Getting Ready for an Airborne Pandemic. What are the best types of masks for a return of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Fall. Also, Messages to Luz De Maria on the Diseases and Plagues that Exterminate Humanity and the Natural Medicinal Remedies recommended by Our Blessed Mother.

Hello Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have been researching different types of masks we should all consider purchasing for a return of this Covid-19 Pandemic in the Fall and if it will become an airborne Pandemic. The reason why we are looking at this now is because of the latest message from Our Lord Jesus Christ to prophet John Leary that the return of this virus in the Fall will be airborne. It also appears that chances are getting more than likely that we will be going to the Permanent Refuges this Fall. Our Lord stated that if things got really bad to where many of His Children were being affected by this virus, He would call us to His Refuges for protection. If this virus does return this Fall as an airborne contagion instead of droplet, like it is now, then it will become even more contagious and more likely that more people will die from it. So, all we can do, is continue to put more Faith In Jesus and continue to prepare physically the best way we can. We have used Nate Polson in the past, who is the Canadian Prepper, and we really appreciate his expertise, but his video on airborne contagion masks seemed to be really detailed and I believe we need to try and make this as simple as possible for all of us. So, here is a video from a novice that just did some simple research on the best type of mask to use to prevent different types of droplet contagions and airborne contagions. In his video, he covers the best types of masks to use for the Coronavirus or Covid-19 which is only categorized as a droplet contagion at this time. So, this is why he is recommending a N-95 mask, which is not used for airborne particulates. However, since we are preparing for a possible or highly likely airborne contagion in the Fall per the prophets, lets look at what he recommended. He said in this video that the American standard of masks that prevented 99.97 percent particulate, which is both droplet and airborne is the P-100 masks. He also discussed the different numbering systems in different countries. So, the European standard mask that blocks out airborne particulate is P3, and the Korean standard mask is KF99. So, we know that our masks would have to be the equivalent of these category numbers and they would also be known as respirators.

It is hard to believe that we would have to be concerned about wearing a respirator at this point, but, in a war-time situation, you would have to be concerned about having one of these in case an enemy combatant did drop both biological or chemical agents in your areas. This is hard for us to imagine, but we know as the labor pains get worse, we need to be prepared to be moving into the 3rd and 4th Seals being opened by Jesus in the book of Revelation. By the time the 4th Seal is opened, there is plague, sword and famine, which translates to another catastrophic pandemic, war, and people starving to death all over the world. This is not something we like to bring to mind, but we have to continue to prepare the best way we can with guidance from the Holy Spirit. So, here are the different types of respirators and how they compare to each other that someone has already conducted. Again, we are not experts in these fields, but just put this information in this blog to assist you in your own research. Always pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance. The one thing we have learned is if you don’t get these things now, there may not be any available to purchase 6 months from now. This article also has a video down at the bottom of the article demonstrates the different types of P-100, and P3 respirators and what each one blocks out. If you don’t get a full mask and purchase only a half mask, then you would have to wear tightly fitting goggles to keep your eyes protected. If you have small children, there would be a concern of them removing the goggles or the masks, so you definitely should pray about which type would be best for you and your family. We have not personally purchased any yet, but are still praying about which one is best for us.

In the message recently to Prophet John Leary, Our Lord stated that the virus will be worse in the Fall and will be spread via the Chemtrails in the sky, which to me is like a biological agent. We have already written a post about the Chemtrails that the Elites have been spraying for a while now, titled, “Our Blessed Lord Warns us about the HAARP, and Our Blessed Mother Warns us about the Chemtrails”. Chemtrails with viral contaminates will cause the virus to become airborne. In this message to Luz De Maria from Our Blessed Mother, She tells her about a threat to humanity about an airborne virus, This next message from Our Lord tells Luz De Maria about Chemical contaminations that cause disease by those who have conspired to exterminate much of humanity out of their own selfish desires and interests.

Lastly, here is another version of the natural Medicinal Remedies from Our Blessed Mother to Luz De Maria that will help with the diseases that are coming and will continue to come as we enter in the opening of the 4th Seal in the Book of Revelation. We have already posted this in other posts in the blog, but since we have new followers, we wanted to make sure that it was seen by everyone. We hope this information is helpful in getting a respirator that will protect us against any airborne contamination. However, prayer is the most powerful protection daily to Our Lord, Our Blessed Mother, Saint Michael the Archangel, and Our Guardian Angels.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

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