pastor Paul and his associates are okay with us sharing. The first is an interview with amateur astronomer Gill Broussard. First, we would like to point out that Gill Broussard is a Christian that appears to also have a gift of research and discernment from the Holy Spirit similar to Mike From Around the World on this binary system that is proving to be Biblical. They both speak on broad subjects of astronomy, biblical prophecy, and factual historical data relating to biblical prophecy. Gill Broussard has also been studying what he calls Planet 7X for a very long time and has been able to use an algorithm type data program that can link Planet 7X to major Biblical catastrophes throughout the Bible and to ancient Chinese and Mayan script and art pieces. Gill has a slightly different, but similar theory of what Planet 7X is compared to the prophets that have received messages from Our Blessed Mother on this binary system, or “Second Sun” that is listed in this blog. Gill does not believe that Planet 7X is a brown dwarf star, but a Comet, not made of ice, but of a fiery Plasma that gives it an illumination appearance or “red” appearance. He believes this is why it is called “the Fiery Red Dragon of Old”. Gill also stated that this Comet does have 7 exoplanets, or possibly asteroids that orbit around it and make up part of the tail of this comet. Gill said that this comet is made up mostly of iron and the plasma charge around it is making it like a giant magnet. The tail of this Comet-Planet has 3 parts to it because it covers a very broad area of space of millions of miles. Gill said the first part of this tail is charged Plasma that appears “illuminated”. As this plasma interacts with the Earth’s orbit, it will cause a pole reversal shift and crustal shift. The second part of the tail is a million mile wide debris field with asteroids, meteors, and red dust. The third part of the tail is mostly red dust. Here is a projected trajectory of Planet 7X that Gill has put together based on his personal calculations from this algorithm he uses. His first theory was that it would be arriving in 2016, but he continues to re-calculate the data in this algorithm using planetary and moon alignments, and past occurrences of this Planet 7X moving into our solar system throughout Biblical history.

It is important to understand that Gill put this video together in 2013. He still believes the trajectory is accurate and the location that Planet 7X is coming from in space, but as each planet in our solar system orbits around our Sun, how and when this mini-orbit or binary system enters our own orbit is still unknown. Gill even said in his interview with Pastor Paul that Planet 7X has an unstable orbit and it might bump into something in our solar system. This reminds us of what Our Blessed Mother told Pedro Regis in that this mini-orbit is going to knock out Uranus and Mars as it enters our solar system. However, those calculations were based on this binary system arriving in 2017. Even if God has decided to delay Planet 7X and its arrival from 2017 until these up coming years, it is very notable that Gill Broussard made that statement that it could bump into something in our solar system. What is also interesting is that Gill has stated that this system does have 7 exoplanets and is like a mini-solar system. He does believe its a comet and not a star, it is the size of a planet that has a tail like a comet, which is also what Carlos Ferrada stated about Hercolubus. It will bring these fiery asteroids, meteors, and other comets into our atmosphere as it passes by because it has drawn all of this debris into itself, and this is what meets the Book of Revelation, Chapter 8. The plasma and electrical charge it carries will also cause a pole shift, crustal shift, and the plasma severe weather phenomena and volcanic eruptions all over the world. Gill also said that Planet 7X was first seen in December 1992, then everything went dark and there was no more chatter about it. It is also important to note that Gill Broussard does believe that we could possibly see something with our naked eye of Planet 7X as early as March, 2021.

If that wasn’t fascinating enough, here is what was taken from the little green file that someone had given to Steven Ben DeNoon, who stated that this person stated this information was from NASA. Steven in turn gave this little green file to Pastor Paul and Heidi Begley and this is what was gleaned from the information on that file. We know we have received confirmation from the Holy Spirit that we are on the right track because of what we saw on this green file. If you look at the picture to the left, you will notice that it is believed that Hercolubus, Nemesis, and Nibiru are essentially all the same red-brown dwarf star that has been discovered several times, by different people calling it something different each time. If you look at it’s massive size compared to Jupiter and Earth, it is easy to understand how this brown dwarf star can wreak so much havoc in our solar system, especially if it has 7 exoplanets trailing behind it. In the description to the right of the picture, the person stated that NASA’s official best guess of what Hercolubus is that of TRAPPIST-1, which was discovered by NASA in 2017. Also, that we have identified in this blog on a previous post a month ago. This why we believe that this is a confirmation from the Holy Spirit that we are on the right track. TRAPPIST-1 was originally discovered in 1999 by NASA as a brown dwarf star, but the discovery of the 7 exoplanets was not until 2017. So, it appears that the person that gave this green file to Steven Ben DeNoon is showing us that NASA does believe, at this point, that TRAPPIST-1 is also Hercolubus, Nemesis, or Nibiru. This description also stated that it will be the 7th planet in this mini-solar system that crosses the orbital path of Earth that will cause so much destruction to Earth. The first contact in our solar system to one of our planets is Jupiter in March 28, 2021. Then, it is believed that this mini-solar system will arrive and pass by Earth around 2023-2024. Just so everyone that reads this blog understands, we don’t believe there are aliens on this planet, but we do believe that the Elites will try and deceive us into thinking this is the case as this binary system gets closer, thus all of the media hype about UFO sightings lately. Also, all of the prophetic warnings to Luz De Maria from Our Blessed Mother that this will be a lie and it will be a demonic presence.

We know that Our Blessed Mother has called this the Great Comet of Chastisement in Akita, Japan and Garabandal, Spain. We know that Our Blessed Mother has revealed a third secret to the three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal involving what appeared to be the sun falling out of the sky on 70,000 witnesses and then returning to it’s original location on October 13, 2017. We know Our Blessed Mother told Gianna Sullivan at Our Lady of Emmitsburg, that there will be an orbit that will come between our sun and the Earth that will cause much devastation and death. We know that Pedro Regis in Brazil was told by Our Blessed Mother in the Anguera prophecies that there will be a mini-solar system with 7 exoplanets that will also come between our Earth and our Sun that will cause much devastation. We also know that John Leary was told that it will be a Comet that hits the Atlantic Ocean that will result in the 3 days of darkness after we have entered the Permanent Refuge. We also know that there will be secrets revealed as these events continue to unfold from the visionaries in Medjugorje, and Garabandal and all of the Apparition sites of Our Blessed Mother will also be Permanent Refuges of Protection.

So, based on all of the information we have thus far being guided with discernment from the Holy Spirit, it does appear that it is most likely TRAPPIST-1 that is this binary system with 7 exoplanets that are either orbiting a Comet-Planet or a brown dwarf star that has a tail like a comet. As this system approaches, we will be experiencing all of the Earth changing cataclysm that it will bring as it moves past planet Earth and in between us and our Sun. We know this is going to happen because it has been prophesied and it is in the Book of Revelation, and Isaiah. We know Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother is asking us to prepare Spiritually first, and then Mentally and Physically and assist Jesus with the Salvation of Souls. We also know that time is closing in on the Warning and we must all continue to serve Jesus as much as possible before we are taken to a Permanent Refuge for Protection during all of the cataclysmic weather events prior to the 3 days of darkness. We will continue to pray in this blog to the Holy Spirit for more guidance and Truth and how we can continue to serve Jesus as His Disciples.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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