Pedro Regis and the Anguera Prophecies, Prophet John Leary, and Luz de Maria Prophecies on Plagues and Diseases and in Scripture.

If we think about how God has used plagues and diseases in the old Testament, and most specifically Exodus, we can see the different types of plagues that God allowed for either repentance, or admission that God is the one and only True God. In the book of Exodus, we see the ten plagues starting with Exodus, Chapters 7-11. In these ten plagues, God inflicted the following plagues on the Egyptians so that they would comply with His demand to set the Israelites free. In the first plague, water was turned into blood, and fish died, and the Egyptians could not drink the water from the Nile River. Seven days passed, and God sent frogs from the Nile into the Egyptian homes until it overran their homes and city. Then out of the Earth came gnats, then flies, then pestilence on the livestock, so that they died. Then the sixth plague were festering boils on human beings and animals. The seventh plague was hail that rained down on the animals, humans, and crops! The eighth plague were locusts that came and ate up the remnant of the crops that the hail fall did not damage! Then, the ninth plague was three days of darkness that was so dense, the people could not leave their homes. Finally, the tenth plague was the death of the first born of every Egyptian child, slave and animal!

If you notice, God built up suffering with these plagues as the next plague was worse than the former plague until finally, the Egyptian Pharoah could not take any more disasters and he relented and freed the Israelites. He submitted to Moses that God is the one True God that is above all gods! When we read the book of Revelation, we notice that it is written in a similar way as it was revealed to Saint John. Sin will be so bad in the end times, that God will send one chastisement after another for people to repent and turn back to Him. God has shown us that these chastisements have already begun and we are currently in the labor pains for there to be birthed a New Heaven and New Earth. So, God is calling for repentance now from all of us. Even though some of us are already with Him and know Him, we need to move constantly and consistently away from sin and move towards being Holy for Him. This transformation by itself is difficult, but is especially difficult in these times because of the amount of sin, deception, and demonic activity on the Earth seeking to ruin souls. That is why God has sent His chosen Prophets to help us with the deception and growth of sin and to encourage us to stay strong in our Faith.

As we study the Prophets and their warnings of what to be prepared for, we can see that there will be many plagues and diseases. Some of these will be caused by Hercolubus, or Planet X, or the Second Sun (Star), but others will be manufactured in laboratories by the One World Order and antichrist, or the Countries that seek to dominate the world. God did not create these, but He will allow it because it will fulfill Scripture and it will bring some souls back to Him through repentance. Prophet John Leary mentioned these manufactured diseases and plagues that will come that may call for Martial Law in some countries and this is explained in his videos on the Prophets and Bloggers Page. Pedro Regis, in the Anguera Prophecies mentions several plagues that will be introduced through Terrorism and Countries wishing to dominate the world. Here are some of his prophecies on diseases and plagues that will be introduced: 1.) Small Pox will be used on Iran; 2.) A disease that will be worse than any that have ever existed that will kill millions; 3.) The most frightening event of the 15th century (Bubonic Plague?) will repeat again; 4.) Russia will make an agreement from which something painful will come to men, the plague will come, and will not allow those contaminated to recognize themselves; 5.) An epidemic will make many move away from a city and many of its inhabitants of this city will die; 6.) The disease that makes us remember of an immense field with green herbs, will torment men (?); 7.) An epidemic will spread to many nations and My poor children will know a heavy cross;

Luz de Maria has also had many prophecies from Our Blessed Mother on diseases that will be introduced by man and the One World Order. Here is a warning from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Blessed Mother Mary has provided Luz de Maria with a list of natural herbs and medicinal herbs to help protect us against the plagues and diseases she has warned us about in her prophecies. Here is what Our Blessed Mother tells us to get for protection. Because we don’t know when we will be led to a Permanent Refuge by Our Guardian Angels, I recommend we all attempt to get these natural remedies given to Luz de Maria from Our Blessed Mother. There is a Word Document and a PDF Document format for you to print at the bottom of the page website above. The writers of this blog do not recommend any specific manufacturer of these natural herbal medicines. We just wanted to make sure you had this information available to you to help prepare you for what is coming, based on the prophetic messages given to the Prophets listed in this blog.

Have a Blessed Day.

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