Seeking Jesus One Day at a Time.

Okay, there has been put into this blog enough information to prove that we are definitely in the End Times. We have provided numerous Prophets, Prophecies, Scripture and factual evidence that all point to where we are at the current moment in time. If you have not gone back and read all of the proof that has been provided in this blog, and looked at the videos, then you still might be skeptical. But, if we have done nothing else, but to help you jump start your relationship with Jesus before it is too late, then we have succeeded in doing His Will. Remember, this blog is about Surrendering our lives to Jesus, being Transformed by the Holy Spirit into Jesus’ image, and then to become a disciple for Jesus.

Some Christians may ask, what does that mean exactly to Surrender? I believe in God, and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, why do I have to Surrender? The reason we have to surrender is because of the huge Spiritual Battle that takes place every day in our lives. It is not enough to just believe that there is a God, we must actually KNOW HIM. This means, that we have to spend time with Him everyday. We have to read His Word, We have to Pray, and We have to speak to Him from Our Hearts. We also have to confess our sins with a contrite heart and sincerely want to be a better child of God for Him. In this desire from us to be better, the Holy Spirit gives the graces to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. This means we need to try and act, speak, think and love like Jesus. If we are not truly sincere in wanting to change for the better, then we don’t receive the graces, we are not transformed, and we go back to becoming the Spiritual slug we were before we started. We allow the devil to tempt us to sin, thus moving us further away from God, thus not being able to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit or Our Guardian Angels, when the time of distress will get worse. It is in the Transformation that the Holy Spirit does to our souls that emanates to our minds, thus our actions, thus our speech, thus our discipleship. He changes our hearts, so that it affects everything else. So, if you ask the question of whether you have to actually surrender to Jesus, the answer is YES.

When we begin to put Jesus first everyday and surrender to His Love, then you will start to notice how the Holy Spirit is changing you. This takes one day at a time seeking Jesus and just talking to Him throughout the day. I ask Him constantly to allow me to receive the graces I need to be a better child of God for Him. I tell Him I love Him all of the time, and ask Him for the graces to Love Him more tomorrow than I did today. I ask Him to transform me, my family and friends, and pray for His Mercy on all of the Lukewarm souls in the world. I read Scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to show me His Truth, Knowledge, and Wisdom, so that I can serve Jesus as His disciple. These are all simple prayers that we can say everyday as we continue to move towards Jesus and away from the temptations of the World. The devil will tell you, you don’t have time to pray, he will tell you that you don’t need church, he will tell you not to worry about confessing your sins, and he will also tell you that Jesus loves you just as you are, and you don’t need to change. Jesus loves us as we are, and that is the truth, but He is constantly telling us in Scripture and through His Prophets, to move away from all sin. He forgives all sins, but He also wants us to stop sinning. This is not easy because the devil is out right now, trying to steal as many souls from Jesus as possible before his time is up.

This is why all of the prophets are saying that the world will get darker and darker. Not only physically, because of the Transformation of our planet through Hercolubus, but also Spiritually because of sin. We are all going through this Transformation of the labor pains, or birth pains, before the New Heaven, and New Earth is here. The Earth will be transformed physically and Spiritually by God, and we will also be transformed, if we seek HIM. God does not interfere with our free will, we have to CHOOSE HIM. If we don’t seek Him now, it may be too late when the turmoil is all around us, and the enemy is telling us to take the chip or die of starvation.

This is why the Prophets are coming out all over the World, trying to bring us the Truth before it too late. Here are two more prophecies from Luz de Maria. One from God Our Father, and one from Our Blessed Mother Mary. Notice how God Our Father quoted Psalm 91 and told us He would protect us by His Holy Legions of Angels. This is also what Father Michel Rodrigue said that God Our Father told him. So, believe that these Refuges, both interim and permanent are legitimate. God will protect us both during the time of distress, or labor pains, and He will protect us before He brings His wrath on the evildoers. In this message, Our Mother is telling us that we are lethargic Spiritually, and we are not recognizing what is happening all around us. Notice, she talked about the Volcanoes erupting and fire coming from the ground. This is happening right now in Australia, because of the Earth’s core heating up from the waves of energy coming from Hercolubus, or Planet X, that Mike From Around the World has been warning us about on Pastor Paul Begley’s show. The Volcanoes are also starting to blow because of the heat in the core of the Earth, which will eventually set off a chain of volcanoes, including ones that are under the oceans. These are all facts that are pointing to prophecies given by Our Blessed Mother, and current modern day prophets, Catholic and Non-Catholic. Please start working on your Spiritual relationship with Jesus today, while we still have time.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a Blessed Day.

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