Father Mark Goring, BE NOT AFRAID!

I have been following Father Mark Goring for a few years and when I first heard him, I felt the Holy Spirit in me jump up for joy! Why is this, you ask? Because Father Mark is on fire for Jesus and is being obedient to His Will in encouraging all of us to prepare ourselves by getting closer to Christ. Father Mark does not directly speak on the end times, but I can tell by his latest videos that the Holy Spirit is guiding him to speak on the events that are slowly pointing us to the end times. This is also the goal of this blog. Everyone always wants to know what exciting prophecy is being revealed next, but the messages from the prophets are always the same, even in Scripture. That message is repentance for sins, coming back to God, and working on your relationship with Him. We have to understand that if we are not spiritually ready for what is coming, nothing else matters. Only God knows when each of us is going to die, so it is critical that we waste no more time avoiding the most important decision of our lives!

Your Salvation with Jesus Christ is the most important decision you will ever make for yourself and your children. Do not waste one more second, before asking Jesus to come into your life, forgive your sins, and reveal to you the Truth that He is the Son of the One and Only Living God Our Father in Heaven! When you do this, He will reveal to you the Truth and you will start to feel the Holy Spirit working on your heart. If you start crying, that is okay because these are the emotions that start to come out once the Holy Spirit starts revealing God’s Love and Mercy. This feeling also humbles us because we start to really see how sinful we have been and how He loves us even through all of the sins.

Then, start confessing your sins to Him and ask Him for forgiveness! If you are Catholic, go to Confession. If you are not Catholic and feel compelled to go to Confession, that is okay too. Just tell the Priest what you are feeling and he will help you. There have been friends of mine, who are not Catholic, but felt compelled to speak to a Priest. The Holy Spirit will guide you, but you have to take that step towards Christ first, because you are giving Him your free will. Then you must surrender to Him, and ask Him to transform your heart, mind and soul so that you can serve Him. If you have a family that also need conversion to Christianity, start talking to them and telling them what you are experiencing with Jesus! You as a parent, can affect your children with the graces of God and the Holy Spirit working through you! It does not matter how old they are, if they are adults, or small children. Just keep praying to Jesus for the conversion of your whole family. The Angels are out right now looking for more souls to help and your Guardian Angel is with you right now, advising you to take that step towards Jesus Christ! Your Guardian Angel will not stop praying for you to God, nor will he stop speaking to you about coming to Jesus Christ, and that time to step towards Jesus is now. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q-67ttKnx4.

Here is Father Mark Goring telling us not to be afraid of what is coming, because we have God’s Word in Scripture to not be afraid and to have Faith and Trust in Him. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eHVm5fpvU3Y. He is telling us to not be afraid of what is coming in a Chastisement, but be afraid if you have not been a True child of God. Again, it is never too late to become a True child of God, if you just call out to Him.

Here is Father Mark Goring speaking on Saint Faustina and her explanation and vision of Hell that Jesus showed her to write in her diary. Notice again, that our Lord showed her “7” tortures of Hell. Meaning, even in Hell, there is a completeness that God has prepared for your soul for eternity. Saint Faustina is also the Saint that brought us the information on the Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ that He will allow us during the Warning and the Divine Mercy Chaplet to pray for the salvation of all souls. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=evixcRZsNW8&t=14s.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a Blessed Day.

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