How do we Prepare Like Joseph in the Old Testament before we are led to a Refuge?

In the Old Testament, Joseph prepared the Pharaoh and Egypt for a seven year famine that God had warned Joseph about in Genesis 47: 13-27. Joseph prepared not only by storing up food, but he was also wise in bartering Pharaoh’s food for people’s riches, land and their hard labor to work for Pharaoh and the land of Egypt. God warned Joseph of this famine because He wanted Joseph and the Israelites to be able to prosper in this land, even though it belonged to Egypt. If Joseph had not been placed in the position he was in with the Pharaoh by God, he would not have been able give the information about the famine to the Pharaoh in order to prosper and survive. Because God knows what is coming for His people, He gives us instruction on how to survive! Why does God do this if we are all going to be raptured you ask? Because according to Prophet John Leary, some people will be brought back down to Earth to bring in the Era of Peace after we have been caught up in the clouds with Jesus. Also, we are going to have to survive the catastrophic weather events before we are caught up in the clouds with Jesus. God’s plan is for us to build these refuges, not only to be supernaturally protected before we are caught up in the clouds, but also for some to bring in the Era of Peace, Genesis 45: 6-8. So, we have to prepare as the remnant.

According to Prophet John Leary, we will be led to the refuges by our Guardian Angels. However, we need to store food and water in our homes for each person for up to possibly a year before we go to these refuges that Christians are preparing all over the world. When you start to listen to the posts by Luz de Maria and Pastor Paul Begley with Mike from Around the World, you will start to understand how bad things are going to get even before God’s tribulation period. If you have not seen the devastation of Hurricane Dorian on the Bahamas, take a look This Category 5 Hurricane is only a glimpse of what is coming as Planet X, or the Comet of Chastisement moves closer into our solar system. Not only will areas be devastated like the area of Abaco Islands in the Bahamas, but with no food, water, shelter or electricity, people will get desperate and start doing drastic things to survive. We are called by God to be an Army of Love, so we are not planning on hurting anyone to survive these times. But, we are being told to prepare by God through the prophets like Joseph was told to prepare.

You need to start storing non-perishable food and water now! Do not wait any longer because we don’t know when or if our own town, city or state is going to get affected with a catastrophic weather event. Also, like I said earlier in a post, we don’t know if our power grids for our cities could be affected by a Geomagnetic solar emanation or from an Electro Magnetic Pulse. If we have no power, it will not take long before people start running to all of the grocery stores to buy canned food and water. I am going to post some basic prepper videos that will help you get started, but this will be things you have to research and figure out what you need right now, and what can wait until you have some money to purchase later. Canned goods, toilet paper, and water you can get now. Later on, you can look at purchasing Sterno stove kits, generator, water filters, rain barrels to catch water, batteries, and flashlights, which are only a few items to think about. Also, In addition, if you get a small freezer, you can store frozen food for several months if you purchase a generator to run small appliances. If you purchase a generator, I would recommend purchasing a duel fuel generator that can run on gasoline or propane. That way, you don’t have to worry about storing up hundreds of gallons of gasoline. In addition, you don’t want a generator that will make a lot of noise because you don’t want to draw a lot of attention to yourselves if you are the only one on the block that has power. I believe we will be protected by Angels before we go to the refuge, but put some thought on not drawing any attention to your home during a catastrophic event. I am not an expert in this area, so do some research on all of this and use your best judgement and guidance from the Holy Spirit. We will all be praying as these events unfold and God will help us, but start preparing now, like Joseph prepared.

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