More About The Warning, and Divine Mercy of Jesus.

As I have said before, we have to get ready for the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience so that we can serve Jesus as much as possible during these end times. We will be serving Jesus by helping Him save as many souls as possible during that six week period before we are taken to a permanent refuge by Our Guardian Angels. For those who are viewing this blog that are not aware of this Prophecy that has been handed down by Our Blessed Mother at Garabandal and Our Lord Jesus Christ to Saint Faustina, I will briefly explain it. The Warning, or Illumination of Conscience is the last great Act of Divine Mercy from Our Lord Jesus Christ to the entire World. In this final Warning to all souls on the earth over the age of seven, no matter, if you are atheists, Jewish, Christian, Buddhists, or Muslim, you will experience Jesus in your presence. He will show you a glimpse of your soul and whether you are going to heaven, hell, or purgatory. He will show you how you have offended the Blessed Trinity and how you can repent of your sins to change the status of your soul at final judgement. He will also tell you not take the chip in your body because it will be the mark of the antichrist per Revelations, 13:14. I have listed more videos for your review and posted much more about the Warning on previous posts in this blog.

For Christians that are reading this blog and say that this prophecy about the Warning is not in the Bible, look at Revelations, Chapters 10 and 11. There is so much that still has to be revealed as the seals are being opened by Jesus, that you have to believe that God will speak to us through His prophets, in His perfect way and perfect timing. God is always merciful before His Divine Justice, just as He was with the Israelites in the Old Testament.

I am speaking on the Warning as much as possible, because this will be the focus of our calling to serve Jesus before we enter the refuge. We will be serving Jesus as much as possible in that six week period that Prophet John Leary tells us we have, before we are taken to a permanent refuge by Our Guardian Angels. But, what can we do right now to serve Jesus before the Warning? We can spread as much information, literature, prayer books, and description of the Warning to as many people as possible, before the Warning comes. If we do this right now, then we are serving Jesus and being obedient to His Will. This will also prepare people when the Warning comes, that this was a prophecy fulfilled and God is real! He wants us to run back into His Arms of Divine Mercy and help others to see the truth of how merciful He is! Many people will be in shock and disbelief and it will be our role to serve Jesus by telling them the truth. If you are a true disciple of Christ, you will always feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to tell the truth to people. We are all sinners, and are all constantly praying for graces to be transformed into His image. But, as we are being transformed, the Holy Spirit gives us the graces of boldness to speak for Jesus. We need to pray for this boldness now and after the Warning!

In addition to spreading the information about the Warning, please pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, This chaplet was given to Saint Faustina for the salvation of all souls. The more we pray for souls, the more mercy Jesus has promised to pour out for all souls.

Lastly, here is a prophecy from Maureen Sweeney Kyle at Maranatha Springs, Ohio. We have Maureen listed on the End Time Prophets and Bloggers Page of this blog. She is still receiving prophetic messages from God Our Father and Jesus and Our Blessed Mother today. This message was given to her on April 03, 2016. You can read her current messages, as well as Prophet John Leary on their websites I have provided.

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  1. Now that the gentiles have been made aware of Jesus, the Jews are becoming Catholics. 🥰🥳‼️☘️ See Paul to the Romans chapter 11 as Roy Schoeman , my favorite convert storytelling tells we cradle Catholics don’t even know what ALL we have


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