Happy Ascension Sunday! Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada. Also, New Messages from John Leary! Also, Update from Mike From Around the World from May 21, 2020!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! Things are really starting to ramp up on the Labor pains, and we need to all persevere in prayer today at Holy Mass. Depending on where you are from, you may or may not be allowed to get back to Church. This past week, we were blessed to be able to attend Holy Mass in person and receive the Body of Our Lord, and oh how we all take the Blessed Sacrament for granted, and don’t realize it until disasters like this occur. First, we would like to keep posting the Holy Mass by internet from St. Mary’s Parish, just in case you still can’t get to attend in person. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fluoFp5CjoM.

Next, we will post new messages to Prophet John Leary from Our Lord that are looking more than likely that we will be having the Warning this Fall, and being taken to a Permanent Refuge. Everything is always in God’s control, and no matter what happens, we will be obedient to His Will. We will not be scared, panicked, or abandon Our Lord, but continue to prepare these next 6 months, just in case, Our Lord is ready to bring His Last Great Act of Divine Mercy in the Warning! Here are some of John Leary’s Prophetic messages this past week. http://johnleary.com/index.php/category/messages/. This message below is from Saint Michael and notice that Our Lord stated that the virus in the Fall will be airborne. Don’t panic, but try and purchase now, masks that are good to prevent airborne viral contamination. We will also pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us into what types of masks are best and least expensive and put out a post in this blog.

Monday, May 18, 2020:
St. Michael said: “I am Michael and I stand before God to defend the faithful. I thank you for praying to me after Mass, and when you need protection from the evil one in your driving and before you receive Holy Communion. You pray my long form at night for your protection and to help save the souls in your family. I am coming today because you truly are at the crossroads before the Antichrist will come on the scene. You are rapidly trying to finish up your refuge projects before the people will come to your refuge. All of the Lord’s refuges have a special angel, as you have St. Meridia. These angels and Myself will put shields of invisibility around you for your protection. We angels will also prevent the evil ones from harming you in any way. We angels also will build huge buildings to house the faithful who come to the refuges. You saw us digging out a basement for you. We will be finishing up any projects that need fixing, and we will multiply your food, water, and fuels when you have faith in God’s miracles. When you come to the refuges, you will look upon the luminous cross that will heal you of any ailments of the body. You will give thanks to God in your Adoration hour and when you receive daily Holy Communion from us or your priest. I am affirming all the messages you have received, so people will have confidence and trust in God’s protection and the fulfilling of all of your needs. Continue your prayers to me, and I will bring my shield of protection over you as well. Be prepared because the Great Tribulation draws close through this virus plan of the evil ones. Fear not because God and His angels will protect you.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have had a somewhat secret operation to use chemtrails as a means to stop global warming. Unbeknown to the people who spread the chemtrails, they really are making people sick with flu like symptoms in the fall especially. Even your people on the ground can see all of the chemtrails, and later people are getting sick. Since your people are used to seeing chemtrails in the sky, they will not know when the evil ones will start spreading the new more deadly corona virus. Then all of a sudden many people will fall sick, and many will die. I will have a means of an inner locution that I will send to warn My faithful when it is time to come to My refuges, so they can be protected from this new virus in the fall. Have your masks ready to wear when I call you, so you do not breathe this virus laden air. This is why you must leave at once for My refuges within 20 minutes when I call you. Once you come to My refuges, you will be healed of any virus and any other bodily affliction when you look upon the luminous cross in the sky. My faithful will be fortunate to be alive during this deep state plague, that is designed to kill many people and allow the deep state to take over your government. You will have sufficient food, water, and fuels for your survival, while the evil ones will take over the world. Have no fear because I will send My punishment among the evil ones, and they will be cast into hell. I will then renew the earth, and bring you into My Era of Peace with My victory.”

Lastly, here is Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World for May 21, 2020. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LTq6vFAZEDc&t=25s.

Mike started off with an update on the incoming second wave of debris cloud coming in July. Mike stated that some of the modeling data alarms went off and they observed something that zipped past the Earth two days ago. Something has happened on the back side of the Moon that is not being discussed by the media, but astronomers will be able to observe the debris that is still hitting the back side of the Moon at this time. Mike stated what is happening right now was unexpected, and not part of the May 12, 2020 debris cloud that they were expecting. Mike stated the atmosphere is losing it’s ability to govern weather patterns, and the jet streams could change directions in reverse and go from East to West, instead of normal, which is West to East. Mike stated that this can cause severe damage to crops, and this is being caused by ground temperatures, and not from debris clouds. Mike also stated that this will cause severe stalled weather fronts, such as Super Thunderstorms, Super Rain, Super Typhoons, etc.. Mike stated that the main stream media will not put out the proper information, and are gagged to explain what is really causing these severe weather patterns. Mike also stated we are already seeing straight line wind speeds of up to 197 miles per hour. These high winds that go straight up is what is causing the hailstones the size of melons they had in Mexico last week. Mike stated that they are scrambling to try and explain what is causing this severe weather phenomena besides just calling it “climate change”. Mike stated that changes in the crust of the Earth are going to be immense, and there are objects in space that are starting to affect our Sun (Planet X). Some of these episodes are cyclical, but there are other events that are coming that have been found in archeology. These effects are historical and because our Sun is in a solar minimal cycle, the absorption of our Planet is going to be astronomical. The Sun sending off solar flares usually deflects some of this absorption to our Planet, but the Sun in a solar minimum cycle right now is not deflecting anything. So, our Planet keeps absorbing all of these waves that are continuing to affect the core and crust of the Earth. Pastor Paul is asking Mike if they are still using CERN to try and detect these anomalies, and Mike stated, yes, they are desperately trying to detect and understand these anomalies.

Pastor Paul asked about who the person in the casket was that Mike was referring to last week. Mike stated that what he explained was only his personal dream, and he noticed some behavioral changes in individuals and he could see the person in the casket that was a very important individual in America. Mike stated a topic arose about people making their own personal changes in their health choices that got his attention in the news this past week. Mike stated there is a paranoia with this Covid-19 that is initiating a change in how people work, our food markets are clearly affected, and our meat is being limited. We are in a brand new territory that has no solution to jobs, and the media is influencing the public in everything. Mike stated that people are starting to act like zombies in not using their own intellect and faith to make sound choices and decisions. Mike stated that many of the components to this strong delusion are already in place. Mike said that many people have an inability to discern things Spiritually, and technology has not enhanced human life, but made us weaker mentally and intellectually. We are allowing computers, robots, and technology to overtake us. Mike also stated there is technology that is being used to alter our minds, and we can’t even tell. Mike said we are being seduced by technology and we all seek to escape reality through entertainment and technology. Mike also stated as Christians, we are called to walk Spiritually, and if we are not doing this, then we will be deceived. Mike stated he will be on again with Pastor Paul on May 28, 2020.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

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