Can We Unite as Christians? An act of reparation and a gesture with Humility from Lois Vogel Sharp.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. As we move closer to the Tribulation, the devil is constantly trying to divide us so that we don’t stand united in Christ. This has been easy for us to see that contribute to writing this blog, but it may be just because God gives us this Grace with Spiritual eyes to see it. God asked us to get busy and unite His Church to assist Him in the Salvation of Souls. This is also something Our Blessed Mother has asked of us as Children of God in her hundreds of apparitions in the last hundred years. She has humbly asked us to bring all souls to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ. She has always said to every visionary that She was being used by God Our Father to assist Jesus in the Salvation of Souls. This has been proven in this blog with all of the prophetic messages She has given over the centuries. So, with all of this evidence reflecting Her humility and her role in these end times, we need to sit up and pay attention. All Catholics know Our Blessed Mother is not Divine. We never said, nor will we ever claim that She is above Her Son or Divine like Her Son and Our Lord, Jesus Christ. The Holy Rosary is a reflection and prayer on the life of Jesus Christ and His Sacrifice for our salvation. It is a meditation on Jesus Christ and at the same time asking Our Blessed Mother to intercede for us in prayer to Her Son Jesus and God Our Father. As Disciples of Jesus Christ, we are all intercessors in prayer for the Salvation of Souls. Because Our Blessed Mother was chosen by God, and humbly obeyed His Will, God Our Father has blessed Her to assist in the Salvation of Souls on an extraordinary level that our human minds can’t comprehend. Does this make Her Divine, No. But, the fact that she has appeared all over the world in different countries, to children and adults that were given prophetic messages that are now starting to be fulfilled, should start to reflect to everyone that She is more than just a little special. But, this is not what She has asked us to focus on in Her messages. Her prophetic messages always tells us to stop sinning, and come back to Jesus, because He is Our Lord and Savior and the only way to God Our Father. She asks us to love Him with all of Our Hearts and to assist her as intercessors for the Salvation of Souls as Disciples of Jesus Christ.

So, we understand if God has not put on your Heart that God has given Our Blessed Mother Mary this Special role for these end times, because we are seeing that God gives different roles and revelation to different prophets and lay people as His Disciples. But, what we do want all of God’s Children to see is that time is running out before all of us Christians are in the Tribulation period, and if we don’t start working on our unity In Jesus Christ, the devil will continue to use it in causing the Elect to fall from God’s Grace in deception.

So, the Holy Spirit has guided us to certain prophets in this blog, both Catholic and Non-Catholic so that we would know the Truth of these times and how we got here. We still firmly believe in these prophets as getting prophetic messages from God, unless the Holy Spirit shows us otherwise. Lois Vogel Sharp is one of these prophets that we can see has a gift of prophecy to lead people to Jesus Christ. Although, she has left the Catholic Church, and has disagreed with some Catholic teachings, she still understands she has a responsibility for Jesus to lead people to Him as His Disciple. Lois is showing us through her discernment of Scripture and visions from God that the leader of our Catholic Church is not in alignment with the Holy Bible and on the verge of blasphemy. Here is the most recent message from Lois Vogel Sharp. We believe this is Lois’ way of saying she did not mean to be so critical of Catholics in general. Prayerfully, Lois and all of us will have a complete understanding from Jesus of what is coming, and how to prepare after the Warning.

We have broken down in this blog exactly how Our Catholic Church has been infiltrated by Freemasons, and how the Freemasons along with the Elites, have gotten all of us to this point of the labor pains prior to the Tribulation. Our Blessed Mother has been warning us for centuries in her prophetic messages about the agenda of the Freemasons and how the devil will use them to divide Our Church. Because this evil agenda from Luciferian followers has infiltrated Our Catholic Church, we are now seeing what they have done to take down our Church in the last sixty years. But, this does not mean we have been wrong all of these 2000 years of time on what our first Pope, Saint Peter, has built as Christ’s foundation. We are starting to see schism in all Christian denominations that are choosing modern ideals of accepting sin over God’s Word, the Holy Bible. This schism is not limited to just Catholicism, because this just took place in the Methodist Church several months ago. So, Lois has a very valid point in saying that we can’t go against Scripture, and we know as Lay Catholics, Priests and Religious, that we are standing by God’s Word because this is what God has warned us about throughout all of the Scriptures.

However, we have to understand that we are all seeing this with our Spiritual eyes now, because of God’s Word, God’s Grace from the Holy Spirit, and because of the prophecies in the past from Our Blessed Mother, the Saints, and now modern prophets. It still seems surreal to witness everything that is taking place and it is painful because we love who we are, and where we were taught about Our Lord and what we have witnessed in our own lives with the Sacraments and walk with Christ. There are many protestants that we know that have converted to Catholicism, and there are many Catholics that have left the Catholic Church. We should never focus on what someone in a specific denomination failed to teach us, but understand that God is bigger and He wants us to move towards Him, with the Graces of the Holy Spirit, wherever you are in that Christian denomination of Faith. Lois Vogel Sharp knows this as a Prophet and Disciple. She may not know Our Blessed Mother’s role, because Our Lord has not revealed it to her, but she does know we are to be united in Christ, and we have to see what is happening in all Christian denominations. This is why we did the post on “Are you a Lukewarm Christian? Letters to the Seven Churches.” Because, we know we are not leaving Our Catholic Faith, but we do have to recognize when any leader in the Catholic Church is going against the Holy Bible. This is why we continue to pray and ask the Holy Spirit for discernment in Truth and what He wants us to do for Jesus in these end times.

As Disciples of Christ, we are never to judge, condemn, be critical, or focus on other Christian denomination’s problems, but focus on Serving Our Lord in whatever capacity He has placed us in to Serve. We forgive Lois about what she said, and do believe she did not mean it in a hateful way, but to show us what the Holy Spirit is showing her. We already know what is happening in the Vatican because God has given us this Grace to see it, but we still will not fall away from what the Holy Spirit has revealed to us through our Faith in the Catholic Church itself and we will continue to pray for guidance from Jesus and the Holy Spirit. If a schism occurs, we stand on God’s Word and know what Traditional Catholicism has shown us as Truth. But, we must all continue to pray for unity as Christians and in God’s Word and know that we are all here in the labor pains because of sin. Sin all over the world, even in our Churches. Let’s not judge each other because that is what the devil wants us to do, and let’s all agree that we can unite to Serve Jesus as God’s Children. Paganism is growing everywhere and this is also what Our Lord warned us about all throughout Scripture and especially in the Book of Revelation in the Letters to the Seven Churches.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

3 Replies to “Can We Unite as Christians? An act of reparation and a gesture with Humility from Lois Vogel Sharp.”

  1. Dear Live and Love for Jesus writer
    I am thankful that you are trying to clarify what Lois said in her recent video.
    Sadly, the moment she started to speak about her leaving the Catholic Church and begun to say something ,I immediately stopped watching.
    I don’t know if you are able to contact her and express to her the pain she has caused. I honestly am not sure if I will listen to anything more she has to say, due to her absolute ignorance, of Catholic teachings.
    How about mailing her a Catechism of the Catholic Church. It hopefully might help.
    Respectfully in Christ Jesus and our Lady of Mercy,


      1. Thank you for your reply.
        I will continue to read your reports. But for anything coming from Lois, I will take with grains of Blessed Salt 😊
        Respectfully in Christ Jesus and our Lady of Mercy, Rick


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