Receiving and Activating the Gifts of The Holy Spirit.

As disciples of Christ, we have to work on receiving and activating the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This is difficult for a lot of us Catholics, because we don’t fully understand it. Not because Our Catholic Church hasn’t done an excellent job of teaching it and explaining it, but because we don’t try and activate our Faith. We don’t encourage each other to understand that God wants us to receive these gifts and use them for His Glory! When we receive a gift from the Holy Spirit, it is a grace from God that He knows we are going to use to edify and glorify His Kingdom! Most of the time we already have them, but like Lois explains in this video, we are too afraid to use them because we don’t have enough Faith and Trust that we are using them correctly. Stop being afraid and understand that God wants us to use these gifts for Him! If you are going to be a disciple of Jesus Christ in these end times, we have to ask God for an increased Faith and Boldness to use these gifts for the Salvation of Souls. Remember, that we are growing towards Jesus Christ, so He will hear your prayers and will bless you with the gifts according to His Will. If you haven’t received a specific gift yet that you believe you can use for His Glory, keep praying and growing towards Christ. Never stop moving into His Sacred Heart! The more we move towards Jesus, the more the Holy Spirit moves with us and we start activating these gifts that God had planned for us since our names were written in the Lambs Book of Life. We don’t know how many gifts we have received until we step out in Faith to activate them.

Here are some Bible verses on the Lambs Book of Life.

Here is Lois Vogel Sharp telling us not to be afraid to activate our Faith in the gifts we receive from the Holy Spirit. Have a Blessed Day.

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