Pedro Regis and the Anguera Prophecies.

We continue to search for the truth from the Holy Spirit and what our mission is for the Blessed Trinity. As the Holy Spirit continues to guide us to the truth, we may come across more Prophets that are getting similar messages to the ones already listed in this blog. Several bloggers such as and list many prophets and prophecies that we may not have on this blog, but that doesn’t mean they are not legitimate prophets from God. It only means that this blog has a specific mission, and as we pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit, this is what we are guided to write about. As disciples for Jesus and members of the body of Christ, we each have different missions to accomplish for the Holy Spirit. The main mission for us in this blog is to unite all Christians to serve Jesus before and after the Warning, and before we are taken to a permanent refuge by Our Guardian Angels. Within that goal is the Salvation of Souls, whether you are a new believer in Jesus Christ, or just need to work on your surrender and transformation into the image of Christ. Our end goal is discipleship and service to Our Lord.

I personally was not aware of my own lack of faith, trust and relationship with Jesus until he showed me the truth. We all have to work on our relationship with Jesus individually and the Holy Spirit reveals to each of us what it is that we need to purge to become more holy for service to Him. If anyone believes he or she does not need any work on their spiritual growth, then they have fallen into the deception of these times. This is a non stop spiritual battle for each of us, in which we constantly turn to Jesus for help and guidance. This is why Our Lord and Blessed Mother are constantly asking us to pray and read Scripture and put Jesus first in our lives. The Holy Spirit is constantly nourishing and refreshing us and this doesn’t stop unless we stop praying and seeking guidance of the Blessed Trinity. If you notice, all of the Prophets go to Holy Mass daily, receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord daily, say Prayers and read Scripture daily, and go to Adoration daily. These are all ways that they stay closely connected to Our Lord Jesus Christ and they represent a model for us to follow. We may never be perfect in achieving all of these steps, but it gives us a goal in understanding that when we seek Jesus with all of our hearts, we grow closer to His Sacred Heart.

Pedro Regis started receiving prophecies from Our Blessed Mother Mary in 1987. Since then, he is currently receiving prophetic messages about the end times from Our Mother as the “Queen of Peace”. In his prophecies from Our Blessed Mother, he reveals many messages about end time events, to include the arrival of the second sun that Our Mother also told Gianna Sullivan in Our Lady of Emmitsburg.

As we study more about Our Lady as the “Queen of Peace” and what She revealed to Pedro Regis, let us pray for discernment on how these prophecies are important for us to know and how we can use them as disciples of Jesus Christ. I am just reading more about this Prophet myself that I believe the Holy Spirit has led us to, so the more we discern and pray for guidance, the more understanding we will receive.

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