Is TRAPPIST-1 actually a soft disclosure of the discovery of Hercolubus, Planet X or the binary Mini Solar System that Our Blessed Mother Has Revealed to the Prophets?

As we keep praying for the Holy Spirit to guide us to the Truth of these End Times and how we can be Disciples of Jesus Christ, we believe that God has given us a huge breakthrough! We, like the many other Christians out there like Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World have been studying Biblical Scripture, Old Prophecy from the Saints and Our Blessed Mother, and current Prophecy today to determine what Our Lord is revealing to His Children. We believe that we have been called by God to be His Disciples in these End Times and to assist Him in the Salvation of Souls.

As events and signs of both Biblical prophecy and Prophecy to Modern Prophets continue to unfold, we believe the Holy Spirit keeps guiding us to what He wants us to know to prepare for these times and assist others in getting closer to the Blessed Trinity. We have discussed extensively about Planet X or Hercolubus and how God is using this binary system to renew Heaven and Earth to bring in the Era of Peace. Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World have both helped us have a better understanding of this binary system that is moving towards our solar system and the affects it is having on Planet Earth. The Holy Spirit had already guided us into understanding that this binary system will cause the destruction and the renewing of the Earth that meets the Book of Revelation, Chapter 8. Modern Day Prophets Gianna Sullivan in Our Lady of Emmitsburg, and Pedro Regis in the Anguera Prophecies of Brazil have provided us distinct information from Our Blessed Mother that tells us this binary system consists of a star, an orbit, and a smaller solar system with 7 exoplanets. This has all been explained through the different posts in this blog, but most recently in the post titled, “Our Blessed Mother Mary has warned us about Hercolubus, or Planet X in both Our Lady of Emmitsburg and the Anguera Prophecies of Brazil.”

Now, we believe God has taken us a step further and has shown us that this discovery of TRAPPIST-1 in 2017, could be Hercolubus, or this binary mini solar system Our Blessed Mother has been warning us about. The original discovery of TRAPPIST-1 was in 1999 and it was only identified as a red dwarf star. It wasn’t until 2017, that scientists discovered that it actually had 7 exoplanets that could be inhabitable. We all must keep praying about the discernment on this together from the Holy Spirit. NASA just released the discovery of this particular red dwarf star that was originally doscovered in 1999, again in 2017 that now also has 7 orbiting exoplanets. They have named the dwarf star as TRAPPIST-1 and labeled the exoplanets each as “b” through “h”. They have given many descriptive charts that show the sizes of each exoplanet and if they are possibly habitable or not. I guess the first question is why are they looking to see if they are inhabitable? Here is a very descriptive detail of TRAPPIST-1 from NASA, If you go down about half way, you will see a chart that compares the TRAPPIST-1 solar system to our solar system and see that it fits nicely into the orbit of Mercury, which means the exoplanets are very tightly squeezed in and not spread out like ours, This makes it a mini-solar system.

This is what Our Blessed Mother told Gianna Sullivan in her prophetic messages in Our Lady of Emmitsburg is that God created many Cosmos, many Galaxies, many Orbits, different Stars, different Planet, and planets like Earth. Our Blessed Mother then said that it will be an orbit outside our solar system that comes between Earth and our Sun that will cause this pattern of weather destruction across the Earth.

Next, at the beginning of this blog, we also wrote about Carlos Munoz Ferrada, an astronomer and scientist from Chile that discovered Hercolubus in 1939. We believe that the Holy Spirit guided us to Carlos Ferrada because of his discovery of a red comet- like planet that he said would cause massive destruction with a pole shift, crustal shift, and earthquakes. At first we thought the Holy Spirit was guiding us to this because of the magnetic pull that a comet-planet would have if it entered our solar system, but now we believe the Holy Spirit was showing us more than that.

Carlos Ferrada stated it was a red star that looked like a comet-planet. It has a tail like a comet, but is as big as a planet. It will cause both geophysical and human changes when it reaches our orbit. It has 3 different speeds, with the fastest speed traveling 1 thousandth at the speed of light. Also, Hercolubus has an elliptical orbit that travels around our sun and the black sun? We have not gotten any guidance on a black sun yet from the Holy Spirit, so we will keep praying for discernment on a black sun, but we are keeping an eye out for “Two Suns”.

Lastly, what possibly points TRAPPIST-1 as the mini solar system that Our Blessed Mother warned Gianna Sullivan about, also sounds familiar to the solar system described to Pedro Regis in the Anguera prophecies. The description of TRAPPIST-1 states that it is approximately 39 light years from Planet Earth. But, is this the Truth? We know that Mike From Around the World told us last week that they are now discovering celestial objects that travel faster than the speed of light! So, what does that mean for objects that are 39 light years away or less? If Hercolubus has 3 different speeds that a Chilean astronomer discovered in 1939 without the use of a powerful space telescope, what are they discovering now with the use of extremely powerful space telescopes? There appears to be a desperate race to use these powerful telescopes to discover something they are looking for!

In the Anguera prophecies to Pedro Regis in Brazil, Our Blessed Mother informed Pedro Regis of a mini-solar system also coming between the Earth and our Sun. Apparently, God Our Father is either sending several different celestial objects that will orbit between Our Sun and Earth, like two binary dwarf stars, to usher in the renewal of the Heaven and Earth, or it could all be caused by this TRAPPIST-1 mini solar system. Either Pedro Regis, or someone studying the prophecies of Pedro Regis, has put together a very complicated, but well organized celestial collision of our planets with this mini-solar system that they calculated to happen in 2017. It did not happen, and thanks be to God that He gave us more time. But, that does not mean that it will not happen, only that their calculations were off of the arrival of this mini-solar system, and this is what we need to continue to pray about for discernment from the Holy Spirit. But, isn’t it funny that this person calculated the arrival of this mini solar system to be in 2017, and that is the same year that scientists discovered the 7 exoplanets that are orbiting the red dwarf star they discovered originally in 1999?

We are still studying this prophecy because it is very complicated. But, what is important to see is that Our Blessed Mother gave this prophecy to Pedro Regis in 2012. This prophecy identified a mini-solar system with 7 planets and a Sun that has been identified as a “Second Sun”. As this mini-solar system is approaching our Sun to orbit around it, in it’s 4,600 year orbital path, something collides into Uranus and Mars as they are making their orbital path around our Sun. What we need to discern from the Holy Spirit is that is this TRAPPIST-1? Also, is TRAPPIST-1 the binary system that Our Scientists and Government Authorities already know about that Our Blessed Mother told Gianna Sullivan at Our Lady of Emmitsburg? This is why Christians like Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World are here to help us Discern from the Holy Spirit, and if God does tell us the Truth of how He is ushering the Renewal of Heaven and Earth, how can we use this information to bring people to Jesus Christ, Our King and only Savior. Let us all keep praying together for the Truth and how we can serve Jesus in these End Times.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

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