The Warning and Illumination of Conscience and the Last Act of Divine Mercy are all the same event.

I have seen a lot of searches on this blog for understanding of what the WARNING is about, and I even talked to a very devout Catholic just yesterday, who said she had never heard of The Warning. I have described it in several posts in this blog, but it is always good to gather more information on it, so that everyone has a very good and clear understanding of what this is, so that when it happens, you will know the Truth and how to serve Jesus when it does come!

Probably, the most known information Catholics are familiar with on the Warning, is Divine Mercy from Our Lord Jesus Christ to Saint Faustina in 1935. If you look at item #3 it reads, “Let all mankind recognize My unfathomable mercy. It is a sign for the end times; after it will come the day of justice.” So, this statement from Jesus to Saint Faustina is saying, take my Mercy, while you still can, before I return in judgement. Jesus is also telling us, it is a sign of the end times, meaning the end of an Era. This was written in Saint Faustina’s diary and it was Jesus showing His great Love and Mercy for all of His children, but there will still be a day of JUSTICE.

The other Prophecies we have received are from Mother Mary about the Illumination of Conscience or the Warning, that occurred in Garabandal, Spain to four children in 1961. In the vision to the children, Our Blessed Mother told the children that God will have an act of Mercy for the entire world to show us our sins in a life review before He returns. Here is an interview with Conchita Gonzalez, one of the children who is now an adult, in 1980, In her explanation of the Warning, Conchita tells us that before the Miracle there will be a Warning, that will prepare us for the Miracle that Conchita will announce 8 days before it happens. In the Warning, we will see with our eyes our own conscience, all of our sins, and all of the things we have failed to do to be good children of God. The Miracle, that will occur in Garabandal, Spain, will be something we can see, but not touch. Those who look upon the Miracle will be healed and people will be converted. Lastly, Conchita tells us if we don’t repent, the Great Chastisement will come. This Chastisement is believed to be some heavenly body hitting the Earth. Whether, it is debris from Hercolubus, or a Comet hitting the Atlantic Ocean, it will be devastating.

There have been numerous Catholic Prophets, who have been told about the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience, and how we can prepare for it. Here is a list from Revelaciones Marianas on the Warning and Miracle Messages to Luz de Maria that will give us more insight on what to look for on the Warning, and how we can recognize it when it comes. The more we can share it with unbelievers, the more they will understand HOW to respond to God’s mercy when the Warning comes, and repent back to His Sacred Heart. We will all be shown our own unconfessed sins that we will have to confess after the Warning. It will be our duty, as disciples of Christ, to tell People the TRUTH of their experience, and help them get to confession.

I believe the biggest Truth for most of us is that we, along with the help of the enemy, have convinced ourselves that we are good people and don’t have a lot of sins on our souls. The truth is, we sin daily, even in our thoughts. This is just the temptation that we deal with in Original Sin, that is hard to avoid. But, the more humble we are and ask Jesus for the graces to overcome sin, the easier it gets to break habitual sins. This should be a daily prayer for all of us, no matter how close we believe we are to God. The more graces of humility we receive, the easier it becomes to sin less. This comes by working on our Spiritual life with the Blessed Trinity that we will continue to talk about in this blog, because our Spiritual growth has to be continual. Start to tell people about the Warning and get as many people ready for God’s last act of Divine Mercy, before He returns with His Divine Justice. The more we inform people about the Warning, the more we are serving Jesus for the Salvation of Souls.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a Blessed Day.

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