May 12, 2020 Is a Significant Date!

We must continue to pray for Truth daily and in return the Holy Spirit reveals to us what He wants us to know. But, what we have to understand is that the Blessed Trinity reveals these things for their Glory! If there is something that God wants us to know, it is always because He wants us to use it to Glorify Him to others. The whole purpose of this blog is Relationship, Transformation, then Discipleship. So, we have to always remember that as we come together to have more understanding of what Our Lord is revealing, we must then use it as His disciples to help others for the Salvation of Souls. I finished listening to an update from Mike From Around the World on Pastor Paul Begley’s show yesterday that I am going to post. In Mike’s description of more things to come to Earth as Planet X, or this binary system gets closer, are space rocks and debris that is part of this binary system’s orbit. Mike said that he would know more information about how close this binary system is by May 12, 2020.

What is significant about May, 2020 you ask? The first May, 2020 date came from Father Michel Rodrigue. This is the time frame that God Our Father told Him to be ready and not to travel any longer. If you are a new reader to this blog, this is in a previous post on this blog in Father Michel notes from a conference we attended with him and Prophet John Leary. The second time the Holy Spirit showed us this time frame was May 14, 2020. This is the date that Pope Francis has called a global meeting with World Leaders and Activists on the urgency of Climate Change. Now, the Holy Spirit has shown us the date of May 12, 2020 through Mike From Around the World on the proximity of Planet X or Hercolubus. That is 3 different times, in 3 different situations and people that all point to May, 2020. This is why the Holy Spirit is constantly showing us the bigger picture and why He has these specific Christians and Prophets, and Prophesies put together in this blog. Does this mean that the Warning will happen at this time? Only God knows, but what I believe the Holy Spirit is showing us specifically, is to be ready for something significant to happen and be ready to serve Jesus if it does. It is also significant to understand that the One World Order knows specific dates and time frames on the proximity of Planet X. I don’t believe it is a coincidence that the urgent global meeting with world leaders on climate change is in May, 2020. It could be an earthquake that occurs, a volcanic eruption, or some space debris that hit our planet Earth. I believe Mike From Around the World will tell us more next week on Pastor Paul Begley’s show. So again, we emphasize to not waste anymore time on making your home an interim refuge for your family and possibly others as Father Michel suggests. This is the time to start putting back plenty of canned goods, water and dried food. There are many posts on this blog discussing food and water storage and preparation for power outages and bad weather.

I also want to point out at the beginning of the conversation between Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World, that while Pastor Paul was in the Holy Land last week, he had a discussion with two Rabbis. These Rabbis informed him that it is documented historically in their writings, on a star that enters into our solar system throughout history that causes catastrophic damage to Earth. Mike did not admit to Pastor Paul that he thought Planet X is a dead star, but this is more confirmation for me that Hercolubus is a dead star with seven exoplanets and debris with it’s own orbit. Our Blessed Mother is calling it a star or a second sun, so that is what it actually is that makes up this binary system that Chilean Astronomer Carlos Ferrada calls Hercolubus.

In addition, Pastor Paul discusses CERN, which is a particle collider that breaks down sub atomic particles and atoms. This is a whole different topic in that many Christians believe that this instrument is opening up potential portals to other dimensions, and which we don’t know what or how this will affect the Spiritual realm. According to Mike, the Elites are funding this project and paying universities billions of dollars into research of the Spiritual realm and what CERN can disclose scientifically. If the Holy Spirit reveals to us more on this topic, I will post more on it, but just understand that these end times are all about the Spiritual battle and the growing of an immeasurable amount of sin before Jesus returns.

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