More prophets speaking about the next Pandemic being a plague of boils from Bette Stephens and a Servant’s Heart. This is the Sixth Plague in the Book of Exodus! Also, we are updating the prayer groups again if anyone is interested in being in a prayer group by email only.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! We will keep notifying you as we feel prompted by the Holy Spirit of what to be aware of that aligns with other prophetic words given by prophets we have been guided to in this blog by the Holy Spirit. As the times of distress increase, we have to be listening and obeying the promptings of the Holy Spirit as well as our Guardian Angels. We say this because we each live in different parts of the world and each area is going to be affected differently as the times of distress gets worse. Some of us may be able to stay in our homes as interim refuges, some of us may not, depending on how our countries, cities, and towns are affected. That being said, parts of California is on massive fire and we must pray for God to guide us in each one of our situations. This is why it is important to be connected to Our Lord as much as possible Spiritually, to be able to discern when He is prompting you to leave your home, even if you originally thought it was to be an interim refuge. God has plans for each one of us, and we should be all seeking Him everyday for guidance and direction. We can’t rely solely on our own best judgement, but we must use our own practical common sense along with seeking Our Lord for His direction and promptings. For those that are new to the blog, we have created a prayer group for the United States, Canada, and California. California is the only state right now that has multiple followers of this blog that have volunteered to be a part of a prayer group to join each other in prayer and any practical ways to assist each other in these times of distress. If anyone else that has recently joined this blog would like to join a prayer group in their State, City, or Country, please contact us on the “Contact Me” page of this blog and give me your first name only, email only, and city, state, and country you live in. Please do not send any more personal information, because we are just trying to connect those Disciples that are alone, or are willing to assist others being led by the Holy Spirit, as the birth pangs escalate before we are all taken to a Permanent Refuge. We also have to be aware of the evil that is out there and we must call on Our Lord’s Precious Blood to protect all of us.

Okay, we are going to post some more prophetic messages from another prophet that we feel is being guided by the Holy Spirit. We pray about who we put in this blog, because we also know there may be false prophets. However, I have listened to this prophet several times and do feel she is speaking Truth in her prophecies. But, always take it back to the Lord in prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you with each prophecy. Also, her prophetic message also corroborates Luz De Maria’s message about the next Pandemic creating lesions on the skin. It is being prophesied that this is the plague that will cause another lockdown. Not sure how, except that we do know that Prophet John Leary stated in one of his prophetic messages a few weeks ago that they will release something in the chemtrails. Please do not panic as you hear these messages, but just continue to pray to Our Lord for guidance on what He specifically wants us to do. Please continue to have Faith, and Trust in Him, and seek His Guidance in everything. Here is the Scriptural passage that refers to boils as the sixth plague in the Book of Exodus 9:8-9. Remember, this is not Our Lord causing this plague, but He is allowing the Elites to manipulate these viruses because He is allowing the time of Tribulation to begin because of our iniquity and abandonment of Him and many sins of paganism. Those of us that are His Children will be protected, but it is also part of our own testing to be purified and reflect that we are True Children of God that obey Him and follow His Commandments and His Holy Word in His Scriptures.

Here is another video from Mike 444 Prophecy from a prophet speaking about the boils. This Prophet was sent to me by another follower of the blog some months ago, but we did not want to post her unless we discerned that she is speaking Truth. Now, she has some prophecies that are aligning with Luz De Maria, and it is the third prophet speaking on boils just in the last week. We know that boils was one of the 10 plagues that God allowed on the Egyptians, but not His people. Here is the prophecy on Mike 444 from Bette Stephens and a Servants Heart.

Also, here are some more videos of prophetic messages from A Servant’s Heart.

Here is a particular video, I recommend of Bette speaking on Safe Havens as places of Refuge.

Also, she just posted this video today, a few minutes ago at 8:10 Central time in the United Sates.

Please pray for the people in California right now as there are 17 deaths so far. Also, please pray for God’s protection and the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ to cover us in these times and consecrate your homes to God Our Father as an interim refuge that is to be Supernaturally protected by Him with His Holy Legions of Angels.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

6 Replies to “More prophets speaking about the next Pandemic being a plague of boils from Bette Stephens and a Servant’s Heart. This is the Sixth Plague in the Book of Exodus! Also, we are updating the prayer groups again if anyone is interested in being in a prayer group by email only.”

  1. In regards to viral attacks that could cause boils – also prophecies about our water supply being compromised -Is was led this week to the oil of St. Joseph. I had seen it once before and didn’t know anything about the seer so I just forgot about it. But other prophets have also spoken of it so I actually went to get lilies for it yesterday. Here is confirmation from another prophet –
    I use Google Chrome to translate this website and it works very well. Also on that site are some excellent prayers against catastrophe, an amazing consecration to the Sacred Heart dictated by Jesus, and a lot more. I believe the oil will be helpful with secret chemical or viral attacks we may be exposed to without knowing about it, that we may not find out about till it’s too late. Also I don’t know if you already posted about this but our Lady recommends to Luz de Maria to have a bit of raw garlic or oil of oregano every morning as extra help against disease. Our priest at last Sunday’s mass spoke about how God is waiting to be anxious for you when you stop being anxious for yourself. He said it would be a foolish thing to hold on to anxiety or fear when that prevents our omnipotent Father from being able to really take over and take care of everything (I am paraphrasing). It made some sense of the gospel about the lilies of the field for me. So with all that in mind I think all the preparations have to be done in a state of love and wanting to work and sacrifice everything about yourself for God and childlike trust. Once all those were in place I started deriving a lot of joy from some of these physical preparations. Like it makes me smile when St. Joseph is so specific about how to make the oil – you know he knows that some of us need that guidance to feel reassured that we did it right 😄. I found lilies at a wholesale flower shop for not much money. Jesus Bless you!


  2. Good afternoon my name is Nelly I have recently joined this group it’s been a bit a couple of months now and I inquired about joining a prayer group I have my own Flame of Love cenacle On Thursdays but I would like to join one of your groups I live in the United States in Philadelphia Pennsylvania
    Thank you so much God bless you all I’ll praise and glory and honor to our Jesus Christ for all he is doing for us God bless you thanks
    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hi Nelly, I apologize if I missed your inquiry about joining a prayer group. I do not have anyone else from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but I will add you to the group for the United States. I will send out another email to the USA prayer group in a few days to see if anyone else sends me an email, or notification through the comments to join a prayer group.


  3. Good afternoon, I feel like the same may have happened when I inquired about a prayer group on this blog, I’m from Ontario, Canada. Thank you again for everything you gather up on this blog and I hope I can get into joining a prayer group, thank you so much, God bless!


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