Understanding Prophecies From Pedro Regis in Anguera, Brazil and Luz de Maria Bonilla from Argentina.

What the Hoy Spirit shows us in this blog is how to compare prophecies from old to modern day Prophets to Biblical Scripture and current world events. Some of these prophecies have come to fruition, others have not. Why does Our Lord send us these warnings through these prophets if we are going to be in a refuge and protected with God’s Holy Legions of Angels? Because, it is very plausible, according to the book of Revelation, that we will witness and experience some of these events before God’s wrath and before we are taken to a refuge. But, it is also plausible that we will not see some of it, because we will be caught up with Jesus, and some of these prophecies could be part of His Wrath. The truth is that only God knows the Truth. If we discern anything from the Holy Spirit, it is only because God allows it, and it doesn’t mean we have all of the answers even in Scripture. We can never assume that we have a full understanding of prophecy or scripture. But, the one thing we know for sure is that through it all, God is telling us to repent. If we don’t get anything else from what God is saying to us in the end times, we better understand that repentance is what He is telling us all in Scripture and through His Prophets, especially in Revelations. As these catastrophic weather events, war, and plagues get worse, people will remember to repent back to the one True God. We, as His disciples, need to be prepared to help people when they are ready to turn back to Him. This could be as these chastisements continue to fall all over the world before the Warning, and also the six weeks after the Warning.

As we try to break down and understand the Anguera Prophecies that were listed in a previous post in this blog, we will also compare them to Luz de Maria prophecies and Biblical Scripture. Both of these modern day Prophets are still alive and still currently receiving prophetic messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ, and Our Blessed Mother Mary and Saint Michael the Archangel. Luz de Maria has already had some prophecies come to fruition, and it appears that Pedro Regis has many prophetic messages that could align with Revelations. Here are the Pedro Regis, Anguera Prophecies again. http://www.jesusmariasite.org/anguera-prophecies-3rd-world-war-events-in-europe-usa-middle-east-russia-uprisings-bloodshed-schism-in-the-catholic-church-the-antichrist/. These prophecies that have been put together to give us an idea of what appears to be part of the Mini Tribulation and Great Tribulation. According to Father Michel Rodrigue, we will be in the Permanent Refuge by the time the Great Tribulation begins and the antichrist makes his appearance. But, there will be wars and rumors of wars before Jesus returns. So, if some of these wars come, before we are taken to a refuge, here is what Pedro Regis has prophesied: Due to the Iran Nuclear deal conducted in Geneva on November 24, 2013, this marked the beginning of the end times, because apparently with the rest of the prophecies to Pedro Regis, Iran acquired enough weapons to destroy most of the world through chemical, biological and atomic weapons.

A large army will depart from Mecca, and where it will depart, it will leave destruction and death. Something that Our Blessed Mother called a “Black Bird” will be used as a surprise attack on many countries, and with these attacks are biological and chemical weapons. Jerusalem will be attacked and destroyed. And lastly, European countries will be attacked as well as the United States. Remember, in the Bible, Revelations Chapter 6, Verse 7, it reads, “When he broke open the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature cry out, “Come Forward”. I looked, and there was a pale green horse. It’s rider was named Death, and Hades accompanied him. They were given authority over a quarter of the earth, to kill with sword, famine, and plague, and by means of beasts of the earth.” From my discernment from the Holy Spirit, sword, famine, and plague are the diseases these terrorist will spread, and the fighting they will do through terrorism by an army of men fighting by hand. The famine will have already set in because it was the third seal that was previously opened that will be caused by the economic crash and failure of crops to grow due to Hercolubus. Finally, the beasts of the earth are the countries, and the antichrist that will use atomic and chemical weapons against their enemies for world dominion. As you continue to read the Anguera prophecies, you will read that China attacks USA, Russia will attack countries in Europe and eventually China. In a message from 10/27/2007 to Pedro Regis, Our Mother said that there will be a union with men with big beards and those with red color. This appears to be China and Iran. So, it appears that Terrorism will be the first to attack all over the world and this is coming from Iran, and they will use chemical and biological weapons. As these wars continue, Hercolubus will be bringing in more catastrophic weather events, then countries will begin attacking each other because of the vulnerability caused by the weather events and economic crash all over the world.

In addition, Terrorism will attack Rome and the Vatican, which has already been prophesied by Luz de Maria several times that we have listed in previous posts. http://www.jesusmariasite.org/europe-will-be-prey-to-invasions-and-enslaved-rome-will-be-invaded/. Also, http://www.jesusmariasite.org/europe-great-cities-will-be-prey-to-terror-the-earth-shakes/. So, it will be a Holy War of Religions, but it will also encompass world power and dominion of countries who are atheistic and communists. In the meantime, God will be allowing Hercolubus to bring devastation and famine until His final wrath on the beasts of the earth. During these trials, tests, and tribulations, we have to remember to never leave or abandon Our Lord, but embrace our Faith and Trust in Him that He will protect us and give us the graces and boldness to help others to repent. If we are not in our refuge when some of these events take place, we keep serving Him and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us as a disciples for Jesus and be obedient to His Will.

As we read Daniel, Chapter 8 in its entirety, we know that there will be a war between the Ram and the He-Goat. The Archangel Gabriel told Daniel in verse 18, that the two horned Ram represents the Medes and the Persians. We know this today to be modern day Iran. Then he said that the He-goat will be the King of the Greeks, and the great horn on its head will be the first king. “As he spoke to me, “Understand, O son of man, that the vision refers to the end of time. As he spoke to me, I fell forward unconscious; he touched me and made me stand up. I will show you,” he said what is to happen in the last days of wrath; for it is not the appointed time of the end. “The two horned Ram that you saw represents the kings of the Medes and Persians. The he-goat is the King of the Greeks, and the great horn on its forehead is the first King.” This has yet to be revealed as to who these nations will be, and notice that Saint Gabriel said it is still not the appointed time of the end. So, we, “God’s Children”, could possibly witness some of this war. Many Christians will discern different kings and countries as to who the He-Goat is, but it appears the antichrist will come after or during this war. The Ram in Daniel could be the Prophecy to Pedro Regis of Iran and China colluding and forming a huge army that battles the He-Goat, but I have not seen any prophetic messages yet as to who the He-goat nations could be. We will continue to pray for discernment and Truth from the Holy Spirit. Have a Blessed Day.

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