Prophet John Leary is Having a Zoom Conference Call! Also, More Prophetic Messages and Dreams about Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Wars Coming. Also, The Last Message From Our Lord to The Little Prophet of Love! Also, Another Beautiful Homily from Father Nathan Dail on How Should Catholics Vote?

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! First of all, I am excited to share with you that Prophet John Leary is having a Zoom Conference Call on September 30, 2020! I was able to call John and his wife Carol to confirm that anyone can get on this call free of charge if you have down loaded the free Zoom App on your desk top and simply put in the ID Meeting number that is placed on John’s Calendar of Events on his website at, 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time in the United States. Nelda will be hosting the Zoom Conference and all questions you may still have about an Interim Refuge, Permanent Refuge, Go Backpack, or any other question can be sent in for her to read to John Leary so that he can answer them. He will also be reading some of his recent messages from Our Lord. This may be the last time we are able to actually ask Prophet John Leary any questions personally before the cataclysmic events occur, and I also will be attending this call to make sure we haven’t forgotten to discuss anything with him on refuges. I have been contacted by one person that has stated that they were able to pull together a refuge in their area and If I believed they should do it, and I had suggested that they pray about it to Our Lord to see what His Will was for them. If any of you have the ability to Serve Our Lord with either an Interim or Permanent Refuge, then I suggest you also pray about it and attend this Zoom Conference call with John Leary to get more guidance on that directly from John Leary himself, because it sounds like Our Lord does need more Refuges. I don’t know enough about Zoom to be able to tell you how it would work internationally, but the Conference Call begins on September 30, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, so you would have to adjust your hours.

Next, here is what may be the last Prophetic message to the Little Prophet of Love because this is what Our Lord told her in His last message to her on September 22, 2020. This saddens me, but it also tells me that Our Lord is getting ready to fulfill His Prophetic messages and Warnings to His Children and He is also beginning to stop all of the Warnings through His Prophets. The Little Prophet of Love’s Prophetic message from Our Lord about the Warning/Illumination of Conscience Coming this Autumn is one of the Confirmations from the Holy Spirit that we received and listed in this blog to help God’s Children to prepare. Our Lord is telling her that He is saddened by people neglecting Him and there will be much sorrow of those that did not take heed to returning back to Him. We will continue to post the Little Prophet if she has any advice for us outside of Our Lord’s prophetic messages before the Warning takes place, if we are able to do so.

Also, we reviewed the last video from Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on the Show the Coming Apocalypse from September 24, 2020. There have been so many Prophetic messages that we are not able to type out the whole show any longer because of lack of time. But, we will post the show here, and some interesting things that Mike pointed out and alluded to, but did not say, was that in his past dream of a very important figure that he vividly saw in a casket, was also standing on the stone steps at Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s funeral. Also, Mike stated about the 1 hour mark of the video that we are now getting ready to enter meteor storms entering our atmosphere. This means that we will see a significant increase of rocks, meteorites, and asteroids beginning to hit the Earth. We knew this was coming, but it is significant now because of the Prophetic dreams and visions that many Pastors and Prophets are getting about Tsunamis, Asteroid strikes in the oceans, and earthquakes that are coming very soon. Remember, that as the birth pangs are increasing and the events are getting worse, the Prophets and Watchmen will continue to Warn God’s Children until God no longer allows it.

Yesterday, we posted Pastor Perry Stone’s dream of Tsunamis coming. Today, we are posting two more prophetic messages from the Mike 444 Prophecy Channel. Both of these prophets mention Tsunamis coming and Earthquakes. Here is the first message from yesterday from the Prophet that call themselves, “Only a Grain of Sand”. This Prophet has also received a prophetic message about the Warning/Illumination of Conscience, but calls it a “Mirror of Eternity” that God will reveal to us. Now, he or she is receiving a message about Tsunamis coming to the United States of America. What is important to understand is that Mike 444 is comparing many of the prophetic messages he has received and discerned from the Holy Spirit, like we also have done in this blog. However, everything must be prayed about to Our Lord from each of us for our own discernment and what we each should do. So, don’t pack up and move away from the coasts unless you believe God is telling you to do so. Many of us may die in some of these catastrophic events, but that may also be what God has planned for us as Martyrs or just His Divine Will. It is not His Will for anyone to suffer, but this is why it is important to be close to Him so that we can each discern His Will for us and our families. We know that the Leary’s are staying in New York and are not leaving their Permanent Refuge, because Our Lord is going to protect them from any catastrophic event that comes to that state. So, this is why we must Trust in Our Lord and have Faith in Him that He will guide us through the Holy Spirit and Our Guardian Angels as these events unfold.

Here is another prophetic message that we have discerned that everyone should hear. Again, more warnings from the Prophets about Tsunamis and Earthquakes. Also, this Prophet has confirmed again to not take the vaccine that is coming out very soon because it has the enzyme Luciferase in it that we have talked about extensively in this blog. Please see the Post we did on “What is Transhumanism?” Here is also a word document breaking down in detail what the doctor referenced was in the Moderna auto injector and vaccination that they are currently manufacturing.

Lastly, here is an excellent Homily by Father Nathan Dail on “How Should Catholics Vote?” Thank you Mary Ann for sending this to us for everyone to hear. Father Dail reminds us that we should not attempt to identify with any political parties, but only with God. We must vote because if we don’t, then we are committing a sin of omission by not trying to impede an egregious sin and we are allowing Satan to control our laws. And we can’t vote for the platform that goes against God’s Laws and Commandments, because then we are committing a sin of assisting Satan and allowing ourselves to be deceived into believing we know the best candidate or political party that is for God or against God, even if it goes against His Commandments. Father Dail was right in saying that Abortion is that final line in the sand that we must all draw to not vote for any person or political party that goes against God’s Commandments. Thank you Father Dail for making this decision for Christians more clear for those that are still undecided.

Emmanuel – “God is with us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ Save Us and the Whole World! Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done!

5 Replies to “Prophet John Leary is Having a Zoom Conference Call! Also, More Prophetic Messages and Dreams about Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Wars Coming. Also, The Last Message From Our Lord to The Little Prophet of Love! Also, Another Beautiful Homily from Father Nathan Dail on How Should Catholics Vote?”

    1. Hi Rosemarie, you can still get on if you want. Carol and John just got on and we are saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet right now. They have a new ID number on John Leary’s website if you want to log on. Had a lot of people trying to get on, but you can get on now if you wish.


      1. How was the zoom meeting? I really want it to participate but the time was too late for me since i live in UK. I truly hope for the Warning to come ASAP as really hope for my husband and my family to turn to Lord.
        God Bless


      2. Amen Angelica. It was very good. John believes there is still a possibility the Warning will come this Fall. Lots of people had questions about starting their own refuges. He will have another Zoom Conference in October and I will let everyone know in case any of you want to get on it. Thanks for asking. I am not praying for Tribulation, but I am praying for the Warning very soon for the Conversion of Souls.


  1. Bless you. God is great and I know that I have to accept His Will. If it means waiting further, we must wait. This time is really hard and especially when you know that your loveones behave so badly under influence of the bad one. We must sacrifice our suffering for those who are at the edge of Hell and wait for whatever will happen.

    God Bless


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