New Video From Queen of Peace Media From Father Michel Rodrigue on his Prophetic Messages and Private Revelation. Also, a Letter to The Faithful From Father Michel Rodrigue from Countdown To The Kingdom. Also, More Information on How To Stock Up on Food and Items needed for a Possible Restriction to Our Homes in the Event of another Pandemic or Civil War.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are posting a letter that Father Michel Rodrigue has written to the Faithful about his Bishop’s objections to his prophetic messages, and a video by Queen of Peace Media from Father Michel Rodrigue. Obviously , Father Michel remains under attack because of his prophetic messages that are considered private revelation. The attacks that Father Michel are receiving are no different than the attacks that many Prophets receive when they get private revelation from Our Lord, except this happens to be a Priest in good standing. What one Bishop may perceive as authentic Supernatural revelation from God, another Bishop may say, no, I am not getting any guidance from the Holy Spirit that these messages are of Supernatural origin. There are three key points that we would like to make separate from the points that Queen of Peace Media made and did a great job in making their points in their video with Father Michel Rodrigue.

The first is that we must all be obedient to Our Church, but we have to remember that Our Church is divided right now on the seriousness of the sin that is currently enveloping the whole world! So, to which Bishop or Priest’s guidance takes precedence over the other? We listen to all of them, but at the same time we have to discern with the help of the Holy Spirit, other information that God is revealing to us in these times. We have been slowly allowing sin for the last 100 plus years to infiltrate our Church, especially with the Freemasons that have made their way all the way to the top ranks of the hierarchy at the Vatican. So, naturally some of the Priests that have become Bishops in the Church are blinded from the guidance of the Holy Spirit, or else we would not be in the position we are in right now with the differences of opinion on what is happening in our Church, and the coming schismatic Church that Our Blessed Mother has prophesied and warned us about.

Now, that being said we do not know, unless by their fruits (actions and words), what each Bishops thinks or believes. But, we have enough information from other current prophets in this blog, whether fully approved or not by his or her Bishop, that supports everything that Father Michel has said, with the most important prophetic messages being from Our Blessed Mother. Father Michel did say the Purification would begin this Fall, and based on all of the other confirmations from the Holy Spirit from other prophets and the current world events and weather phenomena, and pandemics going on, we would have to emphatically agree!

This leads us to the second key point, that anyone who would disagree with what Father Michel is saying, is to look at everything all around you! Are we all so Spiritually blind, that we don’t see massive flooding all over the world, tornadoes, super-hurricanes, wild fires, wind gusts from 60 to 100 miles per hour in different countries, dead fish and birds in diverse places, stranded whales on shores in different parts of the world, increase in earthquakes in diverse places, plagues of locusts in different countries, a worldwide pandemic that came out of nowhere, and now civil unrest everywhere and famine coming! If this is not enough to back up what all of the prophets in this blog are saying to include Father Michel, then we need to keep praying for the Holy Spirit to continue to remove the scales from people’s eyes.

The third point we would like to make in this blog, is that in the end times Our Lord said there will be a division of the sheep and the goats that He is separating Himself. We have to all ask ourselves where we are each standing with Our Lord right now, and the whole point of the Warning is a last act of Mercy from Our Lord to bring us rightly ordered under His Divine Will. So, isn’t this the most important question to ask ourselves instead of condemning any Prophet’s messages? Also, our Lord said to not scoff at His prophets. Our Lord sends Prophets to warn us of what is coming. We don’t have to listen, but we should never spurn or scoff at them, because God sends them out of Love for His Children. We are mocking God when we not only reject His prophets, but we also scoff and say hateful things about them. True Children of God would know that this is sinful and if we ever need more clarification of what a Prophet is saying, then we pray about it, and we try to see and discern the fruits of their messages. We don’t follow false prophets that produce bad fruit. If the only message (fruit) someone got out of everything the prophets are saying in this blog, to include Father Michel, is to repent of your sins, do an examination of your conscience with a general confession, and seek a more personal Relationship with Jesus Christ, then this is the best fruit of them all and the one that really matters. This is what all of the prophets are saying to do before it is too late, and you are killed in a natural disaster, or die before the Warning could take place this Fall, or later.

Here is the Letter from Countdown to the Kingdom from Father Michel Rodrigue.

Next, here is the video that Queen of Peace Media just recently posted with Father Michel.

Lastly, here are some more videos to help us prepare for what we know is coming, because we believe what God Our Father is saying to Father Michel Rodrigue, and what Our Lord Jesus Christ is saying to John Leary, Maria De Luz, Pedro Regis, the Little Prophet of Love, and other prophets in this blog.



Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, we Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done. Have a blessed day.

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