May 12, 2020 Update from Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World.

First of all, we would like to thank Pastor Paul Begley for reading our post on the significance of May 12, 2020 date on his most recent show. As the writer of this blog, I don’t say my name because this blog consists of many Christians coming together in the name of Jesus to unite all Christians for the Salvation of Souls. So, we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us to the truth and then we write what we believe He is compelling us to write for the Salvation of Souls. We know that the Holy Spirit has different missions for all of us in these end times, but the ultimate goal should be to save as many souls as possible for Jesus and God Our Father.

Throughout history, God has sent his children prophets to warn us of sin and how sin pulls us away from God and that we must repent and come back to God. This time is no different in that we have moved away from God, but the sin is starting to become so horrific and immeasurable that God will have to intervene, and Jesus will have to return us back to the natural order of God in the Era of Peace. But, as our world moves toward this time, Satan will be deceiving souls, even the elect, because of the amount of chaos, distress and tribulation that will prove to be unbearable for most. This blog will be used to bring the truth to light, so that all souls, even the elect, understand the importance of the trials and tests we will be enduring even before God brings His wrath on the evildoers on Earth. We must unite together as Christians from all denominations to encourage each other and assist each other in the salvation of souls.

Mike From Around the World came on Pastor Begley’s show this week and gave us an update on Planet X, or what we believe is Hercolubus, and what we are to expect around the May 12, 2020 date. What Mike told us is that by this date, we will have so much more catastrophic weather changes and escalation of events, that even those wo were in doubt of the times we are in, will start to believe that something is wrong. Those of us, who have been graced by God, to know that we are in the end times, will have more confirmation. Those who are non-believers of these times, but believe in God, will start to wake up, that we are in the end times. Finally, those who don’t believe in Jesus, will start to think that something is wrong, and will be pummeled by the media to believe it is due to climate change. This will be the deception that the One World Order will start to inflict on all governments and nations. As events get worse, many will be told that the governments will have to unite to battle climate change. This will also lead to a One World Currency and Religion, which will not include Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This will be our time to shine for Jesus! Because, this is the time for unbelievers to repent and ask Jesus to come into their lives. We have an obligation to Jesus to speak for Him the truth in these times and not allow the enemy to pull His souls away! Mike explained, that it is highly likely that we will see small to baseball sized debris hitting the earth around the May 12, 2020 date. Our magnetic shield is being pulled down by this binary system and will allow these objects to enter our atmosphere that will eventually hit the Earth. The problem is, those that believe in the pre-tribulation rapture, will have doubt in Jesus, because they will think they are being left by God when these objects start to hit the Earth. But the truth is, we do not get caught up with Jesus in the clouds, as Prophet John Leary tells us and God’s Word, in the Holy Bible, until we are harvested in Revelations, Chapter 14:14. Then God’s wrath begins in Revelations, Chapter 16. Both of these events could still be several years away.

Mike also explained that by December 10, 2019, there is expected to be a pulse from this binary system that could cause temporary power outages all over the world. This is also affecting the chemical plants that have chemical chemistry being changed causing explosions in these plants, which we have already witnessed several times in the past year. Nuclear Power Plants can also be affected depending on how big these pulses are that will cause chemical reactions, and Nuclear missiles could also explode causing possible political ramifications all over the world in politically unstable conflict areas. Mike also has concern, as well as most of us Christians, about Benjamin Netanyahu leaving and no longer being the leader of Israel.

We just need to continue to pray and understand that events are escalating and as disciples of Jesus Christ, we need to be bold and spread the gospel. In addition, we all need to continue working on Our Faith and Trust In Jesus and ask Him for the Graces to serve Him in these times. Here is a simple prayer for the Salvation of Souls.

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