Preparing for Falling Meteorites with Arsenic. Will this turn our water to Wormwood?

Hello Disciples of Jesus Christ. Now that we are starting to see several prophecies come to fruition, we definitely need to put the physical preparation into second gear and start organizing as much as possible. In previous posts in this blog, we discussed having an Interim Refuge with storing up to at least 1 year’s worth of food and water for each person in your household per recommendation from John Leary. For some of us this is difficult to do because of our limited space in our homes. This is also a lot of bottled water! In this blog, we have also discussed filtering water if we do not have any drinkable water at home due to power outages for long periods of time, or any other unknown and uncontrollable circumstances due to our infrastructure being incapacitated. However, we need to discuss the best way to filter water that may have arsenic in it from falling Meteorites that Mike From Around the World, from the Pastor Paul Begley Show, has been telling us about that is coming as soon as May, 2020.

We don’t claim to be experts on this blog as far as best filters to purchase for water, and we also do not support any specific manufacturer for filtration systems. However, we have taken the recommendation of some friends that have been preparing now for several years and have gone with what they are already using as a water filtration system in their homes. The reason why we have to be specific on filters is because we will need a filter that will remove arsenic. This filtering may have to be done with water from our home faucets or if we have to result to outside water that we have collected from rain barrels. We are going to purchase a rain barrel soon and have already purchased our own water filtration system. Here is the one that we have purchased that does filter out viruses and 99.9 percent arsenic. We purchased the 1.5 Gallon Container with the Black Filters that will filter out almost everything including arsenic. We plan on taking this water filtration system with us to the permanent refuge when Our Guardian Angels come for us. You can also research several other less expensive systems that will filter out arsenic and other toxic materials such as fluoride, metals, etc…

If you do not have the money to purchase a water filtration system, then purchase bottled water. We have to Trust in Our Lord that He will multiply our water if we need Him to if we have not been taken to the Permanent Refuge by the time the arsenic from the meteorites start affecting our water. Everything we put in this blog is to help prepare all of God’s Children, but there is only so much physical preparing we can do. This is why we are always stressing to prepare Spiritually with the Blessed Trinity as much as possible. It is more important that we prepare Spiritually than anything else and that starts with Trust in Jesus Christ. We pray that everyone is reciting the Divine Mercy Chaplet everyday at 3:00p.m. We also pray that everyone is reciting the Divine Mercy Novena in preparation for Divine Mercy Sunday this Sunday, April 19, 2020.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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