Getting Ready For a Food Shortage and How To Start Storing 3 to 6 months of Food and Water. Also, How to Prepare For an Economic Collapse.

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. So, we are covering some things that we talked about last year at the beginning of the blog, about storing up 6 months to 1 year of food and water that Prophet John Leary suggested before Our Lord told him the Warning was going to be this Fall if there were a lot of deaths. Now, there is a very significant chance that we will be going to the Refuges within the next 3 months, so the best thing to do at this point, if you have not started storing food and water is to just focus on about 3 to 6 months. The way things are escalating, and the prophetic messages that keep coming, we don’t believe that we will be in our interim refuges for more than 3 months. However, if you have the capability to store more than 3 months for your family, we suggest you do so in case Our Lord sends some people to your home for help. When we Surrender to Our Lord as His Disciple, this means we surrender our homes, food, and water to help others because that is what He calls us to do as His Disciples. So, store up as much as you can afford, and Our Lord will do the rest. We are going to post some videos today that will focus on the coming food shortage, which will actually be the famine that the prophets are warning us about and also the third seal being opened by Our Lord in the Book of Revelation.

This first video is Mike 444 showing a video from Steven Ben-DeNoon and Israeli News Live,

What is important to understand is that even though our countries will not be able to produce the amount of food we were producing before because of the severe weather effects and pandemic on the farms and meat industry, there will still be food available, but the cost of the food will be astronomical. This is what is meant by Revelation 6:5 and the cost of food being a day’s pay of wages. Also, due to economic job loss from the pandemic, people will be struggling to buy food for their families, while trying to pay bills and keep from being evicted from their homes. This is why it is good to assist our Churches in setting up food pantries now, before the cost of food goes astronomically high, or there is no food to purchase on the shelves.

This next video is a prepper Mom showing you what she has stored for her family building up to 3 months supply of food, water, and basic needs. We have gone over a lot of this information that is listed under the page titled, “How To Prepare Physically for the Coming Tribulation Before being Taken to a Permanent Refuge”. However, here is another video to get those that have recently joined the blog jump started on a 3 month supply. The main items to focus on are canned goods that are not dented, dried rice, beans, potatoes, and pastas. Also, canned meats to be able to make large easy meals such as casseroles, instant pots meals, or meals that will feed larger amounts of people in case Our Lord does send extra people your way to help. Also, we must remember that there is a very good chance that we will not have any power, so you need to purchase a mini-camping stove that uses butane fuel that you can heat your meals, or you can purchase a generator that you can plug your refrigerator into in the garage. But the generator should be a dual fuel generator that takes both gasoline and propane. If you live in an apartment or an area where you will not be able to use a generator, then you can just use the mini-camping stove or also a sterno-stove and you will need to store food that can only be cooked on this type of stove. Again, we have all of this already listed in this blog. Here is the video on a quick stockpile of food from Frugoal You Tuber,

Lastly, we are going to post the most recent Mike 444 you tube video with another message prophesied to Cryptic1. The reason we are posting this message is because it aligns with other prophecies we have heard from Prophet John Leary and Luz De Maria about not taking the vaccinations or the mark of the beast. Also, the message aligns with what Mike From Around the World is saying about the binary system bringing in many cataclysmic weather events that we have been talking about in this blog for over a year now. This is why we are stressing the fact that we will most likely not have any power to heat our food or keep our refrigerators going for our frozen foods, because we may be without power for very long periods of time. We know this information is very scary to think about, but this is what the Prophets have also been telling us for a very long time, it is just that some people’s Spiritual eyes and ears are just now opening.

However, do not get discouraged, because it is not too late to get ready now, for what is coming possibly as soon as the next few weeks or months. Please pray for Our Lord to help you in pulling together whatever supplies you can and TRUST in HIM. He is bringing us together to survive these times as His Remnant Army of Love for the Salvation of Souls.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done. Have a blessed day.

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