Request From Father Michel Rodrigue to take down videos out of respect for his Bishop, from Father Mark Goring. Also, New Messages to Luz De Maria from Jesus Christ Our Lord!

Hello Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are going to post a video from Father Mark Goring about a request from Father Michel Rodrigue to Countdown to the Kingdom to remove his videos out of respect for his Bishop. Father Michel stated that his Bishop does not support his messages about the Warning, the Chastisements, the Third World War, The Era of Peace, and any construction of refuges, etc..

Since Father Michel has asked this of Count Down to the Kingdom, we also shall remove the videos from this blog. We are going to leave the writeup that we conducted on each video because we believe that Father Michel’s messages are truly from God. How do we know this? Because the Holy Spirit has shown us these same or very similar messages from other prophets listed in this blog with John Leary, and Luz De Maria that are now having their messages fulfilled. We are living in a Spiritual battle within our own Church and at the same time, we are trying to be obedient both to Our Church and God’s Will. So, that is a struggle for all prophets because they each have a mission that God has given them and if they don’t comply, then they are disobeying God. So, they are all trying to be both Obedient to God, and the authority of the Church that may not understand their prophetic messages.

Because, we respect Father Michel Rodrigue, and Father Mark Goring and Our Church, we will remove the videos, but we also understand from the Holy Spirit how important these messages are for God’s Children to prepare for what is coming very soon. We have not seen Countdown to the Kingdom remove the videos yet, but we will remove them from this blog and pray for more guidance from the Holy Spirit. We will also keep the messages up in writing so that you understand what Father Michel was trying to convey to us from God Our Father. Father Mark Goring also made a point to say that everyone should be making their homes as a refuge right now with the Precious Blood of Jesus as protection, so we know that Father Mark is on board with the Warning, and Illumination of Conscience. We can’t help it if some of the Bishops don’t believe in the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience. Not sure why any Priest or Bishop wouldn’t believe, since it was a message given to Saint Faustina that has been approved by Our Church. But, that was the point made by Father Michel’s last video on the Apparition at Knock, Ireland. We can’t control what happens in Our Church, so we can’t be angry at the Bishops, Cardinals, and Pope and judge them. That is the place of Jesus Christ Our Lord. We just have to get our own selves in order Spiritually, Mentally, then Physically as much as possible to be a good Disciples for Jesus to assist Him in the Salvation of Souls.

Next, we are going to post two more messages to Luz De Maria. This first message is from Our Lord Jesus on April 10, 2020, and if you look about half way down the message, Our Lord told Luz De Maria that the focus of the attack from the Elites is on the Holy Eucharist. This is the time that the Elites have been waiting for.

Jesus tells us in capital letters, “DO NOT AGREE TO ACCEPT SUBSTITUTIONS FOR THE HOLY EUCHARIST, DO NOT AGREE TO ACCEPT NEGOTIATIONS ON THE SACRAMENTS OR THE LAW OF GOD.” This is the time the Elites have been waiting for because they have been fighting against the Holy Eucharist, and the people of God so that the mystical body of Christ would be unprotected. This is exactly what Father Michel was saying about the Apparition of Knock, Ireland. The enemies of Jesus are fighting against the most Holy Eucharist, to take it away, or change it so that we are not receiving the consecrated Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. These are the messages that Luz De Maria are also getting and this is something we have to be aware of, so that we are not deceived.

The next message is from Our Lord Jesus Christ, dated April 14, 2020. In this message, Our Lord is telling Luz De Maria that we will soon see a changing in our Church because there are so many wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Our Lord reminds us to not depart from the Gospel. Our Lord said the devil has infiltrated our Church, Society, Education, and Politics. Our Lord said, greater plagues and pandemics are coming. “The shaking of the Earth is increasing because of its orbit that is affected and sick. The Earth’s magnetism has been altered and you have not been alerted to it. Forces are coming from space that have altered the magnetic field around the Earth, therefore the fire that remains inside is coming out, drawn by this strong magnetic force.

Our Lord is referencing this celestial body that is coming from space that is causing the Earth’s core to heat up, and the magnetic poles to shift. This is what we have been referring to as Hercolubus, Planet X, or a binary system in this blog. This is also why we have been listening to Pastor Paul Begley, and Mike From Around the World in this blog. This is also what we believe Our Blessed Mother was telling Gianna Sullivan about in Our Lady of Emmitsburg prophecies that we have also posted in this blog many times. All of these prophets are getting different, but similar messages and Our Blessed Mother has been warning us for a very long time about the Great Chastisement. God Our Father has Father Michel Rodrigue on a very special mission now because he is a Priest that is also trying to get us ready. Please pray for Father Michel Rodrigue and for all of us to be obedient to the Will of God, and we will just have to keep Trusting in Jesus for graces to persevere as events continue to unfold.

Emmanuel – “God is With Us.” Have a blessed day.

2 Replies to “Request From Father Michel Rodrigue to take down videos out of respect for his Bishop, from Father Mark Goring. Also, New Messages to Luz De Maria from Jesus Christ Our Lord!”

  1. Why did Father Michel ask these videos to be taken down out of respect for the bishop? If they have not been condemned why did he feel he needed to remove them


    1. Hello Sian, According to what Father Mark Goring read from Countdown to the Kingdom, Father Michel’s Bishop does not agree with any of the Prophetic messages Father Michel is getting from God Our Father. So, out of respect for his Bishop, Father Michel has asked them to be taken down. He is being obedient to his Bishop and also to Our Church, by complying with his Bishop. We see that Father Michel’s messages are very important, but not all Bishops agree with private revelation. This is also true for many Catholics that do not agree or believe in private revelation. This is why we stress in this blog that we must all pray for the Truth from the Holy Spirit, and you have to discern for yourself what is the Truth. We don’t force what the Holy Spirit has shown us on anyone in this blog, and we respect that Father Michel is trying to be obedient to God’s Will and his Bishop. As events continue to unfold, the Truth will be revealed. We should all just keep praying and asking God what He wants us to do. Thanks for your question.


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