Getting Ready For The Warning! What Can we do to Prepare? And, How Do We Serve Jesus During This Time? Building a Template to Become an active Disciple.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! As we move closer and closer to the Warning that precedes the Great Tribulation, we know that WE have a mission for Jesus. We have been praying about this to Our Lord for guidance on what He wants us to do for Him before and after the Warning for the Salvation of Souls. We know that We have been chosen by Our Blessed Mother Mary and have asked for Her intercession on praying for Us to be the best Disciples for Jesus and Children of God Our Father in these end times. Through those prayers, here is what the Holy Spirit has revealed to us. We are going to list some things that we can do before the Warning and after the Warning for the Salvation of Souls. We also ask that if the Holy Spirit has guided you, as a follower of this blog, to something specific to do for Jesus that can also guide us in each of our own cities and towns, please share if you feel like the Holy Spirit is guiding you to do so by sending us an email in the Contact page. If we feel like the Holy Spirit is guiding us to add it to this template, we will add it.


  1. Share this blog with others, that the Holy Spirit is guiding you to share it with, for either their own Salvation, or to become an active Disciple for Jesus Christ.
  2. Start forming your prayer groups in your own cities, towns, and countries. We have started to group together emails in this blog for those that wish to be part of a bigger prayer group to assist those that are alone for support Spiritually, emotionally, or physically. Jesus calls us to help others in these times.
  3. Your prayer groups can also be those that you have already been in Churches in your home towns, or cities. Get together and praise and worship Our Lord, pray the Holy Rosary and ask Our Blessed Mother for guidance on how to Serve Jesus.
  4. Start handing out information about the Warning to prepare people for what is coming so that they are not deceived after the Warning occurs. We will only have 6 weeks to Evangelize, get people to Confession, and get Baptized. You can either use the Warning document we have prepared in this blog, or another document from Garabandal, etc.. This document has more information added from Father Michel Rodrigue and John Leary’s Prophetic messages about the refuges.
  5. As Disciples of Jesus Christ, We must stay in a state of grace. Conduct a general confession with a priest, if you are Catholic, and attend Confession at least monthly. Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins daily and to transform your heart, mind and soul into His image and to become a True Disciple for Him.
  6. Begin to make posters, signs, fliers and other instructions that we can use after the Warning occurs for people to use to go to Confession and repent of their sins. This can be decided in your individual prayer groups. We will most likely not be able to communicate with anyone from this blog after the Warning, because there may not be any electricity or power, depending on how big the Earthquake is that will occur during the Warning. Have all of the signs, posters, and instructions ready now, and store somewhere until after the Warning occurs that you can easily get to.
  7. Be prepared to Evangelize! We wrote a post on how to emulate St. Paul and pray to the Holy Spirit for courage and boldness. Remember, we are going to be on Fire with the Holy Spirit, because Father Rodrigue said it will be like a Second Pentecost!


  1. Because we will be on Fire from the Holy Spirit, we will begin to understand His promptings and guidance more like the Apostles did after the First Pentecost. He may or may not ask you to do any of the things we have listed below. Follow His promptings! You will not be scared, but have a sense of peace and urgency to Serve Jesus. Follow the Holy Spirit, He will guide Us in everything! Everything listed below will only be if the Holy Spirit guides you to do it!
  2. There will be much confusion of those, if they didn’t have any kind of Relationship with Jesus, but they will have a sense of urgency to go and repent of their sins! We must get to the Churches and start assisting the Priests with Confession and Baptism and guiding these people.
  3. Have designated people in the prayer groups be prepared to take the posters, signs and fliers to the Churches in their areas and hold them up and pass them out to people looking for Priests and Confession areas. The Priests will automatically know in their hearts from Jesus and Our Blessed Mother to get to the Churches to assist with Confession and Baptism after the Warning occurs. Don’t worry about the Priests, they will come.
  4. Be speaking to all of those that will possibly be in a state of shock, sorrow, or remorse that you are there to help them get to Confession and We have to Trust in Jesus! Have them say the prayer, “Jesus I Trust in You”, as they are waiting for Confession and Baptism. Be loving, reassuring, and comforting as much as possible, as all of us Disciples should be.
  5. Have designated people in your prayer groups prepare food, such as sandwiches, water, fruit, and chips for the people waiting in line for Confession and Baptism. Also for the Priests that will be conducting the Confessions. As Father Rodrigue stated, they will be possibly Baptizing thousands of people in this type of emergency, so be prepared for thousands to flock to the Churches. Don’t worry about the resources of food and water for this time. Jesus will provide and multiply food if He sees such a need. Just start preparing the food and more will come to help serve the food and prepare the food.
  6. Have designated people in your prayer groups take posters, signage and fliers to the streets to Evangelize, and guide people to the Churches for Confession and Baptism. Remember, the devil will have no influence over anyone in these 6 weeks, so do not be afraid of persecution at this time. There will be those that will have some doubt that had no previous experience of God, but they will know that they had some type of experience during the Warning and Jesus will put it on their hearts that He is the Son of the only Living and True God Our Father in Heaven. These people will also have their Guardian Angels working on their hearts and intellect of this event and We will need to be there to reassure them that it was real and they need to get to the Churches for Confession and Baptism for Conversion.
  7. Remember, we will be working to get all of our own family members back to Confession, but Our Blessed Mother has called us to do more for the Salvation of all Souls. We will be tired, but also be on Fire with the Holy Spirit, who will give us renewed strength. Even though we only have 109 followers at this time in this blog, your graces of leadership, courage, strength and organization will inspire others to jump in to assist Us after the Warning occurs. Each situation for each Church may be a little different, but we can use this template as a starting point, and allow the Holy Spirit to continue to guide us to what He wants us to do.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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