The Warning or Illumination of Conscience

I have already mentioned some of the bloggers that have been doing this for a while that have also been informed by the Holy Spirit on what to write for Our Lord. God is constantly calling us into service when we surrender because He needs souls like you to be a vessel to save all souls. This is not something that pops into our heads. This is a prompting by the Holy Spirit and we serve Jesus by listening and putting into action that prompting. The reason I mention this is because if you are a new follower of Jesus Christ, all of this will sound very strange and bizarre until your Spiritual eyes are opened. If one of the things that a prophet or a blogger I have posted in this blog offends you, that is not my intention. The enemy has a way of putting fear in our hearts to make us believe we are not following Jesus if we do this or don’t do this or listen to this. Those are just thoughts. When you learn how to discern from the Holy Spirit, you feel it in your heart first, then as you get better at understanding of this tugging at your heart or soul, you begin to understand discernment. Because someone says something that you don’t like, doesn’t mean he or she is not getting a prophetic word from God. As my friend always says, you have to take the meat of the message and leave the bones, Luke 9: 23-24. God is speaking to all Christians who pick up their cross and follow Him, and we have to learn to put our differences aside and fulfill His Will, especially as the persecution of all Christians gets worse!

Blogger Mary Refuge of Holy Love has done an excellent job of giving the details of this Warning, which I will post, but first let me touch on how this Warning that Jesus is going to give us is related to His Divine Mercy. As I said before, Jesus wants all of God’s children to come to Him for their salvation before it is too late. When the antichrist makes his appearance, he is going to be so charismatic and charming and appear to be so holy, that if you have not surrendered to Jesus, and reading Scripture regularly, and using discernment from the Holy Spirit, you will be deceived! There is already deception now in the world with the news and the One World Order trying to control our governments and in our churches! Just imagine how bad it is going to be many years from now, when the cup of iniquity is full! Some of you may say, well the Warning is not in Scripture, so I am not going to believe it. Remember, in the book of Revelations, Chapter 10, there is an angel that gives John a small scroll to eat that tastes sweet, but then turns his stomach sour. This is a reminder that as events unfold in the end times, we don’t have all of the information. Some of it is kept hidden for reasons only Our Lord knows. Because this Warning that Jesus spoke of to St. Faustina, and Mother Mary at Garabandal, and now Prophets such as John Leary explain it as being so critical, I feel like the Holy Spirit wants us to focus on this and make it a mission for Jesus!

Not only is it critical to the salvation of our loved ones souls, but all souls for Jesus! As Prophet John Leary goes into detail about the Warning, that we will have about 6 weeks before we are led to a refuge by our Guardian Angels, the antichrist will make his appearance to start deceiving many into believing he is our savior. We could already be at war at this time and have had many catastrophic natural disasters and experiencing famine! So, people will be looking for anything or anyone that will help them survive! John Leary also explains when Jesus shows us our sins, He will also advise us not to take the mark of the beast, Revelations 13:16-17. In case you haven’t heard yet, people all over the world, are starting to put micro chips in their bodies to buy and sell food, and open their car doors, their homes and to store personal medical data or bank information. There are also Tattoos you can get that have this micro chip technology in it, so you don’t even have to get it implanted now So, if we have chaos all around us and we have a person telling us if we join together in One Government so we don’t starve to death, you may be deceived into believing this is your only hope to survive. This all sounds scary and gruesome, but the truth is we have to choose Jesus now to build up our Faith and Trust so that we don’t fall to temptation in the final test! Jesus will show us this when we are experiencing the Warning with Him. The Warning is for every person on earth the age of seven and higher.

After the Warning takes place, the One World Order and the media are going to do everything they can to tell us it did not take place. That will be the biggest deception from the enemy, and if we don’t work for Jesus to tell the truth, then many souls will be lost. This is because if you get the chip, either in your body, or on your body in a tattoo, you have already taken the mark of the beast and lost your soul, Revelations 13: 11-18. Do not listen to any pastor or priest if he or she is telling you God will understand if you are starving to death and you take the mark of the beast to save yourself and your family. No, this is why you have to read God’s Word and know His Word, the Bible. Then you have to pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment when reading Scripture and He will reveal the truth to you. I will post here the Warning and what it is and then I will explain more. All of the prophecies that have been given about the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience is listed and description of events that take place. There is also a booklet that Mary Refuge of Holy Love has listed by a Father Philip Bebie. Father Bebie is now deceased, but he wrote the booklet in hopes to explain how critical it is to evangelize the world in order to turn people back to God so that the Chastisement doesn’t occur. Anything can happen with God’s graces and mercy, so if we do all we can to help Jesus save souls, maybe He will just shoot the Comet of Chastisement or Planet X back out of our solar system. We always have to have hope in Jesus Christ. He is merciful and loving and He got this from God Our Father, who has always been merciful to His children.

So, this is going to be our MISSION for Jesus because I believe this single event of Jesus’ Divine Mercy of appearing to every soul on earth to show us our sins is going to be the event that spreads the gospel throughout the world! Matthew 24:14. Do I believe the gospel has already been preached to all the nations? No. Many people have done an excellent job of trying to reach all of the nations, but we aren’t quite there yet. So, my mission in writing this blog for Jesus is to unite us to accomplish this mission and your mission as a disciple of Jesus Christ is to understand your role in spreading the gospel to all of the nations! All Christians believe that we are going to have a renewed evangelization when the Holy Spirit comes and sets us all on fire for the Love of Jesus! The Warning or Illumination of Conscience will be that fire we have all been waiting for!

Don’t be afraid! Become a disciple of Jesus Christ and put on the Armour of God! Ephesians 6:10-20.

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