More information on Asteroids Coming Soon From Steven Ben De- Noon! Could We see Significant Impacts This September, 2020? Full break-down of Prophetic Messages of “Second Sun” and “Comet of Chastisement” lining up with this Binary System moving towards our Planet Earth.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have been following Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World because of their specific knowledge of this binary system that is rapidly moving into our solar system now. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, we have linked this information to the “Second Sun” that Our Blessed Mother Mary keeps warning us about to different Prophets such as John Leary, Pedro Regis, Luz De Maria and Gianna Sullivan in Our Lady of Emmitsburg. Many Catholics do not want to follow these Prophets if they have not been “officially” approved by our Catholic Church. This is understandable, however, we believe Our Lord has asked us to put this information out because these Prophets are now having past Prophecies fulfilled and Our Lord wants their messages heard. This includes John Leary’s Prophetic Message about the “Now Pandemic”, he received from Our Lord in 2012. We believe Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother has asked us to include non-Catholic Prophets and Watchmen, because Our Lord wants us to unite all of His Children in these end times to assist for the Salvation of all Souls and Conversion of Souls to Christianity. We know per Scripture that all Souls will not be saved, but Our Lord wants us to unite to assist Him in saving as many souls as possible before they take the mark of the beast, or reject Our Lord permanently. We believe in this blog that the Warning will be like a Second Pentecost, as Father Michel Rodrigue prophesied, that will unite all Christians to serve Jesus for this purpose. We believe if we do start to get this incoming debris by September, and the Pandemic deaths get worse, Our Lord will have the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience this Fall as Prophet John Leary and the Little Prophet of Love both keep saying in their Prophetic messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ recently.

Pastor Paul Begley has a done a wonderful job of gathering specific information from ex-Special Forces Agent John Moore, ex-Central Intelligence officer, Steven Ben-DeNoon, and current government employees that are all followers of Jesus Christ and will not disclose their real names, due to the sensitivity of the information they disclose. One of these individuals is Mike From Around the World, and His show Council of Time. These people are all Christian and because they all Love God, do risk retaliation from the Elites due to some of the information they release on their websites or in their YouTube videos. Pastor Paul was just talking about this the other day with Mike From Around the World on his show, the Coming Apocalypse . So, we are all very thankful for the fact that there are many Christians, whether Catholic, Protestant, Christian Non-Denominational or Messianic Jew that Love Our Lord and will Serve Him, even if they know they are putting their lives in a certain amount of danger. This also includes some very brave Priests out there such as Adam Skwarczynski and Father Michel Rodrigue, and most recently Father Joseph Kuhlman that gave a very powerful homily in yesterday’s post on Our Church getting ready to enter Her Passion. So, we are very thankful to all of those that are serving Jesus in these times to get out information that no one else will talk about.

We first heard of Steven Ben De-Noon from a friend that assists with this blog, and who is also friends with Steven Ben De-Noon and Pastor Paul Begley. We heard Steven speak at a Cincinnati, OH Conference with Paul Begley last year and did a post on the little green file information that he handed over to Pastor Paul to use because it has specific dates on when this binary system is getting close to our Planet Earth. This binary system that contains a brown dwarf star, “Second Sun” is now getting very close to Jupiter, and per the little green file, is expected to be in the orbit of Jupiter by March 28, 2021. Here is the interview that Pastor Paul Begley had with Steven Ben-DeNoon last year, that we posted in the blog about specific information on the little green file that Steven received from an inside government employee with NASA.

Steven Ben-DeNoon, like us in this blog, still believe that Chilean Astronomer Carlos Ferrada, that discovered and described Hercolubus as a Comet-Planet, was one of the first Astronomers to discover information about this brown dwarf star with seven exoplanets. After a lot of research, prayer, and guidance from the Holy Spirit, and later confirmation about the rest of the information on the little green file disclosed in the Mega-quake 2020 webinar by Pastor Paul Begley, it appears that TRAPPIST-1 is the closest binary system that fits the description of Hercolubus or Planet-X. TRAPPIST-1 has already been identified by NASA, initially as just a brown dwarf star, but most recently having 7 exoplanets orbiting this star. Also, Pedro Regis of Brazil and the Anguera Prophecies is the Prophet that Our Blessed Mother informed that this “Second Sun” is actually a min-solar system with 7 exoplanets. This is what TRAPPIST-1 has been identified as because the distance between the exoplanets is very small that orbit it’s star, unlike our solar system, where the planets are further apart.

So, we believe with the help and discernment from the Holy spirit, that TRAPPIST-1 is most likely the mini-solar system that is Hercolubus, or Planet-X, or the “Second Sun” we will see as it gets closer to Planet Earth. This mini-solar system is like a huge magnet as it draws many celestial bodies to it such as asteroids, meteors, debris and other comets. This star, “Second Sun” is not really a Comet, but it looks like a Comet and is as big as a Planet, as Chilean Astronomer Carlos Ferrada explained, because it has a tail of red dust and debris trailing behind it. According to the little green file that was given to Steven Ben-DeNoon, it was disclosed that it is expected to be in the orbit of Jupiter by March 28, 2021, and not inside the orbit of Planet Earth until 2023-2024. As Mike From Around the World explained on the show with Pastor Paul Begley two weeks ago, as this “Second Sun” gets closer to our Sun, it begins to double in speed. Here is what Mike said two weeks ago, “Mike also stated that the debris cloud will hit before the binary system gets to us and that is always the rule in space. It is two large systems coming in close proximity to one another, and that the Suns will be far apart, but this process will speed up every single day.”

So, this is what Steven Ben-DeNoon is talking about in his next video explaining about the debris cloud, or Asteroid belt, that his inside informant friend states that we have entered that will hit Planet Earth before the binary system arrives. Most likely, Mike From Around the World initially calculated the arrival of some of this debris cloud coming on May 12, 2020, but we did not see any impacts at that time. So, now we are coming upon the time when we will not be able to deny the fact that we are in the end times as these meteorites, rocks, red dust, and debris hit the Earth possibly by September. As we get closer to this binary system in it’s elliptical path, or mini-solar system moving past the Earth and Our Sun by 2023-2024, it will cause the 3 days of darkness by sucking all of the photons out of Our Sun, as Mike described from one of his previous comments in a post we did two weeks ago. This will also allow a Comet of Chastisement to hit the Atlantic Ocean, as John Leary has prophesied from Our Blessed Mother many years ago and what Luz De Maria is also prophesizing about celestial bodies moving towards the Earth. This will not be the “Second Sun” that is hitting the Earth in this mini- solar system because it is too big, but most likely another comet that this mini-solar system has drawn into our Planet Earth. But, when we see “the Second Sun” that Our Blessed Mother Mary explained to Gianna Sullivan, the weather events will be catastrophic at this time. We believe this is also the second part of the Third Secret of Fatima that has not been released, and the Promise of Chastisement told by Our Blessed Mother in Garabandal, Spain that will come after the Warning and Miracle. This is why the Marian Apparition sites will be a place of Refuge.

So, this Asteroid belt or cloud of debris we are entering is what Steven Ben-DeNoon is explaining in this next video, based on what his friends have disclosed that are currently working for the government. Remember, Steven is an ex-Central Intelligence Agency Officer, and still has many friends working in the government that also feel people should have this information for their own safety, or just for the mere fact of turning to Jesus Christ Our Lord as Our REFUGE. Many of us will die during these chastisements as the purification begins and we enter into the Tribulation, but many will also be led to a Refuge of Safety under the protection of Our Lord Jesus Christ to usher in the Era of Peace, as John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue have explained. This is also explained by Father Adam Skwarczynski when he explained his vision of the New World. In this video by Steven Ben-DeNoon, he explains that he and his wife are leaving Florida because he knows about the coastlines all over the world being inundated by water as our Planet Earth is pulled off it’s axis. This will not occur until the “Second Sun” gets closer to Earth, but can also occur as these deep impacts begin to come in from this debris cloud we are getting ready to enter, that will cause huge Tsunamis, if the impacts are in our oceans. So, we ask that you pray about the locations you are currently living in, and if the Holy Spirit is guiding you or prompting you to leave certain areas that you are currently living. We don’t want you to leave out of fear, but only if you feel the Holy Spirit is prompting you to leave, because we know that some of us will be martyred in these chastisements. There really is no safe place, except within the Refuge of the Sacred Heart of Our Lord, and this is also why we are all preparing Spiritually first, for what is coming. Here is Steven Ben-DeNoon’s video and his website Israeli News Live that we will subscribe to, because we believe the Holy Spirit is working with Steven in helping people during these times of distress.


Steven has graciously posted information on his website that allows single and elderly individuals to identify if they need assistance in re-locating. We know there is no safe place to live and truly believe Our Guardian Angels will lead us to a Permanent Refuge of protection eventually, if we have been chosen by God to usher in the Era of Peace. Only God knows what His plan is for each one of us, but we do believe that if God has led you to this blog, it is probable that you have been chosen by Our Blessed Mother to be a Disciple for Jesus and also usher in the Era of Peace after Jesus has transformed it. Please pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit on every decision you make for your selves and your family.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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