Prepare Now For A Possibly Bad Winter.

As we are praying for Our Lord to give us discernment on preparing our interim refuges, let’s talk about preparing now for a possibly bad winter. If you notice that severe cold weather has already hit areas that usually get snow, like Denver, Colorado, but not usually in October! So, we are starting to see the effects of Planet X, or this binary system to our planet, and how it is starting to affect us where we live. Again, this is not climate change. If you have not gone to the beginning of this blog, then what I am saying now will not make much sense. I have explained in the beginning of this blog, what I believe the Holy Spirit has shown me in Our Mother Mary’s prophecies and how we are most likely at the end of the 35 years of chastisement that Our Lady of La Salette has warned us about. We are also in the labor pains of the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24. Planet X, or Planet 9, Nibiru, or Hercolubus, is a binary system of a huge Comet like Planet and seven exoplanets that moves into our solar system approximately every 3,600 years. Because of all the warnings in the prophecies Our Mother has given us through the ages, most specifically La Salette, and Our Lady of Emmitsburg, I believe the Holy Spirit has shown us that Planet X, is the great Comet of Chastisement. If you go to the beginning of this blog, I have posted all of the prophecies Our Blessed Mother has given us that point to this binary system as the Comet of Chastisement. Here is Our Lady of Emmitsburg prophecy to Gianna Sullivan in the 1990s,

This is also why Prophet, Luz De Maria is also speaking about a celestial body entering our Solar System in her prophetic messages. Prophet John Leary talks about a Comet hitting the Atlantic Ocean and this will most likely be one of the comets or asteroids that hit our Earth in Revelations, Chapter 8, verses 6 – 13. In Giana Sullivan’s prophetic message above, Our Mother is telling us that the Government and Church authorities already know about this other solar system and also the World Bankers, which are the One World Order. I have done this recap of my previous posts so that you understand why it is so important to prepare spiritually, mentally, and physically and how we need to serve Jesus in these times. However, to fully understand how we have been warned through the ages by Our Mother and the Saints, please go back to beginning of this blog.

No one in this blog, claims to be an expert on physical preparedness for the events that are unfolding as we speak. But, when we come across some good, clean videos on items that can help us prepare for extreme weather events, we will post them on this blog. We don’t endorse any of these items, nor do we claim any of these people to be the top experts in these videos. But, since we will have some extreme weather in just about all of our areas of the world, we have found the following videos to share. All videos we post to this website have the share button, or the fair use act, so that people can view them, but not use them for monetary gain. Everything we do on this blog, is for serving Our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray for all of us to surrender to Him daily and His Will for all of us to be done, so that we can serve Him in these times. We pray this information is useful for you and we all keep praying for His Truth to be revealed to us through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We would not recommend looking at all of the videos on some of these websites, because some preppers are not relying on God for survival. WE ARE! We can only prepare so much physically, but our Spiritual relationship with the Blessed Trinity has got to be the strongest because we have be prepared not to run away, or cave into any chaotic environment we may experience. We have to maintain Our Faith and Trust in Jesus that he is going to cover us with His precious blood and Our Blessed Mother will lead us by the hand to Jesus and protect us with Her mantle. If we grow in our relationship with Him, we will have the peace to get through everything until we are taken to the permanent refuge by Our Guardian Angels. Here is another video on emergency Cooking Stoves,

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