Update! Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World, April 17, 2020.

Good Morning Disciples of Christ. We listened to the most recent show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on The Coming Apocalypse. Mike notified us that 5G and all of the intent to to have machine to machine communicate is finally in place. This is called the Trump initiative for Artificial Intelligence. Mike stated that 5G was already in place in late 2018, and the trials took place last year. Mike also stated that now, the machines can not only speak to one another, but that they are designed to conduct predictive profiling of individuals and their choices. The machines can track what we are doing now, just like our cell phones can track what we watch on our smart phones and predict what our likes and dislikes are on the internet. Mike stated that this initiative is now in place and this virus kick starts the initiative to be used in order to begin tracking where this virus is located. Mike stated that predictive systems are powerful and now our governments have a reason to begin to use them more consistently. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fCYktM7cRxA.

Pastor Paul Begley stated that he heard Dr. Fauci, President Trump’s Medical Advisor, state that another wave of this Coronavirus was coming back in the fall of 2020. President Trump’s Advisors want to be able to track who has had the virus and who hasn’t and if there will be certain regions that will cause this virus to come back more contagious in certain areas that have higher amounts of people who had previously contracted the virus. Mike reminded us that our country is losing billions of dollars per day in resources and the economies being closed down. Recovery is not an overnight thing and that it will take at least a year and half to get us back on track. Pastor Paul Begley asked Mike if it were possible that certain cities in China got inoculated against the virus and that is why it was so rampant in certain cities and others it wasn’t. Mike stated that China has a hammer policy in their country and this is what keeps people in their place. We are a free nation, and not communists, so we have more people moving freely across our country that are spreading this virus. Mike stated that many Christians are in a state of denial, but that the Holy Spirit is guiding us to understand that something is not right in our world, and we have to wake up to the Truth. Pastor Paul asked if Mike if he thought we would be making a mistake if we re-opened the United States in phases. Mike stated that they do not have a handle on this virus. Mike stated that the Coronavirus death rate is high and also the death rate of natural causes is also high. So, we really don’t know if these people that are dying of natural causes in their homes are caused from the Coronavirus or not. So, if people get back out, it is bound to spread again. Pastor Paul stated that he has a relative in the medical industry that knows there are people dying of the virus at home and they are not coming to the hospital for fear of catching the virus. Mike stated that our President has to open the door to allow people to get back to work just to keep our economy from collapsing. So, everything will have to be digitized so that they can track this virus to get an idea of what steps to make and that is why they want these machines to communicate. Pastor Paul reminds us that the beast system is rising and the Bible speaks of these events.

Pastor Paul brought up comet Atlas that was due to fly by the Earth on April 29, 2020, that is breaking apart now into three parts and asked Mike is that the threat to us in May, 2020 that Mike has been talking about all of this time. Also, there is a huge Asteroid coming by, should we have concern over it. Mike stated that many Asteroids will have a lot of debris. Mike stated that we have some real problems out there, and when this stuff begins, nobody is going to be concerned how it got here, just about if their house is next to burn up. Mike said we are going to endure some things, and there is no safe place to go. The nature of these debris fields will be how sporadic this debris will be in each wave and how small it will be that will make it difficult to track. Mike stated that there will be something so significant when we get to the biblical prophecy of Israel being trampled under foot, that there is no telling what has happened to the United States that would cause us to not defend and assist them in their time of need. Both Pastor Paul and Mike brought up the Book of Revelation, Chapter 8, and how one third of the Earth, plants and trees will be burned up! Mike stated that this is a huge part of the Earth. What could make the grass burn up all over the Earth! Mike reminds us that if this is the grass that burns up, what about how many homes and buildings will burn up as collateral damage.

Pastor Paul and Mike talked about the economy in the United states, and what will happen with the affects of this Coronavirus. Mike stated that our assets in America are different than what they were 5 years ago, and there is a struggle of control in America. Mike stated that the money system is going to have to change, because the speed of the change is coming and it will have to change over quickly because of the change of the Federal Reserve. There is a concern of the populace and how the populace exchanges money. We are going to move to a new type of cash system. We have been trained to use our devices and use debit instead of cash. We are in a bubble and our younger generation are wired in to be able to adapt to this change. Our money system has already changed and we have to catch up to have total accountability of everyone in the United States. Pastor Paul asked if we are going to have to wear a bracelet or some type of accountability tracking device and Mike stated, Yes, because they are going to want to track people. Pastor Paul asked if there was going to be citizen containment? Mike stated, Yes, this Coronavirus has given them a way to mandate why we need this system of money exchange. There is a forced activity with our Governors that will have to be enforced and many people will not like it, but it will be the enforcement of the beast kingdom, that we will have no control over. Pastor Paul reminded us that everything in Biblical Prophecy is getting played out right before our eyes. Mike stated that he would be back next week on Thursday, April 23, 2020.

This is not the best news we could hear as Disciples of Christ, but God is preparing us so that we will not be caught off guard when all of this does take place. We do not plan on wearing any type of tracking device if we can help it, and this is something we will all have to pray about for discernment from the Holy Spirit on guidance. Let us all pray that Our Lord takes us to the Refuges before digitized tracking devices get put completely in place.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Keep praying and let’s celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday tomorrow with Love in Our Hearts for Jesus and telling Him, “Jesus, We TRUST in You.”

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