Father Mark Goring’s Divine Mercy Sunday Mass, April 19, 2020. Also, Prophetic Messages from Father Michel Rodrigue, John Leary, Valentina Papagna and The Little Prophet. (Update, April 29, 2020! Video from Queen of Peace Media removed at request of Father Michel Rodrigue)

Good Morning Disciples of Christ, happy Feast of Divine Mercy! We have quite a bit to put on today’s post, because Prophets, Bloggers, and Christian Websites have been very busy putting out information for Jesus, which is great! We are all working diligently to get all of God’s Children to open their Spiritual Eyes and Ears to the Truth, which are events and prophecies of the end times that are occurring everyday all over the world! As prophecies unfold, we are all getting discernment from the Holy Spirit on what He is guiding us to inform you about so that you will continue to work on your own Relationship with Jesus, Our Lord. None of us wish to do this to scare you, but to get you ready Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically as much as possible before the Second Pentecost occurs at the Warning! Once this occurs, we will have little time left to assist Jesus in the Salvation of Souls. We have new followers to this blog, and believe the Holy Spirit has brought all of you here to serve Jesus for the Salvation of Souls. The Holy Spirit will guide each of us on what He wants us to do for Jesus, we just have to Surrender to Jesus everyday in prayer and tell Jesus that we wish to Serve Him!

Here is today’s Mass with Father Mark Goring on Divine Mercy Sunday at St. Mary’s in Canada. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7lKGOPeP22c.

Also, here is Father Michel Rodrigue’s latest video conducted by Queen of Peace Media. In case you haven’t noticed, the Holy Spirit has guided us to both of these Priests separately, but believe that the Holy Spirit will eventually bring them together in an interview, because they are both on fire with the Holy Spirit for the Salvation of Souls!

Next, I am going to post the latest message from John Leary. The reason why we put certain messages together in this blog, is because God is always pointing us to the bigger picture in everything He does, to include prophecy! As we all grow Spiritually with Him, we begin to see that He loves each of us individually, but also as a whole. The more we work together to Serve Him, the more the Holy Spirit guides us into realizing that it is our duty to God to assist Him in bringing all of His Children back to Him. John Leary has worked diligently for Jesus to do this for over forty years now, and He never gave up on God’s Will. Now, his prophecies from God are becoming fulfilled! http://www.johnleary.com/. Here is his message from April 13, 2020.

Monday, April 13, 2020:
Jesus said: “My people, you have celebrated this Holy Week and now you will be celebrating My Resurrection for fifty days up to Pentecost. Even now you are praying your Divine Mercy Novena as you approach Mercy Sunday. In today’s readings you read of St. Peter’s explanation of My Resurrection to the people of Jerusalem. In the Gospel you read of how the high priests bribed the soldiers to say that My disciples carried My Body off. Truly I resurrected as I gave witness later to My apostles. You have time in your homes to dwell on the glory of My Resurrection, and pray for those people who are suffering from this virus epidemic. Have patience and you will soon have a lull in your trial, before a worse virus will return in the fall. Pray for all of your relatives and friends that they will survive this virus.”

Jesus said: “My people, what you are experiencing right now is communist China’s new biological weapon to bring down America and other nations. The deep state has given China the means to make such biological weaponized viruses. The deep state is led by the devil, and this is the evil ones’ attempt to bring down your President and your economy. The same deep state people are using the media to put down the use of hydroxychloroquine because it actually cures people. Your President will need to find a way to heal people quickly so you can get back to work. The evil ones are using fear to paralyze your minds. Once this first wave of virus subsides, you may have a short time to stock up on food and supplements to build up your immune systems. Use your elderberry extract, Hawthorn, vitamin C, holy water, and blessed salt to protect yourselves from the worse virus in the fall. The virus attack in the fall may cause your government to postpone your elections. Pray for your people to be able to avoid this sickness, and heal those who are infected. You may have to come to My refuges when your deaths are many, and definitely come when your lives are in danger.”

Next, is the most recent message to Valentina Papagna from Australia, http://valentina-sydneyseer.com.au/.

God permits this Virus due the Sins of the World

While I was praying the Divine Mercy prayers, our Lord Jesus came and said, “I come to tell you to be more precautious about this deadly virus. It is better to stay home and not to go out too much. Stay indoors so that you can be more protected. This virus is very dangerous, and it can kill anyone, not only the elderly people.”
Lord Jesus continued, “Remember My child that the plague that God sent to Egypt, that swept right through the land and killed many people because they offended God in terrible sin and in the presence of God. Today, however, in this present time, humanity offends God much more greatly. God permits this virus to happen, and it is for a very good reason. This virus will sweep through the entire world before it gets better.”
“Lose no hope,” He said.
“Tell everyone to pray, and the strength will come to you all, and My Grace will sustain you all.”
“My child, did you notice that your pain is increasing. I use your suffering for the people that die from this virus, to save their souls.”
Our Lord was referring to the suffering caused by the severe pain in my leg.
Lord Jesus said, “Pray for them. They had no chance to repent of their sins and to reconcile with God.”
Lord have mercy on everyone and on the entire world.

Lastly, here is the latest message to the Little Prophet, that we also have added to this blog. https://the-little-prophet-of-love.jimdofree.com/public-messages/. I will not print this because it is long, but pay attention to the questions the Little Prophet asks Jesus, and Jesus’ response. Just like the Little Prophet, all of us want to please Jesus because We Love Him! Jesus has all of us working individually on separate missions, but we are all working together for Him! Please take the time to ask Jesus how you can Serve Him today in Prayer on the Feast of Divine Mercy Sunday.

Emmanuel- “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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