New Message To Luz De Maria from Saint Michael the Archangel! Also, Another Teaching From Ralph Martin and Renewal Ministries on Shocking Warnings! Also, Sensus Fidelium on a Fruitful Rosary! Also, Father Mark Goring on the Top 10 Practical Guide To Holiness. Also, Latest Homily By Father James Altman from September 29, 2020!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! Don’t forget, if you did not happen to see it in yesterday’s post that Prophet John Leary is having a Zoom Conference tonight, September 30, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in the United States. If you have any last minute questions for John Leary on Refuges, Backpacks, or items Our Lord said we can take with us to these Permanent Refuges, now is the time to ask him yourselves. Those of us that have been posting John Leary’s and Father Michel Rodrigue’s Prophetic messages have tried to answer all questions that any of us can think of to be best prepared when Our Guardian Angels come to get us to take us to a Permanent Refuge. However, someone always seems to have a tougher question that we may not be able to answer without getting it directly from the Prophet himself, so now is the time to ask John Leary while we still can. We have posted the information for his Zoom Conference on yesterday’s post if you would like to log into his Conference tonight.

We have a new message to Luz De Maria from Saint Michael the Archangel, posted by Light of Mary,! In this message from September 25, 2020, Saint Michael is telling us, we will all be purified, but depending on how we have produced fruit as a Child of God, will dictate how much of a purification we will need to wash our robes white. We have discussed this in the past in previous posts, but it boils down to how much we have given our lives to God (Surrendered) and made Him and His Divine Will the Center of our lives verses how much we have given our lives to the World and all of the attraction of this modern age of technology, devices, and sin and have made our own comfort and gratification the center of our lives. This is why Saint Michael spoke about our Egos and how Proud we have become believing we are good Children of God with very little sin, in which most cases, it is the opposite, and we have a lot of sin that has blinded our consciences from making good decisions for God as opposed to against God. If we have failed to focus on God’s Will in the past, then we have a chance to redeem ourselves now through this Purification. Remember, that we are being protected by God as His Children, but we are being Purified first as His Church through these trials we are getting ready to enter. None of us have been perfect, so we will know after the Warning/Illumination of Conscience how much correction we will each need to become rightly ordered again under God. Also, Saint Michael is telling us in this message to Luz De Maria that coastal regions need to be vigilant and prepared, hence all of the prophetic messages lately on Tsunamis on all coasts around the world! The forces that Saint Michael is referencing is from the core of the Earth becoming unstable, but also from space from the celestial bodies entering our solar system that will also contain the Second Sun, (brown dwarf star). Also, in Luz De Maria’s vision, she sees a man-made machine that will also cause huge waves under the sea floor that causes waves in the oceans to form Tsunamis and tectonic plates to move that will also cause earthquakes. We have attached a very detailed website on Geoengineering and all of the investigative work this person has done to inform the public on the HAARP that John Leary also references in his videos on the End Time Prophets, Bloggers and Watchmen Page of this blog .

Also, here is a new Scriptural teaching by Ralph Martin and Renewal Ministries in which Ralph is trying to get the word out about what appears to be Warnings we are getting from God in the current times we are living in.

Also, we are all constantly working on our individual holiness and both Father Mark Goring and Sensus Fidelium are constantly giving us instruction on how to do that daily. Here is some good advice from Father Mark Goring on the Top 10 Practical Guide to Holiness. This is good information to write down for us to see if we can put these concrete steps into action daily. We are probably already doing most of them, but if we continue to strive to take deliberate steps in ensuring we are accomplishing most of these, we are pursuing our holiness with action. In order for us to be good Disciples for Our Lord in these times of distress, we have to eliminate our defects through confession and take concrete steps of action to moving through the 3 stages of Interior Life, or Spiritual Life from the Purgative Way, Illuminative Way, and finally into the Unitive Way with Our Lord. Here is the post we did from Father Quan on the Father Garrigou-LaGrange Teaching.

Next, we are going to post a video from Sensus Fidelium on how to make the Most Holy Rosary more fruitful as we meditate on the mysteries and how we must focus on the Divine Will of God. While we are saying our Rosary daily, it is not only important to say it from our hearts, like all prayers, but we must meditate on the mysteries and how they are fruitful in our lives to become more holy for God, and also how we must focus on His Divine Will. This can be very difficult for those of us that have an average family of two or three small children and a cat and a dog! But, we must learn how to find our quiet places and meditate on what God’s Will is for our lives. When we do this through the Holy Rosary daily, we are Surrendering to Our Lord, and asking Him How We can Serve Him. I once heard Mother Angelica answer a question someone asked her on how to stay out of Purgatory and go straight to heaven. Her answer was to try and do the Divine Will of God everyday of our lives. So, to be in His Divine Will, we must meditate on what His Will is and as we do this, it will be revealed to us in God’s time, thus making us more holy in the process!

Lastly, we are going to post the latest homily given by Father James Altman on September 29, 2020. So, you can see that the laity that are attending the Holy Masses with Father Altman are still recording his homilies, even though he has been silenced to not publicly record them anymore. This just goes to show everyone how hungry we all are for good Priests and we as the laity will go to extraordinary lengths to get advice and teachings from Our Lord’s good shepherds.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You! Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, have mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done!

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