Deadly Alliances of Biblical Prophecy Proportion?

With the escalation of events happening with Iran, we go back to studying and praying for understanding from the Holy Spirit on what we are being shown in the Anguera Prophecies and Scripture on the Alliances formed in Daniel, Chapter 8. We know from previous studying of the Ram in Daniel 8:20, that the Archangel Gabriel, or Saint Gabriel tells us that it is the Medes and Persians, which is now modern day Iran. We also know from studying the Anguera Prophecies that Pedro Regis was told by Mother Mary of an alliance between Iran and China. In Mother Mary’s message from October 27, 2007, She told Pedro Regis that “The union of men with the big beard with those with the red color will cause great pain to humanity.” This leaves us to question whether China could be the other part of the Daniel Prophecy as the Persians being the other horn on the Ram.

Also, if we look at the prophecy of the He-goat in Daniel in 8:3-5, it reads, “I looked up and saw standing by the river a ram with two great horns , the one larger and newer than the other. I saw the ram butting towards the west, north, and south. No beast could withstand it, or be rescued from it’s power; it did what it pleased and grew powerful. As I was reflecting, a he-goat with a prominent horn on its forehead suddenly came from the west across the whole earth without touching the ground.” This he-goat from the west that fights back is so powerful, with only one horn (meaning one country, king, or kingdom) that it is able to come across the whole earth without touching the ground. This discernment I am getting from the Holy Spirit is that the first he-goat horn that fights the alliance of Iran and China is going to attack only by air and it will defeat the Ram initially. But, if we keep reading Daniel, 8:8-10, the first horn will eventually be shattered (defeated). So, we have to think that initially, the United States could be the first horn of the he-goat and will be defeated. Then in Daniel 8:8-9, “The he-goat grew very powerful, but at the height of its strength, the great horn was shattered, and in its place came up four others, facing the four winds of heaven. Out of one of them came a little horn, which grew and grew toward the south, the east, and the glorious land.” So, the first kingdom will be shattered, but then four more horns will come together to fight the Ram and eventually attack Israel. So, although this may seem like countries fighting politically for a good cause, they will eventually attack Israel. Also, it appears that the antichrist will come from one of these four countries. Daniel Chapter 8:10-11 “It grew even to the host of heaven, so that it cast down to earth some of the host and some of the stars and trampled on them. It grew even to the Prince of host, from whom the daily sacrifice was removed, and whose sanctuary was cast down.” So, this tells us that this could be the European Union of countries that will battle China and Iran and win, and the antichrist will come out of one of these countries to form a one world government, currency and religion.

In this video from Jason A, a Christian End Times youtuber, he puts together a picture of how Iran, China, and Russia appear to be forming alliances. This is what we mean when we say that World War III will end up being a religious war, because politically we know that Russia has been selling chemical and biological weapons to Iran. Spiritually, we also know that Our Blessed Mother Mary told us in the Fatima prophecies that Russia will spread its errors and Russia needed to be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. We also know that many Christians believe that Gog, and Magog is actually President Vladimir Putin and Russia in the Ezekiel 38 Prophecy in the Bible. I am praying for discernment from the Holy Spirit on this as well.

So, we need to continue to pray that these tensions between the U.S. and Iran do not continue to escalate because we know from prophecy that World War III will be devastating for many countries. We pray for our President and ask the Holy Spirit to give him discernment for all of his decisions. We believe that Our Lord has put our President in office for a reason, but we also know that Scripture must be fulfilled. As war tensions continue to escalate and belief that we could see some eye opening signs of Planet X or Hercolubus in May, 2020, we get the sense that our time is running short on preparation. If you have not gathered together food and water to have your house as an interim refuge, please start now. There is a previous post that we have created for you to use as a guide. There is no question that we should all be praying more and spending more time with Jesus and if you have not given your life to Jesus Christ and surrendered to His love, please do so now.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a Blessed Day.

One Reply to “Deadly Alliances of Biblical Prophecy Proportion?”

  1. Fascinating but scary.

    Mary Ann Budnik Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Will of the Lord is. (Ephesians 5:15-17)



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