Steer Clear of Advancing Technology!

Rick asked a very good question yesterday in the Comments of the blog about Hercolubus entering our solar system and its effects on each planet as it passes by different orbits. This is a good question as to how or why wouldn’t the gravitational pull of Hercolubus with 7 exoplanets affect all the planets closest to Earth as it moves further into our Solar System. These are best answered by Mike From Around the World on Pastor Paul Begley’s show. However, my best guess is that Hercolubus will affect all planets as it passes by them, but since Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, it’s orbit is bigger and could possibly have a greater affect on the Earth’s orbit as Hercolubus is projected to enter Jupiter’s orbit by March 28, 2021. I am sure Mike will have more to discuss on this topic as Hercolubus gets closer to us, but Pastor Paul Begley also has more to discuss on the little green file that he was given by Steven Ben DeNoon on specific dates of when Hercolubus will be in the Earth’s orbit. Remember, Chilean Astronomer, Carlos Ferrada stated that Hercolubus has three speeds of trajectory that he calculated. One speed at 92 km/s around a black sun, another at 76km/s around our sun, and the last at 300 km/s when it approaches half way into an orbit. The rapid speed it has as it enters orbits could be because of the orbits gravitational pull itself. We are not scientists, so we all are just relying on understanding from the Holy Spirit as He reveals it to us, but this must make it harder for Christian scientists to figure out where it is and how soon it will before we can actually see it. These are also questions we have and many more questions that still need to be answered that we must keep praying for the Truth.

Here are some things we also need to pray about that the Holy Spirit has shown us recently. Advancing technology, from members of the Bildeberg group and the world’s wealthiest people, is getting obnoxiously crazy and so are Physicists that are coming up with crazier ways to destroy all of God’s creation. Here is a recent video on our Physicists trying to figure out how to move our entire solar system. Granted, this is just a proposed idea that they think could work theoretically. But, why would they be thinking that we needed to move our entire solar system? If humans are the cause of greenhouse effect and the impending climate change that the Socialist movement is pushing, why do we need to move our entire solar system to avoid catastrophe? The proposal is to avoid our solar system being destroyed due to our sun exploding, however, this proposal sounds a little too far fetched and just how crazy our scientists are getting proposing ideas like these.

The next thing we need to pray for more discernment is advancing technology. We already know from Prophet John Leary, that we can’t take anything that has an RFID chip in it to the refuges because of the way the governments can track most of these chips. But, as the One World Order grooms us for more of their conditioning of getting us accustomed to advanced technology, let’s look at what could be the real purpose for this conditioning. Here is an article on satellites being released into our orbit for the advancement of high speed internet. Why do we need satellite high speed in space? Don’t we already have enough of the 5G towers everywhere? Also, are these satellites being used to also conceal something, like Hercolubus?

In case you haven’t thought much of it, let’s go over the objects that can listen, surveil, observe, and or track your movements. Smartphones, Ring Cameras, Alexa, Amazon Echo, Tile Trackers, Smarthome devices, Google Assistant, Apple home pod, Smart TVs and Laptops with Cameras are just a few that can do one or more of these functions. It has already been identified that 5G technology and the towers they use to transmit signals can cause cancer. But, is this stopping them from going up? No, there seems to be no concern for anyone’s health anymore when it comes to which country can become the most advanced and most powerful the quickest. Here is Pastor Paul Begley and Steven Ben DeNoon talking about the risks of 5G technology and Towers and microwave frequencies.

Remember, the goal of the One World Order is to decrease population, so are we not playing into their hands by allowing them to create technology that we think we can’t live without that can actually kill us? Also, we don’t even know the capability of what these satellites can do that are being released into our orbit? Some of the owners of these advanced technological devices are Jeff Bezos, who owns Amazon, Elon Musk, who own Space X, and Steve Jobs, who is now deceased, but owned Apple. All of these people have been to a Bilderberg meeting at least once in their lifetime. It seems conspiratorial from the Media because they want it to appear innocuous, but how is it innocuous if it is something that is devastating to our body’s cells with cancer? And, why are we purchasing and using items that no longer give us any type of protected personal privacy? We are being conditioned to overlooking our health, our environment, and personal privacy because we are addicted to living an easier lifestyle of “convenience” that they have conditioned us to love over the last three decades. As we get this conditioned lifestyle, we give up personal freedoms and liberties that we hand over to the wealthiest people in the world, who continue to push the technology boundaries, while making more money off of the consumer. As we keep allowing these items in our homes, we are being listened to, watched, observed, monitored, and tracked without even being conscious of it. Here is a warning from Mother Mary about a new Luciferian nanotechnology in cell phones. I have not seen this cell phone yet, but I know how nanotechnology and quantum physics with Advanced Intelligence (A.I.) is taking over all technology. This prophetic message was in October 2017.

In addition, if this advanced technology starts to control our cars, homes, privacy, can it be used by the One World Order to control us, and will it eventually be handed over to the antichrist. These are questions we have to ask and pray about to the Holy Spirit. We know from Scripture, If you receive a chip in your body or on your body to buy and sell as it is written in Revelations 13:16-17, you will be removed from God. “It forced all the people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a stamped image on their right hands or their foreheads, so that no one could buy or sell except one who had the stamped image of the beasts’ name or the number that stood for it’s name.” The One World Order, or Bilderberg Group appears to be a conspiracy theory that is being proven as we speak and live today, and there also appears to be no way of stopping them, except for the return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a Blessed Day.

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