How do we Prepare Spiritually, Mentally and Physically for the Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ?

Okay, this is the biggest question that needs to be answered right now because of the sense of urgency that a lot of Christians are feeling as we speak. Our first Mission is Salvation of Souls! If you have not given your life to Jesus, do it now. Get down on your knees, because we have to be humble and have a contrite of heart. Now, tell Jesus you are sorry for your sins and you want Him to come into your heart. You accept Jesus as the son of God Our Father in Heaven and you surrender to Him. This is our first step, because without Jesus, we can go no further. If you have not surrendered to Him, it will also make it difficult to get closer to Him and receive the graces of the Holy Spirit that moves us closer to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord. If you want to be a true disciple of Jesus, you have to surrender and work on your relationship with Him! You have to spend time with Him in the morning, afternoon, evening, whatever time you can give Him! You might say, I don’t have time, I’m too busy. You have to make time for Jesus! Your salvation and the salvation of others depends on it! Pray and talk to Jesus in the car, while taking the kids to school. Talk to Him at the grocery store. Talk to Him at work. Go to another part of your house, where it is quiet and spend time with Him in mental prayer. Jesus knows all of our thoughts, so you don’t have to pray or talk out loud. And you can talk to Jesus about anything, but most of all tell Him you LOVE Him. This is the beginning of preparing Spiritually which is the most important!

Next, I want to talk about prayer groups. The one thing I have noticed in the prophetic messages to the prophets I have posted in this blog is that Jesus and Mother Mary stress getting in prayer groups to help prepare for His return. I believe it is because Jesus wants us to be unified for what is coming in the natural disasters and He wants us to work together as His Church in defending His Word, the Bible. I am in three different prayer groups myself, but it is because I believe Our Lord has brought me to all of these prayer gatherings. It has not been easy to find people who have an understanding of the times we are in, but there are many people who are being called by God right now for this reason. Some people had this understanding many years ago, some of us recently. But, the Holy Spirit is working with many of us and He is wanting you to become a disciple for Jesus! The two prayer groups I am going to talk about right now is the Marian gathering with the Holy Spirit and also just a prayer group with the Holy Spirit! The first prayer group was mentioned by Mother Mary to another prophet in a prophetic message that I read on Mary Refuge of Holy Love. Also, And, The last post is a good description on how to start a prayer group. It is important to remember to allow the Holy Spirit to lead the prayer group. We all have to learn to remain humble and open to how He guides us in these groups, because it is our faith in Our Lord and the graces we receive from Him on how to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit. This will help us with the mental preparation we need for what is coming.

We have to understand that as sin grows, and darkness covers the earth, people will be so scared and start to abandon their faith. They will believe this is necessary in order to survive. But, this is where our faith In God will lead us to become the elect in Revelations 7: 9-17. Jesus explains to John that the elect are the ones who survive the time of great distress! Now, this may or may not mean physically, but I believe it will for some to bring in the Era of Peace. There will be many, many martyrs, but as I explained before with prophets John Leary and Lois Vogel Sharp there will also be refuges. These refuges are not just an allegorical place under God’s shelter in Psalm 91. These refuges will be a real area of protection that will be a supernatural protection area with God’s Holy Legions of Angels, Zephaniah 2:3, and Isaiah 26:19-20. There is no way, anyone is going to survive what is coming physically, unless you are Supernaturally protected by God. Please review the videos I have posted on the Prophets and bloggers page so that you have a clear understanding of how God has chosen certain homes, farms and locations as refuges. Prophet John Leary said that all of the Marian apparition sites and Holy sites will also be refuges. I have been to the Mary Refuge of Holy Love location in Ohio and have seen how they are preparing their location as a refuge. There is much preparation because if we have no electricity, due to a natural disaster or an EMP, Electro Magnetic Pulse, we will need solar energy or wind energy to help sustain the refuge. An EMP, is a weapon that our adversary can use in a war that disables power in grid blocks across an entire nation! If this is used, power could be down for several months. There are also Geomagnetic Pulses from our Sun that can also have the same effect of an EMP. The Department of Homeland Security has already put out a Preparedness Disaster Memo on this possibility. This proves to me that what Our Mother Mary said to prophet Gianna Sullivan about our Governments and Churches know what is coming with Planet X. The refuges will help us prepare physically, but you have to be led to these refuges by your Guardian Angel or the Holy Spirit. You will not be able to enter these refuges unless you are a child of God!

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