New Messages to Prophet John Leary through September 29, 2020! Also, More Emergency Stockpile Prepping Videos to Help You Get Ready For Another Restriction or (Lock-In) of Your Homes and Interim Refuges!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! Wow, John Leary had about a 2 and a half hour Zoom Conference Call and they received a lot of people trying to get in on the Conference. It didn’t sound like the moderator was aware of how many people were going to log on to ask Prophet John Leary so many questions. It is not her fault, but goes to show everyone that the Holy Spirit is slowly awakening the sleeping world’s Spiritual Eyes to what is really happening as we continue to what appears to be a race now into the time of Purification and Tribulation. For those that could not get on last night, the Leary’s are going to have a follow-up Zoom Conference in October, 2020 and John will post it on his website. I will also notify all of the followers of the blog when that follow-up Zoom Conference will be when they have it set for a specific date. They have set a tentative date for October 21, 2020, but I believe it will be sooner because of how quickly events are escalating as we speak. Here are some of the takeaways from the Zoom Conference that I do not have listed in this blog from John Leary. As Disciples of Jesus Christ, we need to make Spiritual Kits for people as they are being sent to our Interim Refuges passing through for food, and water, and then on to their Permanent Refuges. These kits should have a Bible, a Scapular, Hygiene Kits, Holy Water, if possible, and a Holy Rosary. There were a lot of people asking if they should make their homes a Refuge. John stated, Yes, if Our Lord is compelling you to do it, because there are not enough refuges out there, and for those of us that have said “Yes” to Our Lord, Our Lord will multiply everything as necessary. This includes, food, water, shelter, and fuels, and Our Lord will slow down the amounts of people He is sending to each Refuge to help prepare for more Refuges to be established. Some very large Refuges may have been started, but not completed yet, and will have to be finished by the Holy Legions of Angels as the times of distress gets worse and there is little time left now before the chaos gets worse.

John Leary stated that he did get a message from Our Lord that the Leftist radicals will attempt to take over the government, so the civil unrest is going to get really bad. Now is the time to stock up on more food, and water and if you have already been designated to have a Permanent Refuge, and stock up on Flour and Rice in large amounts to prepare for more people coming. Also, if You have decided to say “Yes” to Our Lord to make your home an Interim or Permanent Refuge, it is good to have solar power and a well for clean water, but it is not required. We just have to Believe, Have Faith, and Trust in Our Lord that He will multiply what water we have collected. John suggested to get a “Camp Chef” oven for the refuges because Our Lord said there will be an (EMP) or Electro Magnetic Pulse used to take out the power grids in the United States. John said this could be used to make bread, when there is no power except generators and solar available. Don’t worry about name brands, just something that does not take a lot of power for cooking if you only have a generator for power or propane fuels. Also, if you are having hundreds of people coming to your Permanent Refuge, you will need a committee of 20 people to keep everything organized for cooking, cleaning, praying, sleeping, etc.. There should be a 24 hour Chapel and Adoration set up in each Refuge for constant praying around the clock. Each person in the Refuge must do 1 hour of Prayer and Adoration each day. This is part of our Relationship that we each will be working on with Our Lord and Our Purification as we enter these Permanent Refuges. This is why we must have a committee to keep everything as orderly as possible.

John read some of his recent messages last night. Here are his recent messages through September 29, 2020. Here is a very detailed message on September 24, 2020 from Our Lord to John Leary.

Thursday, September 24, 2020:
Jesus said: “My son, you remember the account about Jonah when I called him to go to Nineveh to warn the people to repent, or in forty days it would be destroyed. Jonah was a reluctant prophet because he fled on a ship. A storm came up, and the people on board drew lots and threw Jonah into the sea. A large fish returned Jonah to the shore, so he could now do My original call. Then Jonah told the people of Nineveh: ‘Forty days more and Nineveh will be destroyed.’ The people repented in sackcloth and ashes, and they changed their evil ways. Because of the change of heart in the people, I spared their city of the punishment I had planned. So today, My prophets are going forth to warn your people, to repent of their sins, and change their evil ways of abortion, or I will bring a great punishment upon you. When the people of Nineveh heard Jonah’s plea, they repented and were saved. Now, your people have heard My prophets, but you are not repenting. So be prepared to face My justice on an evil world. At one point I will call My faithful to My refuges, and My angels will shield you from the evil ones who want to kill you. Trust in My protection and I will provide for your needs at My refuges.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, I have given this sign before that you are very close to My Warning, and close to the tribulation of the Antichrist. Pray for the people to be converted during the six weeks of conversion after the Warning. By becoming one of My believers, My angels will put an invisible cross on the foreheads of those believers. This will be needed so My refuge angels can allow these souls to enter My refuges. Be prepared with frequent Confession so you do not see hell in your mini-judgment.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you these old days because once you have an EMP attack, there will be little or no electricity for everyone. In some estimates, if your electricity was down for a lengthy amount of time, you could see 90% of the people die because they do not have extra food to last very long. I will protect any solar power at My refuges so you could have some electricity. I will be multiplying your water, food, and fuels so you can feed all the people who I will send to your refuge. Trust in Me to provide for your needs.”

Jesus said: “My son, I have been giving you many suggestions to have multiple large kettles and pots that you could use on your propane burners or wood fires in your fire pits. You now have 2×16 qt. pots, 2×8 qt. cast iron Dutch ovens, 2 cast iron pans, and a new 38 qt. kettle. You also have flour to bake your bread in your three CampChef ovens. I have emphasized more cooking vessels and plenty of fuels for cooking and heating your homes. I thank you for all of your stocking up on the food that I will multiply. Feeding a large number of people will require several shifts for two meals a day. Trust in Me that I will feed your bodies, and I will feed your souls Holy Communion every day.”

Jesus said: “My people, I told you that I will multiply the water, the wine, and bread just like I multiplied the wine in Cana, and the bread for the 5,000 and the 4,000. I can still multiply what you need, but you must have faith that I can do this for even large numbers of people. You do need to have something that I can multiply. Do not worry about your housing many people, because I can build a high rise building for many people in an hour, just as My Blessed Mother said. I can do it in even a shorter time, but this is more understanding for you because I am outside of time. My angels will protect you from the evil ones at My refuges. The evil ones will not be able to see you because you will have an invisible shield. You will only have to endure less than 3½ years, so be patient and help each other.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have had four practice refuge runs and two of them were in the winter time. You were able to keep your house warm with either your wood fire or a kerosene heater. I will multiply your fuels as you will need them to keep your people warm in the winter. Your propane and wood will also need to be multiplied so you have fuels to do your cooking. My people will not go hungry, and you will not be cold either.”

Jesus said: “My people, you will be seeing a major test coming in filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court, along with an election of your President. You may also see a need for your National Guard to keep the peace with your communist mobs in the streets. You may even see a civil war to keep the socialist mobs from taking over your government. You will have another trial to deal with your seasonal flu and the corona virus from China. You will call on My angels to defend your lives, and you will be called to the safety of My refuges. Some Christians will be martyred, but I will save most of their lives from the evil ones. Call on My help to endure the coming tribulation. At the end of the tribulation, I will bring My victory over the evil ones, and I will bring My faithful into My Era of Peace.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing the feast of My Archangels coming, and you will need their intervention to protect your lives and your souls. You will also see My Blessed Mother’s rosary feast on October 7th. Trust in the power of your rosaries to defeat the evil ones, just as the Moslems were defeated at Lepanto. My power is greater than all of the evil ones, and in the end I will reign supreme over the earth. Be patient and pray for your protection with My angels.”

Two more important messages from John Leary was to place the pictures of your loved ones that do not know Our Lord on your Refrigerator. Every day, sprinkle Holy Water and pray the long form St. Michael Prayer for their conversion and salvation. Do this in addition to asking Our Blessed Mother to also intercede for their salvation in your daily Rosary. Also, Refuges not located in homes will be in Churches where there has been a consistent amount of Adoration, also locations where Our Blessed Mother has appeared and holy sites all over the world.

Lastly, we are going to post 3 different videos on emergency preparation for stockpiling food and water, and essential supplies to have in the event of another restriction to our homes or a lock-in. If the civil unrest turns into a civil war, and the Pandemic virus mutates into a deadlier form, then we will either have a martial law or “lock-in” of our homes that would be mandated either by our local or federal governments. So, here are some more prepping videos that may be helpful in storing up more items.

Also, Alaska Granny is very good.


Just added this because this is good for everyone to have at home and taking with us to a Refuge if we can pack it in our vehicle.

Emmanuel -“God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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