New Video by Queen of Peace Media From Father Michel Rodrigue on Why We Should not Fear the Devil. Also, More Information on the Warning!

Father Michel has come out with another fantastic video with Queen of Peace Media on teaching us not to be afraid of the devil and what is happening in these times of trial. Father Michel received a message from God Our Father in 2018. God showed Father Michel that the devil likes to divide, and that is how he conquers many souls. When an individual seeks to divide instead of unify, they are are being tempted by the devil. Father Michel said as a Christian, this should be easy for all of us to see because God teaches us this. Father Michel stated that this is also easy to see in the media and how society tries to constantly divide us. Father Michel said this is the work of Satan, and we have to see this. Father Michel said we are also just reacting and we have to learn to look with the eyes of FAITH. God Our Father told Father Michel, “Learn to look with the eyes of Faith, and My Holy Spirit will reveal to you My presence, and My Signs, and My Word that will not pass without being fulfilled.” The eyes of our Faith is in the knowledge of the Gospel, and we also do this with prayer, meditation on Jesus, and by making silence in our hearts.

God Our Father said, “Look at the Earth, sin breaks over people, the end of misery earths my children because of their offense. Satan ravages and closes hearts to My grace. Men act under the impulse of temptation and disordered desires. They follow their passions fed by bad desires.” Father Michel said we have to stop reacting and following our bad desires and temptations. God our Father said, “Greed stuns them. Look, many people think they are God. They manipulate life, they enact love for abortion and euthanasia. Satan uses their science to achieve his hands and integrate bodies against My Will. Many bodies are not human, they are different bodies, and receptacles of the devil.” They are receptacles of Satan and they are here to pollute life, and they are now in our society. Just one demon can pollute a whole town of people with immortal sin.

Father Michel stated we lose our judgement because we become blind. God Our Father said, “Look and Seek, I Am not late. Everything is moving, do not say that I have forgot You.” Look, observe. My Angels and Saints are ready to protect you. They are ready for the mission of the Earth.” Father Michel stated that God talked about two different times. The one regarding in our time, and the one regarding at the end of time. The one regarding in our time is the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the one regarding the Sacred heart of Jesus is the End of Time. Father Michel stated that he had a vision of Saint Anne, Mother Mary’s Mother, and many Saints coming down and all of our relatives in Heaven will come down with Jesus in the final battle. “My Daughter, Mother of My beloved Son and your Mother, will come out of the cleft of the Rock to bring in My Faithful Children, which is the Heart of Jesus that was pierced.” The refuge of Mother Mary is the Heart of Jesus. Our refuge is the Heart of Mary and Jesus. “My Son will be recognized, the manifestation of His glory will illuminate the sky, and no one will be able to escape it.” “He will come for the iniquity and evil that has grown in structure in society. Evil has erected in the structure of society, through the body of Satan. People who have consecrated themselves to Satan have taken over the structure of society. I come in the power of My Mercy, Fire, Water, Cold Air, Hot Air, will require very great sacrifices until the time when the prayer that will rise from the Earth to Me. Only prayer united to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will unite you to the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus and will call the plagues of the greed of men manipulated by the greed of the devil.” Father Michel said this message was given to him in 2018. Father Michel stated the the Warning is the ultimate message, but the greatest grace given to humanity since Jesus died on the cross to save the World.

Christine Watkins in this video read a message out of her book, The Warning, Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience, from Father Michel that Our Lord Jesus gave to him. “The Flame of the Holy Spirit will enlighten every conscience on Earth, the rays from Jesus’ wounds will pierce every heart like tongues of fire, and we will see ourselves as if in a mirror before us. We will see our souls, how precious they are to God the Father, and we will see the evil within ourselves. The illumination will last about 15 minutes. In this merciful pre-judgment, all will see where they will go at judgement to either Heaven, or Hell or Purgatory. More than seeing, however, they will feel the pain of their sins, all of them.” Christine Watkins, goes on to read several pages out of her book that go into detail that Father Michel had told her about the Warning from God Our Father. We highly recommend that you read this book, if you believe it will help prepare you more for the Warning, or illumination of Conscience that is coming soon.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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