Biblical Prophecy and other Prophecy that appears to be Happening Now!

Now that you know our mission for Jesus, I want to go more into what looks like Biblical Prophecy being fulfilled and some prophecies that have been fulfilled by prophets I have posted on this blog. Luz de Maria is a Catholic woman from Argentina and has been a visionary and prophet since the 1990s. She has had many prophecies that are being fulfilled now and have already been fulfilled. Her messages from Jesus, Mother Mary or St. Michael the Archangel speak mostly on the catastrophic events occurring all over the world and the increase in sin. The most notorious prophecy that caught my eye was her prediction of the collapse of Venezuela. But, she also predicted the attack of the twin towers and a big earthquake in Japan. I have posted Luz de Maria’s web page to the Prophets and Bloggers page of this blog. Our Mother Mary has also informed Luz de Maria of a celestial body that is entering our solar system. For me, this is more confirmation that Planet X is the Comet of Chastisement that Our Mother Mary has been warning us about. Since Planet X is seven times the size of Earth, it is too big to hit our planet without completely destroying it. But, it is the magnetic pull of the exoplanets around Planet X that is causing the magnetic shifting of the poles and what will bring in all of the debris that will hit the earth as it gets closer. Mike from around the world on Pastor Paul Begley’s program that does the best job in explaining how Planet X affects Earth.

Pastor Paul Begley is the best Biblical Prophecy expert that I have found that does a great job of showing that Biblical Prophecy has been fulfilled or looking like it is coming to fulfillment. I listened to his program regularly and most specifically when Mike from around the World is giving an update on the events that are occurring from Planet X. The reason I feel like the Holy Spirit has prompted me to start this blog is because all of these events, weather related, political, economical, and the violence that has been escalating so quickly, I believe people have to see this now! Especially if the Warning is coming soon! Time is of most importance, not only for our salvation, but for those that Jesus wants us to help save! If you start following these bloggers and prophets that I have listed and you pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit, you will start to see with your Spiritual Eyes what other Christians and I have been seeing. Jesus needs His army of Love to serve Him in these end times and we don’t actually know how soon it will be before He returns! Again, this is not to put fear in anyone, but to prepare you Spiritually first for your salvation, then mentally, and lastly physically. Prophets John Leary as well Lois Vogel Sharp and many others are saying to store at least six months to one year of food for each member in your household. This is because the more the catastrophic weather events get worse, the chances are higher we will start to experience famine. These weather events could wipe out power in some areas for weeks or months at a time and are starting to devastate crops all over the world. If you don’t have a lot of money, just start buying a few canned goods at a time and bottled water. I will go more into basic prepping videos at a later time on another post.

Some of the Biblical Prophecy that appears to be starting to be fulfilled is President Trump moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem in support of Israel. The Jewish Council of Sanhedrin created a coin with the picture of Trump on one side and King Cyrus on the back. If you aren’t familiar with King Cyrus, he is the Babylonian King that God used to bring the Jews back out of exile from Israel. The minting of this coin is reflecting that the Jewish people believe Trump could be their political messiah they have been waiting for, which could lead to the building of the Third Temple. In addition, a red Heifer calf was born on September 5, 2018. In the Old Testament, a red Heifer calf with no blemish was offered as a sacrifice on the altars to God, Numbers 19:1-10. The Sanhedrin are constantly looking for signs of the coming of their political messiah because they do not see Jesus as the “Messiah” that fulfills scripture. Right now, Jared Kushner is working on a Peace Plan to be presented from the United States to Israel and the Middle East. It does not appear to be going over very well when he presented the Economic portion of the proposed peace plan, however he is still working on it.

Evil and darkness is growing, 2 Timothy 3:1-9. I know you have recognized the mass shootings and violence increasing all over the world, but have you seen the evil in books, pagan worship increasing, and the increase of sin in television and the media? In Our Lady of La Salette, Our Mother said that the demons and devil will put an end to the faith little by little. Evil books will be abundant on Earth and the spirits of darkness will spread everywhere. This Illuminati, One World Order has influenced our children in movies, music and books. Harry Potter, although seems like a good children book series, glorifies witch craft as a good thing. TV programs like the show Lucifer, glorifies the devil. The music industry is glorifying violence in popular artists songs. All of this indecent and sinful propaganda is influencing our kids into believing not only are these things okay, but good, Isaiah 5:20. Remember, Our Mother Mary also warned us about this in Our Lady of Good Success. She said, the Masonic sects will focus primarily on the children in order to sustain this corruption. So, if you allow your children to listen, watch, and read these things, you are helping the enemy use propaganda to corrupt their hearts. The subversion tactic by the enemy is used constantly against us especially with the increase in technology of the internet. We have to be very careful about what we are reading, looking at with our eyes, and listening to, Romans 12:2. Jason A, is another End time Youtuber that posts very good information about current events in the world and the infiltration of the Illuminati in Hollywood.

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